Civil servants to start toyi-toying

HARARE - Disgruntled civil servants say they will embark on a crippling nationwide strike from Tuesday this week, over the continued late payment of their salaries as well as the “uncertain future and lack of job security”.

The planned industrial action comes amid escalating civil unrest in the country owing to rising poverty levels, worsening joblessness, continuing cash shortages and growing citizen pessimism about Zimbabwe’s future.

Speaking after a meeting of civil service unions yesterday, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) secretary general, John Mlilo, said the unions had decided to strike out of frustration.

“The meeting considered the position to embark in a nationwide industrial action beginning Tuesday 5, July 2016.  The stay away is in protest over delayed salaries, the uncertain future and job insecurity,” he said.

Mlilo added that government workers had tried their best to engage with their employer in good faith, in an endeavour to find solutions and come up with common ground over their labour rights, and this had been in vain.

“The failed negotiation mechanism and processes are some of the drivers of this conflict situation. As members have been advising, we now take this position out of frustration and despair. Let us join forces on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 and be counted in defending labour rights,” he said.

Citing dwindling revenues, the cash-strapped government has routinely been shifting pay dates in a bid to spread its scant resources as much, and as far as possible.

“We have gathered that $100 has been deposited into various accounts to cushion civil servants who have been affected by this shift in pay dates, but this has roundly been rejected by workers who say it is going to be eaten up by loan repayments.

“Since the offer was made, we requested our unions to do some consultations and at today’s meeting we received reports from the unions in the education and health sectors among others.

“They all came with specific instructions from their members that civil servants are not taking lightly the government’s treatment of them, and that there is therefore need to take action,” the chairperson of the civil servants’ umbrella body, the Apex Council — Cecilia Alexander — said.

She also warned of impending unrest within the public service, adding that they could not be held accountable for any riotous action if the government did not play its part to resolve current problems.

“From Tuesday all the unions are saying they are definitely going to take action. We want to urge government that if there is anything they can do they must do it now,” Alexander said.

According to the government, teachers will only get their June salaries on July 7, while nurses and will get their dues for last month on July 14.  Long-suffering pensioners will have to wait for their meagre emoluments until July 19.

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the idiots in the civil service are running scared coz VP Ngwena is now on a crusade to root out corruption,for a long time we have watched officers from VID,registry,lands etc embark on corruption and flaunt their illgotten wealth whilst hardworking people like myself sustained them with the taxes i paid to the tax authority for their salaries,for civil servants to threaten to strike is an affront to the millions of zimbos who endure their poor corrupt service every day,with underemployment very high in zimbabwe with millions of graduates unattached,it would be folly for the idiotic civil servants to have an illusion of indespensability,govt must just fire the whole lot and we start on a clean slate

truth - 3 July 2016

ifai nenzara.mwakapusa macivil servants

chatunga - 3 July 2016

@truth - what crusade is your vp running. Talk means nothing. Expecting this govt to act on corruption is a fool's dream. They are the architects of that corruption. Only idiots and fools can buy their talk.

Sagitarr - 4 July 2016

Toyi toyi is a jog. Did the civil servants ever say they wanted to jog in protest. I think no. The Daily News is usually a credible paper, but here they did not match the headline with the story.

machakachaka - 4 July 2016

Ati macivil servants ane nzara ndiani. We are not going to the streets. Pasi ne mhanduuuuuu!!!!!!! Pasi nadzooooooo!!!!!!!

ziso - 4 July 2016

Iwe trueth ndakuona kubva kare ngei uchinyora zvakapusa asi hauzikuenda kuschool kani kkkkkk zvezano pf zvese hapana zvinoshanda enda kuschool 40 years vachingonyepera vanhu bullshit....fakie.

DOFO - 4 July 2016

Any sensible person will agree that rooting out corruption is a good thing. That being said, everyone needs to realize what creates corruption in the first place: (1) failure to pay adequate salaries which forces normally good people into finding other sources of revenue needed to feed and clothe families; (2) failure to pay civil servants on time something that forces them to find alternative sources of revenue in order to try and survive; (3) extravagant officials and leaders who fail to lead by example and be seen to try and alter their personal extravagant lifestyles by using the same mode of transport, housing, clothing, hospitals, schools etc., that the rest of us do. Corruption is now so deep rooted in Government and society, I very much doubt that anyone is capable of getting rid of it completely.

Mbewa - 5 July 2016

Tomorow is the big day let juss unite for the sake of progress if it means fighting with the police let do so.WE ARE AT WAR TO STOP ZANU FOR ALL


im sure we have all forgotten something fundamental....where is god in all these turmoils and issues......these are just but signals of the coming of the lord jesus.... lets pay more attention to that than toyi toyi - of which it(toyi toyi) avails nothing ..........we can never scare this gvt and leaders with toying no not at all ....they have been through this eversince..........we neeed god at this moment.

gaba - 5 July 2016

@truth ... Once again your empty words have all the value of the germs under a public toilet seat. Do you not appreciate the work that civil servants do, for pay that would be an insult to a donkey on the side of a crumbling Zimbabwean road? Even where Police are concerned, there are good civil servants... not all are corrupt. I have seen Police officers who use their own private vehicles and fuel for Police business, and use their own airtime to make calls in order to try and perform their duties for the good of the people. One of the problems in Zimbabwe is that we like to paint groups of people with the same brush. Either we are blaming white people, or we are blaming Ndebeles, or we are blaming Police. We need to realise that individuals must be accountable for their individual actions. Many Police are corrupt but many are not, and also feel ashamed of the corruption of their colleagues. Up to now, good people have felt powerless in the face of this corruption, but the time has come for real unity. That is the only way Zimbabwe can succeed. Let's stop blaming whatever group we perceive as the enemy, and let's realise that individuals must be the targets. If a politician is corrupt, then he must be accountable. If a Police officer abuses her power, then she must be beaten. Many civil servants are deserving of the peoples' support, because we have all suffered together. The ones who are corrupt, arrogant and useless, must be washed away into the gutter.

realtruth - 5 July 2016

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