War vets back mass protests

HARARE - War veterans have backed the ongoing wave of protests against President Robert Mugabe's government saying the ruling party has failed Zimbabweans in a big way.

Addressing a press conference in Harare today, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya said people have been pushed to the edge by Zanu PF's disastrous policies since independence.

“The entire crisis that has befallen our great country is a result of poor governance and endemic corruption which is now bearing its evil fruits that are on verge of consuming the entire fabric of Zimbabwean nationhood,” said Mahiya

On Monday disgruntled commuter omnibus operators fought running battles with the police and tomorrow, there are more planned protests around the country.

Disgruntlement has been growing against Mugabe’s government, and the war veterans, once a pillar of strength for the ruling party, are now also feeling the pinch as the economy tumbles.

“The Constitution gives Zimbabweans the right to demonstrate but …. people must not destroy properties, it’s not good, as for tomorrow, we heard the issue of stay-away but what I want to urge people is to remain peaceful. It's  better for them to remain at their homes than giving opportunity to hooligans who want to take advantage of the protests,” Mahiya said tongue in cheek.

Despite feigning unity in Zanu PF, there is apparently no love lost between Mugabe and the ex-combatants who reminded the 92 year old strongman that he has failed the generality of the public and people who lost their lives fighting for independence, mainly because he is surrounded by “liars”.

“Self-seeking people who were entrusted with the task of shepherding and driving our economy have betrayed not only the country but also their principals who end up being blamed for their misdemeanours,” said Mahiya.

The war veterans traced the cash shortages that the country is grappling with to Zanu PF bigwigs whom they said are stashing the greenbacks in offshore accounts.

The ex-combatants who were early this year pummelled by police also took the opportunity to throw a jab at their nemesis.

“Being a police officer has become brisk business in our country where individuals have become filthy rich in a short space of time,” said Mahiya.

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Had the War Vets realised in the turn of the 21st century,the country couldn't had been plunged into this darkness.To stir the country out of its economic,political and social morass, would be a formidable task indeed.

Gen. Spinola - 5 July 2016

Mugabe is a decomposing dead donkey.Any efforts to resuscitate his leadership will fail dismally.He should,retire;go home to Zvimba and herd cattle.

Guranyanga - 5 July 2016

Yes cde.pple have the right to demonstrate.why not.The extravagance in gorvenment is way out of hand.wrong priorities.Tmorow at politburo just take a look at the cars parked there.Yu may think its EU presidents meeting,yet its some broke African country struggling to pay workers.Smeone must take a picture n see for yoselves, limos worth millions.Landcruisers each costing $130 000.maiwee.Bring in hammer n toungs rite there n auction them while they charting in there.

viola gwena - 5 July 2016

Chokwadi chaicho ndechekuti Mugabe is surrounded by cowards who will not say anything to him. There is so much fear in the whole troop of idiots around him. Most of them have committed so may atrocities zvekuti they are even afraid of their shadows. Regai Dongo akazovaudza kuti vakadzi vaMugabe.

Skop Dhonoro - 5 July 2016

Tete Viola! you are talking sense of late. I can not add or subtract what you have said. This Zanu PF government is only a mafia mob whose god father is RG Mugabe. They are all a waste of oxygen.

Mbareboy - 5 July 2016

@Mbareboy.... You quite right about vaTete V. Frankly I am not sure what to make of her. What she says about the expensive Limos is true but people have been complaining about this for ages with the young lady strongly rubbishing the opposition's efforts at the same time singing praises for the "revolution".

Dunlop Munjanja - 5 July 2016

We are nearing the end of Mugabe tyranny. It's now a matter of days. Evil will never triumph. No where in history has an oppressed people remained oppressed for ever. We used to say; "ICHO!"

