Mugabe afraid of dying alone, says Lumumba

HARARE - Acie Lumumba — real name William Mutumanje — says President Robert Mugabe is not afraid of dying but is “afraid to die alone”.

He said 92-year-old Mugabe was “on a suicide path” and described Zanu PF as a group “using terror as a weapon of choice to achieve political means”.

“(He is) one man wearing a suicide jacket. He is not afraid of dying (but) he is afraid of dying alone so he will see to it that he takes everyone with him,” said Lumumba — a former Zanu PF youth member and staunch Mugabe supporter. He said his newly-formed Viva Zimbabwe political party “believed in a third force — the youth”.

“But what are we fighting for? Are we not at risk of removing one man and replacing him with the same?” he said, adding that “I am not uneasy about what happens when our dictator goes, my concern, however, is when he does”.

The former Zanu PF Hatfield Member of Parliament aspirant boldly stated that he believed the youths can form a new government in 24 months.

“Why not? If not now, then when? If not us, then who?  Who else understands our challenges, pain and dreams, Tsvangirai and Mujuru?” he questioned.

“Who can we trust with our future? Do we not have a better minister of foreign affairs out there, a minister of sports? Who better to solve our judicial problems than us? Who has better solutions than us?

“The youths make up 4,1 million votes versus three million from the last election only nine percent voted in 2013 so whether you like to hear it or you don’t we did this to ourselves,” he said.

“I understand the skepticism about rigging but can we at least have that conversation when we are registered.”

“Zanu PF can rig an election where they have 30 or 40 percent of the vote but Nikuv can’t help them when they have a 10 percent vote.”

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He think that he owns Zimbabwe,,so he wants to take us all to his grave. But I don't think even the devil will take him because he will afraid that he will take his position &become the dictator,,remember this old man is very intelligent .He knows how to destroy who ever is on top just to gain the to sit.May be he want to create his own heaven &take all Zimbabweans along with him,,I wonder how it will be

Matsotsi - 13 August 2016

Brave young man.Let those with ears hear and those with eyes see.

Gen. Spinola - 13 August 2016

In a game of poker:no risk no fun ! Strategy, however, counts to bring about results.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 13 August 2016

William Mutumanje is an intelligent youg man. He however has to remember that The Youth must not and must never be allowed to run a country. Letting the youth run a country is a sure prescription for disaster. To help understand what I mean, please search for and read the folk tale " The Tribe That Lost Its Head." Yes, In my opinion, Morgan Tsvangirai and or Mai Mujuru are both very suitable and able to head Zimbabwe in the right economic and political recovery direction. These two are not only easily replaceable, but also because the first has terminal health issues and the latter is not as popular. All Tsvangirai and Mujuru have to do is Create a Powerful Anti Graft or Anti Corruption Squad and Zimbabwe WILL be on its way to recovery.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 14 August 2016

Of all politicians i have ever seen, this Lumumba guy is just too obvious a suspect, i dont bet for such

Kana - 15 August 2016

Part of Zim politics that stuns me and infuriates me is that people put a lot of basis on a persons age instead of the a persons qualifications. Lumumba is right, to question whether the leaders in the space at the moment recognize the appreaciate the needs of the youth and have policies geared towards to the youth or not. And that Zim as a whole, while focused on Uncle Bob leaving should also focus on the leader that replaces him. There is a reason why in a country with more youths only have 9% of their population go and vote, it means that even with Uncle Bob there, the youths have an underlying problem with the leaders in the opposition space. So opposition yacho should fix this, do we want a leader ari age ya Lumumba no , but I also do not want a leader older than 50 especially if they have been in charge of either their partly or in the top echlons of Zanu for longer than I have been alive or more than 15 years. Its a fact in life that the longer a person is at the top the less productive theuy become and that is the issue we have with leaders in Zim, whether in Zanu or out of it.

B Moyo - 16 August 2016

Lumumba must be reminded that his former party did not suddenly get worse after he left. It has always been that way,a corrupt bunch of thieves, shameless looters and election riggers. This youngman must not attempt to divide people by age, we want Zimbabweans of all ages, colour and creed against the thives in Zanu(PF). Period

richola - 16 August 2016

Is it any wonder that most Zimbabweans do not feel free, the "liberators" themselves invited a civilian to lead them (why?), he was reluctant, never had/wore a uniform, never fired a gun, and Zimbabweans including the "liberators" are still seeking freedom??

Sagitarr - 16 August 2016

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