Mugabe declares war on churches, embassies

HARARE - Embattled President Robert Mugabe yesterday risked derailing normalising relations with western governments when he threatened them in a public rant in which he also sent a chilling warning to popular clergyman — Evan Mawarire — who has sought refuge in neighbouring South Africa.

Mugabe was addressing bussed supporters who included villagers and youths who attended yesterday’s hastily-arranged meeting with a faction of war veterans at the Zanu PF headquarters.

The nonagenarian is facing growing pressure from both within and outside Zanu PF to retire as Zimbabwe’s economic crisis deepens.

Mawarire, a local cleric and leader of #ThisFlag campaign and other church leaders have in recent weeks, added their voices to a growing list of people urging Mugabe to quit.

“I want to warn leaders of these churches that are emerging only for the sake of money, the likes of Mawarire that Zanu PF will not tolerate any nonsense done in the name of religion, that once you begin to interfere with our politics you are courting real trouble,” Mugabe said.

“Keep to your religion and we will respect you. We know how to deal with our enemies who have for a long time been itching to effect regime change. We have the means to do that.

“I say to you our people, when these other small (opposition) parties demonstrate out of anger, control yourselves in the knowledge that the police belongs to us so we will ask them to throw them in jail so they can also test life in prison,” he added.

This was the second time, in as many weeks that Mugabe has attacked Mawarire, a brave clergyman who organised a crippling general strike on July 6 which led to attacks by the Zanu PF regime.

Last week on Tuesday, Mugabe, during the burial of his long-time secretary — Charles Utete — addressed Mawarire in disparaging terms and even questioned his beliefs in a rant which critics said betrayed his fear of clerics.

The attacks came barely days after the #ThisFlag campaign leader had been arrested and released on charges which his lawyers and sympathisers said were trumped up.

But the veteran Zanu PF leader yesterday was not done yet with Mawarire who this week announced that he will remain in South Africa for a while as he fears for his safety.

“We will not accept when you incite people to demonstrate so that I can leave office, so that the Zanu PF government relinquishes power,” said Mugabe.

“Which other government will be able to lead the people other than the one led by Zanu PF?” he asked rhetorically.

In a tirade against the western embassies, Mugabe claimed they were working clandestinely with his officials to remove him.

“I also want to warn foreign embassies, the British, French and Americans who are meddling in our politics, although they do so clandestinely, to desist from that.

“The law does not allow them to do that, to do things that amount to attempting to subvert this government, our system. Please stop it, I have got Lady Stop It with me here,” he said referring to his wife, Grace.

Mugabe’s attacks on the western governments come as his government, led by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, is desperately trying to normalise relations with the international community — including some of the countries that were at the receiving end of the Zimbabwean leader.

Zimbabwe needs more than $4 billion to resuscitate its economy which has seen government experiencing severe cash shortages and failing to pay its civil service on time.

Chinamasa was recently in France and Britain, on a mission to woo investors to Zimbabwe.

The two countries were among the governments attacked by Mugabe yesterday.

“These are ambassadors of countries that imposed sanctions on us, so we have said we will kick them out of the country. They do not want to see peace in developing countries,” alleged Mugabe.

“They just want to see chaos; people fighting each (other), terrorism everywhere. British and American ambassadors — what kind of people are they? They are no good for us. Behave and you will be in peace with us. Misbehave and we will kick you in your bottom. It is our country,” he added.

Relations between Harare and most western countries became strained in 2002 after the United States and European Union imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his Zanu PF allies over allegations of human rights abuses and election rigging.

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Yah this old man is now senile. Kupenga chaiko pamberi penyika yese.

Zacc - 28 July 2016

Without the direct involvement and support of the Roman Catholic Church and people like Bishop Donal Lamont, Father Gough, Father Stefanz of Marymount and that Dominican Nun, Sister Mary Aquina who helped facilitate his escape from Rhodesia to Mozambique, I somehow doubt whether he would have ever reached the top? President Mugabe did not seem to mind or object to their involvement in politics then, did he? Even to this very day President Mugabe maintains close links with the Vatican who seem to turn a blind eye to his brutal oppression and all the atrocities committed under his rule? Your day of reckoning is fast approaching President Mugabe.

Mbewa - 28 July 2016

Isnt it a shame, that an ancestor can boast of knowing ways of dealing with citizens who dare yearn for a better life. He is however blank on what to do with the economy that has long tanked. The political arena needs many voices not this narrow, incompetent lot we currently have. If people have self governance then it means all voices must actually be encouraged to come to the fore & from that diversity you can draw on different skills, ideas etc. Only a despot will seek to ideline them and say they should only be interested in their own vocation or career because he doesn't want to be questioned and to be held accountable.

