Jean Masters takes up the challenge

HARARE - Afro-fusion artiste Jean Masters has challenged female artistes to match the hype and style associated with album launches by established male music stars.

The songstress believes female artistes have a lot to learn from Jah Prayzah’s marketing blitz of the his forthcoming album titled Mudhara Vachauya which is set to be launched at Harare International Conference Centre on August 12.

“Jah Prayzah is doing a great marketing job of his forthcoming album launch. Alick Macheso and Leonard Zhakata also had great build-ups to their album launches.

“Macheso and Zhakata’s album launches were held in style and am very sure Jah Prayzah’s album launch will be a spectacular one,” said Jean Masters.

The Misi Haifanani singer said female artistes have to double up their efforts to gain footholds in a patriarchal society where men call the shots.

“Fans are biased towards the music of men from time immemorial. Take for instance only music from men dominated the industry during the times of Marshal Munhumumwe, John Chibadura even though very good female artiste were there.

“However, we cannot keep on crying but we have to prove that women can also do it,” she said.

A confident Jean Masters told the Daily News on Sunday that her album launch set for September will rival some of the best ever held in this country. Masters will unveil her latest and third album Upenyu Makata on September 1 at Jazz 24/7 in Harare.

“I want to create as much hype as possible just like what top male artistes do. On the day of the launch, we shall have a convoy of cars moving along streets of Harare promoting the event and the new album. We have several sponsors on board already,” she said.

Just like most female singers, Jean Masters said she had been held back by lack of resources.

“A poor man is better than a poor woman. If you do not have resources some men take it as an opportunity for them to seek sexual favours from you. Luckily for me I have managed to buy my own public address system which has empowered me in a very big way,” she said.

Jean Masters began her musical journey as a lead vocalist to the Seasons Band but Zimbabweans only began to take her seriously after she took part in the production of the late Joe Master’s Mashabhini in 2010.

  “I derived most of my inspiration from Jay (Joe) Masters. He was very supportive and stood by me until I recorded my debut solo album Africa,” said the mother of one who featured music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, Suluman Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah on her Misi Haifanane album.”