Fears of Zim implosion grow

HARARE - There are growing fears that Zimbabwe’s battered economy, which has seen State revenues continuing to dip and the government failing to pay its bloated civil service, is headed for an imminent implosion.

The warning comes as the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) recently announced that it had once again missed its collections target for the first quarter of 2016.

“We are heading for a grinding halt because government continues to accumulate salary arrears.

“We will witness an implosion very soon and government will be paralysed. Even Mugabe won’t be able to grab anything for his endless trips abroad,” former Finance minister in the inclusive government, Tendai Biti, told the Daily News yesterday.

“What is needed is an inclusive transitional mechanism to soft-land the crisis and I am glad that Zimbabweans and all progressive movements, including Morgan Tsvangirai are of the same thinking.

“What we now need is a common platform of ideas. It really is time for thought leadership. If that doesn’t happen, we will soon be eating one another because there will be nothing left to feed us.

“The greatest liability that this country has is having a 92-year-old as president, who cares about nothing else but his own survival, a president who now has difficulties identifying the toilet,” the tough-talking leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) added.

His comments also come as the government had, for the second successive month, failed to pay the army on time and had also remained silent about the July pay dates for the rest of the civil service.

“Failure to pay civil servants reflects on the personal inadequacies of Patrick Chinamasa. He has failed in his personal capacity because it is the personal responsibility of a Finance minister to ensure that all government employees are paid.

“I would not sleep before making sure that civil servants’ salaries were there when I was minister, so Chinamasa must just do what all decent people the world over do in circumstances of such glaring failure,” Biti said.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) president, Richard Gundani, said at the weekend that the delay by the government to state their position on the pending salaries was “causing a lot of anxiety” among civil servants.

“There is clearly a lot of anxiety and worry out there. When we held our meeting with government, they could not reveal pay dates but said they would announce them late last week or early this week, so we are still waiting to see when they will announce them.

“But as it is, the government has not finished paying last month’s money for pensioners, which was expected to have been paid on the 19th. Clearly, therefore, there is worry and it would help if the government effectively and timeously made the announcement,” Gundani said.

Veteran economist John Robertson told the Daily News yesterday that the government was “doomed” if it did not make radical policy changes, especially with regards to land ownership.

“Government will not be able to raise funds to pay salaries if the country’s productive capacity remains low. Only policy changes will improve the situation.

“Government needs to allow farmers to produce by making sure that it gives back collateral value to the land, so that farmers can borrow from banks and when that happens factories will be revived and there will be revenue increases. It’s absolutely that simple,” he said.

Academic and publisher, Ibbo Mandaza, said the current waves of protests against Mugabe were symptomatic of “a country in deep crisis”.

“It is an expression of the crisis that we are faced with as a country and it needs an urgent solution.

“There is need for national dialogue to extricate the country from the challenges we are facing,” he said, adding that the ban on basic imports was “as misguided as it was misconceived as it affects millions of people in the informal sector, hence the ongoing civil unrest”.

Comments (43)

We said it over and over again for the better part of the first six of this year that the country is heading to the dustbin. As usual, the so called prophets where saying bond notes will do the trick. Some even said we do not understand economics. Do you need to be an economist to see that the country is being run irresponsibly by a group of ZANU PF thugs, who have no clue or understanding of the consequences of their actions? What they know is taking notes from Marujata Grace Mugabe and being addressed as kindergarten kinds in politburo and central committee meetings. We need collective leadership and not believe false prophets obsessed in thinking that we will be saved by one person. We need collective action and progressive forces to execute the endgame and build a new system of governance, where the collective power directs us all. This Ayatollah or Supreme Leader type of governance is so yesterday and it has failed us.

Zvichapera - 18 July 2016

Chinamasa ngaabvunze kuti Kasukuwere anozvifambisa sei kuti awane mari yekuvaka 50 bedroomed mansion iyo hurumende ichishaya mari yekutambirisa vasevenzi.He might help the minister with ideas.

chimuti - 18 July 2016

The writing is on the wall that all is not well in the motherland and the proverbial implosion is underway. A country that fails to pay salaries to its security forces will not last very long. That said, listening to Tendai Biti, one gets the distinct impression that he cannot wait to join the feeding trough through the so called "transitional mechanism". What Zimbabwe needs is an orderly transition and new elections soon.

Graveyard Munadawafa - 18 July 2016

A sample of Gvt shooting itself in the foot. (i) ZIMRA and Chinamasa increasing duty of ex jap cars. Imports drop drastically, duty falls overally, although it increases per unit, (ii) ZIMRA and Bimha banning imports into Zimbabwe. Again duty falls drastically, although a few ZANU PF "gods" with ssupermarkets pocket a few extra coins. (iii) bloated cabinet - more fundas for cars, girlfiends, luxury trips, and entertainment. Government pay these first, get broke. (iv) then there is corruption. this one I will not even speak. Imagine what the salary of Cuthbert Dube or G. Pasi of Zimra could do in terms of paying Civil servants salaries?

