Mugabe comes down hard on war vets

HARARE - The stunning fallout between President Robert Mugabe and war veterans is getting more ominous, amid revelations yesterday that law enforcement agents are close to arresting and throwing the kitchen sink at the hapless former freedom fighters who have been identified as the chief rubble-rousers.

Well-placed sources confirmed to the Daily News last night that police were close to “finding” the people who were allegedly behind the scathing statement that was released to the media after the war veterans met in Harare last Thursday, that has been described by panicking authorities as “treasonous” for its acerbic criticism of Mugabe.

“Investigations are in progress and police are close to finding the people who were behind that document. Watch this space,” one of the impeccable sources said.

At the same time, the Daily News was also reliably told that Zanu PF bigwigs had conducted a thorough analysis of video material that was taken when the war veterans gathered in the capital, with a view of “identifying and punishing” all the ex-combatants who may have said anything deemed to be offensive.

Contacted for comment yesterday, police spokesperson Charity Charamba said she was not at work and therefore could not assist with answers about the reported crackdown on ex-combatants.

The spokesperson of the under-siege Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Douglas Mahiya, said he was in a meeting and could therefore not also comment.

However, it was evident yesterday that the usually garrulous former freedom fighters were under the cosh and desperately running away from the media spotlight that is currently trained on them, as the nervous Zanu PF government embarks on its massive witch-hunt to punish those vets who are now viewed as rebels.

In a revealing Press statement that insiders said showed the extent of Zanu PF’s fears, party provincial chairpersons yesterday called for stern action to be taken against war veterans who they said were stirring up problems in the country, as well as those people who were allegedly pulling the strings from behind the scenes to push the war veterans to take on Mugabe.

“We condemn in the strongest of terms the reckless (war veterans) statement, including those who authored this treasonous document. We recognise that this statement does not speak to all war veterans whom we respect, but a few malcontents bent on dividing the party.

“We call upon the party to immediately take decisive action against those implicated in the authoring and distribution of the communiqué, including those who sponsored the gathering with financial and other resources,” the party bigwigs said.

Curiously too, they went further to assert that the increasingly frail Mugabe would remain Zanu PF’s presidential candidate for the country’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that top Cabinet ministers and high-ranking Zanu PF officials were apparently aware of the offending war veterans’ communiqué way ahead of its release last Thursday and had pored over it before the former freedom fighters had even gathered in Harare.

This raised questions yesterday as to why these bigwigs did not act ahead of the communique’s release, with one insider telling the Daily News last night that he was “smelling a rat”.

“If some of the comrades knew about this document well in advance, as is being said, why did they keep quiet?

“Given the things and the fights taking place in the party, I smell a rat,” the source said, without elaborating on his cryptic sentiments.

Contacted for comment, War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube claimed that the war veterans’ meeting had been unscheduled, meaning that no one could have known what was going to happen.

“I only came to know about the war veterans’ meeting much later as I was only aware of a meeting with ex-detainees and restrictess that we had scheduled and still hope to hold soon,” Dube said.

However, insiders insist that top government officials “knew everything” and that the furore that had ensued after last Thursday’s meeting merely manifested the succession wars and mindless bloodletting devouring Zanu PF.

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@viola gwena,tete lets not find yu on the wrong side of the action,party unity is sacrossant,we can not let a few misguided individuals distract us ,i sincerely hope yu are with us

truth - 26 July 2016

Once again Mr Mugabe's focus is misdirected. Instead of addressing his misdeeds and taking corrective action to put things right, uncle Bob's efforts are directed at victimizing war vets. This, unfortunately, is how Zim has been governed right from 18 April 1980 to date. Clearly my uncle, Bob, is well past his sell-by date.

