Zanu PF guns for #ThisFlag pastor

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF, reeling from swelling public anger over its disastrous stewardship of the State over the past 36 years, is training its guns on pressure group Tajamuka/Sesjikile and unbowed clergyman Pastor Evan Mawarire, as it desperately seeks to quell the growing citizen unrest.

The clear indication of Zanu PF’s intention to smash all opposition to its much-criticised rule comes as the government faces another potentially debilitating showdown with civil servants, whose July pay has been delayed for the second month running.

Addressing thousands of bussed youths and women in Harare yesterday, the ruling party’s political commissar for the youth league, Innocent Hamandishe, warned ominously that they would soon be taking the law into their own hands to “deal” with anti-government protestors.

“There are people calling themselves Tajamuka who are trying to intimidate our president, but we want to warn them that next time we are going to ask (police commissioner general Augustine) Chihuri and his police to step aside and let us deal with them if pastors continue to intimidate our leader.

“If you read the Bible it says the Church must respect the country’s leaders and when they were making noise we kept quiet because we did not want to fight the Church. But we realise that you want politics and we invite you to come out in the open and form your parties without hiding behind the Church.

“Pastors don’t rule the country. Their job is to pray for peace. If you want to rule Zimbabwe you have to wait until 2018 and we will beat you in the ballot hands down. Our president was not voted into office by Tajamuka,” Hamandishe said.

This follows controversial remarks by Home Affairs minister, Ignatius Chombo, who told a Zanu PF meeting in Gweru two weeks ago that the party’s supporters should break up protests.

”I don’t want to always deploy the police to look for people who go on strike. It is you the youths and members of the women’s league who should go and look for shops that fail to open,” he said ominously then.

Yesterday’s threat of violence by Zanu PF youths also comes a day after Mugabe himself roundly denounced Mawarire and other activist church leaders.

“The Mawarires, I don’t even know him ... They are not part of us as we try to live together. If they don’t want to live with us they should go to those countries that are sponsoring them.

“I don’t know if he is (Mawarire) a man of religion. A man of religion will speak the biblical truth. First Corinthians, what does it say? Love one another. So beware these men of God.

“Not all of them are true preachers of the bible. I don’t know whether they are serving God. Well, we spell God G.O.D. They spell in reverse (DOG),” he railed during the burial of former permanent secretary Charles Utete at the Heroes Acre on Tuesday.

Mawarire helped to organise arguably the biggest general strike in the history of the country when millions of fed up Zimbabweans heeded his call to stay away from work just over a week ago.

Contacted for comment, MDC youth president Happymore Chidziva told the Daily News yesterday that it was “regrettable” that Zanu PF youths were resorting to violence “instead of urging its leadership to fix the dying economy”.

“Crushing peaceful demonstrations will not give this failed government money to pay civil servants. The problems that are affecting citizens will not go away simply because you have threatened to use violence against them.

“As MDC youths we will continue to be on the side of the people against this dictatorship. No amount of intimidation will stop us,” Chidziva said.

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Mugabe and his man, dont blame them, whether they like it or not, time is not on their side. This is God's time, if they fail to read the change of time they will be consumed in their ignorance, their hearts will be hardened to such an extent that every country will be against them. Just look at issues that they sit down discussing and concluding and coming with a resolution. Like lets ban our flag, lets ban imports, lets ban, haulage truck, lets shut down whats app, lets demostrate against citizens,. These are doctors and professors, some with more than seven degrees, who sit down to play with tsvina pasina mvura, the people are raising problems that they want resolved but they go on creating problems for themselves. If you cant see huvepo hwa Mwari pazviitiko izvi, hameno kuti unoda kuona minana yakaita sei.

truth - 21 July 2016

Hamandishe, Chombo and crew should better be warned that you can't stop the winds of change. Your reaction shows that it is you who is spoiling for violence. where in the world have ever heard of a govt telling its people that it will descend on them in the event of a peaceful demonstration. Carry on but your end is very near

pride - 21 July 2016

Oh, my God. The Bible does not say respect corrupt leaders and dictators, in fact dictators and corrupt leaders must be confronted. The Bible is about morals and justice. These ZANU PF thugs should not even talk about the Bible. They know very well that they believe in medium spirits alone. It is only that they are utter confused that they do not know who exactly to follow. They are now looking for anyone performing little gymnastics like miracles and they will fall over each other to go and consult for their fate. I feel sorry for these so called "prophets" as they are overwhelmed by demand from ZANU PF thugs, who even want to be told whether the sun will rise again tomorrow. ZANU PF is a disgrace.

