Mugabe's Zanu PF plots survival

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s rattled ruling party, Zanu PF, has lined up two crucial meetings in Harare today and on Friday, to try and plot counter-strategies against growing civil unrest in the country, as Zimbabwe’s economy continues to die.

So bad has the political and security situation in the country become that stretched police have since invoked the repressive Public Order and Security Act (Posa) to ban all demonstrations and other protest action in Harare — a much-criticised move that opposition parties and pro-democracy groups are challenging in court.

Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the party’s politburo meeting today would focus almost exclusively on the escalating protests in the country, as well as the former liberation movement’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

“Given what is obtaining in the country, the politburo will deliberate on how as a party we must react because the situation is really getting out of hand, and we could soon reach a point of no return if this goes unchecked.

“The starting point will most  likely be the initiative that the youths have taken to ensure that no property is vandalised, as well as how we can help the police to contain rowdy protesters,” one of insiders said.

Mugabe, the only leader that Zimbabweans have known since the country gained independence from Britain in April 1980, is facing the biggest challenge to his long rule which his critics say has been catastrophic.

Analysts also say the government’s growing reliance on police to crush dissent, as well as Mugabe’s attacks on the judiciary last weekend betray the ruling party’s panic in the face of growing civil unrest.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer and politics expert, Eldred Masunungure, told the Daily News yesterday that he was not confident that Zanu PF would use its two meetings this week to brainstorm “winning ideas” to mitigate the country’s deepening rot.

“Instead, the party is likely to concentrate on coming up with more repressive and draconian measures to deal with protesters. The emphasis will be on how to curb the protests not how to deal with their causes.

“Yet, if they dealt with the root cause they would be more likely to come up with viable and enduring solutions for the country.

“Sadly, that will not be the case with these meetings (politburo meeting today and central committee on Friday),” he said.

Fed up Zimbabweans have over the past few weeks been holding regular protests, with desperate authorities invoked Statutory Instrument 101A last week, that bans demonstrations in central Harare.

At the same time, Mugabe has been feeling the heat on two fronts. Opposition parties, which were once fractured by ideological differences, have seized the current mood to close ranks and ramp up the pressure on the nonagenarian — while the ruling party’s deadly infighting, over Mugabe’s unresolved succession, is getting hotter by the day.

Stretched police even went to the extent of defying a court order last week, going on to bludgeon thousands of protesters who had gathered under the auspices of the National Election Reform Agenda (Nera) to protest outstanding electoral reforms ahead of the country’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

The heavily armed riot police — backed by armoured trucks and water cannons — indiscriminately fired volleys of teargas at all and sundry, battering and chasing around groups of determined opposition supporters to the shock of Zimbabweans.

And addressing Zanu PF youths on Saturday, Mugabe threatened judges for granting court orders to protesters, suggesting that the Bench was being negligent in allowing the demonstrations to go ahead.

“Of course, we can’t allow them (the opposition) to continue with these violent demonstrations unimpeded. Enough is enough,” Mugabe thundered.

That attack on the judiciary evoked bad memories from 2001 when the government purged white judges from the Bench, including the then chief justice Anthony Gubbay, for ruling against Zimbabwe’s chaotic land reform programme.

Yesterday, opposition parties also said there was “nothing tangible to expect” from Zanu PF’s meetings because the ruling party was “clueless on how to respond to the current economic crisis”.

“The bottom line is that Mugabe and his regime are no longer fit for purpose, and we will find a way. They should simply step down to allow Zimbabwe to move forward and develop its national economy as well as eradicate rampant poverty and penury that is presently afflicting more than 90 percent of the population,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

As if to confirm that nothing beneficial to the ordinary people would come out of  today’s politburo meeting, a miffed Zanu PF insider said: “The only news of note will be Gushungo (Mugabe) affirming his appointment of Kudzanai Chipanga as the substantive youth secretary to replace (Pupurai) Togarepi”.

“Several pending disciplinary cases, especially those of (former Mashonaland East chairperson Joel Biggie) Matiza, (Kizito) Chivamba (Midlands) and (Ezra) Chadzamira may also be concluded tomorrow (today) because they have been made to wait for too long now.

