Magaya arrested over rape charge

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya, yesterday appeared before Harare Provincial Magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe after a Harare woman (name withheld) filed rape charges against the young and charismatic preacher.

Magaya, who spent Friday night at Rhodesville Police Station in the capital, was released on $2 000 bail with stringent reporting conditions which included surrendering his passport and being compelled to report three times a week at the Law and Order section of the police.

He is expected back in court on September 15.

According to court papers, the victim knew Magaya (32) well as she used to be a congregant at his PHD ministries.

The popular preacher has previously been embroiled in other damaging cases, including an adultery suit with a Harare man Denford Mutashu, who filed a staggering $500 000 damages’ claim at the High Court where he alleged that Magaya had had an illicit affair with his wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe.

However, Mutashu later withdrew his court action amid claims that he wanted money from the popular preacher.

Magaya, who is represented by Everson Chatambudza and Oliver Marwa in the current case, is accused of having raped her in June last year, allegedly at his Mt Pleasant residence.

Prosecutor Gwinyai Shumba said this had happened after she accepted an invitation from the preacher to visit him, whereupon she was shown around the house.

Later, Magaya had allegedly left her in one of the rooms, before returning naked.

The State claims that Magaya had proceeded to force himself on her once, and allegedly doing so without using protection.

It is also the State’s case that after raping her, Magaya gave her $200 after which she later reported the matter to her boyfriend, Elliot Kudakwashe, in July 2015.

The State has lined-up three witnesses in the case, and also says it has audio recordings between the popular clergyman and the victim that allegedly prove the alleged rape.

Last week, Magaya told journalists in Bulawayo at the ground-breaking ceremony of his housing project for low income groups in the City of Kings, that he was always fighting people seeking to “extort” money from him.

“I am fighting endless battles with extorters on a daily basis and the majority of them are those people who have interacted with me before I launched the ministry,” he said after officially handing over more than 5 000 housing stands to home-seekers from his congregation.

“They think they are justified to benefit a thing or two from me because we used to interact before. These are the same people who are peddling falsehoods in the media about the organisation, but I am glad that despite all those false allegations levelled against me, my partners stood by me,” he added.

Magaya commands a huge following in Zimbabwe and the entire southern African sub region, including in South Africa and Botswana where he has held highly successful crusades.

The PHD leader says he is inspired by the equally popular Nigerian preacher, TB Joshua, whom he regards as his spiritual father.

And with the pulling power of the country’s charismatic church leaders now firmly established, warring Zanu PF bigwigs, as well as opposition politicians have been stampeding to the gatherings of popular prophets.

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Magaya has been caught in a very sticky juicy old school "honey trap". Everything else does not matter, Its all about penetration, not effected , effected with or without consent and what actions constitute consent. Women are very curious about things and mostly found themselves in vulnerable situations where they are prayed upon.

X-MAN IV - 21 August 2016

They is something fish here this woman is lying educated as she is why did she report the rape to her boy friend instead of police . If you are raped it is said do not bath go straight to police station and present your case .She even took the money she should have refused to take the money . Women can be used to destroy men even in bible Samson was brought down to earth using a woman The great Pious Ncube who condemned the evil govt here was silenced by falsely using umfazi . Law must protect every one those who claim false rape must be arrested too

Diibulaanyika - 22 August 2016

As much as i have my own reservations about Magaya,i am quite shocked by a raped victim who takes over a year to report the matter.It defies logic!

Janana wa Bikaz - 22 August 2016

Why take a year to report a rape case. I only feel pity for her because the bible clearly states touch not the anointed, Prophet do no worry this battle is not yours its for God

mimi - 22 August 2016

Prophet Magaya is a true man of God,do not touch the anointed ones

Jojo - 22 August 2016

I do not understand one thing here, an educated Midlands State University student who is now 25 years old takes 12 months to report a rape case. What was she thinking all along. Izvi zvinechirevo.

