Teachers in 200km anti-Mugabe demo

HARARE - As pro-democracy groups and ordinary citizens ramp up pressure on President Robert Mugabe to right the stuttering economy, rural-based teachers have announced they will hold a staggering 200km march next week to register their displeasure with the nonagenarian’s failed 36-year leadership.

The 10-day march — organised by the Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) — will start on Monday from Maramba Pfungwe in Murewa to Harare.

This comes as radical pressure group — Tajamuka/Sesjikile - spreads its wings into the rural areas which have been traditionally the heartland of both Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Mugabe is facing rising public anger over his policies which critics say are responsible for causing the suffering by ordinary citizens.

RTUZ said the teachers will also protest against poor salaries and government failure to improve rural education facilities.

“We call upon all teachers and parents based in the areas to join us and march for the betterment of rural education,” the union said.

The RTUZ is also demanding a monthly pay adjustment of between $700 and $800, a 100 percent increase of teachers’ rural allowances as well as restoration of maternity leave for those on probation.

Over and above that, the union also demands infrastructural development in rural schools and communities as well as an end to all forms of violence against rural teachers and dissolution of the government if its demands are not met.

RTUZ president, Obert Masaraure, also told the Daily News that the organisation will petition the ministry of Education over their demands.

This comes as anti-Mugabe protestors, Tajamuka/Sesjikile; last week said they are spreading their campaign against the 92-year-old leader’s misrule to the rural areas.

The pressure group’s spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, told the Daily News that they were now targeting the rural constituencies after satisfaction that urban Zimbabweans were now on board.

“We are done with mobilising the urban constituencies ...we are, through our affiliate organisations, targeting our rural counterparts so that we will confront government with one voice,” he said.

The rural constituencies have been the fulcrum of Mugabe’s 36-year-old reign, with opposition parties finding it difficult to make headway in the areas.

Mugabe, in power since independence, is facing the biggest challenge to his long and uninterrupted rule.

His government is struggling to pay civil servants on time as the economy continues to die leading to reduced revenues which have been hit by company closures and job losses.

Last month, civil servants went on strike over delayed salaries while thousands of workers stayed away from work as they heeded a call to stage a general strike by clergyman Evan Mawarire and Tajamuka/Sesjikile.

Mugabe is blaming sanctions and western governments for the current wave of protests.

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that's a dream. with the fear induced in the teachers in UMP, no demo will ever take place although surely, had things been in a non tyrant they would do so. pliz they fear repressal by this regime full of murderers

maiwee - 12 August 2016

This issue of demonstrating against Mugabe is getting out of hand. One would think that teachers should stop and think, and ask where this is all coming from and where it is leading. These questions are important as teachers are the communicators of knowledge to our innocent children. I have problems when I still find that our African teachers still teach our African children that Jesus is white when the rest rest of the world knows that Jesus was never white. This by extension means that a black child grows up worshiping a white god and not the Almighty God. What will walking 200 km achieve except to send to send a message to their god the white man that they have no money because of Mugabe. If they they were taught that Jesus was black and God is not white, they would teach teach children to be creators of wealth just like any other race, Chinese, Indian, European etc. God said let us create man inour image and likeness so that he takes dominion of his environment, not to worship another man, let alone his former oppressor.

ADF - 12 August 2016

ADF Your comments smack of a strain of idiocy. These highly racist (and plagiarised !) rants of yours have been the staple offal offered to Zimbabweans by ZANU (PF) for over 30 years. What is the outcome of such rhetoric for the nation and for us as individuals ? Economic decay and nation wide shame. No wonder tajamuka....

TruthSaid - 12 August 2016

ADF, is your problem the prescription your doctor gave you or you are still to see a doctor? Exactly what are you on about? You believe that if children had been taught that Jesus was black, then as a country, we wouldn't be where we are? You really got issues.

Max Kufakwejeyi - 12 August 2016

On this one ,RTUZ has lost the plot here.Thorough consultation is needed here.

PURUTANAI - 12 August 2016

On this one ,RTUZ has lost the plot here.Thorough consultation is needed here.

PURUTANAI - 12 August 2016

most of these idiots masquedering as rural teachers bribed their way into teachers colleges,after fauling to bribe their way to urban schools these shameless people think they can march against our icon,ask any black businessman,we are grateful for the opportunity his excellency gave us to participate in the economy,he has gone further by empowering us with land,every sane person knows teaching is a thankless job,the president dumped the profession to purse greener pastures,so why are yu stuck there?everybody knows there is no money there,instead of wasting peoples time,the rural teachers could spend their holidays well by registering for block release programmes in the many universities the president has delivered and improving their qualifications

truth - 13 August 2016

@ Truth, i bet you don't have children of your own.If those teachers leave their job as you suggest, who will teach your own children if you have them? Worse still, for them to become teachers, they had qualifications which you don't have yourself apart from sloganeering and party card.Your own qualification is a mere 6 months training, training to kill innocent people.If they have a case to march for, why would it bother you when at the end of the month you get your salary and they don't?

Tahir Iqbal - 13 August 2016

Dont tarnish the name of teachers. RTUZ is not all teachers. We dont even know it. Dailynews, report appropriately.

Simbiso - 13 August 2016

the education field has been evaded by by parocial money-hungry idiots who masquander as teachers. Teaching is a calling. have been in it for 28 years and producing 100% pass rates anually. I have built mansions and degreed all my own children since 2009 with the said merger salaries. Work hard and don't expect mana from government. Musashandiswa nanaMawarire , his purse is fat and good, mazukuru vake vatodyavo. Money mongers pliz stay away from the field and 'enjoy' ill perceived democracy nanaMawarire and other 'blind' democrats. Pasi nemhunzamusha.We want to enjoy our peace please!

Chimurenga Tawandisa O. - 13 August 2016

Rural teachers please demostrate against the illegal sanctions that have eroded our teaching status and the general well being of every citizen. When ZiDERA crafted the Zimbabwweans who were present after calling for sanctions in the Congress were told that sanctions are more lethal than an atomic bomb because they affect every citizen and the unborn. The present situation is the product of sanctions, which were precipitated by the oposition MDC party in an effort to wrestle power from the revolutionary party which has an aim of enriching the masses including the rural teacher. Rural teachers your target is US embasy NOT our beloved, peace maker and indigenioser His Excellency President R.G. Mugabe and the innocent Zimbabwean children in schools .Puwai mari mudye makanyarara and don't waste your God-given energy to march for the advancement of a FEW individual's egos.

Chimurenga Tawandisa O. - 13 August 2016

@chimurenga - your 100% pass rates must be fake, just by picking obvious errors in your rant. If you are a genuine teacher you would be agitating for improved conditions of service not the political banter you are trying to sell here.

Sagitarr - 15 August 2016

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