XG - 18 July 2016

Guys, Zimbabwe has been on the cliff for a long time. This Mugabe govt continues to survive by hook or crook. The last time Mugabe was broke and luckily/sadly, they discovered the Marange diamonds. Now they are broke again and they surviving on raiding companies for taxes. We dont know whats next, probably Zimbabweans will start paying for being Zimbabwean.

tokhi - 18 July 2016

Seriously....it was obvious for all to see that you can rig an election but you cannot rig the economy. Logical consequences are beacons for wise men and scarescrows for fools. Until such time as Mr Mugabe proves himself trustworthy once again this government is going nowhere - a tall order, an impossible task. It is easier to award contracts to relatives (eg the Dema Zesa power station) than to address our core economic problems.

Tekere - 18 July 2016

Yu must never believe that everyone in zanu is a fool.Zanu has seriouse plans for better days to come.There are leaders in zanu who are able to create a better future.We are ready to rescusitate willowvale mazda, Peaugeot plant in mutare,Deven engineering,AVM Dhamar,Amtec,Zupco,.These companies will create over 200 000 mobs an save import funds $150m per yr.Besides mercs n bmw n rovas, we have mazdas being imported from S.A. for the local market,yet we hav Amtec.We are ready to do real work on energy industry,re tender all projects and aprove only those that are sound on high employment of our yuths.This sector alone can create 700 000 jobs and save import currency of $500 000 per month.I culd go on ,.So dnt think we are just seating.we are sweating on all this.For a better tommorow.

viola gwena - 18 July 2016

vanhu ava vakapedza mari vachipa Nikuv, ko ngaidzoke igadzirise economy. ndinovomba zvikomana zveNikuv zviri kufa nekuseka

mhepo - 18 July 2016

Bob Marley said, "You can fool some people sometimes but you cann't fool all the people all the time." Now everyone can see your failure Chinamasa, you at one time instructed the war vets to storm Biti's office, ko nhasi zvawapo iwe bhadhara vashandi .

MWANDO - 18 July 2016

I agree with Viola. A better future is possible even under ZANU pf. The problem we have is ZANU pf has been downgraded into someone's personal property. I know Ngwena would do better than the current leader but it appears it is too little too late. Honai vana va JAMUKA. HAVACHATYA.

Tekere - 18 July 2016

@viola gwena you talk shit! We are tied of that crap! Zanu PF are asset strippers. you strip 10 cars to build 2. What is that? Those companies you are talking about have always been there since Rhodesia manufacturing; exporting products; employing many our folks big time. Why were they closed during this disastrous tenure of Zanu PF government? Did you know that Rhodesia and Brazil where the only countries on the planet earth producing bio fuel at large commercial scale? And what happened? RG Mugabe and Zanu PF take over and break up everything. You are forever speaking great about Mnagagwa, why has he, all along not assembled that Zanu PF sharp team to run the country intelligently, and not for everything to crash? You and Mnagagwa are just power trappers. All Zanu PF is rotten and looters only. Please give us a break!

Mbareboy - 18 July 2016

the zanu pf goats with their heads meant for display not reasoning will surely unleash the bond notes on us. this is seemingly their last resort. im sure they would have unleashed it weeks ago had it not been of social unrest in the country. hameno mwari we pindirai

murambatsvina - 18 July 2016

@viola gwena, Zimbabweans do care much for ghosts. You sound like one of those who died for us. Hell, shake of that ghost and stands among us.

Mbareboy - 18 July 2016

Zimbabweans do not care much for ghosts.

Mbareboy - 18 July 2016

I do understand yo anger.But plse dont throw away the dishwater n the baby bcoz of anger.All im saying is Zanu has a few bad apples that need to be discuded,not the truck of apples.This is a process which will have very good results.The process was already started.This corruption alarm button was 1st sounded by VP Mnangagwa.This was his 1st warning he gave when he was apointed VP.He is only a. yr and half as VP.He has created enermies in Zanu since he gave that chilling warning of beware of the " ngwena glare" if yu a corrupt minister or civil servant.He needs support.Its not for nothing the warvets are supporting him on this.Its not for nothing diplomats think highly of him.Its not for nothing he is hated by corrupt characters in zanu.This is the man that will give us Zimbabweans a good headstart.Ramaposa has urged zanu to move ngwena up so that they tuckle poverty as new leaders in sadc.Britain prefers him,so does China,Australia,Germany,Au.Dont look no further than him.Mujuru had 10 yrs of VP,Tsvangirai had 5 yrs prime minister.This corruption cancer spread under their watch.Simbi kuna ngwena for change.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

