Opposition to Mugabe rises

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s stunning fall-out with war veterans and his panicking Zanu PF government’s savage crackdown on the restless former freedom fighters is proving to be a substantial early Christmas gift for the nonagenarian’s growing band of critics.

Disaffected Zanu PF supporters, opposition parties and pro-democracy activists who spoke to the Daily News yesterday all made it clear that the fall-out between Mugabe and war veterans was an unexpected political boon for them.

This comes as the ex-combatants — whose leadership is reeling from a brutal crackdown by the government after they served divorce papers on Mugabe about two weeks ago — have overnight found favour with Mugabe’s critics despite their hitherto long and close association with the increasingly isolated Zanu PF strongman.

In an unprecedented show of solidarity with the under-fire former freedom fighters, both opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC and former FROM P1

Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) joined hundreds of civic society leaders in attending the bail hearing of war veterans’ spokesperson Douglas Mahiya on Monday — following his arrest last week after Mugabe had said the government would punish the vets for issuing a damning communiqué which ended their long relationship with the nonagenarian.

“The war veterans’ fallout with Mugabe represents the collapse of the last pillar of support for Mugabe and a massive disintegration of Zanu PF which creates a turning point opportunity for various groups to build national consensus on the need to end Mugabe’s rule and initiate national dialogue on a roadmap to credible, free and fair elections.

“There is no time to waste. Zimbabwe is on the precipice and needs Zanu PF to admit failure and engage key stakeholders to retrieve the country from the brink of civil war and total collapse,” said senior researcher with the New York-based Human Rights Watch, Dewa Mavhinga.

The MDC said now was the time to unite and bring to an end Mugabe’s rule.

“As a nation, we need to holistically look at this horrific abuse of the citizenry and objectively calculate how far we can go at this rate,” said MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa, who was at the court on Monday to support Mahiya.

“The courts are supposed to be the oasis of effective justice, the last pillar of self-defence by a tormented people, but it would appear that this pillar is being tested and shaken. I have come to the conclusion that as a people, we have lost everything we possibly could in this country.

“We have lost our dignity, our legacy, identity and livelihood. More fundamentally, we have lost a country as we have also lost a lot of time. We need our nation back.

“We need our pride back and with it, our Ubuntu. We are a great people, but we have been driven to a point where we have nothing else to lose. And I mean it,” he added.

Mujuru’s spokesman, Gift Nyandoro, said the crackdown on war veterans could not go unchallenged as ZPF believed that attacking one war veteran amounted to an attack on all former freedom fighters.

“She (Mujuru) has been very clear that Zimbabweans have to believe in inclusivity, she believes that there is strength in unity and she believes that if we can join hands we can enjoy a better Zimbabwe and remove this monster (Mugabe and Zanu PF) from power,” Nyandoro told the Daily News yesterday.

“The reason why she went to the court on Monday is self explanatory because what is being attacked is the essence of a true war veteran. Those war veterans are genuine war veterans who are failing to get the reason why they went to war in the first place. The war veterans fought a bitter struggle against the colonial regime for one man one vote and to ensure that all Zimbabweans enjoy their rights. The prosecution of war veterans shows that Mugabe has lost the direction of the liberation struggle and why that war was fought.

“She had to go and stand together with fellow colleagues in their time of persecution. She believes that if you attack one war veteran, you would have attacked all of them,” Nyandoro added.

Pro-democracy groups also said Mugabe’s fight with the war veterans signalled the end of a political marriage which at its peak was formidable in crushing all opposition to the ruling party.

“The Mugabe regime has been tough to beat for the opposition precisely because it was built not just on patronage and repression, but on solidarities, ties and ideologies forged during the shared experience of both colonisation and the liberation struggle,” said civic leader McDonald Lewanika.

“The collapse of these historic bonds means Zanu PF is weaker, and while it can still rely on patronage and repression, both have thresholds and are not as strong as the historical post bonds with veterans.

“It might not really be open season yet on Zanu PF, but a real opportunity exists and can be leveraged, but only if the opposition doesn’t have the same weaknesses as Zanu PF,” the former Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition executive director added.

“What is needed at the moment for forces opposed to Mugabe is a principled unity of purpose that puts the country first before egos. Is this the right time? Yes, there is no time like the present,” Lewanika told the Daily News.

Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain in April 1980, is facing the biggest challenge of his political career, amid swelling public anger and the nasty fall-out with the former freedom fighters, the bulwark of his rule for many years.

