Mugabe surrounded by liars: Mahiya

WAR veterans have claimed that President Robert Mugabe has surrounded himself with a group of liars who pretend to love him while their motives are to destroy the ruling party.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare on Tuesday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said the problem the country is facing is that government officials “who link people to the president are lying” to the nonagenarian in order to destroy the party from within.

“As the war veterans we say if government does not react to public demands, let us go back to the beginning.

“The society has solutions to its problems and they have to continue what they are doing until they get what they want. Zimbabweans know how to solve their problems, let them do what they think will proffer solutions to their problems,” he said.

Mahiya said the “wheels of justice” will soon catch up with corrupt officials.

“War veterans condemn all acts of corruption and lack of foresight on those that are tasked to oversee proper corporate governance in both public and private media.

“The land has become the new driver of the appetites of the corrupt and greedy and deceptive officials entrusted into positions of authority.”

The ex-combatants said Zanu PF bigwigs chased all investors away by soliciting for bribes from them on any meaningful investment.

“They wanted a slice from all who invested, we now call upon the highest office in the land to author the removal of all red tape aimed at investors. Most offices entrusted with the licensing investors in numerous sectors have become drivers of corruption, whereas each of these offices demands a bribe for the issuance of these licences. The bureaucratic red tape should be removed.”

Mahiya added that government has destroyed the entire formal sector through corrupt activities.”

“… they have now trained their sights on our land which they are selling to unassuming citizens who don’t even have the capacity to build a decent habitat for themselves.

“After lining their pockets with money from poor citizens, they facilitate their evictions and demolition of their structures on the guise that the structures were built without following local government processes.

“The destructions and evictions will destroy any evidence of their atrocities, however, the wheels of justice will catch up with all of them.”

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A tired and defeated ostrich takes comfort by burring its head in the sand or in the lush greens. By not seeing danger in its close environment it thinks the problem is over. We are heading for an exciting grand finale similar to the Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo humiliating arrest.

Sunshine Salisbury - 7 July 2016

A tired and defeated ostrich takes comfort by burring its head in the sand or in the lush greens. By not seeing danger in its close environment it thinks the problem is over. We are heading for an exciting grand finale similar to the Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo humiliating arrest.

Sunshine Salisbury - 7 July 2016

The end of this regime is nigh. It is a pity that mugabe opted to surround himself with liars not amusing as the saying goes that birds of the same feather flock together.

mallorytk - 7 July 2016

give us a break mahiya,stop singing fo your factional supper

truth - 7 July 2016

If president was in the leadership of warvets like Cdr Mahiya Cde Mutsvangwa,Zanu wuld have remained original,focused and trusted by all.There wuld be no corruption,no flipfloping ministers.And no mansions.But everything has days.Warvets have remained resolute to the ideals of the struggle.We lead the way.Who got teargused 1st? Us.Who stood up to corruption 1st? Us.

viola gwena - 7 July 2016

Gukurahundi Mugabe himself is a liar. Even you so-called war veterans are liars. That is why some of you are "war veterans" despite being in your 30s. Every Shona Gukurahundi is a liar and Mugabe was elected by Shonas in 1980 from then on he consolidated his power so much such that today its impossible to get rid of him. They say birds of a feather flock together or birds of the same plumage perambulate in close proximity. There is no ways you can be surrounded by thieves when you are not a thief yourself. This habit of excusing Mugabe at every turn is quite annoying. Mugabe is the Head of State; he appoints the Cabinet. As a CEO, if your underlings are not performing and the company is not performing the buck stops with you. You appointed them. You should either resign or be fired!!

Mthwakazi Restoration Movement - 7 July 2016

He is not surrounded. HE SURROUNDS HIMSELF.

