Mugabe's Zanu PF panics over Zim chaos

HARARE - A nervous Zanu PF is convening an emergency politburo meeting in Harare today, amidst growing resistance to the ruling party's misrule of the past 36 years, as well as a crippling strike by angry government workers, including teachers, nurses and medical doctors.

The meeting also comes after Monday's deadly riots in Harare, which saw stretched police deploying their members in full force around the country yesterday — with security helicopters menacingly buzzing around most high density suburbs in the capital, while armoured vehicles combed the streets in a desperate endeavour to stem the anarchy.

Well-placed sources within the former liberation movement told the Daily News yesterday that the party had been forced by the deteriorating climate in the country to bring forward its monthly politburo meeting from next week to today.

"How can we not meet now comrade given what's happening? We were all shocked by last week’s riots by cross border traders in Beitbridge, which resulted in the destruction of a lot of property and more than 70 people being arrested. It was unprecedented," a senior politburo member said.

At the same time, dogged National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe chairperson, Sten Zvorwadza, who has been fearlessly taking on the authorities over the past few months, warned that the threat by Zimbabweans to "shut down the country tomorrow (today) is no idle threat" — emphasising that this would be achieved without violence.

"Shut down Zimbabwe is going on, hatisi kumira (there is no going back). Mangwana tiri kuvhara Zimbabwe (Tomorrow we are shutting down the country) ... every citizen ... we are not going to work and our kids are not going to school.

"Let’s stay at home and be united. Let’s send a clear message to this government that we are the citizens and we have a voice that must be listened to. Tomorrow (today) we are all Zimbabweans, let’s move away from political stand points and support Zimbabwe.

"From Zambezi to Limpopo, Victoria Falls to Mutare, everywhere, kombis will not be moving, cars will not be moving. Get off the roads and stay home, we want them to know we are serious. Do not be intimidated, do not be afraid," Zvorwadza said.

"We are saying no to the bond notes. They must put our money back in our accounts that they took. We are saying no to the import ban. Why are you banning the importation of food when industries are not functioning? Build the industries, and then ban.

"We are saying no to corruption by government officials. Our ministers are busy mismanaging the country and spending too much money and want to blame citizens for that. We also say no to police harassing us. Driving a car is not a crime. We are also saying no to silence on the $15 billion that is missing," he added.

Zvorwadza also cautioned Zimbabweans to refrain from engaging in violence while protesting, saying: "Let’s not hurt each other. The problem is not any of us, it's the government".

Commenting on Zanu PF convening its politburo today, the former advisor to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa, said that the emergency gathering was similar to the one that was held eight years ago, just before the country plunged into total chaos.

“Zimbabwe is entering a phase for which citizens must be prepared for anything. History tells us that Zanu PF reacts viciously to anything that threatens its survival. Back in 2008, the Zanu PF politburo met on 4 April, just 5 days after the March 29 elections. By then they knew they had lost the elections and that power was slipping away.

"Their response is well recorded ... It was vicious and diabolical. Now here's the thing: the same politburo is meeting on Wednesday 6th July. As to the outcome and response, your guess is as good as mine. But it's important for Zimbabweans to be prepared,” Magaisa said.

Another senior Zanu PF official who also spoke to the Daily News yesterday appeared to validate Magaisa's fears, saying most government bigwigs crassly suspected that Tsvangirai's MDC, aided by "hostile external forces", was behind the worsening unrest.

But in a message circulating on social media, a pressure group going by the name Tajamuka (Shona for we are rebelling) said they had called for strikes to restore order in the country.

“The action that we have called for from the strikes, demonstrations ... are intended to restore sanity in the country. We are giving ... Mugabe up to December 2016 to have outlined a clear timeline for the country and indication to the people when he is retiring.

"We need new impetus to rebuild the economy, a new voters’ roll and the repeal of all draconian laws or any other laws that remain ultra vires the new Constitution. We restate that these actions are totally lawful, peaceful and non-violent and are meant to show Mugabe that it's time to go now.

"2018 is too far and no election will be allowed to take place until the electoral irregularities are addressed. We urge Zimbabweans to heed our call to unity and action in defence of our country and in total defiance to Zanu PF's governance,” reads part of Tajamuka’s statement.

