Fresh questions emerge over Solomon Mujuru death

HARARE - A panicked Zanu PF has gone into overdrive in its desperate bid to scupper the pending 2018 electoral deal between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice President Joice Mujuru, while throwing up all kinds of political conspiracies about the revered liberation struggle icon, the late General Solomon Mujuru.

But the savage propaganda blitzkrieg — particularly the assault on the political legacy of the immensely popular Mujuru in lapdog State media yesterday — appeared to backfire spectacularly with analysts, liberation struggle stalwarts, disaffected Zanu PF bigwigs and opposition parties saying this raised questions about the late general’s contested death.

Former Mugabe confidante and senior Cabinet minister, Didymus Mutasa told the Daily News that the attacks on the late husband of Mujuru strongly suggested that there was “more to Solomon’s death than the official version indicated”.

“I think the current government’s officials who are responsible for security should tell us what really happened to Solomon. Officials such as those in the Central Intelligence Organisation should tell us everything because it is only fair for everyone if they do that,” Mutasa said.

Zimbabwe’s first black army commander, who was seen as a kingmaker within the warring Zanu PF, and who is credited with playing a major role in catapulting President FROM P1

Robert Mugabe to the leadership of the ruling party in the mid 1970s, was found dead after a mysterious fire at his Beatrice farmhouse, just outside Harare, in August 2011.

State media went into overdrive yesterday, blaming the late decorated soldier for the impending coalition between Tsvangirai and Mujuru, after the two opposition heavyweights sent fresh shivers down the spines of panicking Zanu PF bigwigs at the weekend when they publicly flaunted their readiness to join forces against the ruling party ahead of Zimbabwe’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

In a move that political analysts described as “very significant”, Mujuru — now leader of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) — held hands and also joined Tsvangirai during another massive demonstration in Gweru that was organised by the MDC.

And in a reciprocal development that was also variously described as “historic”, Mujuru — who was hounded out of Zanu PF in December 2014 on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe — was later joined by the MDC top brass at her own rally in the same city.

Interestingly, Zanu PF politburo member and Higher Education minister, Jonathan Moyo, appeared to take umbrage with the State media’s crass attacks on the late general.

“Gen Mujuru’s role in union exposed as Tsvangirai-Mujuru go public. But in Africa wafa wanaka (In Africa we don’t insult the dead)! Let’s expose ...Mujuru in her own right. Gen Mujuru is not here to explain himself!” said Moyo on micro-blogging site Twitter.

On its part, Tsvangirai’s MDC said the wheels of a grand coalition were in motion and “no amount of propaganda” would get in the way of the pending electoral pact.

“There was absolutely nothing wrong with MDC officials attending Solomon’s funeral as State media are saying. Even on a personal level, from the time that I was a young boy, I used to idolise Josiah Tongogara and Rex Nhongo.

“I actually feel very proud that I attended his burial at the national Heroes’ Acre. Rex Nhongo was a revolutionary icon and no amount of hostile and puerile propaganda by the Zanu PF-controlled media can take that away from him.

“The Zanu PF regime will soon be receiving the shock of their lives. It is fractured in more places than one and it’s just a matter of time before this beleaguered and bankrupt regime crumbles,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

Joice herself said her husband had left an indelible mark on the body politic of Zimbabwe and that as a result, she was not fazed by “futile attempts” to rubbish him through State media.

She also told the Daily News through her spokesperson Gift Nyandoro that it was “disrespectful to her family and all well-meaning Zimbabweans” that Zanu PF would want to discredit her husband when there were still many unanswered questions regarding his death.

“The question of interrogating and unravelling what happened to the late general is not a one day event but is a process.

“We believe that soon we will find the answers. However, Mai Mujuru is a person with a forgiving heart and she has made it clear that she will not seek revenge, even though the killers will be revealed in time.

“Today, (August 15) is a remarkable and historic day, for it will forever be written in the history of Zimbabwe as the day the country lost its most beloved son of the soil, that is so notwithstanding the mysterious and unexplained circumstances in which his life was taken away.

“We remember this day with heavy hearts but we urge all Zimbabweans to seek solace and comfort in the hope that God will provide the ultimate answer to the mysterious way the decorated soldier lost his life,” Nyandoro said.

On the other hand academic Ibbo Mandaza said “It is rather interesting that on the anniversary of his death such a story is written. People are going to speculate, and I think it is in bad taste considering that there is enduring suspicion about who killed him”.

Another scholar, Maxwell Saungweme, said the death of Mujuru had left “more questions than answers and the nation deserves to be told the truth about his death”.

“The revelations in The Herald point to someone somewhere who knows how the general died. It is really hard to believe that a general perished in a fire where no one claimed to have started and extinguished it. As they say, time will tell,” Saungweme said.

