War vets warn of more turmoil

HARARE - Disgruntled war veterans have warned President Robert Mugabe of worsening civil unrest in the country if Zanu PF bigwigs continue with their mindless bloodletting, as well as their current crackdown on dissenting voices, including former freedom fighters.

Reacting yesterday to what he called the continued “persecution” of his family — as well as growing personal attacks on former Vice President Joice Mujuru — the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Victor Matemadanda, also told the Daily News that Mugabe had “failed the nation”.

Matemadanda spoke in the wake of the invasion of his Karoi farm by Zanu PF youths linked to the ruling party faction going by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), observing ruefully that ever since war veterans had started criticising the former liberation movement and its leaders, they and their families had not known peace.

Matemadanda, along with four other ZNLWVA leaders, were also recently arrested on charges of undermining the authority of Mugabe, and are currently out on bail.

However, he said yesterday, his family continued to be harassed by “vindictive” authorities.

“The continued harassment of my son who is a teacher at Kasimhure Secondary School in Karoi is a huge cause for concern. They want to mobilise people to demonstrate against him and hound him out of his job even though he has all the educational qualifications to be a teacher.

“However, these people (who allegedly include Zanu PF women’s league secretary for finance Sarah Mahoka) should know that I can retaliate. Mahoka is just a civilian and I am a trained soldier. They should not cry foul or arrest us when we fight back. We are going to defend ourselves and there will be bloodshed,” he warned.

His warning also followed Mugabe’s fierce attack on war veterans in June — when he threatened to deal severely with the disenchanted ex-combatants who stand accused of plotting to stampede the increasingly frail nonagenarian out of power and working to elevate embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the highest political office in the land.

On their part, the angry war veterans, who are led by former Cabinet minister Chris Mutsvangwa, have since gone on to dump Zanu PF as well and are now fraternising with anti-Mugabe groups such as Tajamuka/Sesijikile, as well as opposition parties, including the MDC and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF).

Matemadanda warned yesterday that Zanu PF “should not attempt to stop” these budding alliances or move to crush demonstrations by the populace as this would backfire.

He also said it was wrong that Mugabe and Zanu PF were “hell bent on rewriting history” and sidelining war veterans such as Mujuru and Mnangagwa who had played key roles during the country’s liberation war.

“We are going to go around the country to tell the people about our history. Mugabe wants to remove the people he met during the war and there are a lot of machinations to get rid of everyone who has something to do with the country’s liberation struggle.

“It is very unfortunate that we have a government packed with Mugabe’s relatives who are trying to run this country from their backyard. They are abusing everyone. This should not happen in the country. A family should not run the entire affairs of the country.

“Can Mugabe fire his nephew even when he is not competent? We also demand an apology regarding the vilification of female war veterans. How can one claim that people like (Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister) Mandi Chimene is better than Mujuru?

“Can a child who is 17 years old refuse the orders of a commander? And how can such a woman be abused on different fronts, by her own and the enemy? We also want this government to tell us if the children from the war that we have were a result of consensual sex,” Matemadanda thundered.

Turning to George Rutanhire, the man who recently tore into Mujuru and accused her of having caused the death of some combatants during the war, he said those “with logs in their eyes should not lose sleep about the speck in other people’s eyes”.

“Can he tell us how many people he abused during the liberation struggle? We have five female comrades who are telling us that he sexually abused them. We want an apology from this person.

“We saying Mugabe is old. Everyone is seeing that. How can he also go for 34 years with Joice and allow people to abuse her now?” Matemadanda asked further.

Apart from facing rising anger from the opposition, Mugabe is also facing the biggest challenge of his political career as his ambitious underlings brawl about succeeding him, with some of them now standing accused of aiding the wave of protests ravaging the country.

Matemadanda said Mugabe had himself to blame for the current chaos as those people whom he had been sidelining would regroup and challenge him in future elections.

“She (Mujuru) was expelled from Zanu PF but because she is a politician, she formed her own party. She tried to complain and they did not listen. They must realise that there is life after Zanu PF. It is not her choice that she formed her own party but Mugabe’s.

“When Morgan Tsvangirai was the leader of ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions) he was told you are talking politics, so form your own party and he did that. Now he is being labelled an agent of the West. But the truth is that Robert Mugabe is the real agent of the West.

“He (Mugabe) is the agent because he is fighting everyone. There is no rehabilitation in Zanu PF. He is the only one who will not go astray, is that normal?” he queried further.

In the meantime, riot police were awash in urban areas yesterday, including the capital Harare, after panicking authorities vowed to prevent further protests against the government.

While traffic was thin in Bulawayo, most towns around the country were open for business despite the call for a shutdown.

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It is true, Mugabe is the real agent of the West because he was put there by the American CIA and British. It was them using the cover of the Roman Catholic Church who facilitated his move into exile and his subsequent launch into the top position. They even awarded him a Knighthood and a whole pile of honoury doctorates as well - remember? Mugabe loves the British, he even tries to emulate the way the Queen speaks and dresses only in the best Western style clothing. This man Mugabe is a total fraud. The only reason they don't now support him is because he has proved to be such an embarrassment to them and their devious cause. And ol Mugs is now sulking about it?