But Zanu PF political commissar for Harare, Shadreck Mashayamombe, appealed to the people of his Harare South constituency to disregard the calls by Tajamuka to shutdown the capital today.

“As Zanu PF, we are encouraging all progressive citizens to continue doing their business on Wednesday, it’s just like any other day. We want to assure all residents who are doing business tomorrow (today) that they will be protected.

"These threats by these thugs do not hold water, we have put in place a lot of security to ensure that all vehicles, public transport and all public and private property is protected. As the vanguard of the party we can’t just sit and wait while property is being damaged by these unruly elements,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Daily News is also reliably informed that the myriad crises facing the country dominated discussions in a number of high level government meetings on Monday and Tuesday, as President Robert Mugabe and his lieutenants tried to contain the situation.

Of these meetings and today's politburo gathering, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said Zimbabweans should not expect "anything positive or tangible" to come out of them.

“The Zanu PF politburo is a grouping of tired, expired and clueless politicians who have got absolutely no sound ideas to effectively deal with Zimbabwe's deepening political and socio-economic crises.

“We will have to wait until donkeys grow horns if we expect the Zanu PF regime to successfully extricate the nation from the hell-hole into which this insipidly corrupt regime plunged us,” he said.

Sticking to its calls for the immediate resignation of Mugabe, in power since 1980, the MDC also said “Zimbabwe needs a fresh start and a new beginning. We need a brand new administration that will usher in a new era of accountability and transparency”.

Gutu’s sentiments were echoed by the spokesperson of the People Democratic Party (PDP), Jacob Mafume, who said today’s politburo meeting would be nothing more than "another praise and worship session for Mugabe”.

“Some of them (Zanu PF politburo members) even cry after just looking at Mugabe’s picture and you can imagine what will happen when they see him face to face. They will weep uncontrollably and beyond crying in his presence nothing will be achieved in the meeting,” Mafume said contemptuously.

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If we @StopPayingZimbabweTax then Mugabe and co cannot pay the police and the army, and they lose their power. Let's stop paying PAYE, VAT and customs duty and replace this terrible government with one that works for, not against the people.

Kuda Babwe - 6 July 2016

everything and everybody is wrong in zimbabwe except mugabe and zanu pf. tsvangirai is busy recuperating at home after hospitalisation and suddenly he is the cause of the current strife. zimbabweans are tired, absolutely tired of the zanu hegemony. I can only advise they look at themselves and ask themselves very hard and honest questions whether they are doing the right things for zimbabweans or not. It is not rocket science to see that the majority of the povo is in dire poverty. it is given they will conduct themselves in the manner they are doing. #shutdownzimbabwe is one rare opportunity for zanu pf to introspect. you will never get another chance like this. zimbabweans have been unanimous from north - south and east - west that the status quo cannot be allowed to continue. We need true and genuine leadership. we need honest and servant leadership. We thought zanu will reform 2013 going forward but you have shown us you cannot and will never reform. Asking you to quit is not asking for too much. Very soon citizens will fight blow for blow with the policemen being sent to harrass for no apparent reasons. instead of sorting out your mess you rub salt into the wounds by beating up innocent people. We will be drawing a red line soon. Be warned!

nyimo - 6 July 2016

Its shocking that people with no clue on governance such as Supa Mandiwanzira are now Acting Ministers in this circus of a government. Mugabe has really lost his marbles, i give him credit, he had a good head once but now he is just a foolish old man. If ever he has advisors he should fire them for giving him stupid advise over imposing bans on imports in a crippled economy.

Flex - 6 July 2016

yaaa zvaoma izvi

sussana - 6 July 2016

#shutdwonzimbabwe is a brilliant idea and i appeal for true zimbabweans not to engage in violence because that gives zanu pf justification to shed innocent blood. They are vampires as coined by their statement "Zanu iropa". The senseless beating of people but ignorant policeman is just precusor to them murdering people in stead of taking a chance to say what must we do to restore confidence in our people. Everyone even Tsvangirai was a Zanu PF supporter until they started looting and are not stoping from looting the country. This is the people saying enough is enough. Greedy vultures you are now gleaning the bones of the carcas of this dead country and you want to even break those bones until everyone is dead from starvation. The import permits will be given only to the same corrupt people who will line their already lined pockets. Some of them have basements full of mint dollars whilst the country is bleeding dry with no cash. The Police and Army are bound by law to follow instructuions but i think stupid instructions deserve no respect. Real Policeman and Army service man will know when they are being used for personal gains. Lets unite, this is not about MDC even Zanu, its about getting rid of a coRrupt bunch of government period. VIVA ZIMBABWE!

