We can't reform ourselves out of power: Moyo

BULAWAYO - Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has declared that the ruling Zanu PF government will not consider the electoral reforms that opposition parties are clamouring for as that would be tantamount to “reforming ourselves out of power”.

Moyo told journalists here on Friday last week that the mooted move by the opposition parties to hold nationwide demonstrations to push for electoral reforms will be a waste of time as government has “had enough of attempts to institutionalise and entrench unreasonability”.

A grouping of 18 opposition parties under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) recently united to push President Robert Mugabe’s government to implement electoral reforms.

The parties, however, had their mega demos against the non-implementation of the reforms that had been planned for last Friday in Bulawayo and Harare banned.

But Moyo said even if opposition parties continue boycotting elections in protest — the ruling party will not move an inch because “their demands are totally unacceptable”.

“They (opposition parties) have been quiet for three years and now all of a sudden they want electoral reforms and give themselves a funny name, a parastatal name, like Nera,” Moyo said.

“Let us be clear, for a long time since 1999, the opposition had said the most important reform that must happen in the country is a new Constitution.

“...they were saying no Constitution, no elections, For a long time. We got that in 2013 and it was a negotiated Constitution among the political parties within the context of the Global Political Agreement (GPA),” Moyo said.

“The Electoral Act as it is right now is a product of GPA parties. Then they said no we must start talking about electoral reforms. It is totally unacceptable and we should not be in doubt about that because the fundamental laws of the land have changed.

“There is no law, conduct or practice or custom that supersedes the law or that is above the Constitution.”

Moyo said latest demands by opposition parties is an act of cowardice as the move is meant to disadvantage the ruling party and favour their opponents, something he said will not happen.

“Those people who made the laws they must be the ones who know what the provisions of section 2 of our Constitution say.

“Now they are coming out in their full colours as electoral cowards, they are now literally saying put in place electoral reforms that will ensure that you lose and we win and we are saying no,” he told journalists.

Moyo added: “That will never happen anyway in a modern constitutional democracy that a political party that is coming to government on the back of a new negotiated Constitution, on the back of a new negotiated Electoral Act to then come up with reforms intended to reform itself out of power.

“The reforms they are talking about are a clear code to say, come up with laws that will ensure that you are out.

“That will not happen. That will not happen because it is inherently unreasonable.”

The Tsholotsho North legislator said if the opposition parties were serious about electoral reforms they were supposed to put them in their electoral manifesto ahead of the 2018 watershed elections.

“We have heard enough of attempts to institutionalise and entrench unreasonability. We cannot continue doing that. If they want those reforms over and above what has been done they must put them in their manifesto.

“They must say we are contesting elections, we want these reforms implemented so that when we win we will reform ourselves out of power.

“Let them do that, that is what is done in a civilised world . . . let every party contest election on the basis of its reform agenda, let every party carry its own cross.”

The former Information minister also rubbished allegations from different quarters that he intended to destroy Zanu PF from within.

Opposition parties are demanding, among other things, the implementation of electoral reforms and also the announcement of a clear road-map to the next election by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission — a road-map complete with processes and time-frames.

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By Jonathan Moyo's admission he is saying the system is rigged in zanu's favour and to make it free and fair or level playing field would put zanu at a disadvantage. That is twisted thinking of a corrupt mind. He goes to spout that Zimbabwe is a democracy, come on, please. Holding elections does not make one a democracy, even China has those, Cuba has those too and they never claim to be democracies or trying to be one.

Galore - 6 September 2016

Fodya dzana Jonso idzo

Ziggy Zigawo - 6 September 2016

Two birds with one stone. Just like that the Prof had said it all. Prof is an artist and his work has a deep meaning. Prof is just evil and a genius one.

X-MAN IV - 6 September 2016

Jonso ndosaka achidyirwa vana zidzoro rake iro aritore. It's not reforming yourself out of power Jonso its called levelling the playing field.

nyimo - 6 September 2016

Moyo is basically saying that rigged elections are justified in order to keep ZANU-PF in power.

david taylor - 6 September 2016

Chameleon.Colour changing maniac.

viola gwena - 6 September 2016

There will be electoral reforms for Zimbabwe to be a real democratic society, not a mafia state run by mob gangsters like Jonathan Moyo. This man, Jonathan, is a coward of the highest order who sold his soul to the devil for pieces of silver in the literal sense. He is the evil man you see propping up an evil system for his own individual benefit. There should never be any myth of him destroying Zanu PF from within. He is not as not as smart as many would like to portray him. He is just a selfish non constructive idiot who gaped away from the freedom fighting recruitment. This is a hound howling for his supper.