We may insult each other and provide intertainment to foreigners bt wth all due respect we need ideas ,good ideas to move our country forward.Like Ngwena said ,corruption has killed our economy,n needs to be killed in turn ,.He showed he meant business as soon as he was apointed.unlike the 2,Mujuru n Tsvangirai.When they came into power ,they never bothered to put a check on corruption.No.It was merry time for them.Until they were kicked out.Thats when they started blowing whistles panicking.Such leaders take us nowhere bt same sport.We need pragmatic leaders.The.Mugufulis.Leaders who are nt controled by a few educated corrupt politicians.Sweet talking politicians.No.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

Last bt very important.Most of these current ministers will not survive a mnangagwa reshuffle.Just 3 maybe ,can make it .The rest no chance.Vp has experience of these characters.he knows them.One visit to China for frank talks n the Chinese President followed him to Zim.Cash talk as they say,no fumbligs.This is our man.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

Viola is made. Zanu has failed to do that in the past 36 years, what hope do you have in ZANU and hw many more years do they want. They have dismally failed this country by their Nyau politics. Only a completely new administration can be able to save this country from being a Greece. MUGABE HAS FAILED. Hw can you continue to have a president who now urinates on himself. Do you think you will get new ideas from this man who is ever tying to control his urine without success.

Hondo - 19 July 2016

kkkkkk the guilty ones are always scared we have no govt any way just a bunch of gangsters destroying our economy and we had been moving on as a country for 36 yrs with no govt just thugs and elections thieves pretending to lead us l but this time around they must be taught a lesson .

Diibulaanyika - 19 July 2016

Our president should embrace his failure and resign. To safe guard his interests he can do a "Yeltsin" by appointing an unknown, young and competent person with impeccable leadersip qualitities (there are many from the spetrum of all Zimbabweans) not necessarily from Zanu PF, who will be his Vladimir Putin - like in the Russian scenario.

Sharpshotter - 19 July 2016

Nzungu imwe yakaora inoodza dama rese saka viola ngwena tiwaridzirewo zambia ugare pasi.

Nzara Ndakarima - 19 July 2016

@viola gwena - you have taken insanity to brand new dizzying heights! Your beloved party has destroyed all these industries, since when do demolishers take on the role of designers or builders?

Sagitarr - 19 July 2016

The sence is what all seasoned leaders,diplomats see.They see sence in VP.They used to see sence in Prime minister Tsvangirai bt not anymore.The last elections changed their minds on forma PM.By burying yo heads in sand,on this fact,yu are behaving axactly like us in Zanu,that President is young n rarering to go for 2018, at 94.Cmon.Face reality.Do a reality check.Britain,China ,EU have seriouse good inteligence n have proven records in the way they have enlarged their economies.They want the same for Zim.Their preference is ED for a particular period,not forever.He can bring our change wthout waring.He can work wth Tsvangirai on transition.Simple.When yu see the numbers Tsvangirai n Khupe draw at their rallies,noone can ignore those 2.We need lodgic,now not tmorow,now.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

@viola ngwena, its a pity you are in an incurable state of self denial, pity you

IsheZimuto - 19 July 2016

This viola gwena person is really annoying, what are you even talking about really. Everything you are saying doesn't make any sense, I think you're crackbrained.

misty - 19 July 2016

She is making lots of sence to me.im nt zanu

hunda - 19 July 2016

Yes I agree wth viola.problem wth us in mdc we want caryon being oppostion forever.yu dont draw a line n say enuf.nxa.yes viola.

lodza - 19 July 2016

Misty shut up.yu gt nothing to say.

oliver - 19 July 2016

Correct @lodza.in zanla n zanu we drew lines wth leadership.We difered wth Zapu n drew a line.We got fed up wth old Ndabaningi n we drew a line ,from leader to leader we changed them till to Mugabe and in 5 yrs he delivered the results.If we remained stuck wth one leader Ndabaningi, we wuld still be given excuses n no independence.I may annoy yu wth this trueth.bt its a fact.sorry yu get anoyed when confronted by facts.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

No more jokes pliz Viola; Are you really sincere that Ngwena is open to an Inclusive gvt? If so why are you not pushing for an early election? Look 2018 ...far away.

Membathisi - 19 July 2016

Mugabe's days are definitely numbered so all of us now have to give some deep thought to whom we think is capable of running this country after he goes. I am not a ZANU PF supporter and am one of their biggest critics but especially after all the corruption and lies and the ugly mess they have created without regard or feeling for those suffering immense hardships. So when we scan the horizon for a potential leader, someone with experience, honest and responsible I really battle to find anyone? Morgan has had his chance, he is a failure? Joice is about as corrupt as you can get? So who is left? In my estimation there is only one person left = Emmerson Mnangagwa. I say this because he has huge experience in Government, is intelligent, to my knowledge has not been involved in any corrupt deals, is tough when he needs to be and does have genuine feelings for the people and their welfare and welbeing. Mnangagwa's only handicap is that he lacks popular support? I mean in all honesty, who else is there? All of us have to think about this next step very carefully otherwise if we are not careful this place could so easily descend into another South Sudan type situation, something none of us want? Think carefully about what I am telling you folks.