Flex - 6 July 2016

Mugabe ngaaende uyo. Hatichada. Tichapisa nyika gore rino. Gonyeti reproton tapisa. Tiri kuuya kuharare varume.

Pisa nyika - 6 July 2016

Ngatisapise zvinhu sevanhu vasinakudzidza. tichafanirwa kugadzirisa nekuvaka futi apa zvinhu zvawondongwa kare. Peaceful protest shows we are smarter than mapenzi arikurambira pazvigaro ayo.

Flez - 6 July 2016

Ini zvangu ziii semunhu mukuru

dubs dube - 6 July 2016

Remember the last elections and the one before and even the one before that how Mugabe and his ZANU PF promised big changes, lots of jobs, better housing, schools and health? Never once did he fulfil any of his promises....NOT ONCE. They are in panic mode right now and are likely to come out with the exact same assurances and promises? If anyone listens to them, they are mad in the head and failing to see reality. Even while we suffer extreme hardships our leader still jets all over the world and seeks medical attention not in our hospitals but abroad at HUGE expense to our dwindling cash reserves. Mugabe and his family need to taste a bit of the truth and all what we have gone through. His time is now fast approaching. God Bless Zimbabwe.

Mbewa - 6 July 2016

Yes, let the Shonas do it. They brought this Mugabe to our nation. Let them clean their mess. Its a Shona thing!!

Mthwakazi Restoration Movement - 6 July 2016

VIVA people of Zimbabwe VIVA, it is about time you unite and topple your corrupt government. South Africa did the same to topple the apartheid regime. I urge you to please fight to the bitter end, sacrifice your well being, it will be short term discomfort for long term comfort and stability in your country. You are not only doing this for yourselves but generations to come. We, your beloved neighbours, here is South Africa are with you in this and we condone your actions. You have suffered for far too long under our watch, if push comes to a shove (which it has come on your end) we will stage the same strikes to urge our government (which is steadily taking our country in the same direction as Zanu has taken Zim) to get the SADC committee to get their comrade Mugabe to heed to your calls and step down. If Zimbabwe was a private company and Mugabe it's CEO clealy the company would have long shut down and shareholders would have long told him to step down. It's time for Africa to Unite and it's people like your Mugabe and his Zanu PF that prevents us from uniting and forge ahead as Bantu in Africa. Please go ahead and set precedence for all African nations. We are sick and tired of the politicians greed and arrogance who sit and watch whilst our fellow African brothers and sisters turn into prostitutes and criminals, servants and slaves in 2016, really? Please Zimbabwean brothers and sisters, hang in there and hold the forts, show this government that you are the government and not Zanu PF. Remember Benjamin Franklin's words when the British were about to lose to Germany "Who the hell do they think we are" You should ask yourselves that question and show this stupid Government of yours what you are made of, your tenacity as a people. It is about time my fellow Africans, it is about time brothers and sisters, I will repeat this, hang in there and hold the forts even if Blood must spill.

XMan - 6 July 2016

Who is Mugabe's best friend in the world? Please can that man or woman try to tell Mugabe people no longer like him as a leader. Which language does he want to be told in. He rigged elections and now people are demonatrating bu t he still feels it is a joke. Please help us the moribund government need to leave us and we start from where they left. Zimbabwe has totally gone down.

jojojojo - 6 July 2016

I wish people can stay away for 2 months and see what will happen. Some people will start to run.

