Mujuru threatens to 'expose' Mugabe

HARARE - Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader Joice Mujuru, who has come under intense attacks from Zanu PF, has threatened to ‘‘expose’’ President Robert Mugabe and “revisionists” in her former party whom she accuses of trying to rewrite history.

Mujuru has become a subject of Zanu PF relentless attacks after she held joint rallies with MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai in Gweru last week.

Yesterday, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said Mujuru should zip up and stop provoking history by belittling the role that the veteran Zanu PF leader played during the country’s liberation struggle.

This was after Mujuru claimed her late husband — Solomon ‘‘Rex Nhongo’’ Mujuru — catapulted Mugabe to the leadership of Zanu during the liberation struggle in Mozambique.

  “The history of this country should not revolve around Mugabe, what Charamba and other apologists call history is not history at all,” said Mujuru, in a statement issued on her behalf by the party’s spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire.

“We have a lot of people who have done a lot for this country and need recognition; we are not saying Mugabe has not done anything because we are in the current status because of his misrule.

“He is responsible for all the bad things that have affected this country, Charamba wants to celebrate Mugabe’s stay in Ghana, but the truth of the matter is that Mugabe’s return from Ghana was far from glorious, he was not an ally of Kwame Nkrumah, he is a selfish leader, he was never a socialist,” said Mawarire.

In his autobiography, respected Zanu PF elder Cephas Msipa, who accommodated Mugabe upon his return from Ghana in 1960, insinuates that the 92-year-old strongman, left the west African country under unclear and not-so-rosy circumstances.

“Mugabe supported the idea of a one-party State back then, but did not much about his personal experiences in Ghana. It was as if something had gone wrong while he was in Ghana, which he did not disclose,” Msipa said in his book.

Mujuru served as Mugabe’s deputy for 10 years and was expelled from the ruling party in 2014 on untested allegations of trying to kill the nonagenarian.

Mawarire said Mugabe should not be treated as super hero.

“He is not a trained soldier and he should not be treated as a superhero, if anything the history that Charamba wants to rewrite is something that was happening from where Charamba was, he himself should tell us whether he was part of (Abel) Muzorewa he cannot dispute Mujuru’s account of history, how old was he in 1970,” questioned Mawarire.

On Monday, the State media launched a savage propaganda blitzkrieg against Mujuru and tried to soil the political legacy of her immensely-popular husband Rex — whom they blamed for working with Tsvangirai during his time in Zanu PF.

Rex, Zimbabwe’s first black army commander, who was seen as a kingmaker within the warring Zanu PF, and who is credited with playing a major role in catapulting Mugabe to the leadership of the ruling party in the mid 1970s, died in a mysterious fire at his Beatrice farmhouse, just outside Harare, in August 2011.

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They is no threat of exposure for Mugabe and people want to here how Mujuru and Mugabe rigged elections together not this nonsense of war war and war . Mujuru come out tell the nation how zanu rigs elections anything short of that is rubbish to us . the citizens

Diibulaanyika - 19 August 2016

Zimbabweans are aware that Mugabe himself is the one who ordered the gruesome murder of Solomon Mujuru because the late Mujuru was against Mugabe's continued stay in power.

Ziziharinanyanga - 19 August 2016

if you have something to expose just expose it. the threat of exposure is just folly. you, Mugabe and mutasa are all guilty of crimes against humanity from gukurahundi through looting resources and rigging elections. your best exposure is to keep quite and stooping making unnecessary noise.

josphat mugadzaweta - 19 August 2016

No amount of negative publicity can erode the respect we have for the contributions made by our generals among them Lookout Masuku, Dabengwa, Gen Mujuru and the mighty revolutionary General Tongo. Charamba has a duty to defend and praise Mugabe but that will not change history. We also know whose policies destroyed the country.

Viva Unidade - 19 August 2016

kurera imbwa nemukaka inofuma yokuruma.Mujuru akarera imbwa hezvo ndoyamuuraya zviripachena.

HOKOYO - 19 August 2016

The truth must be told that Mugabe was deported from Ghana after he was part of the opposition against Kwame Nkruma together with his late wife, Sally's family. People must stop trying to make Mugabe a hero that he is not. Can they also publish the letter that Mugabe wrote to the Rhodesia Herald on the 29th September, 1959, castigating Nkomo and Chikerema for coming together to form ZAPU???

