Mugabe's Zanu PF brawls over prophet

HARARE - More stunning claims are emerging regarding the mad-scramble within President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF to control the aged and mysterious leader of a secretive apostolic sect, who is acclaimed by his followers for having uncannily prophesied in 1957 that independent Zimbabwe would be ruled by a man with the name of an angel, Gabriel.

Stressed family members of the popular Madzibaba Wimbo — the head of the Mount Darwin-based Johane Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu Church — narrated in graphic detail to the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend how senior army officials allegedly pushing for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe had “abducted” Wimbo in a bid to force a succession prophecy out of the frail 94-year-old prophet.

While there is no documentary evidence to prove the enigmatic Wimbo’s prophecy, who is famed for having allegedly foretold 60 years ago that Zimbabwe would be led by a man with the name of an angel, Gabriel — this remarkably came to pass when Mugabe, whose middle name is Gabriel, took power from the British in April 1980.

One of Wimbo’s sons, Abinashen Gomo, was unequivocal yesterday that the deadly factional and succession wars that are devouring Zanu PF, and pitting Mnangagwa’s supporters against young and ambitious party members who go by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), was the reason why Mudzidzi Wimbo had been “abducted” in a desperate bid to get his blessing.

He went on to finger senior military official, Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba and church official Zex Pamacheche, as prime players behind Wimbo’s alleged abduction in June last year, as well as the seer’s subsequent holding at his church’s shrine — thereby completely denying the family access to him.

Nyikayaramba is now referred to as Wimbo’s church’s security chief.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday supported Gomo’s claims, saying the alleged abduction was the reason why Mugabe had spent more than five hours in a closed-door meeting with members of the apostolic sect last weekend, getting a briefing on the thuggish bid by Zanu PF bigwigs to extract a definitive succession prophecy out of Wimbo.

Wimbo's son Abinashen Gomo.

“It’s true that desperate times demand desperate measures and that some senior soldiers are effectively holding Madzibaba Wimbo hostage until he anoints their preferred Zanu PF official the successor to ... Mugabe.

“... Mugabe has even been forced to move to set up a committee led by (Mashonaland Central governor Martin) Dinha to look into this embarrassing matter of superstition, thuggery and unbridled ambition,” the official said.

Contacted for a comment yesterday, Nyikayaramba confirmed to the Daily News on Sunday that Mugabe had indeed become enmeshed in the matter.

“We met with the president who set up a commission to look into the matter, but I suggest that you wait until the commission completes its mandate then you can get my views or you can ask the provincial minister (Dinha) who organised the meeting with His Excellency. Think that is more professional,” Nyikayaramba said.

But Gomo was adamant that Nyikayaramba, together with Pamacheche — a Zanu PF official who lost to Nicholas Goche in the Shamva North primary elections — had allegedly misled Mnangagwa into believing that Wimbo wanted to anoint the embattled VP for the leadership of the ruling party and the country.

“We know for a fact that our father was forcibly taken from us for political reasons by military force, at the behest of Nyikayaramba, who has assumed the role of the church’s chief security officer,” Gomo — who is also the local village head — said.

He also said while the family saw Wimbo “as nothing more than a father and cleric”, the country’s ruling elite saw him “as a kingmaker who has the anointing to solve the Zanu PF succession matrix”.

Gomo further lamented that far from being a blessing, Wimbo’s famous 1957 prophecy had become “a curse to the family” as it was now haunting them as Zanu PF bigwigs brawled over Mugabe’s succession.

“We know that they took our father to stay with them at the shrine so that they could force him to pronounce that Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s successor, taking advantage of his age.

“They keep him drugged every time so that he can dance to their tune, but it’s not working because the man is too old and probably senile now. They are flogging a dead horse because he cannot be a kingmaker in Zanu PF.

Wimbo's daughter Stremiyo Gomo.

“They must solve their issues alone and not involve our father who must be resting with his family. How do you trouble such an old man just for power’s sake? That is not fair.

“None of his relatives are allowed to see him, including all but one of his four wives. They are working with his 58-year-old third wife (Jesta Kanzara), with whom he has no children,” Gomo fumed.

Wimbo’s second wife, Enesia Mhukuta — whom he married in 1958 — said it was now almost one full year since she and the other two wives had seen their husband.

She added that the shrine where he was allegedly being held against his will was a no-go area for them, with youths having been allegedly hired from Harare, Chitungwiza and Shamva to guard him.

“A boom gate has been erected and is manned by the youths with instructions to bar us, selected church members and surrounding community residents from entering the shrine.

“It pains me that after living together with my husband since 1958, I have now been forced to separate from him. I know the president has intervened, but I will only rest after seeing my husband back home so that I can help to take care of him.

“Pfuti dzakarira pano pamusha vachitora baba asi ndipo potonzwa kuti vana ndivo vakadzinga baba pano. Vanhu vanodirei kureva nhema pamunhu anodiwa nemhuri yake zvakadaro. (There were gunshots here when they took him away, yet we now hear people lie that his children forced him away. Why do people manufacture such lies about someone so dear to his family)

“The only time I was allowed to see him at the shrine, he could only manage to tell me that he wants to come back home and from there he seemed to have lost his senses and we hear they are giving him drugs. Do you think that is good at his age?” Mhukuta said.

