Fresh Zanu PF war breaks out

HARARE - After a few weeks’ lull, Zanu PF’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars have erupted anew, with the group of young party Turks who go by the moniker Generation 40 (G40) said to have launched a savage assault on their erstwhile comrades backing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed President Robert Mugabe, in a bid “to finish them off”.

Consistently reliable Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that the gathering in Harare last Thursday by war veterans who are rallying behind Mnangagwa, who took potshots at Mugabe, had allegedly given the G40 the opportunity that they had been looking for for some time to decimate the camp.

“Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF faction) has overplayed its hand over the past few weeks, as the G40 has been patiently waiting for them to make more mistakes. The war vets’ meeting in Harare has proved to be a monumental political mistake which will be used to behead the last standing pillar of support for Ngwena (Mnangagwa),” a party bigwig who claims to be “non-aligned” said.

This all comes as Mugabe holds a crisis meeting with a faction of war veterans and ex-detainees in the capital today, as he bids to stave off growing resistance to his continued hold on power, following the ruling party’s stunning fall-out last week with the main wing of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), which is led by former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

The “G40 gathering”, at Zanu PF’s national headquarters, has been called to shore up support for Mugabe in what critics also say is a desperate attempt by the nonagenarian and his close lieutenants to mask the myriad economic and political problems bedevilling the country.

The meeting is being held against the backdrop of the country’s dying economy, the worsening cash shortages, rising poverty and unemployment levels, the government’s failure to pay civil servants on time and rising public anger against Zanu PF’s continuing misrule.

As if to confirm the claim that the meeting’s main objective is to plot the final decimation of the Mnangagwa faction which has enjoyed the backing of the majority of war veterans, who cut their ties with Mugabe last week, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister and Makoni South legislator Mandi Chimene hinted yesterday that certain war vets were now toast.

Chimene, who was interdicted by the High Court from speaking on behalf of the ZNLWVA earlier this year, also told the Daily News that the current war vets’ leadership was “no longer recognised” by them, in the wake of last week’s seismic developments.

“We are going there (to today’s meeting) to tell the president not to be worried about the mad people who are waffling. Their (ZNLWVA) executive is a former executive. They are not our leaders anymore although some of them will remain our comrades.

“We have no history of the likes of (ZNLWVA secretary general Victor) Matemadanda, where they trained and where they fought the war from. We are not surprised by their actions. Some tried it but they are not with us anymore. The Joices (Mujuru and her allies) are already gone,” she warned.

Mugabe and Zanu PF got a rude shock last Thursday when war veterans served divorce papers on the nonagenarian, after growing frustrated with their worsening lot 36 years into the country’s independence.

War veterans have been one of Mugabe’s strongest pillars of support, playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian in power in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters.

The fall-out between Mugabe and war veterans also comes as the 92-year-old is battling swelling public anger against him and Zanu PF, which has seen strikes and riots hurting the already dying economy further.

Contacted for comment, ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said they were not going to attend today’s meeting as it was allegedly organised to destabilise them.

“We saw the advertisement for the meeting in the press but as an association we don’t know about it. Besides, there is a court interdict barring them from doing that so it would not be proper for me to attend an illegitimate meeting which we suspect will be used to try and delegitimise us and take control of the association,” he said.

Tellingly, the Zanu PF youth league said it would be at the gathering where it would push for the convening of an extraordinary party congress to have new members of the politburo elected — including the party’s two vice presidents.

“Like I said in Manicaland recently, we are not happy that there are appointed officials in the party who are serving at the president’s pleasure but who are now causing confusion.

“We now want everybody in the politburo to be elected and we know our president will be re-elected so we want those who also think they have the support and want to lead the party to seek mandate from the people,” youth league leader Kudzi Chipanga said in a veiled attack on Mnangagwa who was appointed to his post by Mugabe in 2014.

Ominously, Chimene said they would support the youth league’s push for an extra-ordinary party congress.

“There is nothing wrong with re-affirming our support for Cde Mugabe at an extraordinary congress. We will retain him but they will have no one to vote them (VPs) as they depend on being appointed by the president,” Chimene said.

Zimbabwe Democracy Institute director, Pedzisai Ruhanya, said judging by the adverts that had been placed in the media publicising today’s meeting, it was clear that the G40 had declared war on the leadership of the war vets led by Mutsvangwa.

“But the problems that the war vets raised won’t disappear because of this meeting. The economy remains dead and the president cannot provide the economic and political leadership as he remains captured by a cabal benefiting from Stone Age corrupt practices against the majority poor,” he said.