“The meeting will also discuss the issue of the upcoming conference, and come up with a date and definite venue to allow organisers ample time to arrange the logistics because at the moment all that is known is that it will be held in Masvingo in December and nothing else,” the Zanu PF bigwig added.

Ruling party secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, told sycophantic State media yesterday that the politburo was going to deal with “all issues affecting the country” as well as the deadly factionalism ravaging the former liberation movement.

Since the economy began experiencing serious turbulence, including witnessing banks running out of cash, this has put the government under growing pressure as angry Zimbabweans have mounted seemingly unending demonstrations.

In July, riots also broke out in the border town of Beitbridge when angry traders protested against the government’s ill-advised decision to ban the importation of basic consumer goods.

More than 70 people were arrested in the aftermath of those riots which destroyed property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, including the burning of a warehouse belonging to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

The riots later spread to Harare where police once again used force to break a demonstration called by commuter omnibus drivers and touts to protest too many police roadblocks on the roads which they said had become extortionate.

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Zanu PF is in panic mode. Now they are calling for a caucus of their parliamentarians for what??? BE CAREFUL THESE GUYS ARE NOT PLANNING A STATE OF EMERGENCY!!!!!

MR COOPER - 7 September 2016

These fools that is not strategies at all, you are adding gasoline to already raging fire. You only have ONE option that is to be with people, kick bob out of the presidential office and evict him and his family from state house. Period

Christ In Me - 7 September 2016

@dailynews;it is the duty of police to crush illegal and violent protests,as a law abiding party,we cannot use vigilantes or a militia to keep order when the police are constitutionally mandated to perform that task,are yu suggesting that we arm our youths to fight opposition youths inthe streets?we are also not plotting survival,the opposition is plotting survival after a thorough hiding at the polls in the 2013 elections,as zanu pf we are focused on empowering the populace,the initiative to give the youths housing stands is one such example,we are a governing party seized with running the country and have no time to toyi toyi the streets like the opposition,please @dailynews,we know that zanu sells news but we would all be happy if yu reported accurately and objectively and stopped manufacturing news,your clique of tired analsyt lack objectivity

truth - 7 September 2016

really sad state of affairs Its like a world gone mad What do ZANU PF supporters get to protect this old miserable Mugabe Seriously people are happy for this first family to fly to Swaziland and then urgently leave to go attend family business with a plane bought and fuelled by people Any feedback on the trip to Kenya (none) and Swaziland(none ) but a secret family issue when my mother can not get her high blood pressure medication( worsened by living conditions} even paracetamol ARVs are being sold at streets-backdoor and yet they were donated The important thing on the agenda should be MUGABE and his wife and party must just go Yes MUGABE enough is enough I hope you meant yourself and your party Imi veZANU makadyiswa mupfuhwira here Are your relatives not suffering as ours Why do you worship this man ?Do you support the brutality going on Are we not human anymore No sympathy just go ahead beat an old defenceless lady and through tear gas in a mini bus full of people and thats maintaining peace I am sure the youtheez and police are on drugs chete because no rational trained police/person can act that way but then its ZANU Iwe muyoutheez ukarwara you go to our local clinics or hospitals which have nothing and yet you protect this Person who goes to Singapore for treatment Children in foreign universities and when they miss mom and dad -the Air Mugabe goes and picks them up Isu vana vedu they work 2-3 jobs and have to self fund their tuition He is a very selfish man !!!

Naphiri Chisayi - 7 September 2016

In politics there are two types of survival; SHORT-TERM and LONG-TERM. The long-term survival plot would include prohibiting the worship of a white god, banning NGOs, bringing back the Zim-Dollar and arresting all corrupt and incompetent officials. I do not plan in the short-term so no recommendation.