Goofy Gushungo - 26 July 2016 far as robbing the national purse is concerned you are alone and sinking alone

Tengenenge - 26 July 2016

Pfutseke iwe truth. Arse licking fool.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 26 July 2016

@Truth.Thank yu my brother .I sinerely hope yu will be wth us in not too distant future.Our is to safeguared our legacy ,as old as w are.Ours is to try to get the country back on the development rail.Back on track.The world is fast changing,moreso SADC.We are behind on this reform,to adapt to global village .Zimbabwe should be the leader in SADC,not South Africa,young ANC.They lead becoz of changing leadership.Tanzania was behind us b now,since they reformed frm Nyerere,they are way ahead of us now in everything.We need change.A new leader to take the stick from cde mugabe.There is plenty ,in Zanu ,Zipra,Zanla,Zapu.In Zanu inludes those who left or kicked out, SimbaMakoni,Mujuru,Strive Masiiwa,Dhumiso Dabengwa,James Makamba.Theris plenty who can takeover.including yu Truth.Give Zimbos a chance to prosper.

viola gwena - 26 July 2016

Pasi nekutyisidzira vamwe. Pamberi neramangwana risina hudzvanyiriri. Pamberi nekuvaka nyika inerusununguke kumunhu nwese.

Truth Matters - 26 July 2016

We are used to repression,Smith did the worst on us.Sme comrades have scars ,chemical scars during war.Sme comrades in Zipra got it worse.We have been there bfo,just that now we are a quite old bt the spirit stil yerns for freedom.This freedom is now gurrunteed by our constitution,freedom of speech and association.This freedom is gurrunteed by I ternational community as a UN charter.This gurruntee can be inforced by any of these,without invite.The cries of the pple are the invitation.So let noone think noone is watching.Bt as for me ,yu Truth will do the damnest to protect me,a woman,old woman of the struggle.

viola gwena - 26 July 2016

If only we moved like this on corruption. Imgine a headline like "Net closing in on Supa Mandiwanzira for corruption after taking $200,000 from parastatls for a poshy car" or "Arrest imminent for Samuel Udenge for corrupt deals at Zesa, Zimbabwe's power utility".

XG - 26 July 2016

all shall be well, GOD works in ways we cannot understand and he will make a way. prayer changes things, ask robert kelly

EL CHAPO - 26 July 2016

all shall be well, GOD works in ways we cannot understand and he will make a way. prayer changes things, ask robert kelly

EL CHAPO - 26 July 2016

@viola gwena,the country needs to move forward,thats indisputable,as an active member of the zanu pf university of zimbabwe branch in the 1990s i advocated reform,just like yu give the example of tanzania,power did not leave chama cha mupinduzi party but leaders came from the party,party members did not soil nyereres name,they upheld his legacy,tete the best you could for us is to assist us to retain power in the revolutionary party,as it is zanu pf only that is embedded with the masses,our values resonate with the populace,the people look to us for guidance thus any leader aspiring to lead after the depatrture of the incumbent must not be imposed but have the backing of the population,in the meantime his excellency remains our candidate for 2018

truth - 26 July 2016


Wilbert Mukori - 26 July 2016

@Viola , how can a bedridden old man lead Zimbabwe by 2018 , people like you must stop manipulating President Mugabe with unbefting praises , the fact is that change is needed and the best ever reward for President Mugabe is to protect his legacy by simple stepping down from a now hot seat to him . People who still praises Mugabe are really evil crucifiers , isn't that Pres Mugabe should be given a chance to take care of his elderly role in advising us and other nations ???

Khalabemgeza - 26 July 2016

President Mugabe never fought the liberation war on his own , therefore he must respect his comrades and simple step down , we were not there but he was there and they were there , their call for him to step down must be respected without all this kind of intimidation which will cause a ludicrous situation .

Khalabemgeza - 26 July 2016

wHAT INVESTIGATION THAT IS BLOOD NONSENSE how do investigate someone for saying Mugabe must go of which this is the song all sane pple are singing . Remember Mugabe is not god and can be questioned for the rot he has single handedly causer in zim . War vets pliz never back down you have huge support from the whole country and all what you said is spot on no lies in it . Mugabe must vamus .

Diibulaanyika - 26 July 2016

i hate yu with a passion @diibulaanyika

jojo - 26 July 2016

@jojo bcoz i hate yo father Mugabe fo sure you have reason to hate me but i do not care you know to be hated by a vagrant that is nothing .You can go hang ,

Diibulaanyika - 26 July 2016

And that will not make me stop contributing here bcoz this is not your father 's paper so you will hate me vomit if you can will contribute till donkeys grow horns baba hamba yifa .

