Women confess plot against Magaya

HARARE - Hours before Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya (pictured) was arrested on rape charges last Friday, at least five women confessed that they had been approached by shadowy figures to make up allegations of either being raped or having slept with the popular preacher, a recording of last week’s service reveals.

The dramatic events were also watched live across the world on Magaya’s Yadah TV.

Magaya, is presently out on $2 000 bail after a young Midlands State University student reported to the police that she was raped by the charismatic preacher last year. The student said Magaya raped her at his house in Mt Pleasant.

The student was not part of those who made the confessions.

During the church service last Friday, Magaya expressed love for Zimbabwe as well as President Robert Mugabe, whom he said was appointed by God before calling on the women to make the confessions watched by thousands.

According to Magaya, some politically-connected individuals with political connections have been hatching plans for a long time to nail him using desperate ladies.

“Their plan is to convince all the top offices, which they have done today (Friday before arrest) and they labelled me a rapist,” said Magaya.

The plan, Magaya said, involved roping in all young ladies who appeared close to him to malign him.

“I have called this daughter of mine Precious, she has a confession to make and I want you to forgive her, and also tell your neighbour to forgive her.

“About a month ago, she was proposed to by a man with a name that starts with a V, this man convinced you, and you are in love with him, but on the way, this man convinced you to hurt me in a way, it was not your choice,” said Magaya.

The young lady confessed that indeed that was the plan.

Magaya went on: “A certain man whose name starts with a T, this man promised you $30 000,” said Magaya, asking one of the ladies during the church service prior to his arrest.

“This man was working with three other men then, what did they want from you?’’ asked Magaya.

In response, the young lady said,  “When they called me, they wanted me to say that I had slept with you, they promised me $100 000, they were going to take a video of me confessing that I had slept with you”.

One of the ladies named Precious confesses in the church that some of the men threatened her if she did not warm up to their idea to “expose Magaya.”

“...In this church, there is a man called Tindo, he said to me Precious come here and I got into his car and there were other men inside and Tindo produced a gun, he said are you a child of Magaya and all of them started to say bad things about you”.

The lady said the whole plot began on July 6, last month.

In the video, Magaya said his plan to build houses had also angered some top government officials, some of whom also have housing projects that are failing to take off the ground.

“After the unveiling of houses in Bulawayo, there are very, very senior people who were upset with me and they want me arrested,”  said Magaya before he was arrested.

Magaya also reveals in a riveting account that he had bought houses for some of his followers and workers but did not proceed to hand them over because he became wary of what people could say in the event he handed them to the church ushers for instance.

During the service, as many as five girls confessed to having been approached by the shadowy Tindo to build a case against the charismatic preacher.

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Prophet W.Magaya is a man of God and he is being framed at the expence of his character. I think Zimbabweans should start accepting the Man Of God that he is sent by God no matter what. Its disgusting that people would think or act to tarnish a fellow zimbabwean who has done a lot for the nation e.g. paying school fees, building houses, delivering the oppressed plus being used by the hand of God . Let there be light

cyprian Kudzurunga - 22 August 2016

Mbiri kuna Jesu! Its high time Zimbabweans we accept that Prophet Magaya is a Man Of God and he was sent to bring light to the people of Zimbabwe. Its high time we go back to the drawing board and refrain from tarnishing prophet Magaya's image. Enough is enough those people must be exposed . Zimbabweans lets show love to one another and God will bless Zimbabwe abundantly. Its disgusting that people from other countries appreciate our Prophet and they take all the blessings back to their countries instead of us Zimbabweans receiving those blessings. Mwari ngaatiitire nyasha vana veZimbabwe.We love you Prophet.Long live and let the devil be ashamed.

Kasina - 22 August 2016

Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they think you are god.

Jack Jacksons - 22 August 2016

Do not be so quick to comment for you shall be shocked the day the "man of god" will confess before the court that he was in love with a church member whilst married. Mark my words

..... - 22 August 2016

nonsense magaya,just beat the rape charges if yu are innocent

truth - 22 August 2016

His arguments will be subtle, convincing and appealing. His oratory will be hypnotic, for he will be able to move the masses to tears or whip them into frenzy. He will be the master of every promotional device and public relations gimmick. He will manage the truth with guile beyond words, bending it, twisting it, and distorting it. Public opinion will be his command. His deadly appeal will lie in the fact that what he says will sound so right, so sensible, so exactly what unregenerate man has always wanted to hear.

