Mugabe grills Kasukuwere over Magaya stands

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday confronted Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing him of illegally parcelling out residential stands meant for Zanu PF youths to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder, Walter Magaya.

Mugabe took Kasukuwere to task over the matter just before yesterday’s politburo meeting.

“Nyaya yavakomana iri kufamba sei?Ndakanzwa kuti makatengesa mastands kunana Magaya (what is happening on the stands we intended to give to our youths. I heard you sold them to Magaya,” a furious Mugabe quizzed.

The usually bellicose Kasukuwere looked clearly rattled in front of Mugabe as he tried to launch a spirited defence saying “nothing of that sort ever happened”.

“Aiwa shefu it’s all lies. Ndini minister weikoko, hakuna zvakadaro vanga vashaya chokunyora (No boss, they are lying. There is nothing like that. I am the minister responsible for that),” the Zanu PF political commissar said.

But Mugabe insisted that the stands were indeed sold to Magaya.

“No, no ndiri kunzwa kuti makatengesa. I still feel kuti mastands makatengesa (I heard you sold the stands and I still feel that you sold those stands),” Mugabe said.

Mugabe’s remarks are on the back of media reports accusing Kasukuwere of parcelling out stands meant for the ruling party’s supporters to his close allies, thereby disadvantaging intended beneficiaries in the process.

The youths were allocated land at Chishawasha B Farm through their controversial programme.

However, according to the State media, some Zanu PF bigwigs used their
companies to acquire the land.

Kasukuwere is believed to have reportedly sold land to Magaya’s Planet Africa, with the popular preacher —through his company — paying a $100 000 deposit on August 10.

The State media also alleged that on August 17 Kasukuwere withdrew all offer letters except for Planet Africa.

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I think president was playing to the gallery again.I will lock up masimirembwa!! He is a tsotsi 10m buks!!damnit .Ahhh my ministers thieves $15b diamonds vakomana! Ah ah ah.the mney beter come out bfo I lock yu bla bla.hamuchatevedzegwi shef.If yu want help on kasukuwere just get a constable at Matapi.he will open dockets for kasukuwere.

viola gwena - 8 September 2016

This is ZANU strategy,, They don't have cash so they tricked Magaya&he fall for it.Trust me he is going to loose both the money&the land.We told him not to involve himself in ZANU of politics but he thought he is much wiser.Mugabe can use u&dump u like that.Now prophet, u will not get back the cash.Supporting Mugabe is like supporting the devil himself.Now he is acting like Kasukuwere did this without his approval & u know what does that means.

matsotsi - 8 September 2016

True to his wicked, divide and conquer ways, Mugabe does this sort of thing over and over again. Brings people close to him, allow them to be corrupt and then admonish them in public to keep them in line. Recently there has been rumors that Kasukuwere has grown too big for his shoes and Mugabe is trying to cut him to size. Isn't it ironic that we see these kinds of obvious admission by mugabe of corruption among his lieutenants, but they only get a slap on the wrist and nothing more. People should ignore all of that nonsense and focus on keeping the pressure on him. So today the press is getting excited that he called Kasukuwere out and not focusing on the victory of the democratic forces n the courts.

gudo - 8 September 2016

"Aiwa shefu....." What a constitutional democracy we have!!!

Mazano Rewayi - 8 September 2016

ndosaka kasukuwere akada chizvo kuwa vocal so that he is feared and then he can easily steal the country's resources. now he has done his best by enacting local gvt laws so the he can do what he is in now of selling land to magaya. he blocked the unticorruption commission from investigating big wigs as he feared his territories may be trodden. corrupt official.

joricho - 8 September 2016

thank yu cde president,we cannot allow corruption to take root

truth - 8 September 2016

You can not expect anything other than clueless barking by an ever sleeping Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He was just waking up from sleeping, and he had even forgotten when he had heard about the stands and from whom. This is utter nonsense. In the first place, land cannot and should not be parceled out on partisan lines, that is the reason why ZANU PF thugs like Kasukuwere are taking advantage of the situation. They all know that it is corruption, through and through. We will soon end this. You better quickly divide the whole country into ZANU PF youths stands now, because time is not on your side.

Zvichapera - 8 September 2016

Prophet Magaya paid for that land unaware that it had been promised to ZANU PF youth and war veterans. The person who sold him the land knowing very well that it had been promised to ZANU PF youth is the one to blame and should solve this problem either by allocating different land to the ZANU PF youth & war veterans or reallocating different land to Prophet Magaya.

Eusebia Madziwa - 9 September 2016

Being angry and firing a minister for incompetence and corruption are two different things. Mugabe was pretending to be angry, on behalf of the Zanu PF youths - he was not angry that Zimbabweans who deserve those stands irregardless of political affiliation have been disadvantaged by the corrupt Kasukuwere. Guess very soon he will be kicked out of the party - for giving land to Mujuru supporters, or rogue war veterans or..... Magaya seems to be losing the ministerial priviledges (pardon the pun) (sic!) very fast. His Zanu PF expiry date has arrived. And the zanu pf ministers who were trooping to his waterfalls shrine are cowering in terror as Don Mugabe walks around the politburo table with a baseball bat in his hands. Chaputika!

