No pay joy for army, other public servants

HARARE - Zimbabwe's broke government has for the second successive month failed to pay the army on time, while also ominously remaining silent about when all civil servants will be paid their July salaries, if at all.

Well-placed government sources told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that authorities were frantically “trying to stitch together a few pennies” to pay civil servants, but without much success.

“Government wants to pay its workers like yesterday, but there is no money. This economic squeeze, manifested recently by the cash crisis is real and worsening.

“My view is also that this will be a very long-term challenge that all Zimbabweans ought to be prepared for,” one of the sources said.

While soldiers are usually paid on the 14th of every month, military personnel who were hoping to be paid early this month were left bitterly disappointed on Thursday and Friday when they checked with their banks for their money — and to make matters worse, they were also not told when they would receive their remuneration.

It was feared that the delays could fuel political tensions in the country which has recently been rocked by growing citizen unrest, demonstrations and violent riots.

“The mood is sour among the rank and file. Life is tough and we are not being told by our superiors whether we will be paid this month or not,” a soldier told news agency Reuters at the weekend.

Efforts to get comments from both Treasury and the military were unsuccessful yesterday.

But Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira told the Daily News on Sunday that the government was set to announce this month’s pay dates for civil servants soon.

“We will issue a statement shortly,” she said, while Apex Council president, Cecilia Alexander, said she could not comment at the moment.

But Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) president, Richard Gundani, said the delay by the government to state their position on the pending salaries was “causing a lot of anxiety” among civil servants.

“When we held our meeting with government, they could not reveal pay dates but said they would announce them late last week or early this week, so we are still waiting to see when they will announce them.

“But as it is, the government has not finished paying last month’s money for pensioners, which is expected to be paid on the 19th. Clearly, therefore, there is worry and it would help if the government effectively and timeously made the announcement,” Gundani said.

There was a two-week delay in the June pay check for the military, a central security pillar throughout President Robert Mugabe’s 36 years in charge of Zimbabwe.

Without balance of payment support and foreign credit, the government is desperately seeking to clear $1,8 billion arrears to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), African Development Bank and the World Bank, in a bid to unlock new funding.

But the IMF said on Thursday that it was still far from agreeing a financial programme with Mugabe’s government, which would need to resolve issues of governance, accountability, transparency and carry out economic reforms before receiving any cash.

Last week, a stay-away protest movement led by activist pastor Evan Mawarire shut down most businesses, government offices, schools and hospitals in the biggest act of public defiance in a decade.

Mawarire, who rallied followers under his #ThisFlag Twitter hashtag, was arrested last week and formally accused of treason but was freed on Wednesday when a magistrate threw out the charges. — with Reuters

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Corruption is never sustainable.

Ziziharinanyanga - 17 July 2016

this is the end zanupf. why can't you start PRINTING matoilet paper called Bond notes so that you can pay the army. mugabe and zanu pf you are very stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

muchatiza - 17 July 2016

only God know??????

Malume Makhovula - 17 July 2016

Now the blame game seizes to be a lullaby. Hungry people listen to no stories.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 July 2016

It's good when the army do not get their pay

Slim Cat - 17 July 2016

I blame the British for all this

Chimurenga 4 - 17 July 2016


bepa Revanhu - 18 July 2016

Army, beating up people for your Zanu PF masters only works for a while. Soon whatever is biting people will bite you. It has now started.

XG - 18 July 2016

This goes to prove that the 200million deposited at Afri bank is false, false, false. Those bond notes will be useless like used tissue paper. If the money is there, why not take it and pay civil servants whilst the Finance Minister looks for cash to replace it.? Food for thought.

Yizo-yizo - 18 July 2016

This goes to prove that the 200million deposited at Afri bank is false, false, false. Those bond notes will be useless like used tissue paper. If the money is there, why not take it and pay civil servants whilst the Finance Minister looks for cash to replace it.? Food for thought.

Yizo-yizo - 18 July 2016

If we resuscitate industry, you will see everything else falling into place. Money to pay government workers will not be a problem at all. The problem is that noone in government is seriously focusing on this economy.

machakachaka - 18 July 2016

Ah, those who were beating up people just last week have no pay. NO PAY ha ha ha ha ha!! They can eat their helmets and feed the batons and tear gas to their children. They can eat the water canons - those are big enough to feed an infantry or battalion. Ha ha ha!!

