Harare protests pictures

HARARE - Harare suburbs - Ruwa, Epworth and Mabvuku were rocked by protests on Monday.

Below are some pictures of the protests. 

Read the full story and see more pictures in today's Daily News.

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Whither to my dear zimbabwe

mambo - 4 July 2016

Haiwawo, this will lead to nothing. As usual, Mugabe will remain unmoved. But it shouldnt be like this. Zimbabweans have suffered enough.

toki - 4 July 2016

This country is something else. From one crisis to another. No civil servants salaries, doctors strike, Mphoko lives in hotel for nearly two years, the Mugabes flying in and out of the country.

king - 4 July 2016

the world is coming to and end christians should pray hard for the soon coming King Jesus Christ

L. NCUBE - 4 July 2016

Zanu Pf is dead now.

Chemical Solution - 4 July 2016

Why disrupt the average citizen ? Take your demonstration to ZRP Headquarters !

thefuture - 4 July 2016

@toki that mentality is the one that has left us in this mess for too long

nock - 4 July 2016

We are on the verge of a revolution if the authorities (read Mr Mugabe) do not change their ways. There is need for a national indaba to thrash out all economic, social and legal problems affecting the country. We need to urgently invite donors and make the environment conducive for private business. Stupid indigenization laws must be repealed today. Rule of law must be put in place. Police must stop harassing citizens at roadblocks. Ministers must stop stealing public resources through inflated tenders. The Head of State & Gvt must resign due to old age among other legitimate reasons. ZEC must be reformed and foreigners with no conflict of interest must run our electoral affairs

John Magufuli - 4 July 2016

The ZANU PF thugs are running away from thinking even though some of them tell us that they are professors and some tell us that they have PhDs. The endgame is on and you need no prophecy or UZ political analysts. It is evident that ZANU PF corruption and looting has lit the country on fire. What is true though is that after the painful endgame, we will reclaim our freedom.

Zvichapera - 4 July 2016

@Toki you need to change your mindset and we don't want discouraging posts like yours please. Hatichada and Hatichatya #

Shava - 4 July 2016

its about time,

lindi - 4 July 2016

Haiwawo kana zvinhu zvakukuomera oty world is caming bto an end tibvirepo end ipi yaunoziva end kufa kwemunhun not nyika.vanhu pamberi nekupandukamjamukai rough we support u

MHOFU - 4 July 2016

The people need jobs - they need hope.

david taylor - 4 July 2016

have to burn those monster water canons

triggerer - 4 July 2016

Please do not insult the Zimbabwean masses. You have been building your mega mansions, hiving off parts of large contracts into your personal accounts, abusing farm land, taking entire cities into your personal properties, living in extreme luxury and now you want to deny the people of Zimbabwe access to basic goods. Ministers, this is your making. Sort out your mess! Mr Bond Note Mangudya try the bond notes in Uzumba Marambapfungwe first. The rest of us do not want them

Tekere - 4 July 2016

Takatora ma degree ekutengesa madomasi ne airtime. Taneta nekanzuru isu madegreed nema trained teachers,nesu tose tirikudya nhoko dzezvironda

Captain D - 4 July 2016

This is bad for our country. However, those maliciously damaging property should be arrested. Lawlessness kwete.

C.Z - 4 July 2016

Kana zvozvimbwasungata zvemapurisa.Havarwadziwewo here nezvirikuitika munyika.Ndivovatisvitsa patava ikozvino nenyaya yavoyekuda kushandiswa vachinyatoona kuti zvinhu hazvinakumira zvakanaka munyika.

matsotsi - 4 July 2016

I seek to differ CZ lawlessness is the one that determines the success of any revolution. If there was no lawlessness during the war of liberation,there would have been no Zimbabwe to talk about today, Bridges had to be destroyed, oil tanks burnt, farms looted. Those who don't want to participate are forced to or killed. That mentality still lives in Zanu pf today, hence they have managed to shut out the opposition from the rurals

Ziggy Zigawo - 4 July 2016

What surprises, and actually frightens me, is the phenomena of my fellow black brother butchering another blackie, even door to door! There is nothing happening now that did not happen in Murambatsvina 2005. Argue with it or not, the simple, simplest truth is just that we blacks are not as yet clever to run magnanimous issues like national affairs on our own. we have failed. Malawians failed. Zambians failed. South African black leaders are busy plundering the once beautiful African pride. We are likely to do very better if, given a new beginning, we go back to Mambokadzi, ask for forgiveness ( which we a sure to get) and then more colonialists. We need their skills and their capital, as well as the establishment of a professional police force. Are white people really as evil as these that subject unarmed civilians to the buttock-stick, deathly midnight visits, HIV/Aids, Murambatsvina? Can you not see that the poor country has been in a low key civil war, national government versus general population at large? We need jobs, as opposed to xenophobia. Are white colonialists really as evil as Mugabe's government. The name Zimbabwe twins with Pari, what a deathly place. Were colonialist really not better?

