Govt recalls teachers from holiday

HARARE - Government has recalled teachers from holiday to resubmit their qualifications as a matter of urgency, the Daily News has learnt.

In a memorandum to all provincial education directors, the Primary and Secondary Education ministry instructed both teaching and non-teaching staff to report at their respective stations and submit their educational qualifications for onward forwarding to the Civil Service Commission (CSC)

This follows CSC’s request for fresh employees’ details, as it finalises the implementing of its human resources management information systems.

The Commission wants the details, in soft copy, and updated staff lists to be submitted to the principal director by today.

“Hard copy attachments of each member’s academic and professional certificates should be handed in...,” the memo read.

“Staff lists should be used to tick against members’ names as they submit their forms.

“Those who are not on the lists should be added as they hand in their forms and hard copies of their academic and professional qualifications,” it further said.

Apart from academic qualifications, the teachers are also required to provide details on their previous employment, residential and postal addresses, spouses, next of kin and children.

This is the second time in two years that government has had to recall teachers.

Last year’s schools staff audit saw teachers, who were supposed to be on leave, returning to their work stations.

The exercise saw over 3 000 educators facing dismissal for having not been found at their schools during the head count.

Most of the affected teachers still have their salaries withheld until verification of their whereabouts on the day in question is completed.

Hundreds more could find themselves in the same predicament this time around.

Meanwhile, teachers are expected to get their August salaries on September 2.

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This should be the opportunity to fire all teachers who teach children that God is white and that Jesus was white. Also those teachers who teach children to pass and not to know should be fired because in the end our graduates cannot create employment for themselves or anyone else. The so-called educated become worshipers of white people. These teachers condition our children to be inferior to former slave and colonial master despite our political independence.

ADF - 31 August 2016

@ADF - Do not vend your anger on the wrong people,you should be directing your very good ideas to the authorities,for they are the ones who decides what teachers should and not teach.Stop being emotional and showing your hatred towards teachers,God will punish you

mukanya - 31 August 2016

This ADF is shallow minded. Honestly speaking how will the government identify those teachers who fail to impart skills to "your children" I doubt kana utorine vekupomerwa zvake. Uri chin'anza ndiko kuri kubva hasha dzako dzekutuka vanhu vasina zvavakuita. unofunga kuti kungotuka vanhu kunoshamisira. Akuitei mateacher?

Papa P - 1 September 2016

ko uyo anotukirei ma teacher, usataridze udofo pose pose. U shld post after reading intelligent comments from us hantieka dutamatusvi

lighter - 1 September 2016

It must be hell of a feeling to know, face and come to terms and reality of an impending imminent arrival of new era. I feel sorry for zanu pf sympathisers , there is nothing they can do to stop what has arrived. Its game over hide your loot.

X-MAN IV - 1 September 2016

The government is looking at a soft spot to here,teachers are abused daily while the army ,police ans prison services who are over staffed are not being quetioned on qualifications,this should happen across all the civil servants and weed out ghost workers.

chitayitayi - 1 September 2016

You can run but you can not hide. The results of wrong education are there for anyone to see.

ADF - 1 September 2016

This ADF guymis clueless and I doubt if he is even aware that he is off topic. He hates teachers who have made his kids what they are today. What is a country without teachers. Its not a crime that he himself did not pass in class. I am sure his lack of education is the reason why he hates the teachers so much. He must blame his parents for not sending him to school and leave the teachers alone. Its not the teachers faulty pamwe airova ma teachers ne rekeni and now he is bitter all the time Kura Grow up ukwane

Don dadda - 1 September 2016

this ADF is bankrupt when it comes to intellectual goods. the mere fact that he can even read and write is because of the teachers that all of a sudden have become his punching bag...... IDIOT!

barack - 1 September 2016

Why could this not wait until the teachers return from holiday especially since its going to cost them a lot of money which they have not received for August anyhow. This is another last kick of a dying horse. Taurirai vanhu kuti tazvitatadza kwete kungogumanisa vanhu musoro zvisina maturo. Nhasi ndiye wamuchati maticha produce ma qualifications enyu? Ko vanaChimene na Chinotimba who are running the country vabvunzwa nani?. The truth is hapana mari and this charade masked to look like efficiency should be treated with the contempt it deserves. With its sordid track record, the government's motive might even be sinister or untoward.

Jaikulu Maison - 1 September 2016

Teachers become the unfortunate pawns in Zimbabwe's economic chess game between the embattled government and the Bretton Woods institutions. Govt is trimming the civil service to meet the IMF's targets of the Staff Monitored Program. Civil servants are going to be retrenched (at a the worst time for government as disastisfaction grows and worse for Zanu PF before the 2018 elections). ZRP and ZNA will probably be the last as the Zanu PF government desperately needs their services to continue enforcing their brutal rule.

Daniel 5 - 1 September 2016

You can trust Dokora to bring something new and surprising everyday, no matter how irrelevant. For the sake of reminding people that he is running the Ministry, he will come up with anything. He enjoys causing people to run, even if it doesn't help anyone.

machakachaka - 1 September 2016

This request for details that includes even extended family members is suspicious. Could be used to creating a false voters' roll for 2018

Watching - 1 September 2016

How can graduates create employment when African teachers teach children lies that God is white and Jesus was white? This is part of the white supremacist conspiracy to dominate black people, that is why black people always lookup to white people or pale faces for employment and job creation. Teachers must re-learn so that they can know and teach the truth and not white man's lies. My grandmother never went to school but she knew this truth, she was a better teacher than these guys.

ADF - 1 September 2016

ADF's allegations madoda!! is this worth posting???

brighton simelane - 2 September 2016

@ADF usade kutibvisa panaMwari

the hound of justice - 2 September 2016

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