Irate war vets defend Mujuru

HARARE - Angry war veterans — who have already served divorce papers on President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, and who are furious with the continued pooh-poohing in servile State media of former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s contribution to Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle — are threatening to spill the beans on ruling party bigwigs.

The secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Victor Matemadanda, told the Daily News yesterday that the “disgraceful attacks” on Mujuru were both “unwarranted and misguided” considering the fact that she had served in government for more than 34 years and nothing negative had been said about her until she was hounded out of Zanu PF in late 2014.

“Mujuru was one of the longest-serving ministers and now because she decided to form her own party she is being demonised. This is insane of you consider that she was the president’s deputy for many years and no one never said all these things then that they are now saying.

“The fact is not many of these people (Zanu PF bigwigs) have got a clean private life record. Mujuru’s character is certainly not the worst we know. Some people have worse private lives so this issue of character assassination must stop.

“By so doing they are also telling the nation that no one in Zanu PF is clean because it means when you are still in the party no one will say bad things about you but whenever you criticise the party you become an enemy,” Matemadanda said.

“The war veterans’ association was not formed by Zanu PF but was formed by disgruntled war veterans who were dumped by the ruling party,” Matemadanda added, emphasising the fact that just because ex-combatants chose not to talk about “other people’s sins” did not mean that they were not privy to many secrets.

Prominent war veteran, former ambassador and now a senior official of Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), Retired Brigadier Agrippa Mutambara, also told the Daily News yesterday that he and other struggle veterans were disgusted by the propaganda britzkrieg on Mujuru and Zanu PF’s “desperate bid to rewrite history and distort facts”.

“The trend that has been set now is very disappointing. Our revolution was never about personalities. People can say whatever they want to say about any personality but that is not the essence of the revolution.

“All I can say is that my president’s (Mujuru’s) character is not like other leaders. She is restrained and above those petty things. People talk negative things about her, they lie about her but she is not one to talk bad things about others.

“Who doesn’t know that Zanu PF is a party filled with liars? We know all about them and we will not be like them and fight dirty,” Mutambara said, describing as sad “Zanu PF’s character assassination methods”.

He said the only redeeming feature of this “madness and disgraceful assault” on Mujuru was that it showed “beyond doubt that Zanu PF is panicking”.

“The revolution has values which people must aspire to achieve. It is sad when you see people within the ruling party who are entrusted with teaching about the revolution starting to involve themselves in character assassination.

“That is very sad, although it is indicative of the fact that the ruling party is now feeling the heat of People First. We are trying to build the future and Zanu PF should not occupy itself with Mujuru and how she runs her party, but should solve the problems that people are faced with,” Mutambara said.

He also revealed to the Daily News that he had been forced to sever his long-standing ties with Zanu PF in 2014 because of the attacks on Mujuru.

“I was not happy with the goings-on in the party and the way things were evolving. I didn’t agree with that. In 2014, after a rally in which the First Lady spoke (ill of Mujuru) I decided that I could not continue to be in Zanu PF, even though I did not come out in public then”.

Asked if he had any regrets about leaving Zanu PF, Mutambara flatly said “none at all”, also going to assert that his former colleagues in the military did not pose a threat to a democratic transition in the country.

“I understand why those in the army are making political statements, which is a very bad precedent. It is because most of the top leadership come from the war and were affiliated with Zanu and they still feel that even though they are in the army they are still part of the party. But the army should be apolitical.

“They are not an army of Zanu PF and they will serve any government that will come into power. I think it is dangerous and undesirable for them to make political statements,” he said.

Mujuru herself also recently threatened to “expose” Mugabe and “other revisionists” in Zanu PF whom she accused of trying to rewrite history.

“The history of this country should not revolve around Mugabe, what (presidential spokesman George) Charamba and other apologists call history is not history at all,” Mujuru said in a statement that was issued on her behalf by ZPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire.

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alex darise - 24 August 2016

Mujuru keep fighting. Dont give up. Not only the war vets are behind you, the people are too. Dont disappoint them after they have embraced you despite you having been a staunch supporter and ally of Mugabe until he fired you.

crossly - 25 August 2016

if they are feeling ire, then they must take to the streets like all irate zimbabweans.

SaManyika Chaiye - 25 August 2016

The denigration of mai Mujuru was totally uncalled for and outright horrible. did people think of the effect on her children such horrible publication would bear on them. The article should be rubbished by all peace loving Zimbabweans. Totally uncalled for and full of hate language. Who says a prostitute can't be a mother in an case, to the editor of the paper. journalist and interviewee i strongly Urge you to read Exodus 22vs22-24.

arnold gumbo - 25 August 2016

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Dairibord - 25 August 2016

If the Dairibord executive and Board decided to bail Alpha and Omega by covertly selling their products.. then the two will sink together.

Sunshine Salisbury - 25 August 2016

Decency! Is there one decent sober rational being in ZANU PF (apart from Prof Moyo - I may not agree with he but he stands as a man who takes positions on issues eg the police brutality saga)? Vakomana nyaraiwo. Is power worth more than your souls?

Viva Unidade - 25 August 2016

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mama - 25 August 2016

This marriage between ALPHA &OMEGA and DAIRIBOARD is tantamount to breed disaster for the later.Boycottying is the only solution.We are tired of feeding already fat pigs.Down with corruption.

MATINYANYA - 30 August 2016

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