'Kasukuwere must explain source of wealth'

HARARE - Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere must explain his “staggering wealth”, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya has said.

While the combative ex-freedom fighter was backed by his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) counterpart Obert Gutu at an Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe discussion forum on Wednesday, Mahiya says it would be essential for the Zanu PF national commissar to explain his “riches” — epitomised by his Glen Lorne mansion — and whether it was inheritance.

“To me, the nation is not doing enough. If it was me and my colleagues... we would not be worried about proof whether somebody (is) actually... corrupt but what I see. I can tell you, if it was me, Kasukuwere would be behind bars,” he thundered.

“If I (were the) Home Affairs minister... all I would need... is a balance sheet of land and then find out ‘what miracle he performed’ in order to have that amount of money to build that mansion,” Mahiya said, adding such things could have been acquired “at the expense of the people... and the reason why we (are) having difficulties to survive”.

Supporting Mahiya’s sentiments, Gutu said Kasukuwere “did not run any viable businesses” that could have enabled him to build such a monstrous house.

“A man who has built a house... with 50 bedrooms, that’s obscene (if true and) where did that (money) come from? I don’t know of any business that he runs that is viable,” he said.

“He took over United Touring Company (and) ran it down, Genesis Bank... and where did he get (all that) money from? That’s corruption. Up until such a time we build strong (governance) institutions, we are in trouble,” Gutu said.

While it is known that Kasukuwere’s relationship with war veterans has been frosty since he labelled them “drunkards and taxi drivers”, Mahiya and Gutu’s sentiments come as the youthful minister has been pummeling several MDC-run councils for being corrupt, hence the suspension of the Gweru and Harare mayors.

As efforts to secure comment from the Mount Darwin South legislator  were futile yesterday, he has previously reiterated that he had nothing to hide and was just a victim of malicious gossip.

“...my money is easily traceable (and) l can challenge anyone... (and) show the source of my small but appreciative wealth,” Kasukuwere said when recently confronted by one-time ally Temba Mliswa.

At the meeting, Mahiya also lamented how the country was being run and said President Robert Mugabe’s party had “abandoned the principles that drove people to war”.

“Today’s politicians want money. The people (we see wanting power) today... are exactly the same who will be speaking against the same issues,” he said.

“In 1980... I was able to do things on my own, it was very easy. Somewhere, somehow.., things went wrong (as) the same tuck-shop that I could operate... won’t make as much money as I would have made back then,” Mahiya, who has recently had run-ins with banks, said.

“So life is difficult... on the ground because of the power(s) that we elect... be it in Zanu PF or any other party (and) it is a question of what you use the power for,” he said.

“The moment we look at policies in relation to these principles, we will have the right policies. How can you say we don’t need to import food when our industries are not working. My father, mother and children will not have food.”

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VANHU IWAWA......IWAWA upfu hose ufu ngehwekuba......our next prisident of zimbabwe must make sure he took all these reches back to state coffers....haasi ega vakawanda kana next prisident apinda zvose izvi ngazvidzoswe kuvanhu...kuzambia vakazviita Sata nevamwe vakatorirera mbavha idzi zvose.....vana vezuro rino vakahutora kupi upfumi hwese vamwe vachitambura iwo vama Hiya vakarowa pfuti zvatowashamisawo kkkkk imi maveterans taririsai kuti ndizvohere zvamakaendera kumoza ....gara pasi kana zvisizvo ngachiputike chekutanga kubvisa life president....chechipiri motorira vanhu vese vakakambira nyika wese vafanane nevamwe tapedza towakanyika zvakanaka pasi nematsotsi...pasinevanodakuguta wega...pamberi nekushanda nesimba pamunhu wese...pasinekunyeperana pamber nedzidzo

dofo - 3 July 2016

Having been minister of indeg not surprising.all those cheques.Now its Zhuwawo s turn and he is now so quiete.The next thing he will be building his own mansion.These corrupt fellows go under ground kana vavekumeka,quiete.Undenge was noisy bfo moving to energy.So was Zhuwawo.That Bimha must explain how that youngster is able to get cooking oil permits n charge $5000 per supelink truck.This boy looks like his son.Corrupt characters.