Daniel5 - 9 September 2016

This is the War Veterans Association (Mnangagwa as special consultant) claiming back the land promised to them by Mugabe for them to retract their oppostion of his draconian policies. WVA against mainly G40 (Kasukuwere, Chombo, Zhuwawo, Magaya and the First Lady - anopaitasei apo Mugabe!!!!!!!?) Zvodyanana!

Daniel5 - 9 September 2016

Iye Magaya wacho ane mawara kunge tsvina yamanyoka inoda kutangira mvura kubuda kunobatana ne ZANU yakutozvifira zvayo. I Hope he has no has political ambitions which are disguised as philanthropy. Who in his right mind would like to wade into the cesspool that was dug by ZANU and expect to emerge smelling sweet and clean. Uchenjere kutamba ne ZANU Magaya especially at this stage apa yave kutandadza unobhagurwa ukaremara permanently.

Jaiklou Maison - 9 September 2016

VanaMagaya. Takambozvireva izvi kuti speed itai shoma. Zvamwari chaizvo hazvina speed. Mukaita speed munodonha chete. Vakaindepi vaya vaiti toporofita number dzezvitupa vana Papa Angel, Hezvo iwe takunzwa kuti wakabata chibharo, politics haubviko. Makambonzwa Jusu kuti wakamboti nditii Papa sezvamununoita. Pfavai semwanakomana wamwari. Ukangoona umwe munamati angotanga kusvora umwe munamati chiziva kuti washata. No matter which church you go hazvirevi kuti wagona kunamata. Ukaona umwe achizviendera kuchurch which is different from yours you must say thank you loard for making that person worship you. Magaya's downfall started when he started writing rubbish about Johane Masowe Chishanu as if he was not a sinner. Jesus said do not point your fingers to others. Magaya, its now crystal clear who was using the spirits of the underwater. When you started pointing fingers to other i said to my wife "look into the near future you will hear about his downfall and he will soon be red in newspapers for his sins. Now its happening. One after the other. Muporofita anochatisa vanhu nhasi pasina mazuva akati wandei vanhu vorambawa zvaakaita pamwana wa Macheso, sei usina kuvaudza kuti imba iyi haimire vasina kupedza nguva. With such speeds and attention seeking definately you fall. Namatai mwari nenzira kwayo.

kays 1 - 9 September 2016

Well done Mr President. At last you have challenged one of your corrupt officials.

Pieter Herbst - 9 September 2016

Anombopera here mafactions eZanu PF; Mujuru, G40, Lacoste, First Family, ezvino kwava nefaction yaMagaya! There is no smoke without fire. But, me thinks this beef between Pres and Magaya goes deeper. Zvashatei nemari yaaipa zanu kunge mabhanzi. "Regai zvikurirane tichaona pazvibereko kuti sora negorosi mutsauko ndeupi".

Daniel 5 - 9 September 2016

Magaya clearly is supporting G40 and must have prophesiced good good news for kasukuwere's political ambitions in exchange for land.

brodney mawire - 9 September 2016

i thank the president for what he has done. sure sure kasukuwere oramba achiti manyepo e media.. president has enough manpower to dig into information quietly even if he smiles at you.. he knows what he is doing.....

brodney mawire - 9 September 2016

kasukuwere wagadzirirwa size chaiyo... president akubata bata ma parts usingafungire....

Brodney Mawire - 9 September 2016

I always ask u guys that,,how come a man of God being involved in dirt games,suppting evil man like Mugabe.Magaya is or was the right hand prophet of Mugabe & Grace &he onces said Mugabe was a God send President yet Mugabe is behind all the evil effecting the people of Zimbabwe including Magaya's congregation. How come this man calling himself a man of God is always in the center of ZANU politics?????

matsotsi - 9 September 2016

Diesel paWaterfalls! Chaputika!

Daniel5 - 9 September 2016

Now Mr President is feeling the heat left right and centre . Feels threatened by the wave of change even from inside. Now that they Kasukuwere has used the powers you bestowed on him you get angry ,why? As an empowered minister has done his mandate of a minister of local government by generating money for the govrnment, so what's wrong with that Mr Cde President? That's development yes black empowerment. There is absolutely no reason why you should undermine Magaya a local citizen for acquiring land to construct houses for the poor. This is what a philanthropist can do rather than self esteem that is associated with the likes of Ignatiaus Chombo and Philip Chiyangwa amaong other Zanu PF and government officials who only aim at enriching their pockets with corrupt tendencies and grabbing vast pieces of land while the majority are turned into squatters. Let the truth be said. There is nothing wrong with black empowerment, the big problem comes only if you the President distract progress simply because the person doing it has fallen out of your favour. We are all owners of this land called Zimbabwe.

Dokonda Nyamakate - 10 September 2016

Mugabe is a gang leader.I think kasukuwere didn't want to give him his cut and Mugabe because of his age didn't know or care about the people around them that's why heconfronted kasukuwere

G.T.Maumbe - 12 September 2016

kutanda botso kwakasukuwere,,,,ziva kwawakabva wakaberekwa ukachengetwa naamai mujuru nhasi wakuvatukaa,,iweka

mathias manyere - 15 September 2016

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