Galore - 28 July 2016

we will not brook any nonsense,the mawarires must not distract us from fullfilling our mandate as given to us by the electorate,its time govt took cue from the israelis by demolishing the homes of troublemakers,we did not arrogate ourselves the powers to rule but the people of zimbabwe overwhelmingly voted us in,its time we took stern action to deal with rabblerousers

truth - 28 July 2016

Mugabe tells lies and is wrong on many fronts: I. He says "the police belong to us", that is inaccurate the police are civil servants who are not an extension of ZANU PF. 2. Mawarire never incited anyone to commit violence 3. Why are Zimbabweans not allowed to protest against tyranny and your failed leadership Mr. President? NB: To all of you the @truth of world, the days will come when you are going to have to account for your contribution to keeping this egomaniac in office.

gudo - 28 July 2016

@gudo,account to a gudo,kkkkkk,this govt is a legitimate govt,unless ofcourse in the unlikely event of a junta by the likes of @gudo overthrows us illegally and i will gladly take my place in accounting why i stand with the majority

truth - 28 July 2016

zvichapera chete .Mugabe chenjera kuoma moyo sa Pharaoh uchaparara iwe nemhuri yako nehondo yako yese .

chivo - 28 July 2016

The likes of Saddam,Gaddaff,Mubarak did the same thing.When it was inevitable that they were fighting a loosing battle,they kept on telling people that they were still in control and they believed their own lie until fate caught up with them.History has a very funny way of repeating itself.

Janana wa Bikaz - 28 July 2016

The likes of Saddam,Gaddaff,Mubarak did the same thing.When it was inevitable that they were fighting a loosing battle,they kept on telling people that they were still in control and they believed their own lie until fate caught up with them.History has a very funny way of repeating itself.

Janana wa Bikaz - 28 July 2016

According to the old man,people are told by the British that they are hungry,told by the British and other Western countries that there is no cash in the banks when it is plenty,told by the British that the health delivery system has collapsed which even the first family doesn't trust hence being treated in the most expensive clinics in developed countries such as Singapore.The list is endless,definitely the country won't recover from its present economic decay as long as the leadership perceive such problems as being manufactured from out side.

Gen. Spinola - 28 July 2016

Come election time, the very same man will be visiting all the churches for support.

Tahir Iqbal - 28 July 2016

Cry my beloved country ......

Chhangamre Dombo - 28 July 2016

Evan never incited anybody to unseat zanu-pf or to act violently. All he asked of people was to make known the facts we all know, some people are starving, they cannot educate their children and in it all the church acknowledged that the zanu-pf govt was elected according to our constitution however people still need jobs and they will work legally too

sanli2 - 28 July 2016

@truth, why don't you seek the guidance of Josh Stacco....he will show you how to demolish houses in typical Israeli fashion and much to the misery of the people, hey?

Mbewa - 28 July 2016

@Truth, is Nikuv an electorate? Is destroying the economy a mandate you can pride yourself in as ZANU pf. Your views and opinions are so absurd, draconian & hogwash. Excuse you, no one owns security forces in Zimbabwe. Why would you advocate for the destruction of property of belonging to those who are fed up with this ZANU pf led government? You have been poisoned, manipulated & turned into a barbaric patriotic ZANU pf puppet which does not believe in peaceful resolutions. You are so obsessed with the politics of persona rather than focusing on creating the 2,2 million jobs which you promised the nation through your empty manifesto which came along with an Impractical ZimAsset. @Truth you are so stuck in the days of stone age, how can you solely rely on this old chap to lead you. Wake up this is the 21st century. Mugabe is very corrupt and is clinging on to power so as to protect his personal interests.

Mentalist - 28 July 2016

Typical syndrome of a despotic leader. They all die or leave office in denial of the situation at hand. One thing certain the country broke and battered as it is will remain behind and another generation will build it. The problem with mugabe is that he does not have imagination. 92 is not 29.

X-MAN IV - 28 July 2016

The fist of a fly...hiding behind guns and police has never chased hunger away. It nurtures more anger as hunger takes its toll on the wider populace, including the partisan police for they too, need to eat. Braindead nincoms like puny truth add no value to our lives in Zimbabwe, they remove value.

Sagitarr - 29 July 2016

kana ngoma yoririsa yave pedyo nekuda kubvaruka. we are also declaring war to you and those vocal dogs surrounding you. your days are numbered you bastered. uri mhata yemunhu.

great zimbabwe - 29 July 2016

Sekuru R.G. Mugabe chisingaperi chinoshura. Don't be selfish. Resign now. Wakura iwe.

Robert Gunguwo - 29 July 2016

these guys thinks they hv it all bythemselves power wealth etc. and they think they are above everything which i will only say inguva chete. i feel sorry to those so called zanu pf youth who marches and fight for poverty muchamuka riiniko ?

mdraone1 - 30 July 2016

Vasingazive vachapeputswa nenhamo caused by corruption n gross economic misrule! The president is fighting for his kids and progeny kwete ZANU pf youths! One man for himself n God for us all Ma ZANU pf haana njere zvikorobho! Chikorobho hachiende patafura chinogumira pasi

Dhewa - 30 July 2016

I can just see Mr. M sitting around the campfire with Joe and Adolph and asking 'where did I go wrong'

Richard Parker - 2 August 2016

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