Viona Ngwena - 22 August 2016

While not taking any sides in this matter, I am suprised by a lady who is reporting the matter to the boy friend, waits for one year, then she decides to report the perpetrator to the police. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. i think someone wants to make some cash here.

ISHE NEHOREKA - 22 August 2016

this guy should b locked away and do u think all these things he has been doing thy wll just disappear lik that. by the time he rapes your daughter or your gran u wll understand.

KUDAKWASHE - 22 August 2016

It dosent matter how long it take report a crime of rape. What matters is whether Mr Magaya had sex with the lady and he got her consent at the time. In my opinion it is not a crime to tell a boyfriend first, a parent or a church leader. Any man is a potential rapist by the way - it dosent matter whether you are wearing a pastorial gown.

Man - 22 August 2016


KUDAKWASHE - 22 August 2016

touch not the anointed ones,shame to you who's claiming such,liyez'langa lakho uzozisola

vladic merer - 22 August 2016


KUDAKWASHE - 22 August 2016

First understand the issue of rape and that most women do not have the courage to report rape until someone advises them for status reasons. check gumbura cases how they were reported

rody - 22 August 2016


KUDAKWASHE - 22 August 2016

The man of cloth has involved him self in the business world and politics. There u swim with sharks and the playing terrain is rough . ZANU has degrees in rigging and violence kkk

Ndoda - 22 August 2016

... audio recordings between the victim and the clergyman that allegedly prove the alleged rape ... There is something suspicious here, sounds to me like a setup. If she is the one who did the recording then she had it planned.

Open eye - 22 August 2016

People people reporting a rape case can take even up to 10 years.That case is very valid and fresh in the courts of Law.If you think the time it took to be reported will affect the outcome then you are totally lost.My questions remains "why is Magaya always in trouble with Women"??Why is his wife never there to assist with the Women like Makandiwa does?Why is Magayas wife such a Ghost?l have never seen a pic of Magaya and his wife.lyo nyaya yemaguest house nemaOne on One with women inonetsa.Abolish all this rubbish yemaGuset house and Pray like the bible suggests.Imi vakadzi muchinyanyawo mhani.How many stories do you read of these so called men of God raping women and you never learn.Hoo you think yaMagaya haimire????Well there you are.....iyoka iyo Yazvambura mumwe.

mike nada - 22 August 2016

we have to take a closer look upon the days we are living in,remember in Mathew 24 vs 24 the bible said false prophets shall arise and do wonders,i dont mean to hurt magaya but surely this is the one who is fulfilling the scriptures among others

TK - 22 August 2016

People leave Magaya to His God, why is it that you only comment the bad and not the good. One thing to remember, Magaya is a human being like us anything can happen. I mean he can enter in any type of sin because he is human. Above all people are fabricating stories about him.

ramz101 - 22 August 2016

we need fair justice,rape is rape.if rape is 20 years let him go and enjoy a new life in prison,KUNOSARA KUCHISUMUKA VAMWE FUTI VENHEMA,im not hurting but surely thats what is on the ground

TK - 22 August 2016

P H D- Pano Hatijaidze Dhirezi!!

mike nada - 22 August 2016

i share viona ngwena's sentiments

mukandi bernard - 22 August 2016

zvanzi shevedzai nhingi atozadza stadium. Kuti ndezva mwari here kana kuti ndezve kwamari. These words were uttered at a funeral around the same time this Rape is allaged to have taken place. Even buying that louzy auto biography book at ridiculously inflated prize could not stop what was coming. Patronising a corrupt system is extremely dangerous, it takes you down when wishes so. The worst that can happen is if those Ghananian people are called into full swing action then its game over for magaya.

X-MAN IV - 22 August 2016

judge not for u not to be judged ......

chillibite - 22 August 2016

hakuna prophet akadai ,put him in a prison he is going to suffer so tht he will regret

lavender - 22 August 2016

Isn't it strange that it is often these 'prophets' female members that are in the forefront to defend their leader against fellow women.They think that their leaders are not human,despite the fact that history is littered with clergy that have fallen foul to women and other vices.Wake up women,dont just quote Psalm 105 v 15 outside its proper context-read the Bible well.

