UPDATES: #ThisFlag pastor Mawarire released

HARARE - #ThisFlag campaigner Evan Mawarire appeared in court yesterday facing a charge of inciting public violence, which was later changed to subverting a constitutional government.

He was however, released by magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe who argued that the authorities had acted in violation of the constitution in arresting and charging him.

Mawarire had been arrested on Tuesday and charged with inciting public violence.

For full details, read today's Daily News.

Below are updates of developments at the court.

10:25 - Heavy police presence at the court.

Water canons parked near the Magistrates court.


10:37 - Job Sikhala arrives at the court.

10:44 - An angry man shouts: "Mugabe come out and address the people." 

11:03 - Evan Mawarire yet to arrive at court.

11:04 - People gathered outside the court sing "Tinokudaidzai Ishe Pfuurai nepano."

11:17 - Job Sikhala shouts: "Its now Zanu PF end game, they can nolonger control people's anger".

11:22 - #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire has arrived at court in a white corolla with tinted windows.

11:42 - Over 100 lawyers show up at the court in solidarity with #‎ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire. Below are some of the lawyers.

11:59 - The crowd outside the court is getting bigger, with some singing the national anthem. The court is full. 

12:15 - People have sat down infront of court and are singing church songs. Riot police barring people from entering court as the crowds grows.

13:01 -  Investigating officer said to have left affidavit and is going back to fetch it.

13:20 - Court has closed. To open at 14:15.

14:25 - Police have changed #ThisFlag pastor Mawarire's charges to subverting a constitutional govt, according Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

14:46 - People are seated outside the court while Mawarire is still in the holding cells.

15:00 - #ThisFlag campaigner Mawarire now in court. Proceedings have began.

Mawarire's lawyer Harrison Nkomo has complained about unprofessionalism and an ambush by the State.

He submitted that his client was not formally cautioned of the charges he is being dragged to court for. 

Mawarire is donning a Zimbabwe Flag in the court.

15:14 - The State has opposed bail and advised Mawarire to go to the High Court because he now faces a 3rd schedule crime.

15:28 - Mawarire's lawyer Nkomo argues that his client's arrest and detention was unlawful because he was never informed promptly of the charges at the time of arrest.

Nkomo urges the magistrate to immediately release Mawarire.

15:30 - The State prosecutor has asked for a 10 minutes adjournment, not back 25 minutes later. Magistrate waiting.

16:06 - State prosecutor argues that the "court is sitting to determine whether reasonable suspicion has been established and we have presented sufficienf facts for accused person to be placed on remand, his arrest and court apoearance is therefore legal!"

16:20 - Magistrate asks for a brief adjournment.

16:28 - Meanwhile, Mawarire's lawyer is addressing the crowd outside.

16:33 - Magistrate is back, demands to see the warned and cautioned statement related to latest charge.

16:40 - State says there is no 'warned and cautioned' statement for the fresh charges because the facts are the same as those for the initial charge of inciting public violence.

16:55 - Court adjourns. Ruling at 5:30PM.

17:11 - People now on their knees praying.

17:50 - Court yet to resume. People praying in the court room.

19:09 - The Court has released pastor Mawarire. The Magistrate says the authorities had acted in violation of the constitution in arresting and charging Mawarire.

19:50 - Mawarire addreses the crowd outside court following his release.


Comments (136)

Guys this is depressing. Handiti Evan consistantly said no to violence. He emphasised that it must be peaceful.

tokhi - 13 July 2016

Where is the SHUTDOWN by "#thisflag" cybercartoons

Tengenenge - 13 July 2016

People. Stop this crazy and time wasting things and go to work. These shutdowns may make matters and poverty worse.

kix - 13 July 2016

Enda iwe kix ndiweka unebasa racho. Mwari ropafadzai Pastor Mawarire nevana veZimbabwe

Macheka - 13 July 2016

Ari kuita dhodhi ari muchitokisi so imi muchimuita gamba. Ask tsangison anokuudzai. hamudi kuti nyika inake varume imi. Imi muri kunakirwa nema hotos muri kunze

Tauratinzwe - 13 July 2016

Ari kunze ndiani, titori pacourt kutauraso-Yes he is a hero of the people and you cant take that away from him

Macheka - 13 July 2016

You can fool some people sometimes, but can't fool all the people at all the times