Zvichapera - 21 July 2016

These zanoids smh, their parents if they are the sensible ones must curse the day they brought such unthinking people into the world to be a burden and waste to mankind. This innocent hamandishe fellow is short of a few...Every 18th April we are bombarded with this so called independence celebrations meaning free citizens are free and must be free to criticise their government & pastors or any human being with a sense of decency should never standby when people are being abused & suffering read Jeremiah 22.3, Micah 6.8, Isaiah 1:17. Why does everyone who challenges the system has to wear political garbs? What law have they broken? You are asking people of faith to just do a James 2:15-16? They are within their constitutional rights to speak truth to power, pastor, priest, vendor, student, unemployed, employed etc. Mr Bob first Corinthians does just speak about love in a also 1 Cor 10.24. There are only a few jobs/careers where people are not allowed to take party partisan views e.g. Judiciary, Snr Military officers, police officers and civil servants. Surprise all these zanu appointments like to violate the constitution on this.

Galore - 21 July 2016

Robert Lucifer Mugabe kutadza kuchema nekuviga Utete achivira nehasha dzekuda kuuraya vanhu pedze woti love one another.... kunyaudza Mwari

Dakarai - 21 July 2016

I agree with the people's right to pretesting as a means to air their views, but when the protesting becomes violent destructive and disturbs everyday activities then, I am not sure any government should tolerate that. I feel the government has tolerated these opposition protests too far. Enough is enough

tonderayi - 21 July 2016

I'm glad to denounce Kudzi Chipanga who happens to be my cousin. Muzukuru we've no doubt that you are on the side of this regime simply because you are a staunch Zanu pf supporter. But remember how things are back home. The people are not calling for the removal of the current government but instead they're tired of corruption and it's true that you are also known for speaking against it. You called for the youth to speak against corruption and they followed your advice but now you seem to castigate those that are standing with your calls to fight corruption.

Shepy Tarzy - 21 July 2016

the challenge of putting illiterate people in power, lol

mufaro mutemo - 21 July 2016

Hamandishe is still engulfed in ZANU PF confusion. He only sees all youths as ZANU PF members. His statements are going to cause unrest in Zimbabwe. The day they begin beating people shall be the one they see that people have got power. All SADC member states are watching what is happening in Zimbabwe and whatever they are going to do will not go down well with regional leaders. Please better advise your moribund leaders to pay people and minimise abuse of resources rather than threatening people. Have you ever asked yourselves why are people not happy with Mugabe? If it is because of the stands the youth are being bribed with to beat and kill people they shall receive stiff resistance.

mbwembwe - 21 July 2016

Just like what Belshazar the king of Babylon saw on the wall khulu Bob instead of threatening the peace loving citizens of Zimbabwe should read the writing on the wall. It is simply saying it's time to go koZvimba khulu. No amount of killing and intimidation will stop the will of the people. He is on record saying he was elected by the people. Now the same people no longer want him. I am not sure what he does not understand there. Why should he punish his 92 year old brain and body? Those organs are way too tired to cope with the demands of running a country. Eish! The man demands respect yet he can't respect himself. awu bantu!

Mabhengeza - 21 July 2016

Mugabe is sick in his head, the time is near when you gonna have to pull your own weight man. Very soon uchamhanya kutiza mdara. Your govt is broke and thus your downfall. You will try to intimidate all you can but you're going to run chete, because your govt is broke. There not much you can do when you're broke and you got no-one to borrow from. So God has his own ways of doing things and this is the one way you are going out bob, hapana chisingaperi, waifunga kuti zvinoramba zvakadaro? Pako papera, December haasvike uchiri president we Zim hazviite!!!

misty - 21 July 2016

Truth my little brother,can yu plse tel me what happened to Samanyike Chaiye.where is he.

viola gwena - 21 July 2016

The most disheartening fact is that they are not doing anything about it,just clueless.No solution in sight but still they want people to fold their hands and wait,for what?

zamanika - 22 July 2016

What kind of a president protects corrupt ministers in his cabinet? What kind of a president threatens to crash innocent citizens who want corruption ministers to be arrested? What kind of a president do we have in Mugabe? What Kind of a president spends over 90% of his time either in other countries or sleeping in the plane? What kind of a president steals money from RBZ to finance his luxury trips? What kind of a president moots printing useless notes just because of his selfish egos? What kind, ndibatsireiwo.

What Kind - 22 July 2016

Mugabe the Klingon has lost two of his greatest Symbols, the Flag now belongs to every ordinary Zimbabwean, and the Zimbabwe Dollar which is now extinct. Now they are vainly trying to bring it back. As long as the Mugabe Dynasty continues our currency (what currency) will be a joke. An army without a Treasury or Standard (flag) is a defeated force.

Nooshie - 22 July 2016

Freedom and prosperity ahead.

david taylor - 22 July 2016

Its time now pple stand up and f......k around these zanu pigs we are many they are fewer . we can not continue to be threatened by vagrants just like that .

Diibulaanyika - 22 July 2016

God appoints a leader no matter how much you fight ko Pharaoh wakadini the hearts can be hard asi Mwari all Mighty will do as he wills. I am disappointed at the president that even though we cry for help as your children u keep on blaming other people and not addressing the issues veduwee zvokwadi any one has a right to lead Zimbabwe there are 15 million people it is our country as much as it is yours. and the youth yacho maiwee zvakaoma. its a shame no one can stop time

critic - 22 July 2016

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