Zanu PF march pictures

HARARE - Zanu PF youths on Wednesday marched in the Harare CBD -- from the Harare provincial office to the party's headquarters -- in support of Presidend Robert Mugabe.

Below are the pictures. Pics: Freedom Mashava 


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a picture says a thousand words,the people have spoken!!!!

truth - 20 July 2016

Hahaha all I see are youths with torn pants, hungry dehydrated looking faces....this is really sad. The youths are surely being used by this evil zanu pf, it's really sad, it's unfortunate some people can be used just like that ya know, it's sad. Zanu pf youths you need to wake up please for your own sake. Really where is zim going? When you think you're heading somewhere then this? Really sad!!!

misty - 20 July 2016

Where was the riot police. Suddenly there is no danger to property and this is tolerable chaos?

Proudzimbabwean - 20 July 2016

excellent stuff,now next phase we march to the pastors avondale home where we will hand over a petition to the pastor for his handlers warning them to stop meddling in our affairs

truth - 20 July 2016

Sad,so so sad,Zanu pf is indeed the party of the filthy rich and the very stupid

mwana wevhu - 20 July 2016

?? but why are most of them in RED

CDE - 20 July 2016

Pipo belongs to God nt to party.Those pipo u see in pictures are the same pipo u see kUmdct.Some of them are confused cockroaches in a hot pan.Some vanomanikidzwa .Vamwe ndiwo vanohakwa vachiendawo nzendo dzawo.Not all of them are happy paMatch yezanu pf.

morgie ndizvo - 20 July 2016

Harare is funny..those are the same people who are engaged in marches . If the MDC marches tomorrow they will be rhere. They just need to keep busy

view from the gazebo - 20 July 2016

There is no country without mazanga but the good thing is mazanga are fewer than normal pple . Radicalised and drug abusers marching for nothing can not make us worry you see . They are not saying how their march will make Mugabe improve his failures which haVE made us stone age country .They are reacting to marches by sane citizens which have rocked the nation recently bcoz surely they are indicators that Mugabe will be pushed out not so long .Their march is nothing as more demos are coming and police must be warned not to be partisan and must let anyone doing demos do it peacefully bcoz unlike these zanu mazangaz other pple are marching for the future of the policemen 's children as well WHILE mazangaz are marching MARCHING FOR A BOTTLE OF SUPPER AND THAT policemen can not be paid for ever

Diibulaanyika - 21 July 2016

Useless copycats of the day, Vimpire Party

JOHN FARAH - 21 July 2016

Double sword.

Slim Cat - 21 July 2016

Poor people being used they have nothing just given those T shirts.

Slim Cat - 21 July 2016

These are the supporters of corruption, injustice, poverty, zanu murders and abuductions.

Zeblun - 21 July 2016

kkkkkkk Zvekuunzwa nema lorry kubva kwakasiyana siyana izvo

Pasi - 21 July 2016

Saka ZANU PF irikufunga kuti masupporters ayo ese here aya nhai imi wee. We are the same people tinongoenda ikoko because tinenge tichitya kurohwa plus zvikanzi kune ma stands tongoendawo kuti tipihwewo. Surely ungatipe ma stands isu tisina kana cent rekuvakisa munofunga kuti mari yacho tinoiwana kupi isu takuvara nehurovha? Tipei zvedu tozowana chekutengesa kuti tiwane zvedu mari isu.

#ThisFlag - 21 July 2016

This is not a competition as ZANU PF thugs would like to think, ours is a real endgame. Fiction will not last, let us see who has the real program and who will have the last lough. You can drug the youths but you can not drug the economy to work overtime and produce to pay civil servants. Shame on you. You will be beaten by your own so called "youths". Our endgame is in full swing and is not reactive.

Zvichapera - 21 July 2016

Bused people!!!!?ko venyu havauyi nema buses here,?how do they make the trip to yo walk abouts?Train?

viola gwena - 21 July 2016

@viloa Are there enough stands for all of them? Maybe we should take some land from @truth to give the the youths. We should have mansion tax to help build the houses. I understand in UK they have Mansion tax which costs more when you buy a second house. They certainly do in New York.

bexilford - 21 July 2016

Just you watch the war vets feeling used and abused . we did not get housing stands

warvetzipa - 21 July 2016

@truth @viola gwena @warvetzipa I was part of the march but on false prospectus. I was told to go to Fourth Street to get forms for stands. At Fourth Street we were told to walk to ZanuPf head Office where would get the stands. We were not given any stands and I feel I have been abused

angryyouth - 23 July 2016

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