'Public anger benefits VP'

HARARE - A South African think-tank says the rising anger against President Robert Mugabe could fortuitously benefit his longest-serving aide and deputy — Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) — in the current Zanu PF succession race.

In its latest instalment, NKC African Economics said Mnangagwa’s chances to become the next president on an interim basis if President Robert Mugabe leaves office before the 2018 general election have been brightened.

“Mugabe’s political capital is practically spent — a consequence in many ways of the manner in which he allowed his family and cronies to walk over governance and the law in Zimbabwe for too long,” it said.

“While we have serious reservations about all the top figures in Zanu PF — in fact, the probable next head of State by interim, Mnangagwa, might be the worst of the lot — those who disagree with them, at home and abroad, have more leverage to negotiate than before. We think things are about to get better.

“The process has accelerated in recent years, mainly as a consequence of moves by his ambitious second wife Grace to ensure that she remains close to power when he passes away. These moves have failed, and now senior figures in his government seem to be going against his wishes while negotiating with western partners.

“It does not seem as though the status quo is tenable, and something important feels set to change, perhaps even with a dramatic fleeing out of the country on Grace Mugabe’s part.”

Mnangagwa has been steadfast in his loyalty for Mugabe and denies plotting against the man on whose side he says he has been for more than 50 years.

Two weeks ago, his rivals in Zanu PF claimed during an emergency politburo meeting that he could have been behind the recent protests and a general strike because he had not been targeted in messages circulating on social media platforms.

Mnangagwa who has publicly pledged his loyalty to Mugabe is said to be angling to succeed the nonagenarian although his bid is heavily opposed by a faction of young Turks known by the moniker Generation 40 (G40).

Mugabe is facing the biggest challenge of his long political career as angry Zimbabweans — fed up with his catastrophic policies and shortages of cash — have embarked on rolling protests in a bid to force him out office.

Recently, the country was hit by deadly riots prompted by a ban on consumer goods from South Africa and many police roadblocks on the country’s roads.

There is anxiety within the civil service where, for the second consecutive time, there are no clues as to when they will be paid.

Mugabe’s administration blames the protests on western governments which it says are seeking to topple Africa’s oldest president.

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He must go. Full stop!

Ngarwuende - 19 July 2016

MR Ngwena ndoda kukuvhoterai kuti mupinde teteguru ndavakupei chitanda asi .....musandinyadzisa ndapota......be just a transitional Leader ...........Pindai zvenyu kwe six month mobuda....ndoda kuti mugonyadzisa wese vanoti munehutsinye hachakadai chakadai......you facilitatate the implimentation of all democratic reforms zve zanu pf yakatoparara kare kare uya nenyanya yekuwaka zimbabwe varungu wese ngavadzoke... minda yese yakatorwa back kune varidzi vayo... only only where we are seing effectiveness...ndoreva pano rimwa zvakanaka ....note the farm and rather compansate the owner on an agreed price and term the beneficially must pay......no free land only rural reserves must be compansated using state coffers all commercial land everyone must pay for them if they cant the must move out of those farms......also compansate victims of gukurahundi .operations murambatsvina,,,and other victims and reunited the people of zimbabwe ....english.shona and ndebele shoud be compulsory language and taught at all schools in zimbabwe.

dofo - 19 July 2016

Thats what im talking about,sensible pple.Need I say more.Ini zvangu tete vemusangano.These issues go deaper than what yu see.This man ngwena is a surviver.Simmer down and get to know n appreciate muranda wenyu ngwena.munhu wevanhu.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

I am failing to understand what Viola Ngwena is trying but failing to put across. How can Mnangagwa, a man who is fingered in everything bad that Zimbabweans went through is said to be a man of the people. How many people were killed by Gukurahundi under his watch? How many people were killed in the aftermath of 2008 elctions that Mugabe lost to Tsvangirai? Is this not the same Mnangagwa who was fingered in the looting of diamonds and other resources from DRC? Well I am not privy to telling you who should succeed Mugabe in Zanu PF because your whole party is corrupt, lawless and murderous to the core. Hence, the majority's call for the extinction of Zanu PF from the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 19 July 2016

Viola is just one of those bootlickers who just heap praises on people because ,either she is benefited something through Ngwena,or he is a distant relative,or they come from the same rural area or one of her relatives got ballooned up by Ngwena. [KUMITISWA]The list is endless .I have come across people like that.They put on blinkers and throw away reasoning through the window.Tingavadii?hapana zvatingavaita ende hapana.We have learn to live with the likes of you Sisi Viola

Janana wa Bikaz - 20 July 2016

to the hague cde ED

truth - 20 July 2016

Yu can believe yo trash for yoself.Yo prefered choices are fudgers.Chancers.They cant even organise a dog fight.How can they lead anyone.They are failiures living on the stolen luxuries of a timid nation, shit scared to put up a fight.The Hague has its rightfull pple.Those who are trying to get out of ICC are the ones that belong there.Yu know them Truth.Who is terrified at the sight of ICC.Who runs when they see a cop?Yu can google,dont ask anyone in case yu get lies that its ngwena.Its not.Not even one day has he mentioned ICC.Truth dnt start issues that may be beyond comprehension of young pple.Lets party on elections,simple.

viola gwena - 20 July 2016

Truth.yu outclassed by this gogo of yos.why yu even start wth her

opra - 20 July 2016

Gukurahundi is an episode that will not go away. Who was responsible? The prime minister at the time? The army generals, commanders, who? Who will be tired for the genocide?

Sagitarr - 22 July 2016

oops...last question should be ...who will be tried for the genocide?

Sagitarr - 22 July 2016

Those scared of the Hague have not made a secret of it.Bashir avoids them at all costs.Some few African leaders hate ICC and they have said it themselves.Those are the pple yu must ask.Dont be scared and dont pik on pple yu ho dnt matter on this subject.kudheerera pwere uchisiya muridzi wenyaya.kumutya ka?.Maybe yu need warvets again to show yu how its done.

viola gwena - 22 July 2016

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