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HARARE - President Robert Mugabe will face renewed pressure when opposition political parties toyi-toyi on the streets of Harare on Friday as they demand the disbandment and reconstitution of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

There is growing public anger against the nonagenarian who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980.

Yesterday, the youth wing of the main opposition political party, the MDC, announced it will be launching a new initiative #MyZimbabwe — as it joins forces such as radical pressure group, Tajamuka/Sesijikile, in ratcheting up pressure on Mugabe and Zanu PF.

After the launch of #MyZimbabwe at the Africa Unity Square, the MDC youths will also handover a petition to Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, protesting against police brutality which has provoked an outpouring anger from rights groups.

After meeting in Harare on Monday, most political parties yesterday told the Daily News that they were sensing Mugabe would be forced to listen to their demands.

“Now is the time for all of us to draw a line in the sand and declare that never again should Zimbabwe hold elections that are marred by violence, intimidation and all the other forms of rigging that have become the hallmark of our political and electoral environment,’ said MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, ahead of Friday’s demonstration.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) should be adequately capacitated by way of both financial and material resources; way before the holding of the next general elections.

“The MDC, together with all the other political parties under the Nera platform, calls upon the Zec secretariat to be totally dismantled to allow for the creation of a professional and non-partisan administration. All CIO operatives and other State agents who presently constitute the greater component of the Zec secretariat should be immediately removed,” added Gutu.

Zec has been accused of manipulating elections in favour of Zanu PF but strongly denies the allegations.

Its critics continuously refer to the hotly disputed elections of 2002, 2005 and 2008, in which the MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai challenged the results.

Of particular concern, was how Zec conducted the March 29, 2008 presidential elections whose results were inordinately withheld and delayed for six weeks — leading to suspicion that there was ballot cheating.

Tsvangirai beat Mugabe but agonisingly came short of being declared winner and was forced to go into a runoff in which he pulled out three days before polling, citing massive intimidation against his supporters.

In 2013, the MDC claimed Mugabe and Zanu PF had not won the elections but benefitted from “rigging” by a shadowy Israeli company, Nikuv.

“Election 2018 should be an opportunity for Zimbabwe to open a new and fresh chapter of holding free and fair elections. With the necessary goodwill and support from all stakeholders, this can be done,” Gutu said.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman — Jacob Mafume — said the current climate shows that Zimbabwe is ripe for change.

“It’s important for people to express their displeasure; it’s now business as usual so we need to throw everything, including the kitchen sink,” he told the Daily News.

“Our actions cannot be determined by whether Zanu PF will accept it or not but what we want. Zimbabwe has been ripe for change; it’s actually overripe, what is left is what type of change it will have. We have an old president, a clueless ruling party and an economy gone past the mortuary stage. What we are fighting for is democratic change.”

Political parties have been in recent months watching angry Zimbabweans stage protests over the country’s deepening economic situation, while mapping a way to join in the fray.

On Monday, 18 political parties met in the capital under the auspices of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) and the Coalition of Democrats (Code) — to map up the strategy for Friday’s demonstration.

Angry citizens have been holding demonstrations to try and force the only president Zimbabwe has had since independence to quit office.

Human Rights Watch senior researcher for southern Africa, Dewa Mavhinga said the opposition parties should press for the disbandment of the current Zec secretariat which he claimed was packed with Zanu PF “sympathisers”.

“Some Zec commissioners have questionable credentials, are staunch Mugabe allies who were part of discredited electoral commissions that presided over sham elections in the past that were marred with violence and voter intimidation,” Mavhinga told the Daily News.

“Demands for electoral reforms must not just focus on a framework, but mainly on the personnel who are charged with delivering credible, free, and fair elections. Of course Zanu PF will not voluntarily accept reforms, so the answer lies in the ability of opposition political parties to apply sufficient pressure on Zanu PF to accept reforms that level the electoral field.

“The emerging unity among political parties needs to be tested through the number of practical actions they successfully take together before we can conclude that Zimbabwe is ripe for change,” added Mavhinga.

Political analysts say the coming together of the opposition parties and their collective approach to confronting Mugabe could be a precursor to the eventual formation of a mooted grand coalition ahead of the watershed 2018 election.

Already, Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) have held meetings and joint rallies which insiders say are part of the process to forming the electoral pact.

Mujuru, who has come under severe shellacking in the lickspittle State-controlled media after her rallies with Tsvangirai, is expected to be part of the big hitters in the 2018 election.