Mbewa - 19 July 2016

Our Cabinet is 42 Ministers including Provincial Gorvenors, excluding Deputy Ministers of which some ministries have 2 deputy ministers. Am not sure if Ministers in the VPs offices are included.

Kambiri - 19 July 2016

Only fools disagree.I hav supported morgan sine 1996 stay aways .when is he going to produce results?To viola spot on tete.

bob - 19 July 2016

Zimbabwean problem are Mugabe made and those trying to defend him are insane . He must go like yesterday and he will be not missed .

Diibulaanyika - 19 July 2016

They was no mdc in 1996 pliz stop hallucinating here

Diibulaanyika - 19 July 2016

I said Morgan,not mdc.either yu cant read or dum.morgan started these strikes n stay aways in 1996,as a trade unionist.

bob - 19 July 2016

Leadership is all that is needed now.Strong leadership.Let me tell yu a small story.In 1988 Lonrho thru Zimoco ,wanted to show government that it supported workers .This was after Senior Minister Joshua Nkomo had complained that Lonrho does nothing for workers.Zimoco then picked out 100 class 2 drivers wthin Lonrho ,to empower wth brand new trucks imported from S.A.Everyone was happy including ministers.Old Muzenda ,who had a longer n better relationship wth Tiny Rowland of Lonrho lauded zimoco n left it there.Bt old Josh wasnt totally happy.The Head of mercedes benz germany came to sign the deal and Min Nkomo told him in no uncertein terms that the deal will only go ahead if the trucks are assembled locally here at Zimoco,not South Africa.Zimoco had to open a new assembly workshop n employed an extra 150 workers.The deal was called Zodo.Thats leadership.Econet will testify to Mudhara Josh s qualities.If government adopts such attitudes ,economy will go up.

viola gwena - 19 July 2016

Morgan was tramped on from the beginning .give him a break ZANU are corrupt to the core they have ALL assisted in the destruction and looting of our country. BRING BACK THE FARMERS, and the country can start to get sorted like Zambia they have our farmers our tourists and our investment MAY GOD BLESS AND HEAL OUR BELOVED LAND

rose - 19 July 2016

Anyone with properly working brains will know that this dire situation we are in cannot be solved by any one of the people that helped create it, there's no sense in that. Why are some people afraid of change to that extent, Zim needs fresh people not these ngwena, mujuru bla bla bla...These people have evidently failed the country for more than 3 decades and looting heavily on top of that. This is time for new ideas, new generation.

misty - 19 July 2016

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Tau - 19 July 2016

why not doing the same as libya zimbabweans talk doesnt help guys lets give a try guyz i volunteer to bie first on line

george - 21 July 2016

Hi Rose - "RIGHTEOUSNESS exalteth a nation, BUT sin is a REPROACH to any people" - Proverbs 14:34. Really? Zambia's President Kenneth Kaunda was a reproach to God, because he brought "Humanism" into the country, and tried to sell it to the masses - he failed miserably both in leadership and spiritually, he later expelled the Israeli Embassy. "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee, and make thy name great" saith the Lord, (Genesis 12:3), and later God removed him from office. The country suffered basic food and medical shortages - much the same as ourselves today. "But when his heart became arrogant and hardened with pride, he was desposed from his royal throne and stripped of his glory." (Daniel 5:20) When President Fredrick Chiluba came into power, his VERY FIRST foreign mission was to Israel with his delegation, where he openly prayed in the Knesset asking for forgiveness for his nation on behalf of Zambia's sins and forefathers, and all those in ancestral worship etc., he REPENTED, and God opened numerous doors for that nation, and turned their economy around at the flick of a finger ... "I WILL bless them that bless thee." When the Israeli Embassy were thrown out of Zambia they came to Zimbabwe, for a short while, but were thrown out in favour of the Palestinian Embassy??? Zambia continues to prosper at the expense of Zimbabwe, so who hurt the apple of God's eye, and should they prosper? Other Presidents who have come after Chiluba are reaping what he had sown un-selfish REPENTANCE for his NATION!! Proverbs 11:18 "The wicked worketh a deceitful work: but to him who soweth righteousness shall be a sure REWARD. Another Pastor

D. Phillips - 25 July 2016

Truth hurts Zimbabweans are cowards period. They run like cowards and go crowd other people's countries be like the Egyptians stand and fight until the last man drop. Magano Namibia

Magano - 25 July 2016

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