ADF - 7 September 2016

Bhora replastic kanarichinge radambuka radambuka, harisoneki. Mbavha dziye dzava kuona magumo ekugara tatata achisvedera zvishoma nezvishoma. These meetings are mere desperate efforts to find means of survival.They know very well from history that they cannot reverse people`s desire for change.They are meeting to buy time to find safe havens for their loots.Its too late for them to make amends to their mess. Their only option is to use force (which is the only tool at their disposal) to try to scare people. They will imprison and even kill many of us before they surrender. Such is the nature of revolutions especially in Africa.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 7 September 2016

Bhora replastic kanarichinge radambuka radambuka, harisoneki. Mbavha dziye dzava kuona magumo ekugara tatata achisvedera zvishoma nezvishoma. These meetings are mere desperate efforts to find means of survival.They know very well from history that they cannot reverse people`s desire for change.They are meeting to buy time to find safe havens for their loots.Its too late for them to make amends to their mess. Their only option is to use force (which is the only tool at their disposal) to try to scare people. They will imprison and even kill many of us before they surrender. Such is the nature of revolutions especially in Africa.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 7 September 2016

Mr. Masunungure is right. We cannot expect solutions to the problems they caused but more repression from this tired group of thieves. What can they do today that they couldn't do yesterday. It is reasonable to plan flight to friendly countries like North Korea.

Lunkneed Jije - 8 September 2016

They have no idea what to do. My advice is they go and discuss how to flee to the parts of the world they think they can be safe, and perhaps they will take Mengistu with him, then we can start rebuilding what they destroyed.

DR Dete - 8 September 2016

Why this Zanu PF zygote 'truth' does not just stop reading the Daily News beats me. We all know that Zanu has made up stories aimed at silencing Daily News. Wouldn't they jump at the first chance that Daily News starts manufacturing news? 'truth' is either the dimmest of wits or an avid defender of massive wealth stolen from the people. We will soon bring you to book 'truth' otherwise start moving.

Yeoman Thomas - 8 September 2016

@yeoman thomas,the constitution is sacrosant,it is my 'bible' and it was written with the input from your sellouts,for your own information it guarantees me freedom of speech and freedom of conscience,thus am not about to forfeit any of my rights so as to be political correct with yu western sponsored idiots,i stand for the truth and its no secret that the truth is not always palatable,the dailynews is a paper for all zimbos regardless of political affiliation,yu want biased reporting stick to newsday,i for one do not believe that the editor of the dailynews is offended because i disagree with the contents of a story,so stop your laughable threats as am going nowhere,get used to me as i will not stop exercising my rights and airing my opinions even if yu find them a 'bitterpill' to swallow,i will support my party guided by its founding principles

truth - 8 September 2016

Zanu can have 1000 yrs in power but they can not have any solution to the economy bcoz it can not be rigged . Only fools and those benefiting from the zanu chaos can think zanu will revive our economy . This is a group of idiots who now have taken law in their hands even courts of law are not spared if they make rulings which do not support them police even beat up those doing demos sanctioned be courts of law . Zanu is not a governing group but a group of fools with no clue on how to run the country hence it is supported by mazanga only .

Diibulaanyika - 8 September 2016

yeoman, I'm with you, truth seems too close to the rot to be a reasonable person,

IsheZimuto - 8 September 2016

zimbabweans which dictactor in the world was removed from power by a pen , lets act now ma zim

safa ngendlala - 8 September 2016

After ZANU PH officials are running amock buying Aeroplane/Jets in excess on several millions and building mansions in excess of several millions, they are forcing companies in Masvingo to bankroll their Conference. Ask Killer Zivhu

XG - 8 September 2016

After ZANU PF officials are running amock buying Aeroplane/Jets in excess on several millions and building mansions in excess of several millions, they are forcing companies in Masvingo to bankroll their Conference. Ask Killer Zivhu

XG - 8 September 2016

@truth and @ yeoman Thomas, stop fighting each other. Just accept the truth that this country is in self inflicted problems. Let's forget about the sanction mantra. Lets focus on corruption, laziness, nepotism, 15 billion diamond revenue, farms lying idle, run down parastatals, over interferring by politicians in affairs of local authorities, brutalising fellow Zimbabweans on political bases, failure to observe human rights, failure to empower the youths with meaningful income generating projects, failure to empower women and the girl child, threatening to kill or abduct one another, failure to revive the local ,manufacturing industries, failure to improve health sector, failure to improve education sector, failure to deal with known corrupt ministers even in the presence of evidence, failure to fire ministers who are sleeping on duty, failure to add value to minerals and agricultural produce, failure to unite Zimbabweans in love and oneness.