Sagitarr - 18 July 2016

This is exactly why they wanted to print bond notes but povo iri kuti kwete. Rambai makashinga vana veZimbabwe. Hold this government to task.

Matimaonei - 18 July 2016

It's time for army, police to join the demos as well. There's absolutely no way out for zanu this time around, you cannot keep on borrowing money to pay civil servants, who will keep on lending you money that you never return? This is the end of zanu. Yowerere matsotsi!!Vakomana muchamhanya!! Akati Mukanya.

misty - 18 July 2016

Kkkkkkk kkkkkkk I am very sorry mufunge kkkkkk

olga - 18 July 2016

Masoja arikutochema salary ya July yet State Universities havent received their June Salary and 2015 Bonuses.

Matshidiso - 18 July 2016

sagittar you have killed me

bb - 18 July 2016

This regime has failed. Leadership Transformation is what we now need as citizens as Zimbabwe. Lets #pulltogether to stop this regime

Joseph Hushai - 18 July 2016

sagittar you have killed me

bb - 18 July 2016

Mugabe has enough money to pay everybody for more than twenty years. He should just make it available.

Dakarai - 18 July 2016

It is only that we have educated people who are illiterate. I said it that civil servants should not waste time on demanding from a broke government. Instead they should join the endgame progressive forces so that the ZANU PF thugs are quickly washed down the toilet, to pave way for a new Zimbabwe. The issue is that no amount of negotiating with this government of thugs will yield money, the situation is getting worse and will not improve unless the actors are changed. In fact, had it not been that the government was using our hard earned money, and forcing banks to do illegal things, civil servants payments would have stopped a long time ago. These illegal money creation activities have limits also and that is where we are now. The bond note will be the nail on the coffin as this will immediately get us to the 2007/8 days proper. Watch out. There is no quick fix. We need to change the political system which supports corruption and which is utterly short sighted.

Zvichapera - 18 July 2016

Mobutu's downfall was caused by this same issue of failing to pay salaries. Wake up and smell the coffee the end times are near.

Xozi - 18 July 2016

mugabe must go

stupid - 18 July 2016

I have a plan to oust the zim army and police if they keep harassing us... VIVA #ThisFlag... This will be the first coup to be carried out by civilians...WOW. Mugabe you better watch out I'm coming for you...I know the real reason why you are in Rwanda en-route to singapore.YOU ARe scaRed Haaa..... Very soon I will reveal to Zimbabweans how to overthrow this pathetic government...These solutions that I have are custom made for Zimbabwe with the military and police causing annoying head aches for the peoples freedoms...ZANU THE MILITARY AND POLICE HAVE VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE. SO AS ZIMBABWEANS WE HAVE TO TAKE THE LAW INTO OUR OWN HANDS AND BRING THESE IDOTS TO BOOK!... In a few days I will reveal to Zimbabwe The Secrets of TOPPLING ZANU PF THE MILITARY AND POLICE ... I will show Zimbabwe that Zanu pf and police cannot hold you down. THE CONSTITUTION IS BLEEDING....THIS IS JUDGEMENT DAY......

the successor - 18 July 2016

safety pin for this grenade is off. Reality has struck in zanu pf government. It was coming and the inevitable have arrived. Economy is now fixing zanu pf government.

X-MAN IV - 18 July 2016

The gvt is deliberately delaying announcing pay dates for civilm servants coz it wants schs to close without problems then announce that it will pay the education sector on the 23 Aug. Lets be calm guys for we will get the July salary on 23 Aug but then we will give gvt a clearly worded petition stating catergorically that we will not take that any more, implying the Aug salary has to be paid in Aug even if it means 31 Aug as long as it is in Aug. That they wil have to mobilise money in the remaining 8 days its not our business. If the is no pay the no schools come sept. Mbwa dzavanhu

Robsugar - 20 July 2016

16 roadblocks aimed mainly at fleecing combi and buses between Karoi and Banket today.

Fooled - 21 July 2016

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