The late general’s brother, Joel, told the Daily News earlier this year that a 12-member team was investigating the death of the revered liberation war commander — who is known to have helped to catapult Mugabe to his current post despite fierce resistance from the frontline States which were helping liberation forces at the time.

Apart from that, Rex is said to have been the only man who could stand up to Mugabe, and his widow Joice has often intimated in previous interviews that the national hero may have been eliminated by his enemies.

“These matters should have been dealt with a long time ago. It is really painful that your brother is demonised every time regardless of the work he did for this country. Kuzvisungirira kuri nani (it is better for me to hang myself). I am the only one left,” the elder Mujuru said then.

“That Zanu PF is suffering serious strain going into the 2018 elections is obvious to all. Unfortunately too, it is stating the obvious to say most of our problems, if truth be told, are self-inflicted if you look at the worsening factional and succession wars eating the party, and which are likely to all see another vice president (Emmerson Mnangagwa) falling this year.

“Still, this is all no reason to soil Rex’s name when he can’t defend himself from his grave at the national Heroes Acre. But even more importantly, it forces some of us to revisit the circumstances surrounding his controversial death in 2011, which up to this day has not been explained satisfactorily,” a senior Zanu PF official said yesterday.

In its hatchet job on the Mujurus yesterday, The Herald said the pending electoral pact between Tsvangirai and Mujuru was allegedly “a project that started before the death of the late General Mujuru”.

“The Herald has it on good authority that the late General had several meetings with the MDC-T leader and agreed on a scheme of taking over and a power-sharing formula that would incorporate the General’s interests.

“It is understood that the project had the backing of Western countries who felt that MDC-T needed someone with liberation war credentials to enhance its power bid against President Mugabe.

“Even at the funeral of General (Mujuru), we had a very awkward situation where MDC-T people were part and parcel of the mourners which is quite unusual. That stemmed from the interaction that was taking place behind the scenes involving the General or some of his aides and Mr Tsvangirai but also underpinned with Western interests,” the government-controlled daily said.

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Death is a destiny for all and sundry and i feel pity for those who are used by power hungry hyenas to cut short someones life. What awaits you at the other end is truly dreadful.

Murozvimukuru - 16 August 2016

Mutasa was incharge of CIO when Solomon Mujuru was killed, he knows more than he is letting on. He said they know everything even what happens in people's bedrooms.

Lt General - 16 August 2016

It is useless to talk about mujuru.Lets concentrate on the living unemployed and suffering masses of zimbabwe.Mujuru did his part and we should do our part.

robert - 16 August 2016

Mujuru is never popular at all lets not make small things big things .She has no support across the country and for example in my home area they do not know her and do not like or trust her . How ever Magama Tongo said ndiyani awuundza munhu uyuu when he saw Mugabe in Moza but Mujuru went on to defy the commander and supported Mugabe to lead zanu now hini lo see what you did a dictator was born out of your choice . Later alone Tongo was killed maybe bcoz he never liked your first choice now Thoko Mujuru and do not cry you did it .

Diibulaanyika - 16 August 2016

Cecil John Rhodes sleeps quietly by by the day at Imperialist Matopos, coming out in the evenings and rallying his black mercenaries on the Cape to Cairo conquest in an independent Africa and going back to sleep at dawn.

ADF - 16 August 2016

why should the death of mujuru be more significant than that of the 30,000 killed when he was the armed forces commander, and/or the 2,000+ ,mdc supporters when he was the other most powerful man in zanu other than Mugabe? mujuru just died the dubious zanu way which I believes he and joice knew tongo died. I dislike these mujuru thieves and murderers whether dead or alive.

josphat mugadzaweta - 16 August 2016

If a Mujuru/Tsvangirai partnership stood any realistic chance of unseating him they would long have been (or maybe still will be) killed before the elections. But there is no need as Nikuv have already done a sterling job in guaranteeing resounding victory after resounding victory. Serious strategies to remove him and them from power are such as those being articulated on www(dot)facebook(dot)com(backslash)Avenue4-A4(at)tanetasesidiniwexhausted

Bvuma Wachembera - 16 August 2016

Is it true that Comrade Solomon Mujuru : 1. Is known to have held several meetings with with Morgan Tsvangira and Tendai Bitii? 2. Is known to have refused since about 1980 to say the slogan " PASI NA ------------? So long as that person was a Zimbabwean?" ?

Sekuru Ndoronga - 16 August 2016

Actually Zanu would do all it can to smear with mud anyone who differs with Mugabe, let alone anyone who agrees with MDC. Now their attempt to smear a departed person not only shows lack of respect, but it blatantly exposes Zanu as the sole killer

Gundarukwa - 16 August 2016

It is sickening cowardice of the highest order to see the cruel, callous and unjustified attack on person of General Mujuru. It shows the depth of gutter politics that the Mugabe Government has been driven to by fear. The end is near. Divide and rule will not work this time. Yes we will talk (as political parties) about our differences, our options our differing agendas but only after removing the Zanu Pf cum Robert Mugabe dictatorship. Pamberi nevana ve Zimbabwe! Pamberi ne real and true freedom! Pamberi nekuzvitonga. Pamberi nerusunguko rwechokwadi rwakazara!