JACKS JCKSONS - 22 August 2016

If there is a time im strong behind my father its now, lets see who has the last laugh for I know the devil is a qualified looser, Let there be light

Martin - 22 August 2016

magaya is a fake, pathetic rapist who should root in JAIL! Nice work keeping the law intact Zimbabwe.

mafira - 22 August 2016


Anointed - 22 August 2016

Mbiri kuna Jesu,Glory be to Jesus Christ,Prophet W. Magaya is mightly used by the Almighty God,he is a beacon of light, no darkness can stand in His presence, madhimoni ese anodedera kana Muporofita Magaya vakasvika ,zvirema zvinosumuka kubva pama wheelchair, cancer ne AIDS zvinotiza ,mapofu anosvinura, it is a clear testimony kuti vanoshandisa mweya wamwari.He who is in him is greater than the one who is in the world.Mweya wokubata chibharo haugoni kugara mavari nokuti mweya werima,uye ndewa satani.Zviri pachena kuti Muporifita Magaya varikunyeperwa ne vanhu varikushandiswa na satani. Mbiri kuna Jesu.

JONATHAN HLAMBELO - 22 August 2016

Why is it that so-called prophets who happen to be filthy rich are found in countries with severe deprivation and the highest levels of corruption only ?

Masamba Akareyo -Tanganda - 22 August 2016

I highly respect Magaya for all his concerted effort he has applied assisting those he have assisted . When coming to these serious allegations against him definitely i will never be all that kind at all . The aggravating factors compared to his mitigating factors are very high , his mitigating factiors whereby he buys and line up her favourite girls to confess on his favour is not yet enough , the court of law is waiting for him to clear out his name and protect his legacy . Pastors must stop abusing their powers against defenceless and desperate women in our economy troubled country . The fact that they are people working against him doesn't mean that he should be so weak and forgets that he is a married man . Pastor Magaya pray for the people accordingly and not by using your private parts. I am a father of four girls and i will never be kind to anyone who turns around practise such kind of a behaviour .

Khalabemgeza - 23 August 2016

@Cyprian -we are not say he is not a man of God , yes he preaches the word of God , but does it mean that he must so weak in his behaviour and easLy forgets that he is a public figure ? Does it mean that he must buy sex ? Does it mean that if he is man of God then he is above the law? Does it mean that he can bed anyone at anytime ? We cannot accept pastors who prays for the people using their private parts , same applies to Magaya he have got his mouth and hands to use and he must also becareful that even his hands doesn't just overlap further to the lower bodies of women .

Khalabemgeza - 23 August 2016

Magaya had seen it coming,thats why he lined up those ladies to confess that they had planned to frame him for rape charges.He knew the matter was about to go to court.If there are people who got money it is those ladies who were paid by Magaya to do a stage managed confession.Anga ave kutoziva kuti chaputika,so this was just a way of building up his defence before the court appearance.Magaya is not a politician ,so why would any politician want anything from him?He is not a threat to anyone politically,unless there is some beef with these nameless politician which might involve him playing hide and seek with their wives.

Janana wa Bikaz - 23 August 2016

Magaya had seen it coming,thats why he lined up those ladies to confess that they had planned to frame him for rape charges.He knew the matter was about to go to court.If there are people who got money it is those ladies who were paid by Magaya to do a stage managed confession.Anga ave kutoziva kuti chaputika,so this was just a way of building up his defence before the court appearance.Magaya is not a politician ,so why would any politician want anything from him?He is not a threat to anyone politically,unless there is some beef with these nameless politician which might involve him playing hide and seek with their wives.

Janana wa Bikaz - 23 August 2016

Kkkkkkkkk.Vakangwara Havana nhamo.This man knew about what's going to come&he organise the woman to testify falsely in front of his congregation.This is called damage control.I myself see him as a messenger of darkness.He is fooling the people by paying some desperate people who can do anything when money is concerned. By selling his products in the church,supporting the evil man like Mugabe&charging the people to see him for deliverance,, even the way he is now involving himself in dirty politics,, to me it proves that he can't be a man of God.A man of God stands by the truth nometter what.The man of God promotes heavenly wealth not Earthly wealth.Even though some people can support &defend him that doesn't change the fact that he is on the wrong side of God's way.If it was someone who rape a woman,,woman were going to demonstrate about woman abuse but because its the man who call himself man of God they defend him.Wotoona vamwe vachiti kana prophet vahura vanomu supporter Asi kana ari murume wako unobuda gurokuro nekupopota

Matsotsi - 23 August 2016

It is their plan to use poor greed and stupid women to discredit men of god it started with Pious Ncube they silenced him using cooked up stories . Now they are at it again Magaya is next but if they fail to use a woman they mighty use a Puma pliz Magaya watch out . I do not support you and i am not your follower but i feel you have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to be treated badly for nothing . .

