Mnangagwa in soup, again

HARARE - Yesterday's meeting in Harare between President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF supporters, including a faction of war veterans, presented yet another plum opportunity for the ruling party enemies of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to embarrass and beat down the embattled Midlands godfather and his allies.

As had been accurately predicted and reported on by the Daily News in its edition of yesterday, the real purpose of the meeting, far from being one of showing solidarity with Mugabe as had been claimed by the gathering’s promoters, was to put Mnangagwa in his place and blunt even further his mooted presidential aspirations.

“This was about and against Ngwena (Mnangagwa). He is now on his knees and they (the G40) will finish him off by the end of the year. Soon, the women’s league’s demands to be accommodated within the party’s (Zanu PF’s) presidium will be implemented with gusto,” a disaffected party official said.

Indeed, Manicaland provincial governor, Mandi Chimene, mercilessly savaged Mnangagwa at yesterday’s meeting, bluntly accusing the embattled Midlands godfather of allegedly plotting to oust Mugabe from power — all this right in front of the increasingly frail nonagenarian who did not intervene in the brutal pummelling.

Chimene’s ruthless assault on Mnangagwa followed a similar one by another alleged G40 kingpin, Zanu PF women’s league finance secretary Sarah Mahoka, who earlier this year also publicly undressed the hapless VP, going to the extreme extent of claiming that he will never ascend to higher office because he allegedly lacked a social base.

In her no-holds-barred blitzkrieg, Chimene also said to Mnangagwa’s face that he and his allies should be expelled from the warring ruling party.

“Forward with expelling rebels. Down with keeping them in the party!” Chimene shouted, to the wild cheers of Mnangagwa’s foes.

Likening the VP to an animal, she said all problem animals were culled at the country’s national parks — adding that Zanu PF also needed to implement the same process to deal with “problem animals”.

“Crocodiles must remain in the water. They must stay in the river. They must not stay with the people. Zanu PF is not a dam for crocodiles,” she said coldly.

Chimene went further saying it was allegedly clear that Mnangagwa was the leader of the so-called Team Lacoste Zanu PF faction, adding that the VP was also the alleged head of a 2004 rebellion against Mugabe which came to be known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

“The Tsholotsho Declaration was being led by Mnangagwa and now Team Lacoste is also being led by Mnangagwa. For how long are we going to keep on pampering one another?

“Some of your ministers are now well-known that they do not support you (Mugabe). We now have two governments. What are we supposed to do?” Chimene asked, also calling for an extra-ordinary Zanu PF congress to deal with the party’s increasingly deadly succession challenge.

“We fail to understand how we are supposed to behave. So, your people are asking for an extra-ordinary congress in light of the current problematic situation so that we vote and deal with the issue once and for all.

“It will not be a problem. If you think organising a congress will be expensive, we can actually do the process now and let people choose the leader of their choice. We are tired of threats.

“We are now asking that you expel those that are plotting against you (Mugabe) because you have the powers to appoint and remove these leaders. And if that fails, we can assist you through an extra-ordinary congress,” Chimene said.

However, political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya told the Daily News last night that expelling Mnangagwa would be disastrous for Mugabe.

“The president has both the de facto and de jure powers, not only to fire Mnangagwa but anyone in Zanu PF. But Mugabe weighs the advantages and disadvantages of taking that decision because he has fired another vice president (Joice Mujuru).

“It will be difficult to fire another vice president,” Ruhanya said, adding that Mugabe could not afford to have two former vice presidents in the opposition.

He said doing this, coupled with the country’s dying economy, would result in Mugabe losing the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

“... Chimene’s accusations against Mnangagwa are all part of a vicious high stakes endgame,” said Human Rights Watch senior researcher for southern Africa Dewa Mavhinga.

“Mugabe may be testing the waters by having Mnangagwa publicly dressed down before he swoops on him. But such an action will mean the last pillar of support behind Mugabe, the war veterans and by extension the security forces, would have been cut off, leaving Mugabe exposed.

“In such a scenario, a military coup becomes a real risk as it is unlikely that the security forces will fold their arms and accept that they no longer have a political stake in Zanu PF when they have been its vanguard since 1980. The end will not be a picnic, it will be nasty, chaotic and brutal. But it is nigh,” he said.