Mazano Rewayi - 7 July 2016

When warvets campaign we get into pple.we mix wth pple,rurals.we go by bus,combis or cheap cars.pple identify wth us,pple freely talk to us.Todays campainers ,g40,mdc,they go to pple ,arriving in latest ,sophisticated black landcruisers,pameros n mercs,beautiful mercs n rovas.They smell good,expensive perfumes frm abroad.pointed shoes + light skinned wives n girlfriends.They are too sophisticated for our rural folk.we the comrades live wth them.we smell sweat wth them.we talk the same issues.We drink wth them in mutoko,masvingo,dabuka,nkayi,gokwe.Viva colaboraters,viva vabereki. Pasi nemhandu.

viola gwena - 7 July 2016

Mthwakazi Restoration Movement you are a tribalist and we will not tolerate that kind of rethoric. Stand guided, what you call Mthwakazi is in actual fact Guruuswa and is part of Zimbabwe . And if you can't fit in then get out of this country.

pablo - 7 July 2016

Mr Mahiya, the biggest mistake you and your party ZANU PF and its splinter parties, MDC, ZPF and the lot except maybe ZUM, make is that you think the foreign investor will do miracles to this economy. The investor you need to talk about and nurture is the Zimbabwean child. Zimbabweans are the true investors not the former slave and colonial masters and China. Our fathers were more honorable than you guys, they knew that "muzungu haasi munhu" and science has since proven them right. Wake up!!

ADF - 7 July 2016

Mugabe will go down history as the most hated, ruthless and corrupt leader to ever ruled any nation on this earth. Second to him are the likes of Hitler and Idi Amini. What a legacy to Chatunga and the little muzukuru! Redeem yourself for the benefit of your children and muzukuru one.

Melissa - 7 July 2016

@Viola your 2nd message is extremely realistic and true. But Why do warvets allow themselves to be used to legitimate the oppressive rule of Zanu PF. Is this what you fought for or you fought for true freedom? Why do you allow for the imposition of leaders by Zanu PF ku grass roots uko? Zanu PF should take a lesson from SA's council elections (ANC) and the violence there caused by the ANC leadership - imposing candidates. We have had people in Zanu PF who have not known any other job outside Zanu PF. Vanoti isuvo ma warvet nema technocrates hatidivo. Vanongo tenderedza vanhu from one ministry to another. Hezvo!

Icho - 8 July 2016

We are tired of hearing excuses for mugabe's failure. He has failed whether you like it or not. That is why the country is burning right now. The flames will engulf all those who are nurturing this Babylonian system. The angry & hungry are coming for you.

Sagitarr - 8 July 2016

@Icho. Most revolutions go off rails,bt and will need redirection.Revolutions are inspired by God.Since the Moses revolutions,to Prophet Mahommed (peace be upon him),African revolutions,Slave trade revolutios,Bolshevic,American Tea Party,Arab springs, all are inspired by God The Almighty,because Earth n countries belong to Him.He allows leaders to rule on His behalf,for His pples.So to yu Icho,take it easy,worry not too much bt do worry.Everything has a purpose.God is in control.

viola gwena - 8 July 2016

@Icho. Bt as we speak,warvets have been suspended from zanu,obviously by the johny come late,infiltraters of the revolution.Icho yu complain of imposition,yes us too.We have our beloved Chairman,Cde Mutsvangwa,but the infiltraters wuld want to impose a certein chimene on us.To rape us war veterens of the struggle.But look our commander Tongogara was never a member of zanu.He was Zanla.Gen Mujuru only joined zanu in 1993 after army.But in Zanla theris no expulsions,a vet is a vet,no infiltraters.And so we stay.

viola gwena - 8 July 2016

Mugabe's overstay in leadership has lead Zimbabwe to where we are today. If Mugabe had resigned and a new leader chosen in the 90s he would have got great respect. The fact that he does not want to rest shows there is a lot hidden. He is afraid of people seeing what he did from an ordinary person point of view. All other people are happy when their dates for pension are near by but for Mugabe all terms like pensioner, retired or former president do not make sense to him. I think he shall also be President after death either in Heaven or in Hell he likes his position so much. But he has to think of the people has made suffer because of his selfishness.

qaqaqa - 8 July 2016

@Pablo; I have no time for people like you with a "ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan Shona Gukurahundi" upbringing. Go to hell or better still, go lick you fellow Shona tribalist Gukurahundi Mugabe's ass quietly!!

Mthwakazi Restoration Movement - 8 July 2016

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