Mbewa - 1 September 2016

This land reform programme is one big fat lie. Even the 99 year lease cannot stop his eviction from this farm which he evicted another owner. Chawakadya chapfuka. Lawlessness was encouraged too much by the system and its out of hand. Its a shame this war vet only see's his teacher son's abuse. Teachers have been beaten, abused both physically and emotionally for donkey years. Ndiro mbodza ramakabikira nyika ma war vet 16yrs non stop, idyai makanyarara. There is nothing more to steal and loot, its just fighting for bones thats left of this economy. We welcome you war vets on the other side.

X-MAN IV - 1 September 2016

We denounce with the strongest scornful remarks the prevalent attack of ordinary civilians by Mugabe*s bootlickers.The bare fact on the ground which is indesputable is that Bob is now in his dotage stage and he has utterly failed this once bread basket of Africa.Please man resign fothwith.Dont let people fight each other for your cause.This is bad man.I thought you shall leave a good legace.

MATINYANYA - 1 September 2016

Dont stress cde vikita.it will all come to an end soon.be ready to move into mazoe .there is a farm there ,underutilised.someone dumped orphans on that farm.yu will take it .its yos.when yu move in dnt let us down.utikandire maranjisi.

viola gwena - 1 September 2016

It is very unfortunate that the war vets are only awakening now when they have been used to kill and maim a lot of innocent civilians by this regime. Had it not for them together with their leader Jabulani Sibanda, this country would have witnessed a change a long time ago. They are now crying foul because they are out of favor. It is only that we need change in Zimbabwe otherwise this lot abused us and are now expecting us to run with them.

Mendeka - 2 September 2016

I have consistently told Zimbabweans of the dangers of worshiping the white man. Idolatry destroys nations, we cannot cheat God and think we will get away with it. God is not white and Jesus was never white.

ADF - 2 September 2016

haa face yaMatemadanda sooo...!! kkkk, his grievence is simple, being sidelined by the everthieving gravy train, nothing else!

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 September 2016

To quote Welshman Ncube's argument; not being gifted in thinking has been our biggest challenge as Zimbabweans. These war veterans are parroting a very narrow and myopic narrative of our problems as a country. With blessing of the 'Evil King', they did so much damage to Zimbabweans during and after the war. Now that the see the end of 'Evil King' is nigh; they want to replace him with 'Devil King in Waiting', ED. What the hell do they think we are, stupid, dump squib idiots with no brains. Their prime objective is to block Morgan and whoever takes over from him. Are they fighting a Zimbabwe agenda for a democratic, devolved and developmental state or narrow interest of few lumpens with vampire desires of devouring and sucking our blood. Wake up Zimbabweans and smell real coffee. None of these guys is genuine about Zimbabwe and its prosperous future but successionist interests, now that the 'Evil King' is gone. They have missed an opportunity by not admitting taking part in bringing our country down as well as not apologising for butchering our people. Mugabe is on his way out, what exactly do they want? I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

Save - 2 September 2016

Never mind no one has ever won a war against the majority these guys are just buying time very soon they will go into exile running away from us . With their leader clinically dead more misery for them i mean those supporting Mugabe is just by the corner .

Diibulaanyika - 2 September 2016

@Save.kkkkk,what a discription of yoself yu give( dump squib,idiot, no brains)?hey yu are a 1st to describe yoself that lowly.So what do yu expect to bring in for suffering Zimbos if yu like that.?Anyway goodluck Save.Squib.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

@SAVE.now when Truth says the same about yu,dump squibs,yu get angry n throw yo toys out.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

There is time and season of everything under heaven .Even the once great Hitler met his demise also. Nyika inenguva yoyo , our leader has passed his season that is why he is not relevant to the issues being raised .He is a revolutionary but not a leader.

chedhaka - 2 September 2016

@Viola, please its time we tell each other the truth. What exactly do these guys want? To put ED in place, and is that the Zimbabwe agenda or we want a democratic, devolved and developmental state underpinned by constitutionalism irrespective of whoever is in charge. All warring factions in ZANU PF (lacoste, G40 or even PF) are fully aware of 'Evil King' departure and its why they are tearing each other and country apart! Its all nothing to do with Zim Agenda. Why would people decide to so evil to point sacrificing even little left. Zim has enough resources for all of us and all we need is good governance and progressive trajectory for economic growth and socioeconomic development. Please forget about personalities and BIG MAN MENTALITY. Lets focus on strong institutions! I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

Save - 2 September 2016

@Save. Yes yu very right.we need change,positive change.I totaly agree wth yu.We have suffered enuf,especialy yu yungsters,who never saw life under Ian Smith.The economy was at its best perfomance.I personaly cherish those days.My 1st visit to London in 1980 I arived wth zimdollars which I changed for 1 to 1 wth the British pound.No visor that tyme.I admit we brot yu sadness.Bt never the less we are still citizens wth rights still.We now advocate freedom of assosiation n freedom for all to vote in a free n fair election.So in this regard we have ,still have aspirations,to vote in our choice as president.we are still a unit and we deserve the right of choices on politics.Bt thanx Save ,Morgan has managed to put pressure on zanu to reform.He is the father of Zim too.WDG

