Zanu PF Women's League hunts Mnangagwa

HARARE - The unrelenting pressure that is being exerted on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa within President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF is expected to reach a climax in December when the ruling party holds its annual conference in Masvingo.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that the Zanu PF women’s league, strongly backed by the former liberation movement’s youth wing, would “leave no stone unturned” to ensure that a woman was part of the three-person party presidium by the time the Masvingo get-together ends.

Plain-spoken Zanu PF women’s league’s secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka — a rabid critic of Mnangagwa — also confirmed that women were champing at the bit to see one of their own become FROM P1

vice president again before the end of this year, as had been agreed at the party's conference last year that was held at the resort town of Victoria Falls.

“(Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Patrick) Chinamasa is at work as we speak to amend the Zanu PF constitution in line with the resolutions made in Victoria Falls, and he should be done sooner rather than later so that the party can definitely have a vice president coming from the women’s league,” Mahoka said.

While Mahoka could not be drawn into revealing whether the women’s league, which is led by powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe, had already come up with a name to join the party's presidium, she was adamant that the matter “cannot be delayed any further because the year is coming to an end already”.

“He (Chinamasa) knows that this matter has to be finalised as soon as possible. That is why his team is working on it. We have not yet sat down to discuss who we want (to join presidium) but should that happen, we will let you know.

“We are disciplined and organised women whose main concern in all this is to see stability in the party and that the country moves forward peacefully,” Mahoka added cryptically.

Repeated efforts by the Daily News to get a comment from Chinamasa on the progress that the party had made so far to fulfil the Victoria Falls resolutions for a woman to once again become part of the presidium were unsuccessful as he was not picking up his phone.

But a youth league bigwig also reiterated that the party was bracing itself for a woman vice president in line with the Victoria Falls resolution — which virtually all Zanu PF members agree is targeted at the embattled Mnangagwa’s scalp.

“One of President Robert Mugabe’s current two deputies will have to drop from the presidium to accommodate a woman, as was rightly the case before (former Vice President Joice) Mujuru was booted out of the party in 2014.

“As to who is going to give way, your guess is as good as mine, as the party will decide. However, on our part as the youth league, we will fight to see to it that this noble cause does not compromise the Unity Accord of 1987 in an way,” the official said, hinting that Mnangagwa was the likely loser.

“We are tired of Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa and his allies) because they are holding our president to ransom and that is why we want the conference in Masvingo to become elective.

“It is permissible and constitutional that a conference can be elective as long as it has been directed by the central committee. It will sit as an extra-ordinary session of the national people’s conference, which will allow us to get rid of these successionists” another youth league official said.

Zanu PF's other vice president is Phelekezela Mphoko who comes from the Zapu wing of the party, and who has been said to belong to the influential party faction known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, which is intensely opposed to the idea of Mnangagwa ever succeeding Mugabe.

The push to deal with Mnangagwa once and for all at the December conference is back in the fore at a time that the Midlands godfather has lately been under the cosh in the party for allegedly working fervently to stampede Mugabe out of power before the nonagenarian's current term ends in 2018.

The plot to oust Mnangagwa gathered steam in recent weeks after war veterans led by garrulous former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvangwa not only made it abundantly clear that they wanted the Midlands godfather to take over from Mugabe, but also later served divorce papers on Mugabe.

This attracted the ire of party bigwigs and the G40 camp, with Manicaland Provincial minister Mandi Chimene last month openly imploring Mugabe to either fire Mnangagwa immediately or call for an extra-ordinary congress where the party would deal with the VP, nicknamed Ngwena (crocodile) for his alleged political ruthlessness.

In her no-holds-barred blitzkrieg on the VP, Chimene bluntly accused Mnangagwa and his close allies of plotting to unseat Mugabe.

“There are now two governments in power and we don’t know for how long we are going to continue with parallel structures where some ministers don’t report to the president.

“So we have said lets go for an extra-ordinary congress and if it’s expensive we can just do it right away and have you line up with your supporters and see who has the people,” Chimene charged.