Mbareboy - 7 September 2016

Last kicks of the dying horse come 2018 you will be voted out of power.

segura mukanya - 7 September 2016

free and fair elections in Zimbabwe means Zanupf is gone. Mugabe choosing a successor means end of Zanupf

vince - 7 September 2016

Of course, Jonso is saying there should never be a level playing field because ZANU PF will be defeated in the forthcoming elections. Robert Mugabe knows it too that reforms for free and fair elections will help remove his party from political power. But will it serve any purpose, when his political base is waning each passing day? The days he could manipulate the people of this country are over as he is going to face the music in 2018, with or without electoral reforms.

Chimbwido Warvet - 7 September 2016

Jonathan,your mouth spits poison,the devil gifted your tongue with deceit,your bloodflow thrives on hurting the meek and the disadvantaged.You are nothing but a dirty piece of shit on a mission to cause as much suffering as possible to the humankind in your quest to please the devil.Your malicious actions are totally devoid of any element of humanity Jonathan.You are a disgrace to the human race.I used to give you a benefit of doubt but i have eventually realised that you are nothing more than just a biological being with no feelings for others,no compassion for others and worse still no direction in life because you only believe in what is convinient to you at that particular time.in other words you are not principled.

Janana wa Bikaz - 7 September 2016

where is TRUTH, that zanu pf adherent with a warped mind?

IsheZimuto - 7 September 2016

Mbareboy n Janana.excellent narratives .yu 2 say it better.He is a shameless media terrorist.says one thing during the day n acts opposite in the night.

viola gwena - 7 September 2016

Jonso stop lying.During the constitution consultation forums the issue of electoral reforms took center stage but zanupf could'nt agree and was always brushing it off.Not one electoral reform was ever implemented and Jonso knows it.

NYONGOLO - 7 September 2016

politics is not a game in which yu make rules that make it easier for your opponents to defeat yu,and it boggles the mind why the mdc fails to grasp that,the advantages of incumbency are not unique to zanu pf,expecting us to squander or forfeit that advantage is rank madness

truth - 7 September 2016

@ x-man iv.....totally agreed, It's clear what johnso is trying to do here...expose them and pretend to be on their side. That's cool, I really like that.

misty - 7 September 2016

Jonathan Moyo is right: Only Mapenzi ( mafuza, political or religious fadists ) will agree to participate in the to-be -rigged general-elections. THE ONLY WAY FORWARD: ZanuPF the semi evil organisation has to be removed from power by fair means or foul.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 7 September 2016

jonathan read your history well. what goes up must go down. chinobhururuka chinoto mhara. mh370 haina kuwanika hayo but yakato lander hayo somewhere. you will soon be miserable especially given your smelly attitude of thinking that since you are a social sciences professor then you can bully every one with your threats. i will want to see to it that what goes around now quickly comes around.

wezip - 7 September 2016

jonathan read your history well. what goes up must go down. chinobhururuka chinoto mhara. mh370 haina kuwanika hayo but yakato lander hayo somewhere. you will soon be miserable especially given your smelly attitude of thinking that since you are a social sciences professor then you can bully every one with your threats. i will want to see to it that what goes around now quickly comes around.

wezip - 7 September 2016

Izvi zvana Mwoyo ndezvechitororo chete.Mutemo wacho waarikuti wakagadzirwa varikuuteedzera here?Inga varikungorova vanhu varikuratidzira wani.Rinongoti zidzoro kunge ririkutaura zvinemusoro.Opposition parties are only asking for a free&fair running of elections.Mazanu vanotijairira.Vanoda kuti tingoti yes yes vachitiuraya nenzara.

matsotsi - 7 September 2016

The learned proffessor here has proved that he may have bought his qualifications. Prof you are telling us that you are corrupt and its better for you to remain corrupt so that you can bring food to your family, SHAME TO YOU PROF.

Zhara - 7 September 2016

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