Viva Unidade - 16 August 2016

To some of us Mujuru was gukurahundi and remains so . He is not special bcoz he was commander of that tribal army gukurahundi and has gone to the grave without blaming the killings nor did he try to stop the killings that time . He is very dirty no sane person can say misses him he was satan bcoz he killed unarmed citizens of this country and it is obvious he is not in heaven but in hell for human slaughter .

Diibulaanyika - 17 August 2016

Fresh questions about Solomon Mujuru - some 3 years after the event when it was clear to almost everyone that he was murdered by the regime? And of course Didymus knows about it - all the ruling elite, past and present know about it. They also know all about the stolen elections, the corruption which they were part of. No wonder why Mai Mujuru says that she bears no grudges - Mugabe has heaps of dirt on these guys too, they dare not open their mouths.

Mbewa - 17 August 2016

Even if Gen Muju was alive today he would do little to liquidate Mugabe bcz the general was now a spent force drinking whisky all day kkkkkkkkk

jaja - 17 August 2016

Zimbabwe is a country that, on the surface, appears to be peaceful but internally, individuals have bubbling, insidious hatred and pain. There is a lot of work required to change that and harness our focus on progress unfortunately the kind of leadership to champion that is not yet on stage.

Sagitarr - 17 August 2016

This is ZANU nonsense. If Mujuru was having meetings with Tsvangirai so what's wrong about that.Tsvangirai is a son of Zimbabwe,, he is not an enemy&he can talk or visit any one.This actually shows that Mugabe has no ideas on how to solve the problem.He is now just creating enemity among Zimbabweans so that he leaves the country more divided. But it will not work because Zimbabweans are not stupid. They will not listen to these stupid accusations. Mujuru was wise enough to judge Mugabe&he sow Tsvangirai ad a man.Only foolish people are still running behind that old man who can not even look back for there queries.Wants u complain he dumps u like shit&throw u in a dirty pit

Matsotsi - 17 August 2016

This serves to illustrate how the revolution that we all subscribed to before independence has been has lost its course, hijacked by selfish and corrupt individuals. I would never have imagined Mugabe or any genuine cadre telling off Rex Nhongo, "Vakomana" or "Magandanga" that they are sellouts. Its unthinkable but here we are in less that half a century Mugabe is playing off staunch revolutionaries against each other in order to perpetuate his rule. Come on guys wake up lets see Mnangagwa, Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Makoni, Dabengwa, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti et al hold hands in First Street and walk up to State House and tell Mugabe to consign himself to the position of elder statesman. During the liberation war we used to sing a song called Chii chinonzi gandanga ! Mwana haanzi gandanga" Icho !!!!!!

Jaikolu Maison - 17 August 2016

Gen Mujuru was shot dead with a TT-30 Tokarev semi auto matic pistol by persons unknown. A white phosphorous grenade was used to burn the body hence the blue flame observed by his wife.

Ingwe - 17 August 2016

"Nyati" munenge murikurasika apa. Handiti pakatsvira Rex mumba ndimi maive Minister of State Security? Ndimika mungatotiudza. Also, my knowledge is that in Manicaland anaMakoni ndivo vaera Nyati anaMutasa vachiera Shumba. Muri "Nyati" ipi chaizvo? Hamusirimi here Nyati yainzi pasi neNyati???

Ray Phiri - 17 August 2016

So why dont yu all forget about change and vent yo anger on gen mujuru s corps for now.It seems thats yo biggest problem than anyone else.Gen Mujuru is managing the economy from the grave hey?If not ,then dnt allow yoselves to be distracted frm the cause of this mess.Be focused.Venting anger on a dead general will that bring results?Shame on yu.Sme of yu are deliberate sellouts.distructing the cause.Suspects.

viola gwena - 17 August 2016

@Daily News, fresh news please! Your news is/are no longer daily.

SaManyika Chaiye - 18 August 2016

The actual issue is not about blaming Bob the error is with in our ability to find a person who can convince the world to inherit the syndrome and seek alliances to convince the already serving chiefs and already employed that once in power he/she will enhance their living and create new for the jobless and addition to that mantain the sovereignty not forgeting any son or daughter of Zimbabwe lets stop calling for destruction first then latter call for developments can anyone with that idea rise and show up definatly you win the presidency not of the cowards who want coz havoc before time mogara makasvinudza dahwa

gondo - 21 August 2016

Guys don't support Mai Mujuru she is a hypocrite vakatengesa murume vachifunga kuti vapinda zvino vaona kuti mugabe avarasisa vakuda kuCompaigner ne kufa kwaSolo Forget Joyce count me out isu hatirware

God with us - 17 October 2016

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