MR. COOPER - 19 August 2016

@viva uni.thanx.

viola gwena - 19 August 2016

how wise is it to start a stone throwing war when both one's house and body is built of glass. ?

X-MAN IV - 19 August 2016

I'm quite enjoying this. On one side are puppies that yap RGM's glory on the other the men and women who actually wore uniforms, fought the war and were trained guerillas. RGM is a glorified speech reader and nothing more than that. The puppies will all die when he passes on, if they're lucky. If they survive i don't know...

Sagitarr - 19 August 2016

Mugabe, Mujuru you are the same. Killers and looters. Please Mujuru tell us how you used to rig elections with Mugabe so that we may pardon you on that part only. Mujuru you still have to answer for looting. PAY BACK THE MONEY, THE DIAMONDS, THE GOLD AND THE LAND, AND WE WILL LET YOU LIVE BEYOND MUGABE.

Chikerema - 20 August 2016

Ava amai avo is only fit for the rubbish bin. Totally useless for the point in time we are now. How can an aspiring leader of Zimbabwe be afraid of dropping the bombshell at this moment ? Mugabe is virtually history. The country is run by his cronies who are fighting tooth and nail to maintain the status quo for the sake of safeguarding their loot. Ever since she was booted from Zanu-PF she has been sitting on the fence hoping for the winds of change to blow her in a direction which will see her ill-gotten wealth safeguarded. You are no leader you swine: if you know anything why proscrenate ? I would not even call you a coward, not even an opportunist, but a stupid idiot who does not have an idea wether the sun is rising or setting. And you hope to lead this nation ? God forbid !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 20 August 2016

To hell with Bob

Nkatazo - 20 August 2016

We don't need to know from Joice Mujuru how Zanu PF rigged the elections. It's available on the Internet. Be warned this may get you flagged! Start with a Google search of "Nikuv, Ron Asher". In 2013 99% plus rural voters were registered, 67% urban only. In some rural areas 6 or 7 times the adult population voted, some polling station venues were made known only to Zanu PF members (rural areas). Should you know how the rigging was done, what plan of action do you follow? Deploy social media to expose each of the above?...

Nooshie - 21 August 2016

@sagittar & @masamba akareyo.....guys I can't agree with you more...surely Mugabe is just a glorified speech reader and not a wise leader who has always taken advantage of the daftness of his fellow comrades, clearly all the old dude does is read well planned speeches that have never reaped anything for the benefit of Zim and on the other hand joice mujuru is simply not presidential material for this country i'm afraid, she simply doesn't have what it takes to be anywhere near the throne so she's just wasting people time and space. We are being led by idiots that's why our country is in this mess.

misty - 21 August 2016

mugabe must resign

SAMAZ - 22 August 2016

These are twins in their mother's tummy. Stretching their limbs is not akin to fighting, they are just sparring. Just read between the lines.

Luqman Latif - 22 August 2016

The truth is coming out .Both sides have skeletons. The lessor skeleton will prevail. Love this. Maybe someone should investigate why the Pres. left Ghana. Job for #thisflag.

Fooled - 23 August 2016

Expose him and be done with it already. I reckon you cant because you fear that would mean mutual annihilation. If your advisors are clever they will tell you to come out first and own the narrative and ask for forgiveness. Let the electorate decide based on the whole truth presented. For moral courage and true repentance who knows they might be more forgiving.

Galore - 24 August 2016

So lets see if I am getting this right. Mujuru will expose Mugabe if Mugabe and his people continue attacking her. This tells me that Mujuru has devastating secrets about Mugabe that she will not share with us but is holding onto close to her chest as a trump card. At a time when some people are risking their lives protesting and being shot at by Police in the fight against this regime to then have Mujuru sit on information that could potentially change and hasten the final push is not only selfish but ought to be a warning to everyone that some of these so-called leaders are not into this for the greater good but instead are calculating, selfish and typical politicians with only their interests ahead of the nation. If you have anything to say Mujuru SAY IT NOW!

T Watungwa - 24 August 2016

This is a sad moment for Zimbabwe. But then the truth must be told..this is no different from having been worshiping God for years, yet it is Lucipher who has been at the helm. The real God is in control now hence these revelations coming out now. Go on expose yourselves maybe its God's way of redeeming this Nation.

Chikonamombe - 25 August 2016

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