Yeoman Thomas - 5 July 2016

Kana makudo abata kumeso hatidzori tsvimbo. Ngaarohwe aende

Mahlekete Peter - 5 July 2016

Aa wrong is wrong ,whether dne by queen elizabeth or mahoka,a wrong is always wrong.my party has been doing wrong for ages,sacrifising pple s love for vanity.Forgeting its the pple that brot zanu to power.We were unknown in 1980,the pples love brot us into powerbt look at us now,sweeming in riches while pple cry for a better life.we now live better than whites in 1980.The revolution is off the rails.

viola gwena - 6 July 2016

The real men in zanu are nomore,gone.Now its full of women led by one old man.The Takawiras,Tongogaras,Chitepos,Tekeres, Zvobgos are nomore.Cowards n thieves are running the show in zanu.What happened to leadership conduct of 1980,declaring yo asserts every year for all ministers?This was brot in by non other than president mugabe ,during sally s time.He observed this law.Now?

viola gwena - 6 July 2016

YOU all surely realise that a mafia-styled gov like this works on the very fabric they weave --- why are we all surprised? N/Korea .... is just so similar to this place and so too is the Gambino crime family -- YOU can move the Godfather eventually but the layers of under-bosses eating off normal-man is so deeply entrenched ----- It is impossible to apply for compassion from heartless people. that notion is gone. if you rise, you are beaten. if you join another party, you are beaten. if you speak out, you are beaten. ZANU didn't learn from the French revolution, nor the Indian-uprising --- one was violent - one was passive resistance, the latter marked the beginning of the end of the British empire. Ghandi like KING used passive and quiet methods to topple injustice --- stopping the economy by staying home is the most wise method on option. and it may need to be repeated day-after-day-after-day. when the henchmen have no one to water-cannon, tear gas, beat or kill. they will realise that their rule is over NOTHING -- do not participate in their games. leave them like jokers at the table to play cards alone. think about it

KK - 6 July 2016

Carpe diem Zimbabwe. Nobody is going to free you, you have to do it for yourselves. And forget the pacifist nonsense, kick butt, take control. Do you think the RF would have handed over power without violent resistance? Nor will Zanu PF.

Brett - 6 July 2016


Tajamuka - 6 July 2016

Regai zvibayane. ini zvangu zii semunhu mukuru

dubs dube - 6 July 2016

Regai zvibayane. ini zvangu zii semunhu mukuru

dubs dube - 6 July 2016

Let us all stop paying tax to Mugabe and co. Then they cannot pay the police and army and they lose their power. No more PAYE, VAT, Customs Duty, Fines. Let's end this terrible government!

Kuda - 6 July 2016

I am here to read comments

chapwatsi - 6 July 2016

What the hell happened to the Viola i know, or is it a case of kuyeuka bako

Ziggy Zigawo - 6 July 2016

I dnt see any change in viola.she was the 1st to cry corruption.She is zanu to the bone

yuba - 6 July 2016

@tajamuka - let's start with those we know who support him. Bottom up approach works. We know them and where they live. Let's kick butt.

Kclab - 7 July 2016

gvmnt yazonyanyawo akomana haa mugabe ngaachibvumawo, zvanyanya izvi 2 months usina kutambira

sekuru mbodza - 7 July 2016

All neighbouring countries must close their borders as soon as possible in solidarity with the Zim masses, kusvikira chaenda chidhoma chezanu

kkkkkkkkkkkk - 7 July 2016

Dont insult yo president children.Whatever quarrel yu have wth him ,plse remember he is an elder,besides being yo president.Tingarwire mukaka wedu asi pacedu as Zimbabweans.Lets solve this quarrel amicably zvinehunhu.Kutuka ne bopoto ne ngoromera hazvina zvinobatsira.Find proper channels to face yo leaders n express yoselves,bt kutuka hakutirimutsi munhu mukuru.Yu harden him.kubatsirana.

viola gwena - 7 July 2016

Mugabe chin'anga chemunhu chinoda kufadza h-re. Asi icho chin'anga ichi chakambobata pfuti inonzi chii? An opportunist who killed and created tribalism in order to rule. nxaaaaaaaaaaaa

kkkkkkkkkkkk - 7 July 2016

iwe Viola kutongwa nechimunhu chanzwa nekuzviitira weti mumadiaper?

Basogo Obiang ngwema - 7 July 2016

Chikwambo ndicho chete chinobata muzukuru chaane92 yrs,makazvionepi

Obiang Basogo - 7 July 2016


observer - 8 July 2016

Oh boy, if Mugabe goes to Zvimba and asked to herd cattle and goats, these poor animals will all go astray. Those who have taken goats and cattle to their pastures are well aware that you can ill-afford to sleep while on the job. Those of you advocating that Mugabe should retire and herd goats and cows are wishful thinking. This guy is no longer fit for any purpose. A five year old child can do a better job and yet he is being forced to govern the country by those who stand to loose their ill-gotten wealth should he vacates the throne.

Warvet - 12 July 2016

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