Other pro-democracy activists also dismissed the meeting, labelling it as a propaganda war that did not address the country’s current problems.

“The reality is that war veterans spoke loudly last week that enough is enough and this planned political stunt of a meeting with Mugabe will not take away the real issues that everyone is facing and the urgent need for Mugabe’s succession.

“At such a critical juncture Mnangagwa should take a bold step and state where he stands in relation to the important issues raised by the war veterans last week,” Human Rights Watch senior researcher for southern Africa, Dewa Mavhinga, told the Daily News.

The MDC said it knew that Mugabe would use today’s meeting to strengthen “his divide and rule tactics” to create a factional divide within the war veterans’ body.

“This time around Mugabe has hopelessly lost the plot. The majority of war veterans are extremely disgruntled with his sly, corrupt and divisive style of leadership and they now have summoned enough courage to tell him to step down.

“This is a defining moment in Mugabe’s very long political career. The chickens are coming home to roost,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

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SHUT UP obert gutu,yu have no right to speak of internal issues in our party when your party is burning with all sorts of problems,the president is here to stay and we will rally behind that is why we want an extraordinary congress sooner rather than later to deal with the malcontents in our midst

truth - 27 July 2016

What extra ordinary congress are you hallucinating about you LIAR. What the bonafide freedom fighters raised on Thursday are facts and can only be wished away at one's peril. The president is being misled and misinformed .That people have to be bussed to attend this so called solidarity meeting says a lot. The writing is clear on the wall.

Aluta Continua - 27 July 2016

truth uri mwise chaiwo. what does the continous stay of mugabe help revive the economy. unogwara chete iwe. i want to believe that you still depent on your parents working for you while seated sezvauri kuita izvi kuti sekuru yapera kudai ikushandire iwe uvete stupid nincompoop.

truthfull - 27 July 2016

yes a special congress as of yesterday will help to resolve the problems in the party and we move forward a united front while gutu and his party crumble like a deck of cards and come in will be mdc-k

EL PACHO - 27 July 2016

We can say all theories what what what but the simple answer to the cause of rot in zim is Mugabe and he must step down fast or we must force him out or we continue to eat shiit in our own country . G40 war vets all must get away we have no use of them bcoz they are like Mugabe they are all clueless as to what we as a nation we are going through .People are very angry and the person they do not want in power as of now is zanu and its half dead 92 yr old leader.

Diibulaanyika - 27 July 2016

@Truth, I have been closely monitoring your comments. To tell you the truth you do not make sense at all. All your comments are tantamount to telling us its raining yet ZANU PF is clearly peeing on our faces. Your comments are ludicrous and not worthy of this forum. Please write your points on Herald and stop the empty runting because we are disgusted by ZANU PF and its cadres.

Mentalist - 27 July 2016

What a tragedy we have. The truth is Mugabe s standing within and outside Zimbabwe is at a very very low level. This all started with Project Grace. Any way the truth is Zimbabwe will do better under a Mnangagwa caretaker presidency. We cannot get any meaningful international assistance given Mr Mugabe 's reckless economic history. I know for certain the Chinese will be able to work with Mnangagwa while the Bretton Woods institutions would be willing at least to lend a ear to a new pair of hands. So in the final analysis, the real war veterans were right. Mugabe is taking us nowhere.

Viva Unidade - 27 July 2016

to hell with yu @diibulaanyika,just because your beloved binga is stupid enough not to vote zanu does not mean the rest of the country shares your stupidity

jojo - 27 July 2016

Hats off to the person who made and triggered this cluster bomb inside zanu pf. Give that man a bells. Zanu pf people can fight all they want they is no winner in their wars,. Everyone stands to lose in the long run. Its game over for the revolutionary party and its people.

X-MAN IV - 27 July 2016

My take is that, until Zim has a popular leader (based on free elections, fair debate in all media, arrest of those burning posters, huts or property of registered legal parties) and whose hands are NOT DRIPPING WITH BLOOD, we are doomed. The management of politics and delivery of economic development are beyond all in Zanu PF.