maombo david - 4 July 2016


BEPA RENHAU - 4 July 2016


BEPA RENHAU - 4 July 2016

The shame is that we are worse off than we were in Rhodesia. So? Are we only seeing that RG Mugabe and his Zanu PF are just looters?

Mbareboy - 4 July 2016

At least the graduate from our colleges and universities can at last have sometihng to do. CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT ! The reason why people go to school is to wake up and say NO to nonsense. In the same way the liberation struggle for independence was energized by students (most of who left before completing their education) the revolution to bring good and accountable government in Zimbabwe shall be energized by graduates. There comes a time in people`s lives that kusirikufa ndekupi. That time is now. We either liberate ourselves from the pigs sitting in government or else keep on crying zvinhu zvakaoma vakomana. Musanyepegwa - hakuna chakaoma if the government is doing the right thing - doing the job they are supposed to be doing. We have to kick out this utterly useless government that purports to be the alfa and omega of Zimbabwe persitently projecting themselves as them, and them only, have title deeds to this country including its citizens, to do as they please. The devil in the Zimbabweans is about to be anleashed. Its not reversible.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 4 July 2016

We are seeing ther beginning of the end. At last Zimbabweans are waking up. Anybody who is afraid of a jail or death will die a slave of his fellow black president. Time to pay back for you swines in government - and you will, wether you like it or not. Marujata, your ailing man Bob and your family you knew it will come one day. Thus why you have your home in the Far East. We are taking back control of our country which you messed up. No matter how hard you may try you will not win. Time is up for you to pack up and go - NOW ! It can only get worse for you.

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 4 July 2016

It was coming and it has just began. The anger vault of the population is +98% full. People over the years have waited, and have used all peacefully means available to express their views. Zanu pf gvt have failed to create a peaceful society, frequently using violence to remain in power now violence will bring an end to its existence. People are agitated and patience has run out. These are just mere skirmishes, police will do nothing when these demos move to gear number two. 17000, is prison capacity already its three quarter full. Zanu pf gvt have been getting away with murder for very long time, and now things fall apart!!

X-MAN IV - 4 July 2016

Protests are symptoms of socio-economic problems. They are undesirable because of the associated violence but offer a unique opportunity to craft solutions that address the underlying problems in the long term. In Africa these long term strategies are still to be developed, but when we look at the western world, the violence associated with World Wars 1 & 2 gave birth to to the United Nations a smart system where colonialists could still exploit the former colonies without fighting among themselves. Africans on the other hand are being made to fight each other for the benefit of the former colonial master.

ADF - 4 July 2016

Every true revolution brings distraction to property be it private or public

Preacher - 4 July 2016

@ADF. You are behind in your observations. We are now past that stage of blaming colonial masters. Please if you are not in Zimbabwe shut up and remain in your box of old history. We are people who know no colonial masters. We are people who are taken as fools by Mugabe`s government. Zimbabwe belongs to us - not to Mugabe who has a second home for his beloved Marujata and Chatunga ( including the newborn chizukuru) in Singapore and a third home in zhe far , far East. We are saying enough is enough of Robert. He and his wife plus his cronies have to go.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 4 July 2016

Bob you are a degreed chap. Your beloved Marujata is also has a docterate in what I do not know. I presume you can read the signs very well. No matter how hard you can try you cannot win when the time is up. it willl be futile for you to imagine it will be business as usual. You have failed our country and hence you have to say goodbye. People like me Masamba have been very kind to give you an insight of of what was up comming. You ignored us and , instead, we are a lot bent on regime change. I am afraid that was a lame excuse of the truth you knew. And now the truth is knocking at your door. Wether you like it or not this time you are going to go.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 4 July 2016

To all those (particularly those who share their points of view on this forum, except the dumb truth , ofcourse) my advice is NO RISK NO FUN. You cannot not hope to change things in our beloved country if you are timid doves. Most of you are behaving like you are wrapped in a black blacket by Mugabe and you are afraid of his ghost. He is virtually a dead man running/ruining our country. If you you guys do not subscbribe to the call-up to free our country please stop posting your comments of timidity about about Mugabe and enjoy the lives you and your family have wherever you are. We will call you back when the job is done.

