Mnangagwa dumps allies

HARARE - Beleaguered Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday moved to publicly disown his allies again, as he battles to save his political career — saying contrary to suggestions by his Zanu PF foes, he remained loyal to President Robert Mugabe and had no intention of pushing the nonagenarian out of power.

Mnangagwa jettisoned his followers, who have been rooting for him to take over from Mugabe for the second time in a week, while addressing a press conference at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday where the independent media was barred from attending the press event.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday last night said the embattled VP’s move to ditch his followers would leave many party bigwigs “exposed” and prone to being “picked off politically, one by one”.

Mnangagwa had also apparently barred the private media from being present at his press conference because he allegedly feared being asked searching questions and at the same time wanted to avoid “any perceptions that he is using” the independent press to advance his mooted higher office ambitions.

In the end, the media briefing — which was only covered by the Sunday Mail and ZBC — was said to have been convened in response to last week’s calls by Mugabe that it was important for Zanu PF leaders who stood accused of plotting to oust the nonagenarian from power to publicly dissociate themselves from any such nefarious activities.

The sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday said Mnangagwa had, in actions allegedly reminiscent of his “cowardly manoeuvres” when trouble followed the so-called Tsholotsho Declaration in 2004 where the VP was also accused of trying to grab power from Mugabe, “completely disowned” all those operating under the Team Lacoste label who have been rallying behind his mooted presidential ambitions.

“By all accounts, Mnangagwa has done what Mnangagwa always does, which is to look after his own skin and feed his allies to the crocodiles, excuse the pun. He also only invited State media to his press conference because that sector is packed with members of his faction who are fighting his nemeses, the G40.

“Ngwena (Mnangagwa) blamed everyone else except himself in the current fallout over the recent utterances by war veterans. He completely denied having any relationship with those saying he must take over as president, hoping to convince the president that he is not afraid of speaking publicly against his allies,” one of sources said.

“He realised that keeping quiet in perpetuity over the current ructions would not help him one bit because his G40 enemies were continuing to use his silence against him,” the source added.

Mnangagwa’s media briefing to State media yesterday followed stunning accusations by Manicaland Provincial minister Mandi Chimene during Mugabe’s meeting with Zanu PF supporters in Harare last week where she fingered the Midlands godfather for being the leader of the Team Lacoste faction in the party’s brutal succession war.

It was when he spoke thereafter that Mugabe directed Mnangagwa to come clean “so that the people have confidence in us as leaders”.

“It is also up to us as leaders to always come clean and deny these accusations rather than keeping quiet so that people will have confidence in us,” the nonagenarian said to his aide of nearly five decades.

In her no-holds-barred blitzkrieg against Mnangagwa, Chimene said to his face that the VP and his allies should be expelled from the warring ruling party.

“Forward with expelling rebels. Down with keeping them in the party!” she shouted to cheers from Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF foes.

Likening the VP to an animal, she said all problem animals were culled at the country’s national parks — adding that Zanu PF also needed to implement the same process to deal with “problem animals”.

“Crocodiles must remain in the water. They must stay in the river. They must not stay with the people. Zanu PF is not a dam for crocodiles,” she said coldly.

Chimene went further saying it was allegedly clear that Mnangagwa was the leader of the so-called Team Lacoste Zanu PF faction, adding that the VP was also the alleged head of a 2004 rebellion against Mugabe which came to be known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

“The Tsholotsho Declaration was being led by Mnangagwa and now Team Lacoste is also being led by Mnangagwa. For how long are we going to keep on pampering one another?

“Some of your ministers are now well-known that they do not support you (Mugabe). We now have two governments. What are we supposed to do?” Chimene asked, also calling for an extra-ordinary Zanu PF congress to deal with the party’s increasingly deadly succession challenge.

“We fail to understand how we are supposed to behave. So, your people are asking for an extra-ordinary congress in light of the current problematic situation so that we vote and deal with the issue once and for all.