Diibulaanyika - 23 August 2016

Attacks comes to those with potential.The devil is a liar.Prophet Magaya did not do anything wrong,its only people who are trying to pull him down using those ladies.Let me say to you,YOU CANNOT FIGHT GOD.Papa,we love you and we are with you in our prayers.May the Lord continue to increase you.MANJE HAMENO,....MWARI WEDU MUHOMBE..MBIRI KUNA JESU

glady - 23 August 2016

Prophet Magaya we love you ,every curse shall turn into a blessing

luyando - 23 August 2016

My question to all who follow&believe in these prophets is,,Why is it all who there power comes from or through Nigeria.&The Bible says the wide road leads to destruction also seek ye the kingdom of God not the things of God this world,,but these so called prophets preach&focus most on worldly things.The bible also says u can't serve two master God&Earthly riches.Also the oil, water&all kinds of things they use are not written the name of God but the name of a prophet.Again these items are expensive yet they meant for healing.In all of these they are becoming the most wealthy mans in the world comparing with the prophets in the bible.?????????

Matsotsi - 23 August 2016

how can someone at a highly ranked institution of higher learning be raped and remain silent for a year? false allegations, my sister repent now, uchaita munyama uchakusona for the rest of your life

toindepi - 23 August 2016

Prophet Magaya, We are always with you in prayers. It is us Members of PHD Ministries who know and appreciate your good work. We are also aware of the impact of your works to the enemies of the Ministries. These people are not attacking you but us your followers in Christ. To fellow followers, I say lets not despair for god is on our side. Love them. God has the ultimate answer to the question of the day. When God says Yes no one can say NO. GLORY BE TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD OUR LORD.

Sithole I - 23 August 2016

We are all sinners requiring a Saviour. Whether prophet, pastor, pope or evangelist we all sin before God. Please do not judge the prophet. He is like you and me. Allow the courts to do their work. Remember everything close to God will be attacked. The closer you are to God the more the attacks. The enemy uses all forms of attack e.g. temptation, envy, jealousy and lust. If you judge be careful you will become worse of that you judged. We all need God's forgiveness. Let the one without sin throw the first stone. Pray for your salvation. Do not allow the devil to use you. We do not fight against the flesh. Those born again please pray for both man of God and the girl. Let God speak.

Dzvuke Muchaina - 23 August 2016

We are behind you Papa never lose your focus towards our healing and deliverance and the High God will continue to bless you more and you shall prosper more mbiri kunani---JESU Zvasiyana

T Maibeki - 23 August 2016

The truth shall set yu free, only time will tell pwm -let there be light

yadah - 23 August 2016

Magaya is a man being used of God but unfortunately the man is extremely dull, you can tell even from his gramma, and lack of coherence in his messages, its pathetic.......he surrounded himself with morons his overseers are absolute morons....... this has made his decision making wack its just unfortunate, every PHD member can attest to the fact that the church system are wack and open to abuse ndosaka kuchibiwa mari accounting systems are wack.....Prominent people in church are leaving in numbers. The man of God needs to pray for wisdom....giving Mai Mugabe USD50 000 in public, Dr Parirenyatwa R1,2 million now a year is gone and yet there isnt a single borehole that was drilled......thats absolute foolishness. The man of God is annointed but very dull. He promised the congregants kuti gore rino vanhu havanaiwe coz we will build the church we are now two months away from the rain season where is the church ngaatsvage wisdom Magaya. He is very annointed he needs wisdom.

mudhara vauya - 23 August 2016

Five women all confessing at the same time!! How wonderful.True wonderment all round!! I have my doubts!

Johno - 23 August 2016

Hayiwawo nx.. Give us the names of those men whose names start with a 'V' and a 'T' musada kutipusisa pano. Even you Daily News dont insult our intelligence panapa we are not fools.

Leo - 23 August 2016

Daily news please try to give us proper news not nhema eish im disapointed

daily News - 23 August 2016

Madzibaba Nzira- Vavengi vangu Apostle Gumbura-Vavengi vangu Madzibba kereke-vavengi vangu. I think Magaya has started his long journey on a wrong and bad footing. Parading poor girls have no bearing on the charge he faces. Suggesting that mugabe is god given is definately stupid. Its not a court of public opinion that will decide his fate. Magaya must simply convince the court that sex did not take place or there was consent in relation to the lady victim. Facing competent people like that Warara guy, Magaya will be broken down into pieces. Its not wise to deny knowledge, presence at house and sexual act of this victim entirely. Waiting for the victim to identify your manhood in court maybe dangerous.