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I seriously edge all comrades in zanla and zipra to reconsider our position.Plse lets have another meeting wth President Mugabe to iron out our differences.Its not too late.Another meeting pls Cde Mutsvangwa.This meeting not to win arguments bt to settle our party.I urge yu Cde Mutsvangwa,Matemadanda to make an effort to engage the President.He has done a lot for our party n country.Independence was his strutegy,from 1975 to 1980.Yes he has messed up the revolution,bt plze lets try again to talk.We are also to blame for this.We blindly followed him .Plse Comrades.

viola gwena - 24 August 2016

Our leader has been hijacked from the party.we lost control by allowing him toomuch control.Now that control has been hijacked.Do yu honestly think cdes Tongo,Takawira,Chitepo,Mujuru,Masuku,UMDHALA ,Tekere,Mangena all these cdes died for kasukuwere ,j.moyo and grace to run the revolution?Is this not a mockery of these heroes?

viola gwena - 24 August 2016

Tete Viola, the issue at stake is not about endearing Zanu to Zim, no. The issue is fixing the economy, which you guys destroyed and clearly has no idea how to mend. Even if you guys rebuild your party, it will be rejected today, tomorrow and for as long as you don't give fresh minds a chance. Whether the fresh minds makes it or breaks it Zimbabweans don't care for now, hence the slogan Mugabe and Zanu pf must go. Therefore I say it's already too late. The decision by zimbas is irreversible

Ziggy Zigawo - 24 August 2016

Zanla rope in ANC, FRELIMO, CCM ,to help on this.Liberation movements.Get Nunjoma and Mbeki to reason wth our Mugabe.PLZ.Its not too late.I love my leader Mugabe.Bring him around on this ndapota.I wont like it to see him being denigrated by little chamisas n lumumbas.Plse cde chris.

viola gwena - 24 August 2016

@ Ziggy.I accept yo input.it shuld be a democracy,yo choice.But here I am yo auntie,putting up a struggle for my party to deal wth this problem that makes yu angry wth us.The good thing is we accept the blame bt we also put it to yu that we can correct our errors.Which we ask yu youngsters to consider again.There are good exambles in SADC that a revolution can provide what yu guys want.ANC,SWAPO,FRELIMO,CCM. We can turn our Zanu to be the competitive party yu want.

viola gwena - 24 August 2016

Tete Viola - we have waited for long enough I have struggled to try and raise a family - you want us to wait longer so my youngsters must struggle to raise their families sorry we cant do that anymore No we cannot watch more plunder, police beatings, corruption no we want a chance to better ourselves not wait for another however many years - 36 years is not a joke it is almost half a persons life time waiting for something that is simply not coming, how long do you wait a the bus stop before you start walking - the bus is not coming Tete....

Planter - 24 August 2016

@viola - there lies the problem in identifying the root cause. The thing is the problem is your leader Mugabe, he has not been hijacked, he is the one who has hijacked. I think that if Zanu were to replace him with another leader it will become a better party but with Mugabe at the helm there is no hope for both the country and the party. At 92 you cannot expect much from Mugabe and he shouldn't have been anywhere near power for the last ten years.

Inyika - 25 August 2016

going back to 70s and talking issues of zanla and zipra liberation strugle does not solve the current situation Viola. zvana frelimo, anc & ccm ndezvimwe izvo than what we demand by now

zambrota - 25 August 2016

Zanu Pf should not have been blinded to continue with Mugabe for all these years without changing leadership. This has killed the party big time. The idea of keeping OLD OLD horses in ministerial power and rotating them like lotto balls was and is not good for the party, as if they know it all and the young clever and energetic are not to be trusted. All this has killed the party. Zimbabwe is not a monarchy, we needed and NEED new leaders and fresh current progressive ideas not the destroying ones we are currently experiencing. To be honest on a free and fair electoral ground Mugabe may not even stand against Mutsvangwa what more MUJURU. We do not talk of Morgan for he bit him several times and we all know it. Mugabe and ALL HIS TEAM and I mean all, should rest and give others a chance to lead and turn around the fortunes of this country and our livelihood. ZEC needs a complete overhaul so that what comrades went to war for can be achieved: Freedom of expression and choice.