Sagitarr - 27 July 2016

@mentalist- remember that everyone is entitled to his own opinion leave @truth alone.He has no imperialist agenda like you

nxumalo - 27 July 2016

Icho! Charira. The cows are now coming home. Vari muzhira dzuvurai munotsikwa

Dingiswayo - 27 July 2016

@mentalist,have yu go mental?are yu idiotic to the extent that yu dont know that this country zim is under sanctions there its'raining' as in your own words,dont yu feel the mdc induced hardships which were designed to sway the electorate?morgan globetrotted begging western leaders to deny our hospitals medication so that yu and your family @mentalist can suffer so that yu can vote him into statehouse,now the same western leaders have realised what a moron morgan is and are now starving him of funding which he was using to pay off his wives and concubines,the daiilynews platform is for all zimbos ,as zanu pf we fought to liberate every inch of zimbabwe therefore no space is inaccessible to a son of the soil like me

truth - 27 July 2016

let the truth be told to the seemingly dying Truth that the old clueless zanu pf is falling and nothing can be done to prevent its fate. i remember about 3 years back when the factions in your camp was nothing by rumours and your then spoke person vemagirazi uyu-he defended the speculation with passion much as your defending the fall of zanu now. soon tichakunzwirai makutizaa .judging by the way u comment, u can qualify to be of my fathers age but right now garai pasi mukweguru timbokurumai nzeve. CHAUNOZIVA HAPANA MUKURU VANGU!!!!!.

murambatsvina - 27 July 2016

@Truth wr is viola.

ino - 27 July 2016

@murambatsvina- our country is under siege from the imperialists..ignorant and stupid guys like you cant get it....u need to decolonise your stupid mind.Our forefathers were butchered in cold blood you blame ZANU PF of taking our land.Stupid fool

nxumalo - 27 July 2016

@murambatsvina- our country is under siege from the imperialists..ignorant and stupid guys like you cant get it....u need to decolonise your stupid mind.Our forefathers were butchered in cold blood you blame ZANU PF of taking back our land.Stupid fool

nxumalo - 27 July 2016

hey if you know the colour in my eye you would know the TRUTH!!!!!

chris - 27 July 2016


chris - 27 July 2016

Trueth mumusoro hamuna chiro unoudzwa manyepo chete nababa vachatunga awa for their personal benefit chete they cant take zimbabe anywhere at 92 he still want to try......kkkkkkkk.

dofo - 27 July 2016

pane tsamba yakanyorwa naPaul mubible inoti nyangwe imi musina kudzidzira zvemamirire ekunze munogona kureva kuti nhasi kungango naya mushure mekunge matarisa makore for sure kukatonayawo .... Before Muammar Gadhafi was removed from power one poor woman from Bengazi said this chaos never used to happen during the real time of Muammar Gadhafi this symbolize his end for sure the guy went but the poor woman never attended any school of politics ..... all this chaos and embarrassment clearly symbolizes Mugabe`s end it doesn't require a political scientist to tell ....only that Mugabe and crew is a huge system does not fall in a single day ... this year no farming its a holy year to remove Mugabe hakurimwe

peacemaker - 27 July 2016

pane tsamba yakanyorwa naPaul mubible inoti nyangwe imi musina kudzidzira zvemamirire ekunze munogona kureva kuti nhasi kungango naya mushure mekunge matarisa makore for sure kukatonayawo .... Before Muammar Gadhafi was removed from power one poor woman from Bengazi said this chaos never used to happen during the real time of Muammar Gadhafi this symbolize his end for sure the guy went but the poor woman never attended any school of politics ..... all this chaos and embarrassment clearly symbolizes Mugabe`s end it doesn't require a political scientist to tell ....only that Mugabe and crew is a huge system does not fall in a single day ... this year no farming its a holy year to remove Mugabe hakurimwe

peacemaker - 27 July 2016

@truth Only simple minds believe that MT can influence Western Foreign Policy. I think you know that but are just singing for your supper by peddling this lie. ZANU PF brought sanctions to this country all by themselves and guess what? They are going to their tormentors, begging bowl in hand, asking for assistance! What a joke. You follow a man who jumps on a plane at the first sign of headache while our people die needlessly from the lack of medication? How many Zimbabwean lives can be saved by the cost of just one of the many trips your boss takes? You then come on here and try and tell us that it is MT's fault? LOL, you are a muppet. Sit down boy! We are going to run you out of town, mark my words.

mukwerekwere - 27 July 2016

G40 trying to divert attention could not stand the twitter heat from the #thisflag movt they could nto control twitter more comfortable with bullying Lacoste

Hapana Nyaya - 27 July 2016

stupid tuckticks for white hot headed pevert trying to lure everyone to his unordered house "SILLY"

Mugabereka - 28 July 2016

@truth after 36years your party in power the country is in a terrible mess No currency, what else do you want . It can not even its loyal military ana police . No hospital. His daughter had to Asia just to give birth.