Christopher - 6 July 2016

Zimbabwe get ready for the new president of Zimbabwe.I the successor of President Robert Mugabe promise all citizens of Zimbabwe...That I the successor will return all the farms back to their owners The white Zimbabwean farmer...They were born in Zimbabwe.So they have the right as Zimbabweans to have their property protected.Point 2... Majority of the prisoners in Zim Jails are soon to enjoy my amnesty as president of the republic of zimbabwe and as successor to President Robert Mugabe promise to free thousands of prisoners in prison to make way for Zanu pf thugs and murderer's. I promise John Nkomo the former Vice President of The Republic of Zimbabwe real peace where he is rested today that I the successor to President Robert Mugabe will make sure that all those responsible for the Matebele massacre willed trialed brought to book and jailed! That I the successor to Robert Mugabe...Will leave no stone unturned in tracing the $15billion that went missing in Zanu pf coffers! I the successor to President Robert Mugabe promise the citizens of Zimbabwe The burning of section 61 and lift import restrictions. I the successor To President Robert Mugabe Will Reposes all the money stolen by Zanu pf just like the land redistribution in 2000. To the honorable President Robert Mugabe.The time has come that I the successor take over the reigns as the new President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I urge you during this volatile transition that you and Zanu pf desist from any form of violence...For what you do today is been recorded and will be used against you in the new courts!

the successor - 6 July 2016

Our country South Africa is filled with extremely LEARNED, SKILLED, CREATIVE and yet VERY CHEAP migrant labour force from Zimbabwe, which is utterly wrong considering how resourceful Zimbabwe is. Mugabe time had come and passed, you are the only ones that can save the African continent from this embarrassment callled African leaders, the likes of Mugabe and Our Zuma. African politicians must be made to account for their actions and greed, our economies are not growing because of a few arrogant individuals. We have gained our independence from British colonies but clearly we were soon recolonized by these individuals we call African heads of states. We lives are not improving and we are tired of being reminded of the past when the present predict a doom future. Zimbabweans please unite and take matters into your own hands (positively so), We South Africans want to learn from you how to turn things around. My heart bleeds when I see how your people are exploited by construction companies, retail shops, restaurants etc. You are my people and your situation and current living conditions affects me as well and it will affect my children too hence the stance I am taking in encouraging you to fight to the bitter end, hold the forts. Mugabe's retaliation won't be nice and soft, just like the Nationalist Party of Apartheid South Africa was not nice to us, we fought to the bitter end. This is your turn to fight to the bitter end and the world is watching, we will not allow Mugabe to wipe the populations of Zim which disagrees with him to be wiped out. It's Mugabe preventing Zimbabwe from progressing and Zimbabwe will never go anywhere as long as you still have Zanu PF in government. So for the sake of your children and generations to come, you better exploit this opportunity now, it might never come again get rid of Mugabe once and for all, it might sound easy but I know it's a difficult call but all nations have been in your situation at some stage.

XMan - 6 July 2016

Tajamuka in peace will send grandpa kwaZvimba we had enough we have suffered enough under the name of Robert G Mugabe please lets not burn or kill one another like 2008 but lets claim our rights as Zimbos

Tajamuka - 6 July 2016

No matter how fast a LIE may run, the TRUTH will always catch up. Mugabe's time is up, the truth has catch up with his lies, he has once been a darling of the African continent but of late he is just an Arse Hole. I hate what is happening to the Zimbabwean people and unfortunately I cannot blame whites for what is happening there, I wish I could blame it on whites any spin doctor out there to come up with ways on how we can blame Mugabe's Failures on whites? Robert, honesty is the best policy, just do the right thing and stop embarrassing us as Bantu

XMan - 6 July 2016


Patrick Guramatunhu - 6 July 2016

President Robert Mugabe - you have scored a good inning. But now is the time to step down. If you miss this chance you might not have a breath within you. Don't be like Gaddafi, Saddam and Gbagbo who did not heed the words of wise counsel and thought to rely on their own strength. This time you will not last the year. You would rather step down while you still have your life. I am privy to some within your inner circle who are now plotting to oust you. Remember this.

Chienda Roberti - 6 July 2016

Government should start talking if they continue with this quietness and continuous threatening and brutalization of hungry citizens everyone should stop paying their tax.

ediza - 6 July 2016

Government should start talking if they continue with this quietness and continuous threatening and brutalization of hungry citizens everyone should stop paying their tax.

ediza - 6 July 2016

To all zimbabwean people.we as whites who were treated asd trash and called blood thirst animals.well we will not help zimbabwe to recover.we help those who help is proven that africa needs white people to produce food.goodluck in finding solution.

