Women declare war on Mugabe

BULAWAYO - As Zimbabwe continues to teeter on the brink of complete implosion, there are fresh fears among the populace that President Robert Mugabe’s panicking government will respond with even more venom when thousands of women across the country embark on rolling marches from this coming weekend onwards, to press for change.

The plans by women, to start toyi-toying for a better Zimbabwe beginning in Bulawayo on Saturday, also comes as the leader of the smaller faction of the MDC, Welshman Ncube, issued a dire warning yesterday that the country was hurtling towards total anarchy, unless Mugabe acted quickly to stem the rot.

The Daily News learnt last night that at least six thousand women in Bulawayo were expected to take to the streets on Saturday to protest rising joblessness, hunger and poverty levels in the country, with the mass action spreading to Harare on July 23 where an even bigger gathering of about 20 000 women was anticipated to participate in the demonstration.

The hunger and poverty protests, dubbed #beatthepot, would be led by former deputy prime minister in the government of national unity and MDC vice president, Thokozani Khupe.

“All women of Zimbabwe are invited to rise up with pots and wooden spoons as we harness our power as women in organising and mobilising ourselves against the damaging effects of hunger and poverty to our families.

“The #beatthepot campaign is asking all women to bring their empty pots to a peaceful protest whereby women will be beating their empty pots to symbolise the hunger and poverty which they are currently experiencing under the government of Mugabe and Zanu PF,” Khupe told the Daily News.

The protests come hard on the heels of a crippling general strike which was staged by ordinary Zimbabweans across the country last Wednesday, as they made their feelings clear about Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s ruinous policies of the past 36 years.

The massive stay-away, which was dubbed Operation Shutdown and shook the government to its core, was widely seen as the biggest general strike to have been mounted in the history of post-independent Zimbabwe.

“We have applied for police clearance and we are waiting for their response, but this is just a formality as it is our constitutional right to demonstrate,” Khupe said when asked whether the Saturday demo had been sanctioned by trigger-happy authorities.

She added that it was important for Zimbabwean women to make a stand on what was happening in the country as women and children were almost always the worst affected by economic and political crises.

“It is in this light that women across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe have decided to say enough is enough and organised themselves to fight the root cause of their hunger,” she said.

Khupe spoke as Ncube told journalists in the country’s second largest city that Mugabe and Zanu PF were obliged to work quickly to end the current “suffering” afflicting Zimbabweans, which he said had triggered the recent riots and general strike.

“But with a government without resources to impose force throughout the country, the possibility of more anarchy is very high, even though no one will benefit from the chaos and anarchy.

“Indeed Zanu PF needs to think and think hard. They will not benefit from the chaos and anarchy. We urge ... Mugabe, his government and Zanu PF to take heed of the people’s call for change. The people of Zimbabwe are nobody’s puppets or agents.

“No amount of denying the anger of the people, no amount of denying the courage, resoluteness and discipline of the people will alter the facts on the ground that you preside over a corrupt, greedy, incompetent and cruel regime,” Ncube thundered.

Zimbabwe has for the past few weeks been on the edge, with its restive populace rioting and staging strikes and demonstrations against the government’s ill-conceived polices that have resulted in rising unemployment and poverty levels in the country — where even masters’ graduates can only hope to become either border jumpers or street vendors.

Early this month, Beitbridge Border Post — the biggest and busiest border post in southern Africa — was shut down after protestors rioted and paralysed operations following a poorly-conceived import ban on basic goods from South Africa, Zimbabwe’s number one trading partner.

And on Monday last week, more riots rocked the country, this time in Harare, as commuter omnibus operators, drivers and touts protested increased police roadblocks on the country’s roads — disturbances that nervous authorities responded to with typical strong arm tactics and thuggery.

The situation has remained tense after last Wednesday’s general strike, as agitated pro-democracy groups and opposition political movements have continued to warn of further mass action until Mugabe and Zanu PF tackle the myriad problems afflicting Zimbabweans.