Viona Ngwena - 8 September 2016

This platform is for debates.we all have diferent views.and we disagree.To try to ban Truth is not winning at all.nust respond to his views,simple.Just like yu are crying for the right to demos ,its yo rite n Truth s rite .

viola gwena - 8 September 2016


SARAH - 8 September 2016

Besides it realy looks like truth has a big following on this platform.some like him some love to hate him.without him perhaps not much debate.Bt he must by now know Ngwena is unstoppable.In a year Truth will be writing n supporting Ngwena vehemently bcoz it will be party protocol for the yuths like truth .

viola gwena - 8 September 2016

Truth,let me assure yu once and for all -the naked truth-as yr name suggests - is that mugabe and his zanu pf have failed.It is aparty that employs harsh tactics to stample the populace-like abducting people,killing innocent people and implementing undemocratic statutes like posa-for the purpose of safeguarding their inerests.One other thing for nothing-nyika ino haisi yamugabe nezanu pf ndeeyevanhu.They have destroted our economy in the name of kuwana zvavakarwira hondo.So as the owners we are telling them to please get out of those positions that we entrusted yu with.Vari kuramba vanototsvaga means kuti tovaita sei vanhu ava . Pakaitwa ma votes vakadyiwa vanoramba kubuda pazvigaro.Pasi nedictatorship pasi naye nezanu pf yake.

Troubled - 8 September 2016

@viola, I don't always agree with your views but you are so right about @truth. And by the way, I've just heard that Mugabe's unscheduled trip to Dubai had nothing to do with his health but a whole lot more to do with a family member being arrested in Dubai in possession of drugs or so rumour has it.

Mbewa - 8 September 2016

@viona ngwena, I am a Karanga, Ngwena is my home boy. My problem is that why is he just talking on corruption and not acting to have the corrupt ministers tried in court. By the way he is the one holding a key ministry of justice. I think very soon he will loose it out when it comes to succeeding Bob. Mind you right now ppeople 's anger is not directed at personalities such as Bob or anyone. The source of our problems is a system created by the ruling government that does nothing on curruption. I read this morning in the Herald about Bob grilling Kasukuwere over youths stands sold. We need to see action here. Ngwena needs to move in and ensure investigations and prosecution for those found guilty. Ngwena must not just be a ceremonial minister and VP. We need to see him debating and coming out open always. HE is unnecvessarily quite to the extend of being undressed by the likes of CHIMENE, how come? As VP he must show his presence and intentions when it comes to improving the current corrupt and evil system that is condemning Zimbabweans to poverty.

Viona Ngwena - 8 September 2016

prof esso - 8 September 2016

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prof esso - 8 September 2016

@viona ,I suppose yu asking yoself .bt if yu ment Viola,I can only presume n maynot be correct.Vp beha es like a real crock in character.pple are given moniker names usualy based on their characters.He is not called ngwena for nothing.He waits montionless waiting for pray to reluxe.Im sure yu know Ngwena is NOT totaly in charge of gorvenment n ministers,Mugabe is fully in charge.So for Ngwena to rootout corrupt ministers may not be his own call.He can only brief his boss n waits for directives.He has never the less made known his ambition,to rootout corrupt persons fro government.So like a crock he waits for the rite time to strike,bt for now his pray will even jump over him n dance while he is still.

viola gwena - 8 September 2016

His initiatives to rescusitate agriculture is very good examble of an active vp.He has set a target for erudication of hunger wth those ministers that respect him.I think its great.Initiating plans is what is expected from a vp.He is not a loud mouth vp,like our forma.He prefers to work than attacking anyone.He is replica of late VP Joshua Nkomo,action man.

viola gwena - 8 September 2016

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