Recent attempts to see Wimbo by one of his sons, who is a chief superintendent in the police force, had ended in violence, with him and his sister being assaulted by those guarding the prophet.

Last year, Mnangagwa visited Wimbo at his shrine and got involved in a bizarre church rite, with the popular prophet telling the gathering that the VP needed help to ascend to the presidency.

Mnangagwa was told by Wimbo, also known as Mudzidzi Majinetsa, that it was time that he got others to put shoulder on the wheel to help him in his ambitions.

Wimbo, who initially had said he was not going to speak, sat slouched in a sofa as Mnangagwa delivered his speech on that visit, and suddenly changed his mind and ordered the embattled VP into his holy ground, while starting to prophesy in a trance.

With Mnangagwa in tow, Wimbo walked with so much difficulty, with two men supporting him as he wobbled through the grounds. He then ordered the VP, who is nicknamed the Crocodile, to follow him step by step.

At intervals, Wimbo stopped, and many of his pumped-up followers, seemingly overwhelmed by the occasion, also went into trances.

And through an interpreter, Wimbo said, “Anoda (Mnangagwa) kubatsirwa, angazvigona seiko ari oga. Handizive kuti ndoita zvipiko. Varikunditevera nditeverei nekuno. (The man needs help, he is helpless on his own).

As he spoke, the crowd roared with many dressed in pink, white, sky blue and light green garments speaking in tongues. Disappointingly, the prophecy was so brief and cryptic that it left many in suspense.

In the country’s tumultuous political field, religion has become a source of strength and at times the means to power for many politicians.

Mugabe himself has often donned the garments of apostolic sects in previous, as he has courted the key support of influential church organisations.

“Mnangagwa is the most senior politician to visit the shrine. Defence forces commander Constantine Chiwenga also used to visit there with his former wife Jocelyn, but that is a long time ago,” Gomo said.

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Inzawai vanamadzibaba newamwe mese makarasika....yese Mugabe akanzi achatonga zimbabwe hamuna kupedza tsananguro yacho imi vaprofita wenhema kana mukataura part of the story not full story mavevaprofita wemanyepo.......zvakanzi asi tazoona vanhu vatambura kubvisa murume uyu.....huyipi,humbavha huchave munyika iyi kunamata kwechokwadi kunenge kusisiko vana vedzimbahwe vachaparararira nokudaro....nokudaro murume uyu nerudzirwake ishe achawamukira....taurai zvese imimi musaudza vanhu half prophecy..... kana matadza TB joshia anokupritaiyi nemunwe wake enda muzwe chokwadi.....saka moti vanhu vedzimbabwe vanopenga here wanoti sekuru chizororai...

dofo - 17 July 2016

I started reading this article having been lured by the headline. I thought the prophet referred to could be another new kid on the block ( like our charismatic pastor) to go for it without fear. As I read on I could not help it but burst into laughter the same kind of laughter we used to have listening to my grandmother narrating ngano dzatsuro nagudo. Dailynews mazondipedza. This corroberates what I have been wondering all the time. Are we now a nation where superstition controls our day-to-day activities ? Prophets are mushrooming everywhere in the country like we have never seen before. Politicians ( I mean top politicians) are reported to making nocturnal visits to prophets and n`angas inside and outside Zimbabwe. Bob himself fired and went on the open to say amai vakobvu varikuperformer marituals vakashama ekundipedzisa ini naMarujata naGwena. I cannot imagine seeing amai vakobvu vakashama - unobva waita muuyu (baobab tree) chaiwo. Hey, varume ndibatsireivo, chinyi chaizvo chapinda nyika yedu yeZimbabwe ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 July 2016

Ndanga ndakangamwa. Madzibaba Wimbo ndiyeuya akashanyigwa naNgwena akabvisisa shangu nekumupfekedza gemenzi (rob) zvikandishamisa chose. Ndakafunga kuti mudhara Ngwena avakupenga pandakaona mufananidzo wake akapfeka gemenzi netayi. Varume imwi zvinhu zvinochinja muZimbabwe pasina mukare akamboona. Garwe chairo kubvisa svutu nebhutsu zvanzi ndoteera engel Gabriel - the engel that that God bestowed to Zimbabwe to seal our demise as a nation. My goodness gracious (marujata) me. Dai wedenga asina kumutora wedu Matavire tava nenhatu kana shanu dzimbo dzake dzezvatiri kuona nhasi muZimbabwe. Hatichina kana mumwe chete zvake achativaraidza nekutivhura pfungwa panezvirikuitika munyika yedu.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 July 2016

