You don't understand: Mugabe tells civil servants

BINDURA - President Robert Mugabe yesterday insulted restless civil servants by claiming they did not understand the depth of the problems and pain that his government was experiencing in trying to pay them.

Mugabe made these remarks as angry civil servants yesterday threatened a fresh strike after his government launched a witch-hunt to flush out people who did not report for work on Wednesday where thousands of Zimbabwean workers staged a crippling general strike. 

“You are hearing many in government complaining that they are not being paid on time that is true, but we should remember that we are yet to shake off some problems,” he told Zanu PF supporters who braved the cold and darkness to hear him deliver his speech, five hours after the scheduled time.

“We are not yet a developed nation. We have sanctions, the Americans have not removed them and the Europeans only partially removed them. We use the dollar and it is not printed here but in America.”

Mugabe had visited Mashonaland Central province to broker peace between warring parties in the Madzibaba Wimbo-led apostolic church.

“Tirikuti inhamo yemazuva ano chete, we don’t want doctors, nurses, and teachers to strike, they are not being told that they will not get their salaries but those are postponements but they don’t understand,” Mugabe said without any hint of irony.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, said people who are striking are failing to appreciate the country’s problems such as sanctions and also externalisation of cash.

He did not touch on the riots and the general strike which paralysed industry on Wednesday, instead electing to drum up support for the proposed bond notes.

Mugabe claimed the introduction of the controversial and much despised bond notes is a sanctions-busting measure and that they will be at par with the greenback and thus people should not resist them.

Typically, invoking memories of the liberation struggle Mugabe said the country’s under-appreciated workers should understand that his government has done so much for them, including giving them land something that they could only but dream for before independence.

“Muvengi anenzira dzakawanda dzekudubura Zanu PF.  These so many parties necha Mai Mujuru vanonyara kuita misangano wavo vanoda kubatana. Vanoitira misangano  yavo ku South Africa vachipihwa mazano nevarungu (the enemies have devised many tactics to dislodge Zanu PF and even Mujuru’s party is seeking a coalition, they are scared of going it alone and have meetings with whites in South Africa) said Mugabe.

“Let’s remain united and strong, all the wings, our youth league is focused and we believe that whatever they do Zanu PF will not be uprooted,”

In a veiled admission Mugabe also said his party has been infested by weevils.

He also admonished elements in the army and the police which he accused of causing chaos in the province.

The 92-year-old strongman also promised his supporters, who are faced with starvation that his government will avail enough food aid and those who are failing to access aid should report to the ruling party.

The nonagenarian leader, who is accused of having destroyed the once bread basket of southern Africa, said it is embarrassing that his government is failing to provide for the masses notwithstanding many,  water sources in the country.

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Mugabe you have failed Zimbabwe. You are old and idearless. Just live.

Ziziharinanyanga - 9 July 2016

MR telling us foolish thing Africans a poor and you too poor why do you insult are putting the suit for the white man ,using benz cars for the white man..glasses for the whiteman everything for the white man are you want to confront such a person the way you do thats foolish my man...if you want us to follow you sell everything you have for the whiteman everything including you expensive shoes give all that money you have to the nation and live like others eat the same food everything then we can start from there and even chase all the whites no problem just lead by example....kana uri baba chaiye iwe shayachokudya vana vachiguta there you can claim kuti vanhu vangu never ever personify zimbabwe if isu tichifa nenzara iwe uchiguta one day is one day...

dofo - 9 July 2016

it is him RG Mugabe who does not understand the whole scenario. The shame is that we are now worse off than we were in Rhodesia. Figures show that! Average income per capita; average life span; health; etc all have dropped instead of improving. Zimbabwe is now a net importer of food while all land was parceled to Zanu Pf supporters only and yet there is no production. The Chiyadzwa diamond field was again dished out to Zanu PF companies and all the sales proceeds have stashed away abroad in Hong Kong; Kuala Lumpur; Jakatar; Dubai; Durban; Capetown etc building and buying mansions. This RG Mugabe and his government have failed to failed to stimulate private company growth but instead expanded the government and civil servants. You all know that government does not make money but spend money. Now the fools do not know why they are broke! They have destroyed the golden goose that lays the golden eggs. Private companies have been closing since 2001. Only 2 weeks ago they want block all imports which were coming because we have no farming nor industry that exists in the country. Where were these Zanu PF ministers and economic planners since 2002 companies have been closing? RG Mugabe does not understand. he is just a mafia mob boss.These Zanu PF mob stars will only get us into more problems. today we the poorest country in Southern Africa.