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

@Save.Yu may want also to take note that we got teargassed when we 1st registered our discontent wth the goings on in zanu.Noone had wispered to us bt we ourselves took it on upon realisation.The struggles that are now on its after us.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

@Save do not worry wena we are not putting back anyone who has this history of the past war never we want a civilian who will not tell us that he went to war and no one has the right to correct him when he makes mistakes. Munangagwa is not the answer here he is part of the problem having been in govt for 36 years and he must go for ever . Those who want to make him president bcoz he is of their same tribe must go hang that is stone politics .I feel sorry for this war vet he will loss the farm which he also took from someone illegally and when people said the land reform was a political gimmick he thought they were saskums .Now you see what we meant bcoz if the farm was yours no one would just come and take it just like that from you

Diibulaanyika - 2 September 2016

When a good discusion is invaded by clunks,human gabbage,its time to close the topic.stink of beef.horses n selouse scouts.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

@Viola; I fully appreciate your level of civility sometimes and am not against your choice of leader if democratically elected. What I personally resent is the thuggish behaviour of both Lacoste and G40 of stampeding whole Zim into a crisis simply because they know 'Evil King' is already gone. @Dibu, personally am a Karanga but I WILL NEVER EVER support ED Mnangagwa by virtue of being Mukaranga, NO. This tribalism animal is Mugabe's making; firstly to ostracise Nkomo pre-1980 and the create and perpetuate Zezuru hegemony post 1980. He even went to extent of tribalising Zim provinces. What is Mashonaland, do u tell me Zezurus and Korekores are the only Shonas, what about Karangas and Manyikas and what is Matabeleland. Its leaders of this type we resent in our new Zimbabwe. As much as I see an evil hand in G40; I see an equally evil spirit in Lacoste and Super Zezuru of Mai Mujuru! Let these characters come out in the open and apologise to Zimbabweans for brutality unleashed before and after the war. By the way @Viola, I was there before 1966 so no cheap propaganda for those of us who were fighting the real war through surveillance operations. I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

Save - 2 September 2016

Well Save,I then dont see our diferences.we all want free n fair elections isnt it.The tribe thing is part of Africa.Its hard to ignore.Its part of us as Africans.Because of Mugabe we must not see all evil in tribes.Im a proud Budja or Mutoko wth strong Zulu origins.Proud in the sence that its my heritage.I speak Chitoko and little of zulu, plenty shona.What we need is a free n fare election to elect the most popular person.Its good yu old enuf to know the countrys history ,since yu say yu were around fighting in 1966.Now if we the comrades are advocating free n fair elections and yu seem not to agree ,then hey.mammoth task.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

And my mother is from midlands deep .Full ndebele.So a Ndebele mother full blood and a Mutoko father whos father came from kwazulu ,a full Zulu blood.what am I ,a true proud Zimbabwean.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

Mind yu this country Zim is around 70p.c Zulu desendence.very few orinal shonas,the Vahera plus Malawian migrants.mzilikazi ocupied mat,soshangana chipinge,zwangendaba north.all surrounding zim,zulu tribes.So what advantage does mugabe has as a minority here.see his relatives n apointments,the chombos,chambati,chidzero,zhuwawo,chihuri, all malawian origins.

viola gwena - 2 September 2016

@Viola, only way we realise that our differences don't exist is when we engage. But as long as we allow evil men and women to manipulate us for their selfish agendas and egos, then cry the beloved country. Our people have never enjoyed freedom from time of Ian Smith, through brutal, savage and sometimes barbaric liberation struggle, gukurahundi and madness post 2000 referendum; the list is endless. But believe u me sister, the end is nigh. All we need is to be vigilant and isolate chameleon characters interested in power, plunder and impoverishment of the vulnerable POVO. Let no1 tell u to be selfish, idiotic and shallow minded. ALL OF US FOR ZIMBABWE BY SHUNNING EVIL & EVIL CHARACTERS. Together a free, democratic, devolved and developmental Dzimbadzamabwe. I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

Save - 2 September 2016

Chibwidoz and former sex objects in some shacks in Moza try to force nonsense down our throats everything becomes boring like kak . Some of us know these Chimbwidos they falsely accused people during war of being sellouts bcoz they thought different with them and many pple were killed bcoz of these sly things .

Diibulaanyika - 2 September 2016

kkkkkkkk Wena Dii bulaa hayi mani vele liqiniso lelo true these Simbwidos are a problem now she wants the news paper to close the debate because you never support her thoughts . kkkkkkkk hawu suka bo Simbwido

MaMathe - 2 September 2016

Viola yu correct.I agree wth yu.

kilian - 2 September 2016

@Tete Vee. I didnt know about this tribal balance bt I think yu may be rite.my grandpa says tho we are karangas originaly we were zulus.

opra - 3 September 2016

Batshela diibu diibu I like yo courage Diibulaa and no nonsense approach and telling it as it is we enjoy every contribution you make here never mind of few people who hate you some of us like you where ever you are pliz bring more of your stuff .

captain Andy - 3 September 2016

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