Chikata - 22 August 2016

bt y u of all the people who hv money and she jst accuse u????wts so special about u???

mteeone - 22 August 2016

Hama dzangu touch not the annointed of God and do no harm to them , i repeat touch not.. touch not .Prophet Walter Magaya is a man of God .. sent from God...musavasvibise nenhema dzenyu dzamunofungira kuti mungabudirire...i repeat touch not and do no harm to my prophets thus says the Lord ... unoda kuzvitsvagira kurohwa neshamhu naMwari. Siyanai nemunhu waMwari .. ndapota hangu siyanai na Prophet Magaya who is a true blessing to our Nation. Instead of you guys thanking God for him , you are busy creating,framing ma story enhema manje hazvibhadhare izvozvi....better GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST AND STOP DISTURBING THE PROPHET.

mashonga - 22 August 2016

ANE BHORA NDIYE ANOMAKWA.Vanhu varikuda kudonhedza Prophet pasi.There are people who are sending these ladies to claim that Man of God did this...,Man of God did that....Tazvijaira izvo.Manje hameno...Mwari wedu muhombe.Papa Magaya,we are with you in our prayers.The Lord"s purpose shall prevail.MBIRI KUNA JESU!!!!

glady - 22 August 2016

The lady reports the case a year after it occurred and via the boyfriend. Magaya rides into church like a gladiator two days later completely unfazed by the allegations. Come on lets get real and apply our interest and intellect on more important national issues. This could even be a publicity stunt for what its worth. I found the previous article on the provision of houses more challenging and relevant to national concern. Let them both have their day in court and if they happen to be wasting taxpayers funds they should both be punished accordingly.

Jaikolu Maison - 22 August 2016

What makes people believe in people like Magaya who ascribe magic prowess to Almighty God? People are base born and debased. They follow mere conjecture and floods of confusion. This charge is just a tip of the iceberg. The fact that his followers are unmoved by the charge shows that they are miles away from the path of God.

Luqman Latif - 22 August 2016

WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE IS FIRE... where there is much smoke there is hell.

ma1 - 22 August 2016

Yes we all know that rape is rape, if it was actually rape. Reporting after a year??? Telling your boyfriend??? Boyfriend also goes silent?? Given USD200 and pocketed Who encouraged you to report now Why did you hold back all this time Magaya you ought to be very careful man. You are swimming with people from all walks of life. There is nothing wrong to be involved in politics and business as well. Politics governs the way we pray so we can never run away from it. Being corrupt for the benefit of others has no much harm anyway. I believe this is a serious syndicate aimed of getting rid of you. You will be ok man and live to testify...

Blong - 22 August 2016

Trying to defend this guy can not change the fact that he had sex with another woman outside his marriage &this is adultery. How can a man of God led by the holy spirit commits adultery. It doesn't matter how many years the woman kept quiet the fact is he did it.False prophets

Matsotsi - 22 August 2016

Man of God my foot!!!There is no such a thing that the holy spirit can use adulterous never,,This evil spirit working.Because people are suffering they come in the name of making u rich yet they are leading u to hell

Matsotsi - 22 August 2016

When he does good things nobody appreciates, but when a negative report comes up against him everybody seems to be interested. Why do these same people do not come to your churches, Which means noone should do better than them. Manje Yamatanga Iyi ndeya Mwari, be ready to be humbled. The God we serve is a might God. Now we know our enemies,

joe - 22 August 2016

There are many stories behind this story.

