'Mnangagwa must quit Zanu PF'

HARARE - Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson Temba Mliswa has said Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa should resign to save his integrity, as he is facing relentless attacks from his juniors.

Mliswa said President Robert Mugabe is failing to respect his VPs, making it difficult for them to work with him.

“... if it were me, I would leave the job because integrity and dignity of an individual is more important . Those VPs have children and grandchildren, what would they say if they hear what is being said?” Mliswa told journalists in Harare this week.

Mnangagwa is facing mounting pressure from Zanu PF members to resign on allegations that he is plotting to stampede Mugabe’s ouster, with some openly attacking him.

In July, Manicaland provincial minister Mandi Chimene attacked him at a war veterans meeting.

She publicly accused Mnangagwa of leading a parallel government and plotting Mugabe’s downfall.

“The Tsholotsho Declaration was being led by Mnangagwa and now Team Lacoste is also being led by Mnangagwa. For how long are we going to keep on pampering one another?” Chimene said at the meeting between Mugabe and war veterans, which Mnangagwa attended.

Early this year, Mnangagwa was also undressed by Sarah Mahoka, at a solidarity rally held for Mugabe at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare.

Mliswa claimed Mugabe is the one who is directing junior party members to attack Mnangagwa.

“It is sad that the president would sit and allow the VP to be attacked without even abominating them. And you then ask yourself who is the master of this game, it’s him (Mugabe) who is behind this game as he is allowing the VP to be attacked,” he said.

“The president has no respect for the VPs, something which does not only expose the weakness of the party but expose the country as a whole.”

Mliswa said in Mugabe’s absence, no one would listen to any one of the VPs, who would have been left as the acting president.

“If Mugabe goes out of the country, these guys have no powers, the young boy on the streets say we cannot listen to Mnangagwa because Chimene said this.”

The former Hurungwe West MP warned that Mugabe will be dislodged from power by the people he is persecuting.

“My message to the president is that these people are coming to you, you started with me, you then went to Dydmus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo and Joice Mujuru now you have come to Mnangagwa the only one left is you (Mugabe),” Mliswa said.

Zanu PF is currently divided into two main factions — Team Lacoste that is pushing for Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the throne and the G40 camp that is viciously opposed to the Midlands godfather.

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Oooooo by the devil;s name the man cannot quit at this present juncture.He shares profound thieving and killing history with his boss.He is still dreaming of the good old days they had together.his boss is also playing his cards close to his chest, for he has not been open over juniors attacking his vp.Please ,man resign as forewarned is idiomatically said to be so armed

MATINYANYA - 3 September 2016

Hayi mani wena Themba this guy Munangagwa is evil satan how can he leave his movement zanu which we all know is the devil"s paradise and he can never survive outside it .With 20 000 skulls under his belt shuwa that means he has no integrity bcoz he is satan and satan has no integrity . Let him stay there that is where he belong .All people who are sane hate this man so much for being so evil .

Diibulaanyika - 3 September 2016

once again yu have it all wrong mliswa,why must cde ED quit the party?all mnangagwa has to do is respond to the allegations raised against him,clear his name and prove his innocence,there are no sacred cows here,everyone has to account,in a democracy people ask questions and questions have been asked of his conduct,mind yu mr mliswa,the president appointed cde ED to serve the people and not to be boss over them,is this type of leadership too much for yu to comprehend?leaders are not demi gods as yu and your uncle didmus would want to believe,yu dont want leaders to be held to account,the masses are the owners of zanu pf and appoint peole to positions to serve them,when we appoint yu and we believe yu are not serving our interests we will question yu because leaders are servants of the people and mnangagwa is no exception

truth - 3 September 2016

truth truth how i wonder what you are

natty natty - 3 September 2016

@truth,you bring a refreshing perspective to debates on this platform,do not be discouraged

jojo - 3 September 2016

Which masses ask questions in Zanu PF? What questions? Has the answer come on where the USD15b went, or the question was never asked? or where the 2 million jobs cooked up by Johnso and crew (as an election ruse) are?? Democracy in Zanu PF? my foot! a party which wanted to ban all other parties so that the country would become a one-party (Zanu PF) state? @truth you must be a kid with a very disturbed mind.

Sagitarr - 3 September 2016

why would a man whos next being president quit???????...must be a century joke....

micky - 4 September 2016

This guy Themba Mliswa comes across as a desperate dude trying to say shit about everyone whilst also trying to please the same people , i wonder if he has any other means to look for a living except talking shit and hoping to get paid, he was chasing the most productive whites from the farms now he wants to say blaah blaah blaambi

Chando - 5 September 2016

What business is it of his this Themba fellow giving others advise he couldn't follow himself. You were fired from Zanu you didn't resign even though you knew it to be a corrupt and morally bankrupt, violent party. Even when you were pushed you went to court to put a legal challenge and you lost. You flirted with People First and then they denounced you and now you are trying to play king maker.

Galore - 5 September 2016

The vp need not retire,the quistion is:where are the supposed open&democratic POLITIBURO OR THE SO CALLED ZANU PF NATIONAL CONGRESS which are in truth mere faked platforms.To the suprise of all,they are only being run the mugabe way;following the supposed zanu pf constitution&rules I wonder.Mugabe must only b retired like what SA ANC did to Tambo Mumbek.The faked congress/politiburo must show are the ones in controll.The obvious &lingering fear in zanupf is, if n one suggests the old man nid to b retired wil face backlashes&victimisations-Mag Dongo's once remark; are all Mugabe's wives.Let me urge them once more, the man is now too old to serve,listening to an old man's gaffes he wants to remain,wil hold back our nation,better to listen to each other&never frighten our members with opposite views on the man.We know many members of our nation&many in zanupf want the president to retire.Open up zanupf &allow the views of the majority of yr membership to pass&retire the old man&put a stop to all the noises&speculations which might eventually break the party.Munangwa is right to claim the throne, bec itz not a preserve for the Mugabes&bec itz not openly contested at congresses.Of course the process is badly managed at congresses

addmore gudo - 5 September 2016

This Temba Mliswa{Young Man} feels sorry for these evil idiots why? Time is coming for all Zanu Pf niggaz or idiots to be castrated once Mugabe dies or leaves office.We dont feel anything for Munangagwa and Mphoko ? These are dangerous fuckers plz Temba?

Cde Popyy - 5 September 2016


IsheZimuto - 8 September 2016

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