Mujuru savages Mugabe again

HARARE - In a sensational outburst, former Vice President and now Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru, says President Robert Mugabe must explain a myriad of abductions and disappearances of citizens critical of his rule since the nonagenarian assumed power in April 1980.

This comes as Mugabe has in recent weeks been threatening to crack down savagely on his political foes and other critics, including using primitive and extra-judicial suppression methods that his ruling Zanu PF incorporated during the liberation struggle in the 1970s — such as incarcerating dissenters in inhuman underground dungeons where they were forced to live like caged rats.

In a statement yesterday responding to Mugabe’s ominous Wednesday threats against pro-democracy activists and war veterans who have served divorce papers on him, Mujuru demanded that the long-ruling strongman tells the nation the whereabouts of several Zimbabweans who have gone missing after being abducted by suspected State security agents.

“We are shocked as Zimbabwe People First by Mugabe’s rants. It is quite alarming that, of late, he has been using the spectre of macabre and grossly horrifying human rights abuses perpetrated by him, his government and his merchants of violence to ward off political opposition to his rule,” Mujuru said through spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire.

ZPF also said Zimbabweans had every reason to be worried by Mugabe’s threats given that the increasingly-isolated and frail nonagenarian had unfettered control over the State’s coercive levers of power.

“We believe that Mugabe’s threats are not hollow, or just the rants of an old, tired and desperate leader. We are fully aware that there are citizens who have disappeared and up to now there is no trace of where they are being held, if they are still alive.

“Names that quickly come to mind are Rashiwe Guzha and Itai Dzamara because these were widely publicised ... there are many who did not get the publicity that the two got, but are still missing, and their families are living with the pain of their inexplicable disappearance every day,” the party said.

What worried many citizens the most, Mujuru added, was that Mugabe’s threats were directed at his critics who were raising their concerns well within the provisions of the country’s Constitution, which was the supreme law of the land.

Following Mugabe’s stunning fallout with war veterans who are rallying behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from the nonagenarian — which saw the former freedom fighters issuing a scathing communiqué — the leaders of the restless ex-combatants, Victor Matemadanda and Douglas Mahiya, were promptly nabbed and incarcerated.

Mahiya has already appeared in court, facing allegations of insulting Mugabe, while Matemadanda is yet to be charged.

Last month, Mugabe also responded to the growing dissent among war veterans by threatening to unleash on them an orgy of violence akin to the brutal massacre of an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians by the military during the Gukurahundi era in the early 1980s, mainly in Matabeleland and the Midlands.

Soon after this, Mugabe also threatened popular #ThisFlag campaigner, Pastor Evan Mawarire, and other clergymen who had criticised his increasingly autocratic rule.

As a result, Mawarire has since fled to South Africa, while other critics have gone underground in fear of official reprisals.

“After Mugabe’s boastful revelation at his party’s headquarters on the 27th of July, the temptation that we now have is to believe that Mugabe’s revelation that he used to throw political opponents in some underground dungeons during the war also explains the disappearances that we witness today.

“What can stop him now if he used to do that to his fellow comrades? We are afraid that if he could do that to his comrades, what of opposition political figures?” ZPF said in its statement yesterday.

It also challenged Mugabe “to realise that he is in his position not because of the mighty of the army, police or any other security section that he wants to unleash on the people”, but was president, even though this title was contestable, “because of the vote by the people he now threatens with underground dungeons and other inhuman and dastard pogroms”.

“We therefore call on Mugabe to desist from his thuggish behaviour, cease to intimidate political opponents and as a leader promote the enjoyment of civic and political rights by citizens as espoused by the new Constitution that he signed into effect, without fear of any retribution from Zanu PF, government or any such organ that he heads,” it said.

ZPF also emphasised that no citizen should be arrested for telling Mugabe to leave office or crticising him “whether that person is a war veteran, vendor, church leader or politician”.

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Mwana wenyoka inyoka! A dictator is good at eliminating opposition.... Nothing lasts forever

Dhewa - 30 July 2016

running a country is serious business and to expect the laeder of a country of 14 million citizens to know the whereabouts of a little known activist is idiotic if not hypocritical as the so called critics are yet to demand the whereabouts of many missing zimbabweans starting from those abducted in the liberation war,joice could do well by telling us where our missing diamonds are

truth - 30 July 2016

@truth " a little known activist" That little known activist is someones family just like you to your family.What really going on in that sick head of yours?Seek help and have a heart.

SHAME - 30 July 2016

Recently Mr Mugabe was compared to Lord Jesus The Christ. To me the Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest Teacher ever to walk on planet earth and He lived a blameless life motivated by His Love of His Father in Heaven and us his fellow brothers and sisters. For Mr Mugabe to be comparable to this great Living Son of Man of Holiness he(Mr Mugabe) should have love for us even when we oppose him as was the case with the Lord. The Lord even when He had at his disposal the mighty Heavenly Army he was humble enough to restore the ear Peter had cut off in trying to protect his Master the Lord and went on to reprimand Peter not to be violent even when he faced death.For anyone to be told to view Mr Mugabe in the same way the Living Lord is viewed is next to Blasphemy at its worst.

