Mujuru calls for fresh elections

HARARE - Amid debilitating chaos, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, who is now leading her own political outfit Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), has called on President Robert Mugabe to call for fresh elections, stating that the Zanu PF government has totally failed.

Addressing journalists yesterday at her Highlands residence, Mujuru said the current wave of riots is the clearest sign yet that the economy has collapsed.

“In view of these myriad problems, we challenge…Mugabe to call for fresh elections now to get a new mandate if he thinks people have forgotten his promise of two million jobs,” she said.

Commenting on the current wave of protests, Mujuru said the police must not brutalise people who are demonstrating peacefully.

“Police should protect the demonstrators, the demonstrators are the people, don’t forget those demonstrators are the government, that the police and other security agents should be protecting.

“Instead of repressing and suppressing the popular sentiments among the people manifesting in the demonstrations, government has to address the cause of the myriad of problems facing the country,” she said.

Mujuru also castigated government’s decision to ban imports of basics without a competitive local industry to meet demand.

“The importation of basic commodities was providing a livelihood whilst meeting the gap caused by the lack of local industrial production. This is even more telling when such a decision was taken when there is rampant unemployment at over 80 percent,” Mujuru said.

She said import licences will only benefit Zanu PF cadres, while the rest of the genuine importers will have to buy these licences from the ruling party stalwarts at a premium.

“This will in turn, make the cost of these imports higher than they were before. If indeed we are genuine in protecting local industry, why are we not extending the ban to all sectors of the economy including access to foreign medical facilities and services?” she asked, adding that the government and police have been turned into tax collectors through roadblocks that are in turn fuelling corruption.

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the protests are over importation of basic commodities and roadblocks,the protesters have asked govt as led by his excellency to adresss the issues,thus it is therefore opportunistic for anyone top think these are calls for change of govt or elections,it clearly shows the so called 'motherzimbabwe' is out of touch

truth - 6 July 2016

do you think you will win then hippo? you were part of this govt of lunatics now you see their bad side because you have been chucked off? give us what you stole over 35 years and retire in peace. we no longer need you in our political sphere!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 6 July 2016

This is the message to Mujuru, you were part of this regime and you were involved in corruption for all the time you spend as the VP. Zanu PF are all thugs and needs to killed starting with Mugabe as he has failed the country. We are going to war if Mugabe does not step down and give Tsvangiarai to rule the nation as he has proved when he was prime minister.

James Makuni - 6 July 2016

Zviroto zvega-zvega. Save havaitongi. Mbuya ava also has too much on her back, corruption-wise. Gvt iripo nhasi ndiyo icharamba iripo kusvikira maziwa kuti enemy ndiani or chii? Mark my words!

Weston Mugocha - 6 July 2016

I support that we should go for elections because the government has failed.

mashyline - 6 July 2016

It is a fair move to call for a fresh mandate so that those who want continuity of this hand to mouth subsistance or a complete change will all express themselves.

Membathisi - 6 July 2016

All I see is another GNU.All bcoz my party zanu is stubbon to facts.Stubbon bcoz of a few individuals who are now in power,surrounding the president.This coming GNU can only be the best for our country.It worked well befo.Bt this time obviouse Mnangagwa ,Tsvangirai n Mujuru have to be forced to work together.Mnangagwa being representative of Masvingo midlands,mash eastzanu n security becomes the head,followed by Tsvangirai representing mdc n twns.Mujuru women.That way our country will have a good start.These 3 will not last 10 yrs.

viola gwena - 6 July 2016

Mujuru does have a point but being a foirmer instution herself of the mess the same people she now suddenly realises are rhe government its debatable whether she is sincere or being opprtunistic. She was a right hand to Mugabe and knows all the dirty deals will she openly castigate her comrades? Ngatingwarireyi mapere akafuka hanzu dzeMakwayi ( Wolves in sheep clothes)

Flex - 6 July 2016

@ josephate Mugadzaweta Please give us a break. Mugane and his ZANU PF were nothing in the Rhodesian Nationalist movement. It is you Shonas who abandoned ZAPU for reasons of tribalism and opted to nurse and grow these Donkeys that are ruining our country to day. Its Shonas who voted for Mugabe in 1980. You are all guilty by association - why pick on Mujuru?

Mthwakazi Resoration Movement - 6 July 2016

Truth, josphat, james, weston, etc you are all puppets of the current brutal, ruthless, insensitive and murderous regime which has innocent blood of Zimbabweans dripping everywhere. The point here the whole nation is making is simply that we want a better life which was stolen from us by zunu pf. Is that a crime? Why are you now bringing up all these other names as if to fool us again?

Mukanya - 6 July 2016

I think the organisers of the strike are doing a great but just to add I think they should have mobilised the people to stay away until the govt announced that they acknowledge the problems and they are taking a big step like dissolving the cabinet or make mugabe step down or even announcing an early election date. I think the organisers should consider sterner action because once the stayaway is over zanu will go back to their ways and will definitely do all they can to stop any future stay aways.

misty - 6 July 2016

True,Madam President,the licenses would be issued to cronies who in turn would sell to genuine business persons at a high price.One could only conclude by saying, this rent seeking at its best.

Gen. Spinola - 6 July 2016

AN early election is not what this country needs. If elections are to happen now they will only serve to confirm and rubber stamp zanu pf,s continued brutality. Zanu pf is in possession of election results and its a matter of anouncing them, in its favour of course. Elections are a delayed match in this country. A GNU should also be refused in totality. Zanu pf gvt should fix the economy or the economy will be fixing zanu pf all the way till 2018.

X-MAN IV - 6 July 2016

The only way out is an Inclusive GNU but after an early national election.2018 is too far to wait for.

Membathisi - 6 July 2016

Bob has a mandate which ends early 2018. Let him complete his mandate. Meanwhile opposition parties UNITE if at all you ever dream of beating the revolutionary party in 2018.

Icho - 7 July 2016

mujuru is rght.. I think she has the solutions for this country..

luv zim - 7 July 2016

For goodness sake, suggesting fresh elections with ZANU PF still at the helm is quite ridiculous if not a plain stupid suggestion? How many more elections to we have to endure to realize that whilst ZANU PF is in control they will, with the help of that Israeli company, Nikuv, cheat and deny the people their choice of party and candidate? Mujuru's suggestion demonstrates clearly to me that she is still under the firm control of her President? Any party that unites with People First Party must know that they are part of ZANU PF. Wake up Zimbabwe.

Mbewa - 7 July 2016

We had Mutambara ,for deputy pm,he joined on the eve of the gnu ,riding on mdc ,bt when he got chucked out of mdc,he became nobody,bt was noisy during his time.So for Mujuru,time will tell.She is riding on Tsvangirai support for nw,only time will tell if she is a deal or fudge.

viola gwena - 7 July 2016

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