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If all the woman in general say about 2000 can brave it, take to the streets and demonstrate in this way, there is no way ZANU PF including the police can do. They should above also have even their children since the children are the ones most affected by this melt down on the economy. HOZA WOMAN POWER

amina - 12 July 2016

Once beaten twice shy the strategy of these demonstration can now be countered remember ZANU can mobilize more of its supporters at any given time e.g Million man march so the countrywide rallies held this past week are a sign that it is now mobilizing

Hondo - 12 July 2016

Women arise. #beatthepot. Mugabe and company should brass for more demos and protests

mallorytk - 12 July 2016

Dumb politicians are not the problem – The problem is the dumb people that keep voting for them. I salute all the women who have decided to stand up and say enough is enough. Time to throw in your tower in His Excellency Sir Robert Mugabe.

Donnie aka Zimbabwe ndeyegende - 12 July 2016

Thanks mothers and sisters.. we're together in this... after all it is mostly our mothers and sisters that are being dehumanised across borders as they try to fend for their families... Mugabe you have been caught snoozing...pamberi nemugoti wakabikira comrade sadza! Ngachiputike.....hokoooyo!

Dakarai - 12 July 2016

After our mothers and sisters, time for fathers and sons, then students! All must speak.

Mazano Rewayi - 12 July 2016

why cant we do this once&finish.The only way to to beat mugabe&his people is to trike once &never stop untill he resign.We must strike for two weeks,,all shops closed no one will die of hunger.

matsotsi - 12 July 2016

#beatthepot The road to freedom has began.

X-MAN IV - 12 July 2016

endaunofa mdaraiwe.watateguru mudzimuwevanawako

Mugabereka - 12 July 2016

If we were to organise this more methodically out in the suburbs, would this be effective. What if all woman went and lined the main suburban roads for one hour in the morning to show our support for the brave woman marching in town. Beating their pots - it would send a powerful message that we stand together. Never underestimate the power of a woman.

tina pigors - 13 July 2016

Mugabe himself is a coward, usually when such events take place, he flies out of the country. after the Chimoio killings, Mugabe wanted a compromise with Smith regime. In these circumstances the real culprit that is causing all these is not really Mugabe, but people like Perence Shiri, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Constaintine Chiwenga and Augustine Chihuri and similar, who history has judge of their stronghandedness on peacefull events or people. 1. In Mozambique ED Mnangagwa is known for being ruthless, and devising ruthless punishment towards any opposition to Mugabe. Gumbo and other war vets were victims of his decisions. In 1980s he mooted the demise of the ndebeles with the aid of Perence Shiri as the Commander of 5th Brigade. 2. ED Mnangagwa was the first minister of sate security in the independent Zimbabwe, in the early 1980s, and beyond, many perceived enemies of Mugabe or ZANU PF disappeared in thin air without tracy, Rashiwe Guzha, Ndlela whose body was only discovered in Gonarenzou at an advanced stage. 3. Perence Shiri as the Commander of the notorious 5th Brigade, we all know about the heinous acts. rape, murder, abductions, and all sorts imaginable. 4. Augustine Chihuri, evidence is there for all to see, the corruption, greedy police officers, adbuction of opposition, bombing of the daily newspaper offices, un-investigated cases of murdered opposition party ,members etc.

amina - 13 July 2016

Full of admiration and feelings of inadequacy. We keep praying for WOZA. What more can we do?

Dorothea Cargill Thompson - 13 July 2016

@hondo - your party is in trouble from hungry and angry citizens. If you are not one of them, stay out of the debate and enjoy what you have until the protesters break your gate or front door. If they can knock off a riot policeman's helmet, think of what else they can do to you.

Sagitarr - 14 July 2016

I am waiting for the women to march from Bulawayo to demonstrate against Mugabe. Let us not waste time. Mr Editor, mukadzi wenyu achange aripowo here?

L. Makombe - 14 July 2016


CHIKATSA #HYC - 15 July 2016

The march is not about #beatthepot women march but about that husbandless Thoko

tinomuda chandengenda - 15 July 2016

The power of Mbuya Nehanda is finished

gorcamif - 15 July 2016

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