Mujuru haunts glum Zanu PF

HARARE - As the country’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections get ever closer, former vice president and now leader of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), Joice Mujuru, continues to haunt President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF — luring hundreds of senior officials from the former liberation movement which expelled her from within its ranks in 2014.

Mujuru’s voracious recruitment of senior Zanu PF officials around the country, including sitting legislators, comes as Zanu PF is also reeling over the prospects of the widow of the late liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, teaming up with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in their determined bid to end Mugabe’s long rule.

War veteran and ZPF elder, Rugare Gumbo, confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that the country’s newest political outfit had accelerated its programme to “harvest” significant players from Zanu PF — with the twin objective of strengthening their movement and weakening the ruling party.

“We are working with a lot of Zanu PF MPs and they are doing a great job for us. You see, the situation we have is two-fold.

“On one hand we have (Zanu PF) MPs who are working day and night establishing ZPF structures throughout the country and who will come out only when the time is ripe.

“We also have some, including officials who are not necessarily MPs, who believe in what we are doing but are also not yet ready at the moment to come out in the open and join us publicly,” Gumbo said.

Political analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said Mujuru’s “final push” against her former party was expected given how she and her allies had been hounded out of Zanu PF on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe, and where she still commands significant support.

In a move that analysts described as “very significant”, Mujuru held hands and also joined Tsvangirai during another massive MDC demonstration in Gweru last Saturday. And in a reciprocal development that was also variously described as “historic”, she was later joined by the MDC top brass at her own rally in the same city.

The development has not gone down well with Zanu PF, with poodle State media going into overdrive, blaming Mujuru’s late husband for the planned coalition.

“What Zanu PF is saying is that Mujuru’s meeting with Tsvangirai in Gweru and the coalition we are planning is a culmination of a supposed relationship with General Mujuru. This is all just nonsensical rumbling by a panicking political party.

“Mujuru was expelled from Zanu PF because they said she is an enemy and it is only normal that she has chosen to associate with others like Tsvangirai who have been labelled enemies as well.

“When they expelled her what did they expect? That she would fold her arms while they run down the social fabric of the nation?

“They are mistaken because we will not allow that. A coalition of opposition forces is surely on its way and they have every reason to panic,” Gumbo said.

Mugabe and Zanu PF are facing myriad problems, including the government’s continued failure to pay civil servants on time. This has seen angry citizens protesting over the country’s deepening rot, including shortages of cash and an ill-advised ban on the importation of consumer goods.

Last month, war veterans, who had been the bulwark of Zanu PF rule, also served divorce papers on Mugabe after growing disillusioned with his attitude towards them.

War vets have been one of Mugabe and Zanu PF’s strongest pillars of support over the past five decades, playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian in power in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters.

War veterans’ secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, has also since said that their role was “no longer to sing Zanu PF praises”.

“At the moment we are not thinking of forming a political party. What we are working for is for the attainment of people’s rights. What is important now is not a political party but to push for the rights of the people.

“We must confront the problems that people are faced with. I personally do not think the problems we have need a political party. We must see the challenges that we are faced with as referees.

“You hear people saying pasi nanhingi (down with so and so) but that is like creating a violent society. The slogans we make expose people to violence and must stop.

“It is not a problem to have differences as people, but unfortunately there is no tolerance in our political parties, with Zanu PF leading the way,” Matemadanda told the Daily News.

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Opposition coalition is key to a healthy democracy and to heeding the plight of the electorate.

Alcon Dube APR - 18 August 2016

Personally, I am very sceptical of all turncoats who still want thought and social control when they never once apologized for their sins on Civil Society. To them I say, apologize and take ownership of the problems you caused, then start your preaching after that, when you have been forgiven. We need leaders who apologize - that's humility. Sadly we're saddled with those who rant, curse, insult, mock voters etc looking down at them

Sagitarr - 18 August 2016

why making a coalition against one old guy who cant even walk but falls alone ?zanu is now out its obvious and a coalition will be too powerful for them such that they will run away before zec announces results. ana bona vekuda kuzvarira ku singapore nekunokeresa twana ku china mosara nenhamo chaitemura choseva kkkkkkkk yo next child unotozvarira mu parirenyatwa chete or pa karanda mission hospital in mt darwin ndakupikira aiva madziva ava mazambuko

chauke farai - 18 August 2016

Let us stop pointing fingers at each other. War vets have played their party when they said to the mass of Zimbabwe that country is in their hands when we got our Independence. Here comes the problem now, land distribution, sorry multiple farm holdings to the haves not to the landless and some people are personalizing the country, plundering the resources at will forgetting the people . Check they promised civil servants with none monetary benefits, but what did they get, nothing. The majority of civil servants do not have stands, but those youths who are unemployed are being allocated stands at the expense of those devoting their energy at work for the whole year with nothing. People now are seeing what the leadership is doing with country resources. Clean the house President, people want to see you taking proper measures to corrupt leaders and to talking of what was promised civil none monetary benefits and peace. Make more friends than enemies so that you can protect your legacy.

Gumandafa - 18 August 2016

It is the GRAND COALITION of all progressive democratic parties OR nothing in 2018!

Chikata - 19 August 2016

Someday a rhino will admire the good facial looks of the hippo.Tsvangirai will never be able to work wth Mujuru.Never.If he wants cannot work wth his forma,trusted comrades like welshman,biti,mangoma n lately khupe ,yu expect him to stomach a power hungry joice?Think again.Come 2018 he will divorce all of them by simply deciding the unpredictable ,allowing him to kick all out.He loves to be the only man,mbimbindoga,like the king himself.Im not undermining Tsvangirai just for politicking bt he has shown these tendencies,of wanting to be the only shining star.

viola gwena - 19 August 2016

No man is capable of uniting a whole village,to fight a leapard ,when he cant summon his own sons in his house 1st.Get yo sons n friends 1st then show the village yu are ready to go an attack that marauding animal.That way yu show sincerity n other new comers in the village will join yu for the onslaught.Mr Tsvangirai ,deal 1st wth yo house and unite before the leapard calls its offspring n to kill yu n yo children plus the whole village,including yu.

viola gwena - 19 August 2016

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