Amos Chiromo - 30 July 2016

Please Eddison, rise from your grave and come and tell Mugabe that it is neither treasonous nor insulting the president for anyone to say He is incompetent.

Dick mboko - 30 July 2016

I hv bn observing yo comments for a long time u fucken son of a bitch named truth.I blv u should stop commenting on this paper n go to herald u son of Satan.Y do u always support acts of Satanism.Beche ramai vako.u don't hv brains

mudhidhi wako truth - 30 July 2016

varume mese murikutaura paplatform ino munechokwadi here kuti muri varume.....vamugabe vatadza....pane vachada ku ita mapresidents.......vangani vanoti vakapiwa US$1 MILLION yokuita satanism eg Rigging voter..killing people vakaramba mari iyi thats another area we lack most zimbos...we must be people of ethics you guys......satanism ndipo painotangira never do a bad thing ,,,it gona follow you to the grave...iyoyo satanism inoitwa na mugabe ne zanu pf yakatanga kare .....matsotsi ikozvino anonetsa kusunga why? mugabe ndiro tsotsi guru racho...moona ndatarisa zvese mugabe anoita pautongi hwake ndikaona ndoseke ...i went from one university to another trying to find out....zvose zvaanoita hazviko ngezvemusango...his ideas can not work in a modern world like our....zvinopedzisira zvogutsa iye nemhuri yake isu tose toshandira iye nemhuri yake...iye onamira aripo pachigaro ipapo ipa umwe haadi.....iye ngaambagarewo sepovho haadi kuzvinzwa......I urge Ngwena do not wait for that extra ordinary zanu pf meeting be a man tell sekuru....kuti You are In charge give then a peacefull exist do not kill anyone please\\\\\\\\\\

dofo - 30 July 2016

The fact that Mujuru has formed a political party shows that she has been fighting hard to oust the democratically elected president of this country.We will always rally behind you Mr President no matter what!!!!

nxumalo - 30 July 2016

time to get my popcorn out and watch the movie. this is one thrilling action packed block buster. ???

John - 30 July 2016

@Truth, you have no meaningful comments and there of no relevance to us. Every human has a right to life. These people disappeared as a result of government secret service. Mugabe should therefore tell us where these activists are and why he killed them?

Mentalist - 30 July 2016 are such stupid,idiot,rubbish with only 2,5brain insteady of 5,you don't deserve to waste our breathing air here on earth,What're you excectly?a sample of a humanbeing?that's why you wearing torn off pents just like yo Mugabe

Mugabereka - 30 July 2016

I agree with you guys this @truth creature is definately cockeye and eeish ya handisi right .....

Planter - 31 July 2016

you were enjoying life when Mugabe butchered 30k ndebeles in the 1980 and several mdc supporters during the first decade of this century with your husband the second most powerful person in zanu looting quietly. why the hype now amai? you have bllod on your hands as well.

josphat mugadzaweta - 31 July 2016

expecting yours truly to cry crocodile tears over the alleged disapearance of one little known activist who might even have eloped when i lost relatives in the liberation struggle and lots more during the post independence disturbances under the instigation of one ED is ludicrous in the extreme,the hypocrisy that all yu dailynews platformist exhibit is shocking,dzamara was just one attention seeking person who must never be elavated above the gallant sons of zimbabwe butchered by smith,his excellency the president has iniatated a process of national healing and reconcilliation so that the nation heals and moves forward,only idiots whose families benefitted by selling out to smith are against this,equally the idiots whose relatives butchered people during the post independence disturbances and benefitted from the rations of tinned beef and fish and allowances the fifth brigade sent them will never like @truth,and dont ever think that @truth cares if daughters of rhodesian sellouts dont like him,my father fought against all adversity in this country and @truth is guided by the values of the liberation struggle and the 1987 unity accord,so spew all your nonense now that the rations are no longer coming home

truth - 31 July 2016

Truth (Nathaniel/Jonathan) - you have got to be kidding - this is the same old propaganda from thirty years ago. Propaganda that Mugabe used to seize power. BTW - why don't you stand by your comments, by using your real name.

david taylor - 31 July 2016

@david taylor,i think your father was a fifth brigade soldier who during gukurahundi would send you part of his rations froms the campaign,tinned beef etc thats why yu are pained at what @truth says

jojo - 31 July 2016

jojo - CIO or idiot, or both?

david taylor - 31 July 2016

with all those comments i think acting is the best and last way to go

authurmike - 2 August 2016

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