Mugabe slammed over Kenya trip

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has been slammed over his decision to fly to Kenya amid deadly protests that have rocked the country.

Mugabe left for Nairobi on Friday to attend the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (Ticad).

Prior to his departure, there were running battles between police and protestors — who were participating in the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) mega demonstration demanding that Mugabe and his government fix the ailing economy and effect electoral reforms before the 2018 elections.

Nera is a grouping of 13 opposition parties.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti said 92-year-old Mugabe was “divorced from reality” and probably the only president in the world who would have the audacity to leave the country under the present circumstances.

“Zimbabweans live in their own world different to Mugabe’s which only exists in his mind. He doesn’t quite comprehend the fact that Zimbabweans are protesting because they are angry,” Biti told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday.

“Those in the medical fraternity will tell you that the condition is called reality distorted field. It is a condition in which one is divorced from the reality around him and Mugabe is now in that condition where he does not even understand the seriousness of the protesters and that Zimbabweans are angry hence there is a need to subject him to medical examination,” the former Finance minister said.

Joice Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire, described Mugabe as a selfish leader.

“We have observed in the past two years or so that Mugabe uses foreign travel as some form of escapism . . . meant to give him a break from the harsh realities emanating from his evidently failed administration,” he said.

He added that Mugabe’s penchant for foreign travel at a time his presence is most needed in the country has led to conclusions that “the trips are now part of the looting routes that the regime has devised for its president and his acolytes”.

“Why is it that at a time civil servants’ salaries are erratically paid, the only consistently funded government expenditure relates to the president’s foreign travel, even when the travels have absolutely no benefit to our bilateral relations with the visited States or investment opportunities derived from the same?”

Before leaving the country, Mugabe insisted that his government had not done anything wrong, heaping the blame for the country’s economic situation at the door step of Western countries instead.

“Even if our economy is not doing well, do you have to go in the streets and even burn some of those very little shops that people are depending on? Burn their cars in the streets, burn their shops, do you have to do that? To gain what? To gain power?” Mugabe asked rhetorically during a press briefing before his departure.

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said Mugabe and his Zanu PF party seemingly contemptuous attitude towards the grievances of Zimbabweans was because “the regime is in denial”.

“Change is here and the earlier they smell the coffee the better. Otherwise they will go the way many such regimes have gone,” he said.

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Mr Biti am sure you are also delusional and power hungry . You cant say Zimbabwean people are angry . I beg woo speak for yourself and your group of 200 thugs aimed at looting. We haven't forget your stint and record in the unity government and how u aimed at lining your pockets you and your presidents . For Bob to the meeting is a show of confidence in the system as well as a direct statement to u guys because if he had cancelled his schedule that could have given you and the nation a message that things are out of control or u are winning. Well done oldman for outwitting a conglomeration of 13 opposition parties

trevor - 28 August 2016

Trevor... Zimbabweans are angry and getting bolder by the day. The days of overt and covert intimidation are over. Mr Mugabe can still earn our respect if only he is to realise that he is the people's servant not some demigod as the guys in the special branch would like us to believe.

Viva Unidade - 28 August 2016

@truth, trevor whatever name you call yourself. He's gonna find it difficult to return one of these days when fed up citizens decide to barricade the airport. Anger knows no boundaries. Remember already 2 cops have refused to give way to his motorcade and outriders? I have no respect for mr mugabe and his cohorts all of them much less his bootlickers who are obviously becoming more desperate by the day. Muchafambira mudenga

Sagitarr - 28 August 2016

Vanhu dzidzayi vanhu vezanu pf kuti kufunga ndiko kushoma. kana muchirangarira kuti mumwe mukuru W Shamhu atuka mai wake echiti dayi Mugabe ariye baba wake. Nemamwe manzwi ayireva kuti mai wake vakaita long choice. Zvino shasha iyo inoitwa Trevor unoshaya kuziwa chisvinu chichabuda panasekuru chii. Apa sekuru moyo hsvana wakadyawa nakungeke tsitsi hapana. Faro nguva yatosvika kuzvigona kungoti chimboitawo

Mahadzva Shingirai - 28 August 2016

Trevor it seems you are living a gud life in zim handiti. How can you live imba yako mukadzi wako achi repwa iwe woti ukuenda kubasa. Bottomline is this Mugabe is too proud to sit with the opposition what he doesentr know is that pride goes without a fall if you listen to his speeches he sounds like a delusional man gaya munhu ano ridiculer the impact of social media on politics probably he still beleives that we are still in the wairesi stage. Why is it ZANU PF believes kuti ndivo vega vari fit to rule REMEMBER IAN SMITH he said not in a thousand not in a million years. History has a funny way of repeating itself. ezvino soldiers looting hahahaha and you say you are in control. THAT DAY WILL COME WHEN THERE SHALL BE NOWEERE TO RUN

nutty dreadlock - 29 August 2016

When dictatorship is a fact, then revolution is a right.

Ziziharinanyanga - 29 August 2016

Its time to confront the embasies of the countries that invite him.Are they not ashamed,discussing deals wth such a sernile old man.They must be told all their deals and agreements are nothing ,not worth the paper.His next destination the e mbassy must feel it.

viola gwena - 29 August 2016

@viola you are absolutely right about it being time to confront all those AU States who invite Mugabe to these waste of time conferences at our tax payers expense. These AU heads of state need to be reminded that when change eventually comes that they will be remembered for their callous and insensitive deeds in support of a terrible and cruel dictator and that they will one day pay the price for their very inconsiderate behaviour.

Mbewa - 29 August 2016

It is true that women are good but at times they destroy lives of families and the whole nation. Now we are crying because of Grace and her group of people who do not have direction. She publicly shouted at war vets, forgetting that her husband is one of war vets. Greediness is what is going to destroy the legacy of the president one day through miscalculated statement from this group shallow minded politicians of the day. She must preach peace not what she did to war vets and her husband and the whole nation at large. Leadership is a trade which has got its trends and threads which form the core of a whole individual in society and any organization. Learn to lead with a heart of peace and prosperity of the whole nation. What we want is peace not hunger and unemployment. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with hard working people, give them what to use not to give them bitter pills all the times. Give them what they are asking for. We are hungry for development not distraction as a peace loving nation.

Gumandafa - 29 August 2016

It will be more interesting to read analyses from say three to four views, often simple simple views that potray the real situation on the ground accurately and vividly. not for the daily news alone but for other fellow independent publishers from whom near reliable reportage is available.

maombo david - 29 August 2016

The old man is just stupid n brainless. He is now a moving corpse powered by Chinese n African traditional muti. Kuramba kukura..... Bvuma wasakara!

Dhewa - 29 August 2016

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