Zim 'revolution' devouring itself

HARARE - Niccolo Machiavelli — the well-known Italian Renaissance politician, philosopher and writer, who is often referred to as the founder of modern political science — warned rulers that among the dangerous groups of people who were likely to threaten their power were those close to the throne: who vociferously defended the leader during the day but plotted the emperor’s downfall at nightfall.

If events unfolding in Zimbabwe are anything to go by, then Machiavelli was right on the money, as many of the country’s, and indeed President Robert Mugabe’s problems appear to be the result of the mindless plotting and bloodletting within the governing Zanu PF, which is being engineered by greedy and selfish hyenas within the top echelons of the party.

Indeed, we at the Daily News — like the vigilant, diligent watchdogs that we try to be — have since we came back to the market in March 2011, consistently spotlighted these predator, piranha tendencies that have become the hallmark of Zanu PF politics: which incontrovertibly work to the detriment of the party, Mugabe’s legacy and the country.

The predictable result of this greed, buffoonery and plotting by those close to the seat of power is that today Zimbabwe stands on the precipice of a complete implosion, with fed up citizens now sadly resorting to violence and mass action in their desperate cries to be heard, as the country’s economy continues to die.

If the situation in the country was not so dire and grim, we at the Daily News would gloat and say “we told you so and you vilified, harassed and threatened us for being the bearers of the obvious bad news — now reap your just desserts”.

But this is not a time for such cheap boasts because our country is on fire, and it’s our patriotic duty to expose those within Zanu PF whose games have cost millions of ordinary Zimbabweans their livelihoods as they plot dangerously to take over power.

To reiterate, the fact that today Zimbabwe is engulfed in chaos, that unemployment is hovering at more than 90 percent, that there are serious cash shortages, that the government can no longer pay civil servants their salaries, that there is chaos at Beitbridge Border Post, and that kombi drivers are rioting in Harare has nothing to do with supposed sanctions.

Yes, all this mayhem around us is the sole work of Zanu PF bigwigs, particularly those who are impatient to wrest power from Mugabe!

While I hold no brief for Gushungo, one thing is certain, Zanu PF decided, in its wisdom, to give him a fresh five-year mandate at their disputed last congress in 2014, which means that he is in terms of the party’s constitution, its 2018 presidential candidate.

The question to ask of the party’s ambitious bigwigs is what has changed since 2014, and why the deadly wars to succeed him now?

This brings me to the controversial utterances at the weekend by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi who said there was a third force behind some of the disturbances taking place in the country.

Unlike Mohadi who wants to point crooked fingers at the opposition, the West and even South Africa, I personally think that the third force destabilising Zimbabwe is in Zanu PF, whose leaders are stampeding to outdo each other, at a huge cost to the country, to attain power.

To say the sudden chaos that is consuming Zimbabwe is frightening the wits out of most citizens is to understate the fear out there. And the next question that needs to be asked is how come so few Zanu PF bigwigs appear to be working with Mugabe to deal with the current national emergencies?

Isn’t it also a little surprising that after years of Zimbabwe getting by since the introduction of dollarisation, cash shortages suddenly hit the market from nowhere, amid unconvincing conspiratorial claims from those in power?

Please pardon my journalistic instinct, but I do smell a rat, as all indications are that our problems are patently man-made, and authored by those close to the seat of power.

As one small example, someone either genuinely thought it was such a brilliant idea to nationalise all diamond mines in Chiadzwa — including those being run by the Chinese from whom we expect help — or that person is guilty of the grave crime of sabotaging the country.

Then another smart Alec decided, in this economic climate nogal, to ban the importation of basic commodities, including foodstuffs, which had become a major livelihood for thousands of families — all this ostensibly to protect non-existent local industries!

I ask with tears in my eyes: which industries is the Minister of Trade & Industry Mike Bimha trying to protect after the agro-industrial devastation of the past 16 years? Indeed, has the minister not been to the former industrial hub of Bulawayo, or even to Willowvale and Workington here in Harare to see for himself that there is no longer any industry to talk about in Zimbabwe?

Sadly, no one in Zanu PF appears to care about anything anymore, and so this advice, and millions of other voices around our beloved country will be ignored with the usual contempt, as our rulers within the ruling party continue to brawl to the death for power.

In the meantime, things will get worse in the country ... and ultimately (perhaps mercifully), the end will also come even for our heartless overlords.

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Those who have "made it" using all means foul are likely to face the full wrath of not only angry, but violent citizens wherever they are in Zimbabwe and abroad. The Zanu PF cushion has come off now....and about time too!

Sagitarr - 5 July 2016

If we beat a donkey until death, up to a certain point b4 death, it might mercilessly kick you so hard to your own death before it dies. Similarly over burdened Zimbabweans are braced for the worst. We watch as events unfold.

kakale - 5 July 2016

Slowly but sure Zanu-PF is realising things can change against them despite having massive arsenal of weapons, army and police. The more violent the change comes the higher the risk for them to lose what they have looted. They are now in a fix. Wether they like it or not change is around the corner. Chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho. Makadya, mukazvimbigwa at the expense of the people. You are all basically at your twilight stages but we will demand what you have stolen from your kids. There is not gonna be a place on this small world for you to hide. Tichakuwanai chete. Muri vana mambo only now before the wave suddenly drown you and leave you nacked. Chidhanana chera mwena , chera mwena chidhanana kuti upinde. Pako paperera pano.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 5 July 2016

@Masamba. You have reminded me of this funny but beautiful and powerful song: Chidhanana chera mwena.

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 5 July 2016

@Masamba and Bobby. You have forgotten the other song by (was it Mashakada ?). "Mwena zvauchavharwa dzwinyu iwe uchamhanyira kupi ? x2. Then, "Wotomhanyira kugomo, wotomhanya." X2.

Tea Boy - 5 July 2016

This thing that it is not Mugabe behind the chaos but his minions is one of the reasons why we find ourselves in this situation.

max moyo - 5 July 2016

Sad, the country is drifting into this direction because some one treated it as part of his tuck shop.The chickens have come home to roost.The cry from every one for the most basic service delivery neither for the spacious suburbs nor pajeros, but a simple plate of isitshwala with vegitables,let alone pain killers at a township clinic fell in deaf ears,may be this is the language the powers that be, would understand better,however unpalatable and unpleasant.The ordinary citizenry's patience has been stretched to the limit.

Gen. Spinola - 5 July 2016

"Zim Revolution Devouring Itself" This can never be far from truth after RG Mugabe killed General Solomon Mujuru!

Mbareboy - 5 July 2016

mugodo warereka varume MUGABE and crew time lapse ngatito pushei chaizvo its our time JEHOVAH vanesu tisatya pasi na Mugabe

peacelover - 5 July 2016

As a former Rhodesian Zimbabwean who 'took the gap' it pains me to hear and see what has become of a country that was once the epitomy of great potential. I see this current situation simply as the expected fallout with what could essentially be termed as a crime syndicates affair with communism. Your leaders sold the country out to the communists who are now stripping the country of any worth or potential....the proverbial ' wolf in sheep's clothing'. Therein lies the crux of the matter....ZANU-PF still owes the Piper and as long as ALL those individuals are anywhere near a position of influence, Zimbabwe will flounder and toss about like a rudderless ship in a storm. Just my opinion from a distance. I will continue to pray that the brilliant Zimbabweans that have the country at heart, will triumph over the evil that has destroyed the very fabric of your spirit.

Mart Botha - 6 July 2016

The worm is turning. Watch out, bird!

Chairman - 7 July 2016

chairman, the worm might be turning towards the fire!kkkk

OBSERVER - 8 July 2016

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