Slim Cat - 28 July 2016

To all sane people contributing here beware of CIO trying to intercept your contributions by talking nonsense by provoking you so that you react to what you say and distract you from making meaningful contributions here Jojo is one of them . Lets leave these fools alone to praise their zanu its their right to do so to support even a bobojan . But normal people who are not CIO please lets talk and not react to CIO talks that way they will look more foolish ,

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2016

@Nxumalo, you seem not to grasp the full meaning of IMPERIALISM. Just to keep you in the light as my fellow country man: The word refers to the use of absolute MILITARY force in order to gain influence. Is this not the case with what ZANU pf did in 2008/2013 not to mention the recent running riots in the country? Let me unequivocally and categorically inform you that ZANU pf and its cadres are imperialists of the 21st century and it does not require rocket science to understand this. You have been misled, misguided and blinded by these blood thirsty Natural Born Killers who are brutalising those who are telling ZANU pf & its CEO(Mugabe) the truth. The next time you think of telling me about imperialism please think twice because I understand this terminology more than you do. Just like you said everyone is entitled to his opinion, the comment I put across was my opinion. You are too dumb whoever you are Nxumalo.

Mentalsit - 28 July 2016

I was walking through a neighborhood and saw a woman tell her neighbor that her dogs were shitting in her yard daily, she asked the neighbor with the dogs to fix her fence so her dogs stayed in her yard. Instead the dog owner started insulting the neighbor, telling her dogs were animals that could do what they want, she told her to fix her fence instead, I jus thought to myself "She must be Zanu". The problem with Zanu is that they don't listen to understand, they listen to respond. People have been complaining about poor governance for a while and Zanu can't even listen instead they jus react by calling the people names. Since independence Zanu has produced wonderful manifestos for campaign purposes, and they have always remained jus for campaign purposes, never implemented. For example ZimAsset promised to create 2.2million jobs, instead 2.2million have lost their jobs considering that those going to work are not being paid. Zanu has always used the army and police to brutalise the people. I bet they still believe they can use them, bt I don't think so. Chihuri is causing a lot of disaffection among the police service by forcing members to subscribe to the organisation to keep their jobs. Mugabe has failed this country. Zanu has failed us, if need be my fellow brothers and sisters we should be prepared to become war veterans ourselves coz Bob said it "Nyika yatakatora nepfuti haingayende nePen" Sometimes I ask myself what Bob thinks of the people of Zimbabwe, to him we are like his farm animals, there to make sure he lives pretty life with his granddaughter of a wife. #TheTimeIsNow

FortuneTeller - 28 July 2016

@Truth #SonOfSoil, how embarrassing it is that you have the guts to lie in the name of Sanctions. Zimbabwe is not under sanctions but the top echelon in ZANU pf is under sanctions. Simply put these sanctions are targeted at individuals. Just to take you back in History if you still remember, this is not the first time this country has been under sanctions. Rhodesia prospered for a decade under sanctions because they viewed this as an opportunity for import substitution, big companies such as Risco (ZISCO Steel nowadays), Rhodesia Railways & Hwange Coal were formed and became the artery of the Rhodesian economy. During that time goods were exported to Europe under SA Labels, how smart Smith's regime was in terms of economics although was oppressive. Let me not mention Cuba which prospered under similar conditions. Looking at Zim, we have diamonds which were not there in Rhodesia, diamonds which could have been used to develop the country. But ZANU pf thugs looted more than $15 billion worth of diamonds at the expense of the economy. ZANU pf cadres are thugs, thieves and murderers who have no clue on how to manage the economy. How dare you put the blame on sanctions when the country is rich in sanctions when the country is rich in minerals? If you can't remember what happened in Rhodesia provided you were born please read a journal called- Rhodesia: A decade under sanctions.

Mentalist - 28 July 2016

@MENTALIST- i susoect you are a white guy who lost his farm and you are bitter about it.Remember,this land is ours whether you like it or not

nxumalo - 30 July 2016

to "truth"why do u lie in broad daylight if only u knew the meaning of the word truth u would not abuse that word rara kana usina nyaya

pp - 2 August 2016

Zimbabweans particuraly my fellow commrades in Our Zanu PF are so cruel, why? You are emprisoning President Mugabe for your selfish ends. He needs to rest, retain his diginity but you block Ngwena. I dont understand you ma cdes. Challenges we are facing are not a joke lets be realist.

DK - 3 August 2016

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