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What's going on people of Zimbabwe????? if there is anything to fear now than before is WAR between (ourselves) Crocodiles and sharkes, then the small fishes are going to suffer because of stired or contaminated water.

simbi - 28 July 2016

What's going on people of Zimbabwe????? if there is anything to fear now than before is WAR between (ourselves) Crocodiles and sharkes, then the small fishes are going to suffer because of stired or contaminated water.

simbi - 28 July 2016

....ngwena ngaiende yaisekerera mai Mujururu vachidzingwa now its your turn next Opah Muchinguri then Sarah Mahoka tichingodaro dakara tapedza vanozviidza ma oooo vhet ose .Mai Mujuru vaingonyarara sezvirikuitwa naMnangagwa vachiti pamwe zvichaenda nepamwe dzamara tavadzinga kkkkkk Ngwena is doing the same kunyarara Mandi chichiongoonyoka kudaro. I still remamber Mnangagwa achiti "ZANU ichangotonga ichingotonga . vanoomoka vachinngoomoka " kkkkkk shuwa ichangotonga Ngwena isisipo yadzokera kurwizi.........

mudaa - 28 July 2016

ghukurahundi,its him,tsholotsho declaration,its him,team lacoste,its him,extorting gold panners in the midlands,its him,push love rivals off buildings ,its him,denigrating father zimbabwe ,its him

truth - 28 July 2016

Mnangagwa is not on his knees. you prophets of doom have been hoping and hoping. Hapana zvakadaro

yaya - 28 July 2016

What is left is the hiring of the veteran undertaker called grace to drive the final nail on the mahogany casket holding the lifeless croco with viola gwena & auxilia mourning and wailing bitterly & uncontrollably in their funeral costumes in rural zibagwe.

SaManyika Chaiye - 28 July 2016

heyaa ndokutonga here kwairehwa uku, this is pathetic...WHY???? All these things happening when our economy is in such a state....Crocodiles and Sharkes when then fight the water gets dirty. the smaller fishes will struggle in turn. watch this just few weeks down.

Simbi - 28 July 2016

he must be buried with @sa manika chaiye &@ diibulaanyika as his pallbearers

jojo - 28 July 2016

Everyone is in trouble,to be buried alive,ngwena,churches,pastors,embassies,warvets,army,viola gwena,citizens.You are in deep shit wth the president of zanu.The same enermies of Smith.

luke - 28 July 2016

Though I do not hold any brief for the vicious reptile let me opinion that its not easy to dispose him as he knows too many secrets of the dictator and controls the JOC. What Mandi did is like what Chris did she will e used like a condom and disposed as one. Though Ngwena may not be a saint we say no to a monarch.

Aluta Continua - 28 July 2016

One thing forsure,mugabe cant do anything to big boy France.He is too small n old,penniless,broke,no army.The French are not the timid Brittish.They will make yu pack yo katundu n go straight t Hague.

kays - 28 July 2016

Bob is going for ngwena from the day the wife spoke in Mash central, he only changed the striker from his wife to the chimene and mahoko, but the game plan is the same. If ngwena shows signs that he can be pushed then bob will go for broke. The game would have been too dangerous with his wife as the center striker.

kule - 28 July 2016

Munangagwa dont be a coward. In Shona they say USAROVE IMBGA UCHIVIGA MPINI!!!! Stand up and be a man and bring this madness to an end. This is no longer being a tactician. Its being a coward. The Mandi Chimenes and Sarah Mahokas are no match to you. Dont let these wet norse puppies go to town over you. And you know very well who is fueling them!!!! The biggest coward of them all!!!

MR COOPER - 28 July 2016

This Mugabe thing is old and cannot think. Following Grace who is power hungry is dangerous and misguided. Handei tione. One day is one day.

Sangomoto - 28 July 2016

True Aluta,Mandi is reckless,she hasn't learnt anything since the eviction of Joice from the presidium and ultimately her expulsion from the party with her colleagues.As soon as they are through with the croc,they would find themselves hauling in the cold out of Zanu pf.It's not long,let's wait and see.Time of reckoning is drifting closer Zanu pf is now a personalised institution.

Gen. Spinola - 28 July 2016

Zvaiwana ngwarati...kkk. What goes around comes around my man. If you thought you outfoxed Mujuru then you are tasting your own medicine. I am sure the late General is turning in his grave.

Tahir Iqbal - 28 July 2016

When Mr Mnangagwa was appointed VP and his fans were busy celebrating , I posted a comment on this platform. I said Mr Mugabe is only using Mr Mnangagwa for a short time. I also stated that I did not foresee Mr Mnangagwa finishing his term as he was going to go the same route as Msr Mujuru. I also said Mnangagwa was never an ideal choice for the so called first family and that Mr Mugabe did not trust him and that Mr Mugabe wishes to hand over the Presidency to his son or daughter. But the daughter option is not a safe one as it is tantamount to handing over the Presidency to the Chikores. And when I posted the comment, it seemed far fetched. I wonder if that is still far fetched. Mr Mnangagwa's best before date has lapsed and the inevitably is coming. What goes around comes around,full circle. By accepting the VP appointment,Mr Mnangagwa proved to be a very small fish (kapenta) in politics, and not a ruthless crocodile as he is affectionately known to his fans. And that appointment is now his demise.

