Wheels come off as Zim centre collapses

HARARE - It is no longer really a subject for intelligent discussion in Zimbabwe to say that the centre is no longer holding in President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF — an inevitable endgame stage that the Daily News predicted three years ago.

And as the tragicomedy continues to unfold, it is sad to note that some deluded apparatchiks in the troubled party would still want to tell us that all is well in the ex-liberation movement and the country.

As it is, it seems a few tortured souls are even prepared to go the ridiculous extent of claiming that when our overfed overlords pass bad wind in polite company it is all a result of supposed sanctions!

Yet, the lowlight of the views and utterances of these callous hyenas over the past few days has been their crass assertion that Zimbabwe’s deepening rot is all a result of an alleged third force and fifth columns, whatever that means in the bogus, make-believe world of Zanu PF.

But why would anyone be surprised as Zimbabwe’s leaders and their praise singers are the very same hopeless bunch, which believed Rotina Mavhunga — that Grade Three dropout and self-proclaimed spirit medium — on her claims that diesel was oozing out of Maningwa Hills in Chinhoyi nine years ago!

And now the very same cast of retards is brawling over a hapless 94-year-old sect leader Aaron aka Madzibaba Wimbo Mhukuta of Mount Darwin, for the simple reason that he supposedly prophesied in 1957 that independent Zimbabwe would be ruled by Mugabe.

Really? Argh man!

This is why I described our plight as Zimbabweans at the beginning of this opinion as tragicomic — because it manifests both tragedy and comedy, which can make this country the butt of bad jokes in God’s world.

It is also the reason why I wrote in these pages last year that Zimbabwe under Mugabe and Zanu PF’s continued misrule was more like a fatal combination of the fabled Animal Farm, and the ill-fated luxury ocean liner, Titanic.

The Titanic, as many readers will know, was a disaster of epic proportions in 1912 — all thanks to the incompetence and hubris of its owners, and managers who behaved just like these Zanu PF leaders, causing the loss of 1 500-plus lives.

Penned by renowned author George Orwell and published at the end of World War II, the Animal Farm fable is an apt cautionary tale for democracy-deficient Zimbabwe of the dangers of misplaced, expedient nationalism, and the deification of so-called liberators, if not kleptocrats, masquerading as leaders.

The results of this tragicomedy, for which all Zimbabweans are paying very dearly for: our country is stone broke, poverty and unemployment levels are deepening.

And for the mother of all outrages, life is also incontrovertibly harder and probably worse for the average black Zimbabwean than it was under Ian Smith’s racist regime — such that even our war veterans have now also awoken to this incredibly sad reality!

But the dose of bad news under Mugabe and Zanu PF’s misrule doesn’t end there for long-suffering Zimbabweans, with analysts repeatedly warning that things WILL GET WORSE with these overlords in power and that the 2008 economic crisis could end up even looking like a Sunday picnic if things continue to slide at the rate, which they are going.

And what is the response of our supposed rulers?

Their unstoppable factional and succession wars are getting hotter and uglier, as the little that has remained of the centre has continued to wilt, which has seen the country hurtling backwards dangerously on autopilot — with the infirm pilot seemingly fast asleep, and with neither a landing gear nor wheels for the plane to land on terra firma with!

But as the end-game in Zanu PF approaches, the pertinent question of who exactly among the party’s senior officials still wants Mugabe has become even more urgent after war veterans stoked this long overdue debate or issue in Zimboland since last week.

And please dear readers, don’t be confused by the noise and obfuscation that now surrounds the authorship of the contested communique that followed the ex-freedom fighters’ meeting in Harare last Thursday, at which they savaged the nonagenarian.

In my view, this is a sideshow meant to deflect the real issue — that many Zanu PF followers, including thousands of war veterans no longer have confidence in Mugabe. Surely, this is not rocket science?

Thanks to Zanu PF’s worsening internal wars, we were told in 2014 that Joice Mujuru and her “putschist cabal” were out to dethrone, and assassinate the veteran leader, but we have seen an escalation of efforts to eject the 92-year-old leader’s supposed defenders.

And no sooner than the brouhaha about the former vice president’s alleged coup had died, a new narrative has emerged that her successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his followers were the party’s real enemies.

While the ex-Defence minister continues to hang on to his party and government positions by his fingernails, thousands of his supporters have been sidelined and ruthlessly cut loose from the former liberation movement, with more set to go the same way, including prominent war veterans.

But the million-dollar question: who is still with Mugabe, and for how long, as the wheels continue to come off the tired Zanu PF train — and as it appears that many party members, and it’s followers continue to stand accused of the grave crime of treason?

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans will have many good reasons to be concerned about the escalating level and brutal tone of Zanu PF’s succession wars because the 53-year-old entity is not just our country’s long-misruling party, but also the rag-tag political outfit that must reflect the country’s state of health.

But if the party’s inexorable disintegration continues at the frenetic pace it is going, this is surely going to be a short-term problem.

Many Zimbabweans are convinced that in the long-term, this fracturing will only be good for the country, as we saw during the coalition government era when Zanu PF shared power with the Movement for Democratic of Change.

Then, the country’s fortunes improved, with the quality of life for most Zimbabweans also improving after years of malaise.

In that sense then, maybe — just maybe — this mindless bloodletting will result in some good.

In the meantime, hang on to your seats Zimbos as the rudderless ship battles these terrible waves!

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well it is more that apparent that even the extravagant Bona no longer trust the leadership of her old clueless daddy. i would not blame her if i were Bob because her future now hangs in the balance. is she going to afford another Singapore treat when she becomes pregnant again?. i dont think so. she surely is searching for another corrupt male in shape of a father .

murambatsvina - 26 July 2016

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