“It will not be a problem. If you think organising a congress will be expensive, we can actually do the process now and let people choose the leader of their choice. We are tired of threats.

“We are now asking that you expel those that are plotting against you (Mugabe) because you have the powers to appoint and remove these leaders. And if that fails, we can assist you through an extra-ordinary congress,” Chimene said.

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haaone here kuti naiyewo akutokicker away from vp and apparently from the presidency race vachishandisa iyoyi nyaya yekuti angaachishanda ne lacoste. pake patoperawo iye. three times office ichipindwa haaone here kuti iG40 yaiita izvi

jojo - 31 July 2016

@viola gwena,tete the dailynews which by its own admission did not attend the press briefing tells us yu have been disowned,is there any truth?or cde ED like the intelligence kingpin he is cannot stand up and admit to leading a faction?tete is there a team lacoste or its a figment of the imagination of the 'dailymnangagwa news'?

truth - 31 July 2016

Kusada kufunda zvichisanganisa nokurara ndiko kuno netsa vazhinji vanoti zanu-pf, zanu-pf. Chitepo akaurawa, Tongogara akapondwa, kozouya Mujuru akagochwa. What more lessons should a man learn , I mean a man who dedicates his life to this party led by the man who claims its due to his grace that we have the air we breathe.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 31 July 2016

@Truth.whether there is Lacoste n G40 or not,what is glaring is the question of why Mr Mugabe is reluctant to deal wth leadership issues of corruption and succesion.That is the issue at stake.Yu may decimate ngwena,which I doubt yu have the capacity,bt becoz the issue is on leadership,questions will always remain.The situation is made worse in that the G40 has no leader capable of being a leader.Besides Mr Mugabe theris non.

viola gwena - 31 July 2016

We the comrades,want Zanu to catch up wth other liberation movements in SADC.Simple.Leadership renewal.Thats all we want.Is that a crime.Mr Mugabe has had good tyme.Its tyme to hand over.Pass it on.Thats leadership.Its not only mnangagwa who is capable.Plenty in Zanu.

viola gwena - 31 July 2016

I did not realise that the crocodile was the only animal without a spine...

BTW - 31 July 2016

I see nothing before me now but death. I am struck to the heart by this blow for having seen the beginning and end of the golden age Ngwena was preparing for us. We slip again into the hands of His Excellency the only President who drives a country forward while looking at the rear view mirror. To Ngwena, while I know your actions are cowardly and painful to your many followers, retreat is necessary. The bible says a life that a live dog is better than a dead lion for with life there is hope. By saving your life you are giving yourself a chance to live, a chance to fight another day. One day you will succeed. We may scatter for now but we shall regroup for we have a responsibility to move the country forward. Mugabe cannot take us one step further. He is unfortunately an economic disaster.

Viva Unidade - 31 July 2016

This is very childish and silly. How does holding a press conference declaring that one does not lead a faction change? It's not like a faction holds meetings or rallies but politicians naturally align themselves to a leader they think will take over so that when he does take over they get good posts. With Mugabe 92 and not getting any younger strategic politicians will align themselves with whoever they think will take over by just making sure that leader knows they have their support. To stop this Mugabe himself should formulate a proper succession plan and the better leaders will always be in the new leadership without necessarily being in a faction. So nothing changes here by this press conference, its only that Mugabe is childish and so it will serve him well.

Inyika - 31 July 2016

It is darkest before dawn!