Sda - 6 July 2016

God bless Zimbabwe

Doctor T - 7 July 2016

A complete shut down is the only way to force these thieves out. Lets go for a week or more without reporting for duty. Close down everything.

Jaluo - 7 July 2016

One day action will not change anything.Its just a wake up call for Mugabe to to implement tough plans against the people. One week or two,,the people must act,staying in town all shops,businesses closed. Only that way will make those idiots to change their minds

matsotsi - 7 July 2016

As clueless as Muthwakazi Restoration Movement!!! It's not a shona thing you idiot!!!!

R.G Mugabe - 7 July 2016

In steady of politiburo to discuss issues that caused the revolt and solving or bring the people to a table on how to solve ar set time lines to solve, they are debating on how to thawt the demonstration. HOW MYOPIC THIS MUGABE REGIME IS

amina - 7 July 2016

People are tired of Zanu Pf.Enough is enough.The government is struggling to pay salaries for last month when are theu goin to get money to pay for this month.Wonder why thet want to introduce bond notes they will just go and print them in mass.We are not fools.

chido - 7 July 2016

Pasi navaMugabw

Gandanga - 7 July 2016

Ayanqikaza ayesabamagwala athi kungcono sibuyele muva.

onyonyoo - 7 July 2016

Ayanqikaza ayesabamagwala athi kungcono sibuyele muva.

onyonyoo - 7 July 2016

The Mugabe Gov is still stealing property by designation ref the latest Herold.The time has come to stop this stealing

Gordon Beamish - 7 July 2016

This time zimbabweans have shown the brutal regime that we are sick and tired of your lies and most especially corruption within your ranks. People have registered their deep anger that had been bottled for too long. You guys are used to having opposing leaders leading the front but this time is the general populacy coming against you. this is not about zanu or mdc it is about us zimbabweans. Zimbabweans are the government not the other way round. Enough of this brute force you use against people who come against you weaponless but in peace. this is just the beginning.

pride - 7 July 2016

A wise man learn from other peoples mistakes, but an idiot repeats the same mistake over and over again expecting different results, In other nations e.g South Africa , when Former President Thabo Mbeki was told he had failed he stepped down , why not learn from others , cause they is no one who has a monopoly of knowledge later lone be always right in all issues. Be wise and do the right thing cause the bible says wisdom is the principal thing , get wisdom and in thy getting wisdom get understanding also . How the So mighty have fallen

Morgan - 7 July 2016

Yesterday you zimbos made me proud to be one of you. Harare was shut.And I felt a oneness in the people. It is sad that Bob in his quest for power and control, now has not a single friend that can advise him, man to man,he only has surbodinates, that are too terrified to tell him the truth,lest they be labelled witches. Well, oldman, as they say, there is no fool like an old fool. Yendayi kumusha vaNgwenya, that is the only positive thing to do. Grace akamba, mupei gupuro.

mzilankatha - 7 July 2016

its so sad to see Zimbabweans struggling in foreign land becoz of one stupid man who assumes that he is better than everyone .May God take him b4 we do it ourself

Take Matebeland out of ZIM - 7 July 2016

its so sad to see Zimbabweans struggling in foreign land becoz of one stupid man who assumes that he is better than everyone .May God take him b4 we do it ourself

Take Matebeland out of ZIM - 7 July 2016


C2 - 8 July 2016

zbc ngaireporte objectively inonyepa chaizvo vanamandiwanzira nacharamba vachinypera vanhu nekuti we only have one chanel yenews . its high time taita mamwe machannels etv kuti tiwane news chaidzo kwete propaganda

tajamuka - 8 July 2016

this is all very well. but what happens after? i hope in the quest to find a successor people do not turn against each other. also, the return of land is touchy...... for many would like to see our uncle go but agree with some of his decisions. not all.

maziso - 13 July 2016


mukadota - 26 August 2016

iwe muthwakazi or whatever you call yourself, stop saying its a shona thing. you are a racist. we dont want racists in our country. go back to your country you racist

mukadota - 26 August 2016

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