LLoyd - 13 July 2016

God be with Evan Mawarire. We Love him, all he is trying to do is to speak for the voiceless. The international community has failed us many times. This is the man among many in Zimbabwe.

felix - 13 July 2016

Muri kuzvitanga kana zanu yaa kuzouya ne violence moti zvadii. tarisai ku mdc mudzidze maitirwe ezvinhu. this new part ine dzungu iyi.

tauratinzwe - 13 July 2016

Just check how miserable those policemen look. The police must realise they are being used by these greedy monsters and also join the stay aways. I think let's take to the streets and protest that they release Evan if they don't release him today. These people are taking us for granted. Whether anyone likes it or not, Evan is a true hero and a very brave man and he is fighting for everyone's freedom as well as the police. Guys let's fight this brutal regime, demonstrate and protest until these guys stop arresting innocent citizens.

misty - 13 July 2016

zvakaoma hazvo

muranda waShe - 13 July 2016

kana shiri yabvuta rekeni yaibata muridzi werekeni anopanika heavy such is the situation here ordinary citizens are speaking and the former untouchable government is panicking and becoming so clueless

muranda waShe - 13 July 2016

Beware of wolves in sheep clothing , this so called pastor 's calling is about violance and nothing about prayer. Shouting down the country during the week is irresponsible and guys why dont yuou ask him why he can not shut down during saturday or sunday... well its because sunday is his pay day in church and wants you guys to come with your hard earnd dollars

trevor - 13 July 2016

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood: who strives valiantly: who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming: but who does actually strive to do the deeds: who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions: who spends himself in a worthy cause: who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat"

Moffat - 13 July 2016

We are with you Pastor Evan. Truth, righteousness and justice will prevail in Zimbabwe. What God has started cannot be stopped as we reform our nation peacefully.

Moffat - 13 July 2016

Shame on the ZRP. They look so pathetic. save for their button sticks and helmets, they are as weak as those who have spent days with no food. Kana nyama kudzimba dzavo havaizive asi busy abusing innocent souls. May their selfish souls rot in hell.

tajamuka - 13 July 2016

guys lets never stop fighting for this nation, tinevanhu vakawanda vakadzidza graduates vekuti mukavapa ministorial post nyika inoendeka but you are busy keeping old people ana chombo, Made, changing from one ministorial post to another, is that their area of proffession. Made must go, Chombo go,

Solomon Mujuru - 13 July 2016


ini - 13 July 2016

These mother fuckers are lodgers in our houses but they violate us. Lets give their families hell and demand that they go stay in police camps. They cant have it either way. Kana vakaramba we take more drastic measures.

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 13 July 2016

Masiye phambili

Slim Cat - 13 July 2016

we need justice,

Chines must go - 13 July 2016

Trevor uriduzvi. Even if they take him away this time they will have to take us all. ZANU PF - you breed of satan bring us our future back !

ingie - 13 July 2016

ichamama chete zanu hapana chisingapere

mhukahuru - 13 July 2016

Tengenenge, Kix & Trevor - If you guys got nothing important to contribute go home and sit. If you aint inj support with the Citizens, go and change Mugabe's pumpers. You seem like just some idiotic followers of Bob. You get crumps while these guys share the $15 Bidza. You have nothing to offer. Idiots

Tongogara - 13 July 2016

all he want is to invite NATO into Zimbabwe then iye ohandiswa isu tourawa the eventually even all of you who are saying you are with him will end up walking like the Somalians in such of refugee and thats when you children will start to hate you for having supported a Satanic lunatic. Just as they are doing in Libya where they are now realizing that during Cadaffi they had water in the desert but with democracy rule of law they have bombs everywhere. chimbo itayi.

tebz - 13 July 2016

Pastor you will never walk alone.

Tshemareza - 13 July 2016

where are his fellow churchmen we need each and every pastor to support their fellow brethren

uhuru - 13 July 2016

We shall overcome. "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends" Martin Luther King Jr.

Moffat - 13 July 2016

Tebz - Its idiots like you that refuse change and have kept Bob in power through your stupid fear. Change comes at a cost sometimes. for the past 20 years Zimbabwe has been on auto Pilot. The dude is so old he cant even debate important Policy implementation in Parliament. All he does now is Open and close Parliament. Speak at the Heroes Acre & Independence day. Repeating the same idiotic statements year in year out. What has he done for Zimbabwe in the past 20 years. Just name one thing that you know Bob has done and its significant. Which country in the world do you see Masters Degree Graduates selling cigarettes by the corner of the road. If NATO has to come then so be it, as long as the Moron is out and we bring in people with good prosperous ideas ready to take our great Nation forward. To hell with this MAFIA.