M - 4 July 2016

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chirembaaa - 5 July 2016

We are fed up with a useless government that does not have any solution on how to fix the economy, a government comprising of dead wood. That have nothing to offer. All they have is CIO's to make its people disappear and riot police to brutalize its people. A government that cling to power for individual benefits. Enough is enough. We are fed up. Mugabe is now useless, Clueless and MUST resign Now.

Cobra - 5 July 2016

Why does Chinamasa stop travelling all over the world looking for funding. Simply bring to book ALL known corrupt persons and ask them to bring in or pay back the money they acquired from devious means.

Marcus - 5 July 2016

You Know we dont want to condone violence but if the government really looks into the issue it will c that there are no foreign elements or what the issue is just that you guys have failed dismally hameno kuti nharo dzamurikuita ndedzei

rasta - 5 July 2016

Mugabe imhata

tarisai - 5 July 2016

Its high time people should be brave and fight back . Surely Mugabe must stop his crazy travels and devote more time to the problems the country is facing . All those people with policemen as lodgers must chuck them out from their houses. This is the time to do it.

medion kasvatutsa - 5 July 2016

Izvi hazvipedzwi nehupurisa hwenyu hwe form 4 uhwo , munoti masoja akanyarara haazvionivo vaneta nemi, get away satanists. majaira kudya vanhu nhasi ndezvenyu muchakaura mbudzi dzevanhu. hamuna kumbovhoterwa imimi varoyi

JOHN FARAH - 5 July 2016

We must not expect the very same people who have brought the country to its knees to provide a solution; the zanu pf gvt must go

Dingoz - 5 July 2016

It is true that there should be a remedy to social and economic problems that our country is having ,but violence is never a solution but an accelarater of poverty and strife .Peace peace peace !!!!!!!! Let us all be responsible citizens ,the media ,have responsible reporting ,please ,there is nothing good by what Egypt and the likes went through .Daily News how do you publish vulgour in your net that disgusting ,do you care about what our children read .

bolomba mbandaka - 5 July 2016

Egypt is burning from it's borders inwardly while Pharaoh is fast asleep, or is he already drowning in the red sea? And his talkative wife is so mum about all this. They craft policies that burn the people, and when the people return the fire...they unleash soft thugs and crows called cops with guns and ammunition...such cowards.

Luqman Latif - 5 July 2016

mugabe ngaachibva ,atadza.akatishungurudza zvakwana.shut down ndizvo.tongorwadziwa kamwe nyika ichinaka.ALUTA CONTINUA ALL TOWNS

tongoona - 5 July 2016

The canons are not intimidating at all. The riot police can be hit ne rekeni. Socially, we can start collecting addresses of these riot police and persuade them to change their minds one-by-one. before they are eclipsed by events. We outnumber them by far.

Kclab - 5 July 2016

Do not blame all Police... many of them are on the side of the people. That said, firm resistance is now needed. Those riot Police who come should be warned - they should be joining us! Those who try to stop the resistance with their batons, even after being warned, deserve what they get. We should be calling the Police and army to join us, because we are all Zimbabweans. Race and social divisions mean nothing anymore. Whether we are black, white or purple. Whether we are rich, poor or living in a cardboard box. Whether we are riding a bicycle with flat tyres or driving a new car. What matters is that we are Zimbabweans and it is time to be united. Truly united. The old tactic of blaming whites holds no value... it is now only propaganda used by those who wish to take the attention away from themselves. Let Zimbabweans who love our country come together and challenge those who are truly responsible.

realtruth - 5 July 2016

Ini zvangu Ziiiii semunhu mukuru

dubsdube - 6 July 2016

Government shouldnt use police brutality,you never know one day the masses will retaliate with petrol bombs,then what??

Gukash kukash - 7 July 2016

Your country has so much potential, but it is difficult to see how you as a nation are going to get out of this mess. Mugabe is a master chess player and is already 3 moves ahead of where you think you are. We have watched for a distance as he took the farms, the Gukurahundi massacres by the 5th brigade, the destruction of the townships in revenge for not voting for him. the list goes on and on. We your neighbours are waiting to come and invest in your country, but will never do so if their is no tenure of land, and if we cannott own the companies ourselves. who would take the risk on investing in an unstable country run by a dictator who could take your investment at any time.? regime change is the only way the west or any other country would ever consider coming back to your lovely country. Until then we will wait.

white south african - 8 July 2016

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