Diibulaanyika - 26 July 2016

@diibulaanyika,sandula zichito mwana weku munzi

jojo - 26 July 2016

But honestly, what is there to investigate? What was treasonous in that document? How can facts be treasonous? War Vets you must not relent. Please stick to your words, everything in that document is the Chokwadi, lest I praise one moron here, who types from the sewer.

ZimVendorisedNation - 26 July 2016

@truth,results of byelections seem to vindicate you,i think the majority of zimbabweans support zanu pf and a minority thats vocal in the urban areas support mdc,however yu could do us all a favour by fielding a youthful candidate in 2018

masimba - 26 July 2016

@Viola.tete I wil protect you.I cried when I read yo comment.I love yu tete.

opra - 26 July 2016

Sorry for unlucky bad words from the views of our colleagues. Let's give one a chance to express his feelings freely. If one is told to shut up without getting an answer to his queries ,it's suppression. Paso nehudzwanyiriri is popular part of slogan in ZANU PF. What's wrong today.

Chikaras - 26 July 2016

"...arresting and throwing the kitchen sink....the main rubble rousers." Surely, this is too much for an opening paragraph. Can't you young guys at Daily News write plain and straightforward English?

Observer - 26 July 2016

Mugabe;s intellect is spent. His energy is exhausted. His plans dead and buried. Anyone and everyone will do better than Bob. Even a Chinotimba Presidency would offer more hope than a Mugabe Presidency. Such is the disaster what we are living in. Truth, we would rather have you as our leader than His Excellency, he is fully spent, his contribution if any would be hugely negative. He is an disaster in every way. Check his record.

Tekere - 26 July 2016

This past Thursday communique, from the wars war vets, commanding RG Mugabe to step down, is a plain truth facts that have been contributed by this constituency. What is RG Mugabe going achieve in sunset of his life. He has presided over a failed state of Zimbabwe. All these economic challenges we are facing are a result of bad management by RG Mugabe. He is yawning failure. What more do you want to see? We are worse of than we were in Rhodesia. 36 years of crap! Give us a break! These war vets must not accept to be intimidated. Bull shit.

Mbareboy - 26 July 2016

@Tete Viola, I applaud you, @ truth you need to grow up, it is shameful for person your age to have this level of blind trust and following, if you were German waidai wakapedza a whole village of Jews iwe. As a Zanu youth, I stand with the war vets, and say to Zanu leadership start putting your house in order, we all know that Mugabe does not want to hand over the baton so make him. In all your years as politicians munoshaiwa masimba as party leadership to tell him to step down, how come? I am not saying stage a coup, I am saying in other places, leaders that have failed lose the support of their cabinet and parliamentary members and the leadership of the party it becomes hard for him to function and he has no choice but to resign, so why do we not have such in Zanu, revolutionary party that we are , we lack democracy and that is something that not only the war vets but us the general members that otherwise have no voices that are heard also want. I believe in Zanu as a party, on its principles, I am an unshakable member of Zanu. But that does not mean I am a supporter of Mugabe , his administration and management of the country. He should leave now, peacefully surely he can negotiate a peaceful exit that will not impact his family now while he is alive instead of leaving them to fight it out once he gone. Zim has peace loving people , it should tell him something that we are at the moment no longer that.

B Moyo - 27 July 2016

Whats treasonous about telling a non performer that he has dismally failed. IF justice is saved I think arresting these war vets will actually achieve unintended consequences because if the accused ask kuti 'AM I LYING THAT MUGABE HAS FAILED?" I AM SURE EVERYONE WILL SAY HE IS NOT LYING. MUGABE HAS BEEN TRIED TESTED ASSESSED AND FAILED DISMALLY FOR 36 YRS

lee moyo - 27 July 2016

Welcome back baba Diibula we enjoy yo nonsense cash talk big dadara to jojo futseke . you are jealous .