Tshemareza - 22 August 2016

I smell a rat here. There seems to be a motive behind. Either to tarnish his name or to extort money. Why the boyfriend and not the police and why after a year the case has suddenly surfaced. Why did she accept the money paid to her in the first place. This to e makes no sense at all. The boyfriend is being used here. MAYEBE SHE SAW THAT SHE WAS AT THE POINT OF BEING CAUGHT BY HER BOYFRIEND AND SHE SUDDENLY RUNS TO HIM

The Don - 22 August 2016

that's signs of the last days.....don't be amaized that's fufuling the prophecy

Ndoro Takue - 22 August 2016

zvasiyana....yadah kusvika tafa.mukarwadziwa naProphet Magaya sorry henyu hamupore

mwana wadaddy - 22 August 2016

if you haven't met the devil be careful may u are heading the same direction. Magaya is a true man of God tambai nezvimwe guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's wy there is head on the devil.

glitter - 22 August 2016

if you haven't met the devil be careful may u are heading the same direction. Magaya is a true man of God tambai nezvimwe guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's wy there is head on the devil.

glitter - 22 August 2016

It's better not to comment about things you are unsure of. A person is accused and already you label him a rapist. If Jesus had been on earth in our days-some of you would have quickly labelled him a blasphemer and went on to post a comment to the effect.

Reason - 22 August 2016

All these are lies. A big head wears a large hat. My prophet don't look back forward with the word of god. All this will come to pass. Leave the war to our good lord jesus christ, he will fight for you. Amen

mwana wemu profita - 22 August 2016

to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word ,it is because there is no light in them....

tin - 22 August 2016

hezvoooooh now they come those who are always with God. everything shall come to an end let the court prove his innocence.everyone is guilty until the court proves him/her

eagle's eye - 22 August 2016

There are holes in Petronella's rape allegations. She is a learned woman who should know the importance of evidence so if she was indeed raped why didn't she go and report on the same day before bathing her private parts so that the police could take a specimen of the semen in her private parts and take it to the forensic labs for analysis. That specimen could then have been used as proof that there was intercourse between the two but still that wouldn't have proved that the intercourse was rape. It would have given her the benefit of doubt. Why she didn't do that shows that her allegations are not true. The other issue is that how can a man who has a wife and who is a Prophet take a woman he wants to rape to his house, that is unbelievable. If she had said she was taken to a lodge or to a bush it was going to be a bit believable. The other hole in her allegations is the fact that she said she was given $200 after being raped and accepted the money. Why would a rape victim accept money from someone who has raped her. The other hole in these allegations is the fact that she said the person she told about the rape is her boyfriend and not the police. How then do we know that she didn't plot with her boyfriend to extort money from the Prophet through rape damages. She and her boyfriend are unbelievable, there are too many holes in their allegations. There is also something very fishy about the name Petronella Donhodzo Mandaza, If she is indeed an MsU student you would expect to find her on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ or Linkedin but she is not on any of those social media platforms. I tried searching her name so that I could find out what type of person she is from her social media interactions but it didn't show any results. This makes me wonder if she is indeed an MSU student or just a devil's agent pretending to be a university student.

Zvatosiyana - 22 August 2016

Rape is rape. Lets allow the courts of law to deal with the case. No one is immune to the law. There are so many cases where these so called prophets have been found on the wrong side of the law because of their appetites for the forbidden fruit. If he is a true man of God zvichabuda because vazhinji vacho ma fake.

Rundashe - 22 August 2016

Please do not be deceived read Matthew 24 v 24: "For False Christs and false prophets and will arise and they will perform great signs, that would deceive even the elect..." SO those who read and understand the bible should not be amused. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Rundashe - 22 August 2016

Stupid, idiots , the fact is that the rape took place and it was reported to the boy friend , not that it was reported after a year , it was reported soon to the boy friend , the boy friend was not all that supportive , but the fact is that the rape was reported . Magaya is a suspect and he must be cleared only by the court of law simple not by your love to him . Pastor , Pastor zero pastor , he must be locked behind bars , a real man of God doesn't rape but goes for marriage . How can we call boys without wifes pastors ???? thats where we get taken by mob-psycology and continue taking things for granted .

Khalabemgeza - 22 August 2016

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