The ex-combatants last month issued a damning communiqué ending their relationship with their patron, in a move which rocked the nonagenarian and Zanu PF to their foundations.

The panicking government has responded to this by swooping on the war veterans’ leadership, in a brutal crackdown which has drawn outrage and widespread condemnation not just in Zimbabwe, but also around the world.

“The former freedom fighters, accused of killing and harassing opposition supporters and aiding and abetting violence which kept Mugabe in power in past elections, are now seen as important cogs in ending Mugabe’s rule by the nonagenarian’s political foes.

Zimbabwe is currently in the middle of an economic meltdown which has seen thousands of companies closing down and hundreds of thousands of employees losing their jobs in the process.

Banks are also running out of cash, prompting Mugabe’s desperate government to plan the introduction of bond notes which will start circulating in October.

The mass action against the long-ruling Zimbabwean leader and his under fire government also comes as thousands of unemployed university graduates, some of whom are trying to eke out a difficult living as street vendors, also plan to protest in the capital today — demanding the 2,2 million jobs that Zanu PF promised in the run up to the hotly disputed 2013 national elections.

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If you think a guerilla leader can be removed by demonstrations, protests and posting on social media, then you are a lot worse than the perceived dictator. Mudhara haana kwaari kuenda uyu!

masvina - 3 August 2016

rhobhati is like a car travelling against traffic in a one way lane! everything & everyone is rising against him. unemployment is rising, corruption is rising, poverty is ever rising, economic crises is worsening, the PEOPLE are rising, wo vets are rising, churches are rising, everything, name it, its rising! and the old man is marooned in his myopic realm were everything against him is fronting a third or fifth force!

SaManyika Chaiye - 3 August 2016

You could have thought Mugabe would do better than Trump in respecting our Heroes who fought for the liberation of country. Zvino rwadza sei kubaiya ne munhu wawaitemba. Hapana chisingapere chokwadi. History has proved that over and over and over many many times!! SHINGA ZIMBABWE!!

Mukariba - 3 August 2016

the next in line to rise-up is bellamine & rg jnr, but by the time they do so it will be too late!

SaManyika Chaiye - 3 August 2016

Since 1980 the first opposition to ZANU PF rule was never from a black Zimbabwean or an African person. It was from whites and later on blacks, WHY? It only takes the enlightened to see and acknowledge the facts of a long-term strategy. Why would any black person not want to rule himself? Because someone tells him/her that Africans can not rule themselves. Cecil John Rhodes said the whole of Africa from Cape to Cairo should be ruled by the British because Africans don't know the value of their resources; they also don't know what they are worth as people. He made sure he was buried in a rock on one of his farms called Southern Rhodesia so that he can oppose any genuine move towards any sustainable African rule. Rhodes rules Africa from Zimbabwe. When Mugabe said let us take the farms who said, NO? Why? Cecil John Rhodes was very strategic, even the descendents of the Africans he cheated, killed and oppressed have joined him in opposing self rule. Rhodes is causing havoc from his grave at Matopos. #RHODES MUST GO!!

ADF - 3 August 2016

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Clapton Ngwete Nyamunganga - 3 August 2016

ADF, do you by any chance mean that Africans resisting the leadership of blacks who has presided over the downfall of once great nations like Zim is resisting self rule. A big NO.Africa has great leaders such as Madibanot some fool who thinks he is the only one capable of leading. If you read your history carefully it you will see that it is selfish African leaders that has impoverished Africa and its people,from the days of slavery to present leaders who will do everything possible to remain in power. Rhodes is dead, burried and forgotten . He didn't loot from Chiyadzwa,he didn't cause Rwandan genocide, he didn't kidnap Nigerian school girls.