Icho - 25 August 2016

@ TETE Viola, if Zanu PF is sincere about sorting the mess in this country why going all the way to FRELIMO, ANC , SWAPO etc . Engage every Zimbabwean at home. Zimbabwean problems can only be solved by Zimbabweans involving MDC, ZIMPF, Mavambo, PDP. Why going all the way to ANC led by corrupt Zuma.

Viona Ngwena - 25 August 2016

Tete Viola hanzvadzi yenyu Robati nemuroora wenyu Giresi neparty yenyu Zanu PF ndizvo zvakonzeresak kushupika nekuparara kweZimbabwe. Zimbabwe is in the mess it is in because Mugabe, Grace, Mujuru, Mutasa, Mavhaire, Jonathan Moyo et. al have been the architects of zanu pf's corrupt, evil misrule and economic melt down. Sitting down with Mugabe (before he falls asleep) nor consulting other african failures / ticking time bombs like the ANC will not solve our demise. We have been there before. " The significant problems we have cannot be solved as the same level of thinking with which we created them". Zanu PF crossing the floor as the Mujuru and Mutasas have done or any political grand standing cannot white wash the damage and looting zanu pf has done for the past 36 years using the self entitlement cheque book of the liberation struggle. New blood, visionary leadership with character is required to rebuild Zimbabwe and turn our nation into a first world nation

Daniel 5 - 25 August 2016

All much to late, Comrades!

vaZvakaoma - 25 August 2016

@Viola the world that you are still in needs intervention. The reason why everyone is resorting to violence is because all the time people tried to knock sense into mugabe's skull he responded with violence at every turn. He pushed everyone to the limit, so if you still in that dream of negotiations, keep on dreaming. We are now in another world. Sorry but things have changed now, shiri yabvuta rekeni. Handei tione, 92 vs 20.

Chasura - 25 August 2016

ANC n CCM can help regarding President Mugabe retiring.He is scared of leaving hence his preferences to rather put his young wife in charge.zHe needs to be forced to see reasn by SADC.His friends Nujoma,Mbeki and Mkapa shuld be taskd to read him the riot act.Whether we are in zanu or mdc ,our concern all is to get him to retire, as a matter of urgency.There are 2 persons who know Mugabe well and thats Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa.These 2 also lead the biggest franchises.The country s future has everything to gain from these 2 gentlemen.They now need to be men enuf and stop this madnes.They must talk befo its too late.uprisings usualy push idiots and chancers into leadership undeservedly.Denying the inevitable is big cowardice.

viola gwena - 25 August 2016

Presidents like Corazon Aquino and Shakasvile ,who were pushed into power after uprisings became worse leaders than they replaced.Shakasvili himself had to be toppled to remove him.We need a good proper election to get the majority rule..Not an imposed leader after riots.

viola gwena - 25 August 2016

We the majority in this country the civilians want to do away with all this nonsense by making sure we elect a civilian president who has nothing to do with a war which happened 40 yrs ago . We are tired of this crop of leaders actually they are not leaders but bunch of confused idiots who have NO knowledge of what to be in govt means to the nations but only boasting of a useless war which took place 4 decades ago . .Now we need to make sure all people in reserves are boldly told that if they associate with zanu they will all be killed . and they must stayaway from zanu if they still want to live .

Diibulaanyika - 25 August 2016

Disbanding EC, appointing an independent & professional EC is the key. This is the issue that has evaded Tsvangirai for long & now that EX ZANU machines esp. Mtasa who once led the CIO know how the did was done are coming up with a real solution. This fellow Zimboz is the Key & lets not go to any elections without solving this puzzle. Ndiro Gasa iri, nayave!

MJombo - 25 August 2016

Yu want to kill all those rurals who are Zanu.Skunk.Theris nomore tinned beef rewards for killing.Pple die naturaly not killed.Nomore killing here.Disgusting skunk.

viola gwena - 25 August 2016

@tete viola kkkk.who is a skunk.

hove - 25 August 2016

Why cant they just kill us all ,we are tired of their tricks they keep on giving us empty promises taneta nenhamo tenge tichadyanana nekutambura muno please tinzwireiwo tsitsi chibvaiwo ZANU PF please ndapota hangu chii chatakanyanya kukutadzirai vana vezimbabwe matumbui enyu asingagute kunge nhava yebenzi pliz siyaiwo tiwanewo kurarama !

vakuruvaye - 26 August 2016

A skunk is a chimbwido pretending to be a war vet kkkkkkkk .

Diibulaanyika - 27 August 2016

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