Membathisi - 31 July 2016

@viola gwena,tete am a faithful disciplined cadre of zanu pf,i dont belong to any faction but rally behind the incumbent leader in this case the iconic RG,please be rest assured that in the unlikely event of cde ED ascending to the helm of the party i will support him fully because my membership of zanu pf trumps individuals and i will take to this platform to defend him,in the meantime tete lets all root for the incumbent because congress after congress cde ED has failed to avail himself for election

truth - 1 August 2016

Mnangagwa just like Mujuru and Tsvangirai have got a big problem of not understanding the strategy of the white man to continue exploiting Zimbabweans and their resources. The ministers, parastatal CEOs, church leaders, professionals can not understand Mugabe's vision of empowering the black Africans, they think it is for their personal benefit. Mugabe understands the deception in the UN and the subversion agenda of NGOs while they, Mnangagwa, etc think Mugabe is too old to understand today's global village. The white man is dangerous!! NEVER, never ever you forget about slavery and colonialism.

ADF - 1 August 2016

@ADF you sound very fanatic spewing jingoistic flames, what vision does RGM have. 36 years have passed whilst he has been at the helm. Singapore achieved their high service vision is 20 years. If you revile everything about the whiteman better revert to the stone age otherwise you remain a hypocrite.

Sagitarr - 1 August 2016

The crocodile has twice done it...deserting his spineless!!

Timothy - 1 August 2016

EDM, as state in his middle name Dambuzo, troubles/problems in shona. ED has been deceived by RGM for long, while in Mozambique, he was in charge of the security, while RGM would be busy with Sally, or Fay Chung or such similar girls. He would scheme to put potential threats to RGM's hold on to power. Execution and accidents or arrest or poisoning of likes of Gen Tongo, Gen Mujuru, Lookout Masuku, Morris Nyagumbo, brig Gunda and such similar important figure. Now he has again deserted those fighting for his cause. I guess it time peopel desert him, give their support to Joice Mujuru, MT, Dabengwa or similar personalities.

amina - 1 August 2016

@ Truth.We must put faith n remain faithfull in the party than individuals.The party needs to progress,not to die wth a character.As an educated youngman ,yu dnt need lecturing on leadership renwal.Its in political science, economics, all faculties empharsize on the Importance of leadership in organisations.If us the older generation have to enlighten yu the younger gen,on this ,then God help future generations.The next leader will enjoy this.As a party we need to respect parameters,the law and ubuntu,nyadzi in shona.Yu cannot defy all lodgic just for the love of power.Yestaday it was Mujuru ,now Mnangagwa.There will be another one,trust me on that,untill we Mr Mugabe accepts change in the party.There wont be an end to this.Its gonna get worse.

viola gwena - 1 August 2016

Chimene rambai muchidira mvura inopisa mudziva mamhanyiro aita ngwena ichi crosa to another dziva anotyisa, dirai madziva ose yava kuzobuda yoga.

Lacost - 1 August 2016

Banda behaved axactly the same,refusing to hand over to John Tembo.He wuld threaten all by calling those oposed to him as"meat for crocodiles"Young pioneers ,a group of rogue party yuth,wuld be unleashed on party members who opposed Banda.His mistress Amai kadzamira was reluctant for Tembo to take over.At the end the whole banda party lost free elections supervised by UN.Banda had become senile not knowing what was going on.Mama Kadzamira lost,John Tembo lost,plus Banda himself.Lets not go there Zanu.Lets take CCM n Nyerere way.

viola gwena - 1 August 2016

Mr Mugabe (Banda),Mnangagwa( John Tembo),Grace Mugabe( Mama Kadzamira) Yuth league( young pioneers) womens league ( Mbumba).2 sides of the same coin.

viola gwena - 1 August 2016

Tete Viola, vadzidzisei vapfana ava ma born free (Truth and his team) ane ma PHD eku defender nonsense. Zimbabwe will outlive Robert Mugabe despite his efforts to take it and his party to the grave. Let us ensure that it does not die with him. Kukundwa na Professor Moyo vanyarara zvavo mazuva ano.

Viva Unidade - 1 August 2016

J.Moyo is a political profesor bt I dnt know how he cant see further president mr mugabe.The hand of Britain,France and UN is looming large on next elections.They are very keen now.more than befo.Just a small excuse they are in.mark my words.

viola gwena - 1 August 2016


phew - 1 August 2016

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