X-MAN IV - 23 August 2016

Thank you Lord for showing that my father Prophet W Magaya is innocent.Please forgive those who are planning evil against him in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I love you Prophet W Magaya

banda - 23 August 2016

Guys ,dai masiyana nekudzingirira vana wamwari mumbotsvaga kwakainda 15 billion,Prophet Magaya havambomugoni kunyange vakaita sei zvavo , ngavatodzosa mari yavarikupa vanhu vachiita zvisina basa vachikonewa kubhadhara ma civil servants

Jemba - 23 August 2016

mhosva hairove

muzimboo - 23 August 2016

Baseless accusations. Most of the comments here are hypothetical and mere opinions. If you read your Bibles very well, which of the greatest names there have not gone through arrest and false accusations? You talk about the Prophet paying people to confess???? Shame on you... Did he pay the young child who had a growth as well? Did he pay the cancer dying man to get healed? You all have eyes but you don't see, ears but you cant hear. These things are written like large signs everywhere. The prophesied times of the Bible are happening.... Let them that have eyes see... Yadah kusvika Jesu vachidzoka...Meet you at PHD one of the days madzoswa nechipatara muchinzi cancer yenyu haicharapika.

Benjudah Kinichi - 23 August 2016


TM THE GREAT - 23 August 2016

lets define 'rape' 1st. coz if u ar promsed somthng wc means its an agreemnt. so do we say she was raped?

gmen - 23 August 2016

Fear not. even though you walk through the valley of death, this is Psalms, or in a fire or turbulent waters, Isaiah, fear not. I will be with you. If you are a true worshipper of the true God, you will will trust His word and remain calm and be still knowing the battle is not yours but His, according to 2nd Chronicles 15. you don't need to defend anything here or this exchange. silas and paul were in the middle of praising in the middle of the night in jail in chains and God showed what He is capable of. Dear brethren fear not persecution to a true believer is part of the package.

Tafadza - 23 August 2016

ndiani akaparidza zvokwadi akasatakwa. Jesus himself was killed by his own people. Mbiri kuna Jesu. let this incident strengthen you Papa. you and give you more power and annointing from the Holy spirit. Mwari haanyadzisi.

Makias Tamai Nyamhanza - 23 August 2016

lets not christianize this whole legal issue. lets allow the due court process take place wihout any of us using immotions or bibble to scuttle the process. if he is clean then the evidence will show. So good ladies and gentlemen lets give the court process a chance just like mawarire was exhonareted by facts.

Truth - 24 August 2016

All this hatred and campaign of calomny will cause us PHD Ministries to be known all over the world. Prophet W. Magaya is not a god of man but a Man of God. Those with spiritual eyes will c beyond this rubbish court case. Anything close 2 Jesus receives attack.....Better is not good enough prophet, the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!

zviko - 24 August 2016

Now its time for Zimbabweans to witness the power of God

zodzo - 24 August 2016

guys let God be the judge.but chandoziva ndechekuti the higher you become in spirit miyedzo ndopainowandawo especially mhepo dzema dhirezi dzinenge dzava take take .tarisai zvopfekwa neva sikana vemazuva ano vachiinda kuCHURCH kwacho you will start to wonder kuti asi vari kuinda kundoita modelling paAltar ya PROPHERT kanhi.

DANZI - 24 August 2016

A man's greatness is measured by his challenges/enemies! whatever they are saying, God who fight for our Man of God doesnt sleep, doesnt slumber. Prophet Magaya, those who are with you are more than those who are against you, i pray that God opens their eyes to see! I love you Prophet!

Pride - 24 August 2016

"Mugabe has been appointed by God" Which God? Is election rigging God? Is butchering of people in Matebeleland God's plan? Tell the nation the truth!!!!!!!

Ehud - 24 August 2016

I just feel Magaya's story is not good enough to convince neutrals that he is innocent.How does big government officialls get angry with building houses for the people?At least he has a chance to prove himself before the courts... The bottom line is noone knows except for Magaya and the girl alleging rape

oxlade sodindo - 24 August 2016

Devil is a liar, why raping today after has bought land for the same followers, it is a cooked story that the Devil is using to trick and let PHD down. Let there be Light.

Tinotonga - 24 August 2016

Oh Jéhovah pindirai apa. Magaya is evil fullstop.

Bridget - 25 August 2016

Is Magaya stage-managing the girls again like he normally does with his miracles in church to exonerate himself.

josh - 25 August 2016

PROPHET MAGAYA IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD. I forgive those who involve themselves in agreeing to tarnish his image for their own selfish reasons. I forgive those who do not see the blessing God has given to the people of Zimbabwe through not only Prophet Magaya but also other true man of God out there. The truth will always set us free. Let us resist the devil and he will flee from us. This housing project which Prophet Magaya is involved in is going to benefit the needy, poor and homeless. Learn a few lessons guys, blessed is the hand that giveth, HELP THE NEEDY AND POOR IN SOCIETY.... LET LOVE LEAD

y263 - 25 August 2016

All haters of The Prophet i wont be surprised of your quick judgement and sudden high excitement. Just be careful of passing folly comments.

JEYD - 25 August 2016

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