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EDITOR — I write to reply to Information  minister Chris Mushohwe’s letter, “Don’t abuse social media,” published in your edition yesterday.

Firstly, being a Zimbabwean and living in this nation I have noted over the years Zanu PF’s abuse of all State media in order to perpetuate its  stranglehold on power.

ZBC, ZTV and the State media house, with newspapers such as the Herald, have been used to spread extreme racialism, hatred, an unacceptable level of slander and grandstanding against anything and anyone accused of being opposition, vitriolic terms against foreign heads of State and foreign nations and much more.

I have heard and read on numerous occasions over the past 16 years, an incitement to the violent plunder and takeover of land and other people’s property and a continuous stream of threats against a hapless citizenry.

The archives of the already-mentioned media would yield a plethora of evidence. It is a classic case of a party that cannot take a healthy and deserved dose of its own medicine. They hate the truth!

Mushohwe’s letter accuses certain elements of using social media to circulate messages of terror against the State and the people of Zimbabwe.

Let us correct him here: The only terror that has ever been unleashed has been via and by the ruling party and on the very citizens he claims are victims of the messages. It’s laughable actually.

No one is threatening the oppressed, abused and now angry people of Zimbabwe except Zanu PF and the minister himself.

Mushohwe must take a quiet few moments and ask himself why the citizens of Zimbabwe, locally and in the Diaspora, are unleashing a torrent of frustrated and angry comments.

For too long, Zanu PF has oppressed and suppressed the very will of the people and has ruled by fear: people that have now been stretched too far and the snapping point is near.

Let Zanu PF, or what is left of it, ask themselves why it was, exactly, that they rose up and rebelled against the colonial powers of the time? Hello! Wake up!

When a government oppresses a people’s future with rampant misgovernance, greed, destructive policies, violence, stolen elections and more, what exactly do they expect?

He then goes on to call those elements of #Thisflag and Tajamuka/Sesjikile subversive.

And so what were the forces of Zimbabwe’s liberation groups of the 60s and 70s to the Smith government and why I wonder?

One would presume that minority/white on majority oppression is unacceptable but majority/black oppression on an entire nation is acceptable. Hypocrisy in its highest form!

Zanla and Zipra took up arms: #Thisflag and Tajamuka/Sesjikile have taken up the national flag, give flowers and cup cakes to a compromised Zimbabwe Republic Police and consistently call for peaceful protests.

And using the Constitution to endeavour to place the blame for Zimbabwe’s extreme woes on a suffering and abused people will most certainly not succeed.

Zimbabwe submits to you today that the greatest perpetrators of the abuse and flouting of Zimbabwe’s Constitution have been and are the very governing authorities that the population seeks desperately and understandably to free itself from: peacefully we might add!

One day you will all have to face the judge of this universe and explain yourselves. You are correct when you say Zimbabweans are a peace-loving people — and you as government have capitalised on that and abused it terribly.

How can you caution the media not to be promoters of so-called hate, divisive and defamatory message when you yourselves, including your leadership, have led in that field for well over a decade?

Why is it so wrong for a suffering people in a nation with an above 90 percent unemployment from whom you have taken everything, to call for a change of government and a new president: Peacefully! Would you not do that if you were walking in their shoes?

The Bible teaches us that whatever a man sows so he shall reap. You are reaping! Proverbs 14:31 says that those who oppress the poor insult their maker and the Lord is a shelter for the oppressed and a refuge in times of trouble.

For how long have you all been called upon to turn from your errant ways?  For how long have the people cried out to you and have you listened and heard their cries? But, you see, God has heard their cries.

When you fight these people with your unjust laws (Isaiah 10:1 Woe to those who make unjust laws...) You fight the God of righteousness and justice Himself.

Never in history has the oppressor triumphed over a God of righteous judgment. Do not be fooled as God will not be mocked.

Prophetic Voice


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A very powerful, very inspiring piece Prophetic Voice.Except God is not the ruler of this universe only-He is the ruler of ALL universes.

Johno - 19 August 2016

Excellent post and to the point. Only now are some members of Zanu PF realizing how hated and unpopular they are. Only now are they panicking and feeling the fear they have inflicted on the citizenry for over a generation. Welcome to reality Zanuoids, what goes around comes around.

Sagitarr - 29 August 2016

every time Mugabe opens his mouth, he speaks hatred. hatred for black zimbabweans, hatred for all whites, hatred for war vets...he hates just everything. how can we be saved form this man who espouses just HATE?

George Charamba - 30 August 2016


Sector 9 - 31 August 2016

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