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Dream dream dream.Its zapu s turn to have woman vp.Mujuru did it for zanu and ngwena had to stand dwn.Now its zapu s turn and only mphoko has to stand dwn for a zapu woman.Simple.

viola gwena - 13 August 2016

Very foolish,if the women's league wanted to remain relevant,they should have not viciously hounded Mujuru out as the V/P,instead it had should forwarded nominations for either to confirm Mujuru as V/P or nominated one of their own,preferably Oppah since she is one of the most senior in the women's league but chose to destroy all the gains made in the last one and half decades or so.Any how what should one expect from Mahoka,an ignoramus who was elected to a position that is beyond her comprehension and capabilities, that's she is total confused.

Gen. Spinola - 13 August 2016

Who, in his/her normal sense, will take hid of this grouping called women`s league. They remain a bunch of zvinyau dancers and their term expires as soon as Mugabe goes. Instead of hunting for Ngwena they should be counting their days because their king is not immortal as they stupidly think.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 13 August 2016

The women s league is not the same as the one of our tyme,the one lead by mujuru herself.We stood firm to party principles.I remember around 1984,1st lady Sally contested for the chair position bt lost badly to mujuru.That was democracy in the party.Now this current league is full of Banda s mbumbas.Drunks.All of them no education.They are no different to sex slaves in a war.They are paid to shout obsenities .Profernity is their brutal vice that knows no gentlemen or women.Cry the beloved country,reasoning left our party longtime ago.

viola gwena - 14 August 2016

The difference between you and me guys is that you are just vultures salivating over decomposing chidhumbu called ZANU PF. The Zimbabwe of today is very different and we dont care whether Ngwena or Gire takes over ZANU, but as for Zim; nop, it already belongs somewhere and not geriatrics with no clue on how to resuscitate the ailing economy. Save is symbol of new era but not to be in charge. This country now belongs to the youth with clear vision of global geo-political and economic collation that seeks to galvanize and solidify statecraft towards democratic, devolved and developmental state of Dzimbadzamabwe. I like the passion that Viola has but I pity her coz her ED ideas belong to the past that no sane Zimbabwean would ever cherish! I love you all!

Save - 14 August 2016

Colleagues, Cdes and Friends; lets create a colloquial around theme "Opportunities and Pitfalls for Constructing a Democratic, Devolved and Developmental State in Zimbabwe". Within context of this theme, we can as well characters if you feel they are requisite engineers of the new paradigm that we all desire; Anything else than the Mugabe way! How about that?

Save - 14 August 2016

@viola gwena,the president and ED are said to have a relationship spanning 50 years,a very close one we are told,my question to yu is that if yu are saying my president is no good no more,how then does cde ED emerge as an alternative to my president,since they have been side by side and the president has governed with counsel from cde ED?IS HE NOT GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION?has our president not made mistakes because cde ED was setting him up to fail so that he can take over?

truth - 14 August 2016

As we embark on this New Journey, Please lets stop; 1. Fear 2. Being petty 3. Being selfish at the expense of the national good 4. Zim disease of failing or refusing to think and 5. Lets think strategically and act tactically 6. Never allow yourself to be a stooge of another mortal being! AMEN!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Save - 14 August 2016

It is your conversation cdes: Viola. Save, Truth, Masamba Akareyo etc that follows the main story that's more enlightening. I wish more Zimbos could get into the habit of joining the debate. its healthy even if it does not remove Mugabe.

dzambirambi - 14 August 2016

@Truth.President Mugabe is still all Zimbabweans president.But he has overstayed.He is now old.The buck stops at him.Yu heard 1st lady saying she is in charge in the absence of President Mugabe.So for most gorvenment programs on economy the buck stops wth Pres Mugabe and 1st lady.Ngwena wants to deal wth corruption bt 1st family is reluctant.Thats the difference ,Truth.

viola gwena - 14 August 2016

Besides that,his bordy is now very tired and cant cope up wth his spirit.Falling at functions,sleeping thruout meetings he is chairing,saying wrong things at rallies,means he has had enuf of leading Zanu and Zimbabwe.There are capable men who can take over and do a beter job than he is doing.He is a man of the past, not future.He nolonger represents the yuths of tday,their aspirations.I have 10 grandchildren al living different countries overseas n Africa.Families have brocken bcoz of bad leadership.I put that solely on President Mugabe s doorstep.We let the nation down,especially yuths.They have no future,no ambition at all.Because industry is closed down.The natural resourses that we supposed to use to empower yuths,have been plundered by us chefs in zanu.Its parthetic,Truth.Disgusting.We make blacks in the world ,undesirable leaders.Good for self enrchment.

viola gwena - 14 August 2016

@Voila , have you forgotten that Ngwena's hands are bleeding the the blood of 20000 Ndebeles who were killed during the Gugurahundi period ? I would advise you to somehow protect your legacy of being a true war veteran . Hiding dust under your carperts will lead us to a ludicrous situation , the mere fact is that Ngwena is not fit to lead the country . Whats the difference between Ngwena and Mugabe ?

