15 000 sign petition for UN intervention

HARARE - A petition by Zimbabweans for United Nations (UN) secretary general Ban Ki-moon to convince the country’s rulers to stop violating their rights, has amassed 15 000 signatures.

The petition followed a heavy clampdown on those protesting against President Robert Mugabe’s policies in the past few weeks.

In the petition, titled #Protect Zimbabweans PursuingTheir Liberation #ThisFlag, protesters called on the UN chief to use his good office in order to compel the Zanu PF-led government to adhere to its international obligations.

Activists, who have suffered at the hands of the Zanu PF regime alleged brutality — particularly from State agents — say the government has failed to protect their rights.

In the online petition, the activists say the situation is slowly getting out of hand and yet the international community continues to downplay the depth of the crisis.

“They have a collapsed economy with no currency. Once the breadbasket of southern Africa it’s now a net importer of goods.

“Corruption is rife and the regional governance systems have failed to protect the democratic rights of Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans have been afraid to speak out but there are voices straining to be heard,” reads part of the petition.

“This is a global campaign to save Zimbabweans as they push for change by refusing to be bullied. Abduction and murder are real for those who dare challenge the system.”

The petition, which was started by Francisca Mandeya, comes at a time when Zimbabwe is experiencing a wave of massive protests against Mugabe’s misrule.

Over the past few weeks — there has been a ripple of dissent against Mugabe’s government and unlike in the past it is the ordinary citizens who are taking the lead instead of established political parties.

Just over the weekend, hundreds of Bulawayo women participated in a massive demonstration dubbed #BeatThePot campaign as pressure against the Zanu PF-led government mounts.

A fortnight ago citizens embarked on a stay-away, protesting against government failures.

During the protest, hundreds of citizens were tear-gassed while some had dogs set on them while they were in police custody.

Home Affairs minister, Ignatius Chombo, ordered the police to descend heavily on activists who are calling for Mugabe and his Cabinet to resign over a worsening economic crisis, corruption and human rights abuses.

“We need the support of other people to raise our voices and assurance that no one will be harmed because they are peacefully pursuing justice, accountability, fighting for their survival and future generations,” the petition reads.

“The rights of…people have been violated for over three decades.  The appropriation of the struggle to a few people must stop! This man- made crisis must end. It begins with allowing people to freely express themselves.”

The petition also demanded Mugabe’s resignation to pave way for a new government which has the capacity to turn around the country’s fortunes.

“Unemployment rates will be drastically reduced if a functional government is established. The future of our youths will be brighter as they will secure employment and crime and drug abuse will be reduced.”

The petition further stated that foreign direct investment will be resumed once the rule of law is restored, adding that this will result in the creation of jobs.

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MUNHU vesanogona kuverenga nekunyora must sign this petition and organize a transitional goverment mugabe must be out as soon as yesterday.......kana achifunga ngaasire ngwena .....ngwena woformer a trasitional gvt with new cabinet and impliment all decratic reforms in our constition.....bobo out plase everyone ust sign this pertion Un better come and help us ....we no long need teteguru no no.....no

dofo - 19 July 2016

The UN will not intervene in anything because of so much red tape. They will come in to mope up the bodies, witness the Rwandan genocide. Having said that, its a starting point in the mobilisation of opinion against this heinous regime. And, only 15,000?!!" Where do I sign?

Dunlop Munjanja - 19 July 2016

This is slippery slope that I do not think people should get into, we all want the old man to go but nyaya yekuita invite other nations or people from outside of Zim to interfere is not the way to go. Lets learn from the trauma in other countries. I don't want to end up in a situation where we have a people dying because the army is now fighting foreign military because vanhu mafarisa mukasaziva pekumira. Let fight for our rights tega pasina kuita inviting other people, which country on earth has the UN ever intervined in or tried to difuse that did not end up in war or worse. Lets respect the lives and futures of our children that we are fighting for. Lets leave them without the trauma of war as our parents left us. #bornfree #notowar #mugabemustgo

B Moyo - 20 July 2016

where is the petition. we want to append our signatures yesterday

samanyika franktalk - 20 July 2016

The UN should really intervene in the governance and political crisis that is affecting Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe stands out to be the only country that has extreme level of human right abuse on its citizen by their government in a situation that is supposed to call for dialogue to easy out the crisis. In other places, there will be war or civil strive of tribes or similar with gun fire and so on. Yet in Zimbabwe, population is peaceful, opposition is peaceful, the GOVERNMENT OF ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE a seating president with a constititional obligation to protect the right of every citizen is abusing that and stepping on the same constitution and still claim legitimacy to rule and some zealots from his party with greedy and corrupt tendencies are busy looting and wanting the country to be worse of than what it is now. On the other hand, we have a UN, which still condemn the violence and preach abuse of Human Rights yet it does not act. We have Chinese and Russians who are also propping the regime in the pursuit of wagging their cold war with USA, and Europe hence are not regarding the same view as these two blocks in supporting the plight of Zimbabweans. The people of Zimbabwe are in real fix. AT WHAT STAGE WOULD some one come to help.

amina - 20 July 2016

where is the petition , we want to sign it

safa ngendlala - 20 July 2016

Why is this petition being privatised? Make it visible and you will have a million signatures in one day!I am sure a lot of people are dying to add their support to the petition but don't know where. Please Daily News use your wide circulation to facilitate knowledge of this document so that many more can sign.

John o - 20 July 2016

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