ZIGGY ZIGAWO - 3 August 2016

ADF iwe.....vakambopenga here....vakafunda kupi history yako iri upside down....isu we are lack....iwe unoziwa here kuti there are about 1 million zimbabweans cables of being president of this Nation zimbabwe....Tine vanhu vane zvikoro......hapana zvaunotaura iwe we have all people to make us go foward as a nation....teachers .nurses...doctors...good soldiers, business people good managers what is mugabe alone taking us on the wrong direction....we have better drivers.....iwe ADF Kana usina zvaunoziwa usataure history dzekumama.....murungu mutema hazvinabasa we need a knowledgeables president not you and your Old fake mugabe whom i doudt can even read and write

dofo - 3 August 2016

@ ADF I think you have gone into overdrive mode with the blame game. Blaming Cecil Rhodes for the current gross mismanagement of the country by zanu pf under leadership of mugabe is pure nonsense. There are good black leaders on this african continent, of which mugabe is not one of them. When it comes to brutality mugabe is twice if not thrice more than the colonisers. I will bet with my last bond coin there is nothing of material value inside that grave which zanu pf people think they can loot. Economy cannot be solved by mythical means. There are so many rocks in the country any person can start drilling his rock if he wants to be buried there. 15 billion Rhodes, willogate rhodes, Zinara Rhodes, Chiadzwa Rhodes, poor agriculture rhodes, GVT parastatals Rhodes , please give us a break and leave this greatest visionary imperialist to rest in peace. Blacks are against misrule and not self rule.

X-MAN IV - 3 August 2016

@ZIGGY ZIGAWO & dofo, if a friend of yours borrows your father's portrait for a day and brings it back with the colour of your now white and not black as before do you say, "Thank you my father now looks much better", or do you take him to task for tempering with the image of your father?

ADF - 3 August 2016

My my everyone here has lost focus! Just happy to see some light at the end of the tunnel unless of course Load Shedding extinguishes it. The Old Man is Toast one way or another and to hell with his dynasty

Nooshie - 3 August 2016

ADF you are very very wrong its upside down what you say ....believe your self be good/be morally good be knowealegle white black images does not mater so you believe Mugabe......that man I tell you is lost ......iam always telling you if you do not to be part of the whiteman then to start with mugabe himself must remove /get rid of white man items......all expensive things,suites ,all clothes and medications are for the white people even his House in borrowdale must distroy it and build a hut with logs and muddy......after that totora nhembe,neshashiko totanga zvedu zvechiwanhu zvaanoda nezvinoda iwewe ADF ....isutinoda warungu wese wauye ...macompanys ovhura zimdollar mari yedu yeve ne value and also accepted by other nations hapana zvaunotaura iwewe muchinda saka iwe unoti mugabe ndiye anoona what is right and wrong for us iwewe kana uri zidofo risinga ziwi usafunge kuti vanhu vese takadaro.....isusu nevamwe we are able to make shure everyone in zimb is fed well, is working jobs plenty ,, contolling nad managing our natural resources for the benefit of all zimb ,planty medication teacher and all civil service well paid and on time matome ose takabata nekuti tinechikoro and know and aware of how the economy /or country works kwete zvako ADF ibva mudima rauri iro.....isu tinozvigona plus kuziwa....manje haunyari kugara mudima......kana chiricho chikoro chemunofundiswa neZANU PF.......MUCHAPEDZA Monanzviswa magaro na president wenyu achikunyeperai kudaro zvakafanana....how come ano kuudza zva cicil John Rhodes akafa kare kuti anoku contoller iwewe haufungi zvokuita zvakanaka wega ,mutemo,,hauiziwi here,,,respect everyone,,,,,work hard...love others kwete zvako izvozvo zvekusaziwa/go to school and have confidence iwewe ADF ,usanyora zvekupenga .

dofo - 3 August 2016

@dofo, I asked a simple question, If your friend borrows your father's picture and brings it back a day later your father now looking white do you jump for joy and throw a party to celebrate, or patoita nyaya hombe?

ADF - 3 August 2016

ADF You should be asking Mugabe that question of tempering with what was supposed to be our Freedom and Independence. Where is the equal distribution of wealth to the masses, health to the masses, education to the masses. etc.etc etc etc. Ask him what ever happened to the the promised "Bread and Basket of Africa". ADF you are just a distraction stopping people from focusing on real issues facing us as a nation and people. Dai Mwari aziya hake atora vakaitasewe . Uri chipfukuto chino dyira ne kumamira pachiri. Zvinura mhani....dhemeti !!

Mukariba - 4 August 2016

what opposition to his excellency?a foulmouthed youngster in the form of lumumba,or a pastor who cries whilst giving interviews in south africa,this country is not for the fainthearted,lives were lost,and only the president can gurantee peace and prosperity ,counterrevolutionaries will always be there,its takes a dull idiot like @samanyika or @ dofo not to know that western intelligence services the likes of CIA or MI6 have budgets dedicated to destabilisation of african countries,as zimbabweans we will resist all evil machinations by the west and their stooges local the likes of tsvangirai and his clueless followers,we will only respect homegrown opposition and not opposition created to advance foreign agendas,to our president we say hold on tight,the road to independence was never a stroll in the rose garden

truth - 4 August 2016

ADF and truth misunu yabonyoko etshwabheneyo.