Chipo - 27 July 2016

Its amazing to read that there are still human beings out there who are members of, and support Zanu PF. To them I ask, what did you do that has made you hide in Zanu PF? It will all come out one day. In Zanu PF the truth is non-existent. Its all an illusion, that's why there are all these fights. They dont have a common description of freedom. It is a variable that is tuned from time to time to suit any horrible agenda at the time. Blackmail rules supreme.

Sagitarr - 27 July 2016

nothing does not come down.its time up

mujiba - 27 July 2016

let the truth be said the former veteran mugabe has failed this great natjon he must simply resign

norest - 27 July 2016

@B Moyo,the iconic president is indespensable,yu cannot talk of a transition in this country without the input of his excellency,the country needs him now more than ever,have yu ever wondered why people in this country still manage to thrive despite all adversities?it is the inspiration we draw from his excellency,i myself cannot imagine a life with another president,will he run empowerment programmes that have seen me build a business empire from humble beginnings?@b moyo,we the hardworking are comfortable with our president whilst yu the employment seeking clueless people want a return to the baas,we shall continue to support the president and already we have endorsed him for 2018

truth - 27 July 2016

Yaa. The truth is let the Zanu P.F strucrutures and systems be respected. So my advise to our esteemed president is not to stand on the way but to facilitate a smooth transition. We love you presidentand we want to remain with good memories of your immense contribution to our contry. To Grace my advise is please creat a good future fo yourself and young children. Do not create enemies please. You endanger your children. Stay back and run your opharnages. You cant do everything. Also Grace please ndapota hangu do not finger point adults. Its not in our Zimbabwe cultures. Speak like a mother and respect those older and senior than you. Being a wife of a president does not make you defacto second in charge. NO please. Allow change to take its course unhindered. Please ndapota.

naome - 27 July 2016


IsheZimuto - 27 July 2016

Mugabe, the civilian war veteran kkkkkkkk

IsheZimuto - 27 July 2016

I applaud Mugabe for one thing, he is the only mujibha who went on to become president and fucked it up big time

IsheZimuto - 27 July 2016

Chisingaperi chinoshura musoro wegudo chavachinokora kkkkkkkkk.

kennedy mlambo - 27 July 2016

No amount of victimisation will dampen the resolve of comrades. Let's face challanges squarely and avoid pointing fingers. War vets until the last drop of our blood is spilled, we shall remain resolute and crush all adversaries. Aluta continua!!!!

kakale - 27 July 2016

I now have 99pc respect for tete viola.She is standing by her comrades.

rukawo - 27 July 2016

Thank you WOZA for conducting demos in BYO yesterday where you demanded that Mugabe steps down without beating by the bush . Lets keep the fire burning the small thread that is left on holding on the mighty weight very soon will snap .Dictators all are the same they always try hold on even if it is not reasonable to do just like the dictactor is doing right now in our country .But pliz lets have more protests this is the time to do so .

Diibulaanyika - 27 July 2016

@jojo,not only are you an idiot but you are rotten in your brain if you have any. How can you hate someone for just telling the truth that Mugabe is the cause of all the mess we are in now? Whether you hate Dibuulanyika or not the truth is all sane people in Zimbabwe are eager to see his back.

chimuti - 27 July 2016

Tha party that went to war over racist oppression and colonism is now fighting all who revolt at its oppressive ways. Ironical, yet expected whenever all power rests on one delusional individual who thinks very little of the intellect of the rest of his countrymen.

raba - 27 July 2016

Zimbabwe just needs new/fresh leadership n new gvt. ZANU pf has messed up economically. 36yrs of ruining the country isn't a joke. In addition a new constitution is a MUST.

Dhewa - 27 July 2016

What's Mugabe's problem?why?he's is actually a moving ghost rider.Pack&leave our statehouse to compertant new blood with only the poles interest a heart

Mugabereka - 28 July 2016

if only you know how much anger all the pple hev,you will understand he useless yu're#MUGABE must gooooo

Mugabereka - 28 July 2016

Go to hell Bob

Mugabereka - 28 July 2016

All Bob knows is to punish those who have a divergent view. This grandfather is just a national disaster. He just has to go.

Godlwayo Omnyama - 29 July 2016

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