viola gwena - 3 July 2016

people must abandon the notion that when a whiteman is wealthy he has earned his money and a blackman acquires his possesions through corrupt means,mahiya cannot expect to be at tysons level,by his own admission he runs tuckshops and saviour had a brand which was recognised nationally ''COMOIL'' so just because the mahiyas and gutus of this world fail to make prudent investment choices with their money does not make cde tyson corrupt,infact succes breeds jealousy as we all know and having money makes one a figure of contempt so cde tyson must not lose sleep over idiots trying to justify their poverty,that after being given $50000 by the govt in 1997 and a jump start in the form of a farm ,mahiya still finds himself at run ins with bank is enough testament why he and his faction should not come close to the levers of power

truth - 3 July 2016

Iwe Truth, do you know how Kasukuwere got Comiol. It was called Commercial transport and it was owned by an old white man called Howard who was homosexually involved with Tyson. Kasukuwere threatened to expose Horwad and that was how he grabbed the company. Ask everyone from Mutare they will tell you.

lolo - 3 July 2016

@truth Kasukuwere own 9 farms including Cornucopia Farm Orchard which he took including the company Interfresh (PVT) LTD in 2006 and he gave his brother David 2 farms. In 2009 he tried to force BP to sell its assets to him and Justice Charles Hungwe was prevented from investigating him. He run Comoil, UTC and Genesis Bank to the ground. Many people lost their money.

bexilford - 3 July 2016

Leaders must learn to be sensitive to pples cries.When pple say they are hungry and yu seen feeding yo dogs wth steak n pork chops,it means yu nolonger a pple s person.Building mansions n driving super luxurious cars at this time is not being sensitive at all.Try to respond by doing the correct thing.Revive willowvale motor industry by auctioning all goverment mercs n buy mazdas for all ministers,mazda familiar.show remorsefull.deal wth corruption.chuk all ministers out of hotels.just show smething.

viola gwena - 4 July 2016

Iwe truth, noone is jealous of money that has been stolen or blood money. Most working Zimbabweans admire traceable wealth e.g. Strive Masiyiwa's. There is something humble and productive to admire there. Not the bunch that stuffs the burial society called zanu pfutseki

Sagitarr - 4 July 2016

Iwe viola gwena, tell your zanu pf leaders that. They're the one in "power" and still powerless to solve very basic problems

Sagitarr - 4 July 2016

50 bedroomed hse? Kurovera kuodza chaiko

toindepi - 4 July 2016

@sagitar.Yu r a stupid nuthead.Viola arikutovaudza ipapa.silly.

oliver - 4 July 2016

I doubt if truth attended i even grade two. We need serious people. People with constructive and bright ideas the onesw that will help our country recover. Mugabe's govt if not forced to step down will reduce all ordinary citizens to mere beggars including this truth. ZANU PF is full of thieves and corrupt pple sic

Markass - 4 July 2016

Machinda nyararai. Musangwadze mbavha idzi. Tichaita operation wakazviwana kupi. Tinovaziva wese wana Tyson tichiri tese kwaMutare uko. Mirai padoko.

Melrose Chimukoko - 4 July 2016

Kasukuwere is one in a long list who should give account. Start from the top Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Mpofu, Chombo, Mujuru etc they all need to give account, these people had nothing in 1980 and all the only jobs they have had were civil service jobs which even the most prudent of investors could not amass the fortune they have. The fact that the remain in post in public office after amassing this wealth tells a story of that they have to remain to protect the ill gotten gains.

Galore - 4 July 2016

Yowe! So you say Tyson used to suck D*ck for cash. That explains a lot !

TruthSaid - 4 July 2016

Ingochani vese nana Mupfumi ava vaka batirira varungu.

Wezhira wezhara - 5 July 2016

despite all this information of corruption by ordinary citizens Mugabe failed to arrest not even a single person from his party .that explains a lot kuti MUGABE has failed actually his the biggest thief he must go man

peacelover - 5 July 2016

@truth ... Racism goes in all directions. You are just as racist as the colonial masters before 1980. The only difference is that they were finished over 30 years ago and you are still here. They are not the problem in Zimbabwe any more - people like YOU are the problem. There is no place for racists in Zimbabwe now. Maybe you were not aware that colonialism ended decades ago because your head has vanished up Cde. Tyson's bottom for 36 years. Does it smell like roses up there? I think not. You're almost all the way in "comrade"... only your shoes are sticking out.

realtruth - 5 July 2016

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