Tongogara - 13 July 2016

Hey we never said we want violence we said we want good living as promised

Tyrant - 13 July 2016

tebz urichimusuri. Zimbabwe is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Shut the fuck up

ingie - 13 July 2016

pastor how much are the americans paying yu to cause chaos?

truth - 13 July 2016

Truth, you are clearly a C10 why dont yu just shut up and watch. The days of intimidation and namecalling are over. U think Zimbabwe belongs to Mathibili forever - we are taking our country back. Singing and peaceful demos are powerful see the writing on the wall.

Kallie - 13 July 2016

as tired as we are lets never be weak....#freindsofthisflag

#freindsofthisflag - 13 July 2016

Iwe zvibate kubhadharwa kwekutiii , he is simply presenting our feelings , we are all not pastors but we need good living. Iwe unogara muimba yakaita sei.urikudyei ?une mota? Uzvibate

Tyrant - 13 July 2016

Truth, Tengenenge, Kix & Trevor please shut the fuk up, ignorant bastards, just because the few of you are benefiting from the current situation you turn a blind eye on reality. Chinobhuruka chinomhara. game over. weve had it, they have destroyed everything, this government is shit. The nation will rise up and it will, they asked the questions and now its time we give them answers and they are not going to like them .

jamba - 13 July 2016

Pastor Evan, the true 'HEROOOO' of Zimbabwe........ Mwari vatipao Moses wenguva yedu achatisvitsa Canaan kuzere mabasa, kuguta, kusina mabond notes, kusina corruption, kusingaraswe mari.

major - 13 July 2016

They speak of colonialism even up to now, there are so obsessed with colonialism, that was then , this is now , we cant keep talking about the liberation struggle when the whole country is in turmoil , back then people left the country so that they can be trained to be soldiers, today we run naway from our country because of hunger and oppression , what has Evans done that is wrong. Fuk this shit, this time you wont fight white people , you will fight Zimbabweans, black , white , all of us

jamba - 13 July 2016

Mugabe jangwa wamama manje

muzvindapanyo - 13 July 2016

Zachariaa 2 vs 2 Zimbabwe can only be shut down by God. READ THE ABOVE VERSE u will know that some evil spirits will say we want to measure Jerusalem but a second angel will appear and say NO you cant shut down what God has opened. kollie u talk about peace but thEre is is no congruence with what you are supporting because forcing people to stay at home is also not democratic. SHUT DOWN HIS CHURCH ON SUNDAY so that he does not get payment too.

trevor - 13 July 2016

Zachariaa 2 vs 2 Zimbabwe can only be shut down by God. READ THE ABOVE VERSE u will know that some evil spirits will say we want to measure Jerusalem but a second angel will appear and say NO you cant shut down what God has opened. kollie u talk about peace but thre is is no congruence with the action of what you are supporting because forcing people to stay at home is also not democratic. SHUT DOWN HIS CHURCH ON SUNDAY so that he does not get payment too.

trevor - 13 July 2016

Truth - either you're delusional or you're a ZANU PF imbecile !

ingie - 13 July 2016

Pashaya anongomwaya peturu nemechisa kuzvima purisa izvo here zvingotsve

Shingi - 13 July 2016

#this flag is the true hero all over the country ndimi mukutaurwa..keep on

#rynestones - 13 July 2016

We love you Evan and we pray that God will carry you through this time and remember even as you carry our weight, we are there supporting you.

Benzi - 13 July 2016

God is doing something new in our land. Whether u like it or not, God's will ;will conquer

Rock - 13 July 2016

we stand shoulder to shoulder in defence of our president,we will not allow this bunch of counterrevolutionaries to reverse our gains,just as the people ignored the so called stayaway the people see nothing but opportunists in pastor E and company

truth - 13 July 2016


rumbidzai - 13 July 2016

truth _ stand with your president and we shall stand by the truth on the ground he has failed us FULLSTOP

gukurahundi - 13 July 2016

Tauratinzwe you are an idiot. This is heavy metal stuff yet you think it is children's play

ACTION - 13 July 2016

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