Mbareboy - 9 July 2016

mugabe led zanu pf government must put an end to all forms of lies or lies will finish them off. In life one can only lie for so much, but zanu pf have run out of any new lies. It is zanu pf policies that dont understand how the world and economy works. ....will be at par with green back thats not funny but scary statement from mugabe.

X-MAN IV - 9 July 2016

It is true it's him Mugabe who does not understand because if he did he would not stand in front of unpaid people and insult them. Would he or his cronies want to go without pay. The bills do not wait they accumulate and the our children's stomach do not know that you have sanctions they still feel hungry. Like what Lumumba said are children are not safe but yours you seem ( Mr President) able to spoil them regardless of sanctions. Please do not abuse the nation and it is no longer a secret the Chinese abused us while you the father observed and clapped hands. The most respectable thing to do is let someone try sir.

Zim Analyst - 9 July 2016

Robert Mugabe, surely who doesn't understand that there is no money. Does the person who sends his daughter overseas to give birth and let the wife spend almost three months in a five star hotel understand there is no money to play around with? Does the person who goes to every little summit with a delegation of 56 people when countries like South Africa were sending just a delegation of four understand that there is no money? Does the person who flies overseas every month for a check up understand that there is no money? Robert Mugabe - I really wonder where you really know that there is no money. Or maybe there is no money for everyone else but there is indeed money for Robert Mugabe and his family.

Inyika - 10 July 2016

mgabe uri mboko we a fade up with your jokes while pple a bussy trying to make things right akati fuck u he was a thousand time correct

zim youths - 10 July 2016

what do u want pple to understand iwe uchivabatirira . pple a being abuse by police and u a the one who is sending the police remember police they work under your command . u want pple to understand u and u dont understand them

zim youths - 10 July 2016

Amandla Zimbabwe dont feel lonely .South Africa is well on its way to joining you soon Then maybe you will not be the poorest nation in Southern Africa any more. The leadersd in SA are doing a real RG MUgabe job here to

adrie - 11 July 2016

Zvimwe ndezvimwe vakomana. Asi varungu vakakudyisai kani? Ungati zvinhu zvave worse kupfura nguva yaSmith? Wakambogara munguva yaSmith iwe?Kana kuti urikurota. Mira ndikubatise wamai. Unoti vakaenda kuhondo vaipenga here? Wakambonzwa here kuti munguva yaSmith muTown munecongestion yemota? Vangani vedu vakanga vaine dzimba mumadhorobha? Parinhasi hakuchina malodger kunze kwevashomanana vasara. Ndaida kukutaurira zvakawanda asi ndaona kuti haunzwisisi wakadyiswa. Dzokera wega kunguva yeSmith iwe dofo.Usati kana wakapusa nesu tosafira kupusa kwako. Vakangwara vakanotora minda uko iwe wakangoti pfavava uchiti murungu achakupa chikafu. Muka shamwari. VaMugabe havana kungopinda pachigaro njee. Vakatochishandira. Iwe chirikukutadzisa chinyi? Hudofo bvuma. Pamberi ne ZANU PF. Nyika haidzoserwe nekuda kwema dofo aya. Rambai makashinga Gushungo kungoti chete pamura pakaipa asi tinemi kusvika muvenge anyura

Zanu Chaiyo - 11 July 2016

Maybe one of those not so clever people sitting in the cold listening to an old out of touch psychopath should have asked the reason why Zim is under sanctions and why we are not using our own currency if that's what's causing our problems. I think some of us Zmbos are idiots also, how can one brave the cold waiting 4 hrs to listen to mugabe who has clearly lost his mind? Hahaha ma zimba mukaiwo kani.

misty - 11 July 2016

Thats nonsense. Does this bring food on the table? We want food, education and shelter. What I am sure of is chisingaperi chinoshura

shumbanhete - 11 July 2016

Robert its you who do not understand. You are not in touch with reality, if you are then you are greed and buried in the need to remain in power when over 90 percent of the people are not employed. You deploy Border Gezi trained to injure people and even kill in the belief that you suffered during the armed struggle. It was a people's war and the people suffered the most than you did and others died. The civil servants you are attacking bore the brunt of the war of liberation, but because you have joined the looting people you nolonger remember their role. Work up and resign, rigging elections is not an economic strategy. Let Zimbabweans choose a leader they want.People long resented ZANU PF you no better when you started deploying violence and rigging of elections. It will help Zimbabwe and yourself if you resign tommorow, any day that goes with you in power smells poverty, death, abductions, unlawful arrests, disarray and economic collapse.

taneta muchaenda chete - 11 July 2016

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