Vanan madzibabab haavaerengi bhaibheri vakamunzwa kupi Gabriel.....hasiyeba gabriel anorehwa.....mugabe gabriel na Gabrielngirosi zvakasiya......baba johane ana john the babtist kana the believed john zvakasiyana..paul mwazha we Africa na Paul akanyora matsamba akatumwa kuperaridzira vafambi zvakasiyana......musatisekesa imimi wenguwo chena paridzirai nekuudza vanhu zvinhu zvechokwadi ndimi vaprofita wenhema maitaurwa udzai nekutauririra vanhu chokwadi chezviro munotishoresa zvakafana nevanoti mugabe akaiswa namwari thats manyepo... term yake yakapera awekuzviisa ega kwakai chamasunga pasi nekudenga chaswungwa takawirirana kuti ...munhu akaita term yake ikapera kana tisadi topinza umwe ....mwari akatozvinyora kudenga kana term yako yapera zvavharana toisa umwe kwete kuzviisa....woti ndaiswa namwari ..zvipiko akaramba forensic tallying of ballot paper wani....imi vanhu vedzisondo musaporofita nhema imi we mapaper .....musanyore nyaya idzi...dzemanyepo.....chero makandiwa wacho nei akaita blabla....bvunzisa denga uudze vanhu chaizvochaizvo

DOFO - 17 July 2016

This report is full of inacuraces and a bit of mischief.Vp was ordered by His excellency to go and help resolve matters at this church,president being part of the church.Vp only went for that purpose n its the church leadership that asked him to put on the gown,which he complied out of respect.He wasnt seeking help,as the reporter is suggesting.If soldiers are at the shrine then commander in chief is aware since he is part of the church,not vp.simple.

viola gwena - 18 July 2016

@viola gwena ava vamunongoti his excellency ava vakundikana. It's now a disgrace to even refer to him as HE hapana excellence apa. Failure is nothing to be proud of. Kwata kwata nen'anga ne maporofita. Kutonga nyika zero!!

Sagitarr - 18 July 2016

@viola gwena President Mugabe is a devout Roman Catholic Member. Strange things happening in deed

kkiest - 18 July 2016

If we read and believe this kind of nonsense then for sure there is absolutely no hope for this country. We are all fast tracking back to the dark ages where superstition controlled the minds of people and made everyone frightened. Wake up everyone, we are now in a new age.

Mbewa - 18 July 2016

pane ari kuziva kuri kuhodwa madora here ne bronco andibate fasta fasta

tbos - 18 July 2016

mugabe nguwa yakwana pamberi nerusununguko

john smith - 18 July 2016


josphat mugadzaweta - 18 July 2016

Wimbo was told that Lucifer would reign with terror but was scared to say so. The fallen angel has really fallen looking for solace in witchcraft and false prophets, Saul

Dakarai - 18 July 2016

I know Mugabe on this subject very well. You remember that he went to Gutu, again there is a spirit medium in Gutu who is well known for blessing leaders, and you can connect this with the story of Chenjerai Hunzvi. The late Chenjerai Hunzvi was a youth who played a part in what was supposed to be a blessing for late Joshua Nkomo in Highfields. Chenjerai brought a beast and in the rituals, Joshua Nkomo asked Robert Gabriel Mugabe, to do that on his behalf, since this was supposed to be done in Shona. People believe that Mugabe instead asked for himself to be leader, so he was a sellout and he betrayed Joshua Nkomo and indeed Mugabe became president. You recall that Mugabe could not control Chenjerai Hunzvi and a lot of people believe that its is because of this incident that Mugabe feared Hunzvi. All the time when things are not well with Mugabe, he will pretend to have some rallies around the country so that he gets to Gutu and Chiweshe/Bindura so that he could consult the medium spirits and prophets. The Gutu medium spirit was also linked to the ascendency of Morgan Tsvangirai and that is also the reason why Mugabe later took Tsvangirai seriously. So in summary, this is not new, we know a lot of these and similar activities by Mugabe and his ZANU PF thugs. That is also the reason why it was very easy for that lady to convince ZANU PF thugs, including Mugabe himself, that diesel was coming from a rock in Chinhoyi.

Zvichapera - 18 July 2016

Zanu pf is too old outdated, long expired political outfit. This is very embarrassing. Put constitution, and structures and let the ballot boxes do the talking. Quality and competent should lead not this mythical nonsense.

X-MAN IV - 18 July 2016

We are watching you ngwena. Wimbo's children's tears will not come out zvenhando. you will die poor . Why are you causing these families to suffer. why let military officials abuse their offices with your blessing, WOKE UP ngwena - you are being decampaigned. why trust zax an uneducated fool who is only good at sweet talking, for your own information those people you trust came to Wimbo's place as mental patience & now that they are healed they kidnap that old man at gunpoint from his family. why have a military base at a shrine to threaten wimbos family and the comunity. for those who dont understand this whole story please dont comment without facts, this is a long story which needs a close & sober analysis. That man is kidnapped because those around him wants to be blessed or wants ngwena to be annointed the next HE. #FreeMudzidziWimbo

Toothless Lacoste - 22 July 2016


Toothless Lacoste - 22 July 2016

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