Khalabemgeza - 15 August 2016

The 1980s leadership of ZANU PF encouraged everybody to go back to school soon after the liberation struggled and that was a very good call from them , now the whole leadership must accept that it is the time of Lumumba's generation to lead this country , we sent these young boys and girls to school solely to be our future leaders , then why do we have to continue blocking their way . Leading this country through war credentials should be something of the past . We need creative and enovative leadership please !!

Khalabemgeza - 15 August 2016

@Viola , Ngwena is part of the corrupt group since 1980 , now how can such a corruptly person fight corruption ? Aunt please , please , you need to see the green light , this red light that you see will lead us to the bushes.

Khalabemgeza - 15 August 2016

@Khala. I think we are of the same opinion.we are agreeing on one issue ,that President Mugabe must retire and let young pple take over.In my opinion lets accomplish this 1st ,as a matter of urgency.This can be done by pushing for early elections supervised by international bordies.That election will answer yo enxiety as to who should take over.Yu vote for yo person.Bt as far as I know ,the election observers we have had in previouse elections lack bite.They are nust observers ,not monitors.For a free election we need that roadmap back ,the one Tsvangirai threw out.Besides that CIO department must be disbanded,tottaly.Why does a small country like Zim need that ?We have police that operate under state charters ,unlike CIO that operate for a particular politician.Wthout these reforms ,even after President Mugabe goes,1st lady will easily win .MDC lacks that intelligence to pick out such issues .They blindly walk into traps.To this day their intelligence department cannot explain Dzamara.Not even a report.Or maybe the department is non existant.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

So whether ngwena is desirable or not ,is not an issue.Candidates come up from groups of pple or plitical parties.Yu then make a choice out of the candidates,thru an election.If warvets want ngwena,its their choice.They wuld have made calculations and decide on him.Same as MDC, PPF,PF,Mavambo n all.Yu dont expect MDC to tell warvets who to field, no.So if yu want Lumumba its yo choice.start campaigning for him n HIS POLICIES for economic growth.This is very lacking in all parties,blue prints.Just defeating Mugabe is not all.ECONOMY.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

Now coming my choice,ngwena,its not becoz he is a warvet have plenty in Zanu who can be leaders,plenty,bt I prefer ngwena ,besides all these unproved allegations he is accused of.If the man invited yu to take yo issue to court,I think thats good enuf to prove his innocence.What I looked for my choice is the ECONOMY.Who can steer it back to perfoming.Thats the reason for me.Who can keep stability in the country?PEACE.Cobine the 2 n yu have yo man.Dnt forget its a choice.I can even pick on Roy Bernnet.Its a choice based on principles n expectations.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

Truly speaking ED has been an apprentice for The president eversince, so him taking over is the same as having another incanate president mugabe.ED is just as best as his master, but he is still my choice.But for the betterment of this nation if we need new blood in the presidium, maybe we dont have qualified people to lead this country so we stick to ED waiting for better people to come

Viola ngwena - 15 August 2016

@Viola -where is Ngwena right now , where had he been all along , isn't it that he had been with ZANU PF since 1980 ? Isn't it that he is in the same group which have failed the people of Zimbabwe ? So your choice might be a bit baseless. What is so unique about Ngwena among the rest , ZANU PF leadership have failed the nation and that is including Ngwena who is your best choice. Aunt Viola i don't expect you to be so colour blind -Red card to Ngwena , thats what he deserves . Allegations against him , yes can be proved at a court of law, but remember 'THE MOMENT OF MADNESS' , is that the answer to the millions who are still looking for answers from Mugabe and Ngwena ??? Maybe you never experienced the bitter part of what happened to Matland . Time to go to court against Mugabe and Ngwena is over , what is of paramount importance now is that the whole leadership of ZANU PF especially those of 1980s must be off the seats ,we need new leadership with fresh brains , not this kind of leadership linked to the killings and corrupt activities , we don't need this kind of leadership who doesn't understand that Ian Smith died long ago and they are still carrying AK47s thinking that they are still in the middle of the liberation struggle . Viola how many of your children/grand children are having diplomas/degrees but without jobs ? Do you think your choice Ngwena will bail out all the Zimbabwean graduates wandering all over the world streets with jobs ? This Ngwena who is your sweet choice ,but nasty to millions is having a huge black cloud all over his face , give him the presidential seat , the deads will rise up from the mass graves and lead this country to massive war against his rule . ZANU PF is still a party to be respected but people like Ngwena are dragging it to cowdungs .