mosquito - 28 July 2016

The good thing about Mnangagwa is that he is quiet at rallies but massively active when it comes to underground systems. People, do you really know who is ED imimi, at one time some Zimbabweans during the war thought Ngwena was Zambian. This is the very lawyer who stood for comrades who were about to be put on the noose by Kaunda because of assassinations (parcel bombs, Tongo included). May i take this opportunity to tell the Zimbabwean populace that Ngwena will servive under what circumstances. The women's league will huff and puff to no avail. Regionalistic polics being propelled by Mandiitawepi and Jonathan Moyo will not work. If ED decide to resign today, Bob will not allow that and if Bob allow that he will leave in consistent fear. This man have got power and not those political novices like Mahoka and group. To show that ED is educated, at a rally like the one yetserday, there is no minutes so he will not say anything but come to politiburo meetings, he will say something like what he did concerning Sarah Mahoka outbursts. Do you know that Mahoka was told to appologise to ED by Bob. EXpelling ED will mean the end of regging kuZanu. Thank you.

KingZaka|| - 28 July 2016

I feel sorry for Mandiitawepi Chimene and Sarah Mahoka who are playing megaphones for the scheming Dr. Amai. The sun is fast setting for utata Mugabe whether they like it or not. Its no use loving a dying horse because it will eventually give up the ghost. So you garrulous ladies you need to tread with care you could be approaching quick sand and then you will go one way. Remember Munangagwa could become president one day and I don't want to imagine what will happen to you silly cows. If you think you will remove your dirty panties for him tough luck only Auxilia has the right to do that for Ngwena. Then a word of advice to tata Bob those pits you are boasting about ngelinye ilanga wena nguwe ozakuba ligundwane emilindini yakho leyo oyibabaza kangaka. I hate to see an old man being punished but you leave me no choice. What goes around comes around tata. Kuwe the so-called ingwenya your runts about Joice Mujuru getting what she deserved. Hmmmm! What do you think now. Are you getting what you deserve too? When I learnt shona they taught that seka urema wafa. You said ZANU PF ichatonga ichingotonga vanovukura vachingovukura. Stand up now and say that again. Can you? No I don't think so. You are just another yellow liver too afraid to challenge a 92 old great-grand father. I wonder why they even call you Ngwena.ngoba uligwala elokucina. They should just call you dzvinyu (umphankwa) hatshi ingwenya because umphankwa is just a harmless lizard. Very soon you will be watching ZANU PF ichingotonga vanovukura vachingovukura while you will be out in the cold. Remember uDr. Amai Stop it wathi kuyagodola phandle ungavele utshiye iZANU PF. I hope you have enough warm clothes just in case.

Mabhengeza - 28 July 2016

they might harass the giant reptile but removing him from the party.... kurima nechisi chaiko .Ngwena will cause war and that will fast treck Mugabe`s ouster

peacemaker - 28 July 2016

those two off layers mahoko and chimene need to be reminded, this is politics they need to carefully watch there words

peacemaker - 28 July 2016

There is no clear outright winner in these zanu pf wars. The current chain of events unfolding point to natural death of the revolutionary. mugabe will die being zanu pf boss, and then the real dog eat dog two way traffic mud slinging begins. Lacoste is a militant wing of zanu pf which the party cannot survive without. mugabe is to selfish, that is why zanu pf's one non renewable life span is coming to an end. Zanu pf is a dirty party, lacoste is too dirty to be fired.

X-MAN IV - 28 July 2016

."The top remains the same also at the base".What more do you want to hear?

Membathisi - 28 July 2016

I see ED resigning. This will be disastor and lights out for Uncle Bob. Gire, Mandi and Saru will have to run hard. All the feathers will be plucked from all the G40s. And this is VERY soon

DHARA 9 - 28 July 2016

@Truth, thumbs up you have said the truth for the first time

Mentalist - 29 July 2016

KKKKKKK Mentalist you made me laugh heey yes Truth has never said anything senseable here but sure if someone says the truth big him up why not . But another truth is Munangagwa will be kick out of zanu just watch this space that is not very far he is going out kicked heavily . He will be put down now now kkkkkkkk heey

Diibulaanyika - 29 July 2016


r munemo - 29 July 2016

Leave gwena alone

blackman - 29 July 2016

Is it mnangagwa who is the problem here?Are the demonstrations for mnangagwa.Get distracted easily hey.

viola gwena - 29 July 2016

Leapards are known by their colours.Those that fear Hague have said it openly.They want to exist ICC.Is that too hard to see.?Gukurahundi has its pple.

viola gwena - 29 July 2016

Mnangarwa can stil acsent to the presdential post. no matter how ugly the fight will be. The G40 are very weak and do not posses good weapons and strategies that can prevent Mnangarwa from succiding Mugabe

njovoringo - 30 July 2016

@viola people like mugabe and truth are trying to find someone to blame for the non performing economy, corporate governance failures and corruption. Ngwena seems an easy target together with warvets and NGOs

bexilford - 30 July 2016

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