Masende Enkunzi - 4 August 2016

everything & everyone have risen now, despite the fact that there still is a few maggots that are still kneeling on the fateful blood spattered alter of oppression. even some well known sections are now referring to rhobhati as mr mugabe instead of the often misplaced title of 'cde' that they prefix a man who claims to be a wo vet yet he does not have a nom de guire. the Pharaoh tried this, Herod also tried it, the babylonian dynasty also did it, hitler did it, mussolin did it and so did idi amin & sani abacha to mention but just a few. if anyone cares to find out, please check how it ended for all these guys.

SaManyika Chaiye - 4 August 2016

musaswera kupindira vasina zvekutaira vakaitwa brainwashe namugabe Vasiyei vakadaro imbwa dzamugabe dzichiri kudya dzichiguta pazvichaoma dzichatizira musango kuita zvimbwa mupengo Nokuti mhunhu chaiya anofunga nezveramangwana handioni achisapota zanupf Together we stand divided we fall RISE UP ZIMBA BWE #GO MUGABE GO

diehard - 4 August 2016

mugabe is worse than smith we have to admit this. evrything that smith did was on people with no connections to him. if mugabe uses that same brute force that smith used the n mugabe becomes worse because he is doing it to his own. we dont want to fight incline your eye to us and have this country leap to another level of glory.

john magobo - 4 August 2016

Historically Zimbabweans like their counterpart South African are not migratory individuals, however due to Mugabe's misrule, they have became so dispersed with other having settled in neighbouring countries as South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. They are not all living in dignified settlements, others have meet unprecedented suffering, xenophobic attacks, families and property destroyed. However this is because of untenable political risk that the Zimbabweans face in their home countries. The Citizen have no choice, face starvation or face all kinds of attacks in foreign countries. The Mugabe regime has moved from being a once people's choice even though it was not absolute choice as there are some gossips of the 1980 elections being rigged in favor of ZANLA forces. But with time people had to learn to live with that and give the ZANU PF a chance. As times progressed, ZANLA now ZANU PF went back to their dirty war practices of beating, killing and causing to disappear perceived enemies. As their political fortunes decreased the pool of their enemies increased, and the rate of death and disappearances increased. The stakes became higher and higher, Mugabe increased to be more isolated from the people. Now the last bunch to desert him are the war vets.

amina - 4 August 2016

..... the day is coming Tyrant men shall be overthrown & the fruitful fields of Zimbabwe Shall be ours upon the day.....

Changamire Dombo - 4 August 2016

Even if Bob does not go n lives to 300yrs....he is working for himself and his kids n their kids. Only th ordinary man will suffer coz he will feed from crumbs falling frm th Kings table. Muchadya misoro yemadhongi kana musina brain and foresight

Dhewa - 4 August 2016

The zanu junta only understands one language, that of violence. Only an armed opposition will remove this junta in Zimbabwe. Demos and tweets alone are a waste of time.

Dr Marujata - 4 August 2016

@ TRUTH , you need to come back to your senses. You still hallucinate that our problems are foreign sponsored. You cant even think of corruption and misappropriation of state resources. OK is you do not believe in existence of the 2, then let me ask you 2 simple questions. QUESTION 1 During the GNU the Zimbabwean economy was back on recovery, what do you think was contributing to that? answers . a) Removal of illegal Sanctions, b) There was renewed confidence in the political and socio economic landscape of that time, c) None of the above. QUESTION 2 After the GNU from 2013 onwards, the Zimbabwean economy started going on a downward spiral. In your opinion what caused that? a) Sanctions only, b) Corruption and Mismanagement of state resources as well as lack of confidence by investors in current business policies, C) Non of the above.

Melisa - 5 August 2016

ani nani asati aona kuti nyika yaondongewa nevanhu vari corrupt anotorwara kana kuti ari kudya wo zviri kubirwa vanhu nevanhu vane utsinye avo

masvingo - 5 August 2016

Truth ngochani yaBob ane dhiziri kuChinhoyi

Justice - 10 August 2016

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