Khalabemgeza - 15 August 2016

@Viola -What better people do you need to take this country forward ? We have go far much better people who knows more about economy , your Ngwena and Mugabe are blocking the way for such creative and inovative people to lead this country forward . Rigging, rigging elections , trying to be life presidents , we don't need that in our country . But anywhere , soon we have got our aggravating facors coming their way and we will wait to hear their mitigating factors against all the eveils they have done to our people , they cannot not protected by this rule of ZANU PF for ever , never , their days are numbered .

Khalabemgeza - 15 August 2016

Its a political choice Khala.the best way yu can prevent Vp frm becoming President is not to vote for him.Or maybe he may decline the calling.Its dwn to these 2 points.Yu will be surprised how much he is loved in zanu ,in midlands,mash east .All those constituences have reasns to prefer him.I dnt know who yu prefer bt its yo choice n yu deserve too.I have my choice.Not evryone was in midlands or matebeleland during guku.Thats why President Mugabe got votes in those regions.When we have our party gatherings we recieve representatives frm midlands,mat.Yu cannot stop them becoz its their choice.Johnathan Moyo says he lost uncles bt he is in zanu,mingling wth president mugabe.Simon khaya Moyo is a very senior zanu.So point is yu cannot prescribe to pple who shuld be leader.its votes.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

Usarambe uchirasika Khaba.Our country will not die na mugabe, will not die na ngwena,not na Tsvangirai or yo choice.Zimbabwe belongs to God ,nt humans.He allows us to rule n live in it.New leaders will always come n go.Yu n I agree Mugabe has overstayed.Our choices of takes over must be settled thry an election.simple mwanangu.Im an old woman in my 60s and I appreciate yo anger .But bhuti Oliver sang Ngoromera harina zvarinoshanda.Campaign for yo yuth leader ,Lumumba,if its him.Project yo ideas to us the old ,n we vote.its that straight forwad.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

Anyone wh tells yu they are being blocked from taki g up leadership is bluffing yu.Leaders emerge from povo.Strong leaders stay In leadership positions.They are not pushed ou by other leaders seeking the same.They may not be leaders at all if they are being stopped as yu say.Can yu imagine if Mugabe had allowed Smith to stop him?He wuld never have been a leader.Our problem is Zimbos taking long to see the inevitable,disaster coming.Since 2000 we continued voting for Mugabe, no results.Since 2008 we have voted for Tsvangirai ,no results.We take long,very long to see.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

@Viola -you lilke dreaming too much , a choice through nepotism will only assist you and the Ngwenas pple . You don't sound like a 60yr old , stop pretend . Khala is trying to put his advice straight forward , apart from the fact that Ngwena is your bloody brother , what else is special about him ?? You are just waffling and supporting tribalism here , if not so then you cannot support a man alleged to the evils of Gugurahundi time , stop being too provincial , rather focus on national agendas .

MehlokaMthwakazi - 15 August 2016

I rest my case.reasoning has left this forum on this chapter.I must support Mthwakazi so that I dont sound regional?Where does our country digout politicians like this fellow.,?I sound what,80,92,22.?what?.Read facts n deal wth facts ,not ghosts..grow up.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

I was respondin to khala and there was no insults .yu bangled in wth stupid ideas .My mother is from midlands n God forbid ignorant fools like yo group succeed in fatting all over midlands.

viola gwena - 15 August 2016

@Truth for once you are correct.Both Mugabe and Ngwena are birds of a feather.His dictatorial tendences are reflected by his continued use of the word "Tirikutonga"

nyongolo - 16 August 2016

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