Shut up, Zanu PF bigwig tells ZPF

HARARE - Zanu PF politburo member Pupurayi Togarepi has warned senior Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) officials to stop forthwith their diatribe against President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace.

In an unsolicited interview Togarepi, who is the chairperson of the ruling party’s youth league, said he felt obliged to respond on behalf of Zanu PF after ZPF secretary for mobilisation Dzikamai Mavhaire described Mugabe as an “ancestor”.

Speaking at the Joice Mujuru rally that was held in Harare last week, Mavhaire said Mugabe has lost touch with reality because of his advanced age.

But Togarepi leapt to his boss’ defence saying that in 2013, Zimbabweans voted for Mugabe, 92, notwithstanding his advanced age.

“Mavhaire should just shut up. He, just like everyone in that so-called People First party are failed politicians who have nothing to offer to Zimbabweans. I come from Masvingo and I know him as a failed politician,” Togarepi said.

ZPF is packed with former Zanu PF top guns, who, led by Mujuru, are now aiming at challenging Mugabe come 2018 elections.

Then, Mugabe will be 94, and his opponents like Mavhaire are of the view that the nonagenarian has nothing to offer to long-suffering Zimbabweans.

At the rally that was held in Harare last week, Mavhaire reminded the gathering that long before his public disillusionment with Mugabe’s policies became widespread, he announced that the Zanu PF leader was a liability and had to go but no one took him seriously.

But Togarepi said his erstwhile comrades in ZPF are “lost souls” that have no policies to offer to the country but throwing salvos at Mugabe, the man he claimed was destined to rule forever.

“Those people left Zanu PF because they were told to leave. They would not have left on their own and now they are making unnecessary noise. They should not assume that they are clean when they are not. We are going to expose them if they don’t stop making noise,” he said.

Togarepi said Mujuru and her partners are “political midgets” who would never bring anything meaningful to the table, let alone sound policies “to match those championed by our president.”

“I worked with them for a long time and they are all empty vessels. The thing respectable for them is just to shut up or we will expose them more,” Togarepi said.

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Pupurayi Togarepi have you been adopted by Bob as his child. You are brain washed idiot without any future. Above all, you are very selfish and myopic.

Titus - 1 July 2016

who is this guy? what has he done? just a zanu politiburo member is his claim to fame? sei asina kumboitwa minister kana anezivo? anongova mazirarara ekumashure muzanu macho. kuda anotova kuyouths ari mudhara zvake sa Absolom sikhosana

Dhonato Matibili - 1 July 2016

"...We are going to expose them if they don't stop making noise." Togarepi, you are the one exposing yourself here. Do you really need to be provoked to deal with criminals. We, logical Zimbabweans, then wonder, "How many criminals roam our streets scot free simply because they are loyal to ZANU PF and 'don't make a noise." You sound stupid and silly at the same time. Do you think one Zimbabwean will believe you on this? If so, then you belong to the psychiatric ward and there you must be put in the Intensive Care Unit, if they have one. The best you show is that if Mujuru is guilty, then you acted in cahoots and you know she has superior weaponry against anyone in ZANU PF today. So 'shut up and fuck off' and stop taking Zimbabweans for granted. You really provoke every Zimbabwean by your silly statements. Maybe it follows to show that ALL the people in ZANU PF are criminals and because of their loyalty to the thieving squad they remain the untochable. It doesn't sound good when the governmen purports to have no cash to pay the hard working civil servants and someone sits pretty out of nothing more than that you are ZANU PF and 'don't make a noise.'

ZC - 1 July 2016


TIRED - 1 July 2016

Ummmm, imi hamunzwewo even nelast name yake, Ko anozogarepiko akasadaro, ngazvitibvirepo apo, mupe mbatya svinu apfeke zvisvinu. Chii chaanoziva munhu iyeye about politics, he is a trained assassin ,who will soon promoted if akaponda any member of the opposition party ,especially party ya Mother Zimbabwe. Im not ashamed to call her Mother Zimbabwe,because she was there in the bushes pamwe nava Mugabe,no doubt about that and she deserve that name. Shame on you Togarepi..

ZINDOGA - 1 July 2016

Togarepi should shut up,he is in fact the zanu pf political imbecile of the 21st century.He will one day account for his unsolicitated hostile and reckless statements which seek to glorify the dynastic family which had invested heavily in residential properties in foreign lands in anticipation of an uprising against its decaying and corrupt rule. Does Togarepi think that when that time of reckoning arrives,the first family would carry him at its back when it flees to its safe destination? Political events which unfolded in countries like Burkina Faso,Zaire,and several African states should send a clear signal to him that the patience of the civil populace could be stretched to a certain limit not further than that.Uzwile Ndoda stop it.

Gen. Spinola - 1 July 2016

Togarepi kuita sei tibvire zvedu kuita mutambamhuru nokuti urikuguta neZANU . Hee ndinobva kuMasvingo so zvinebasarei izvozvo asingazivi Mugabe isvikiro ndiaani hapana kana zvaakaita kuvaKaranga . Unoti Mavhaire hapana zvaakaita ko iwe wakaitei kuMasvingo zvinovoneka unongovawo devera vashuzhi unoshandiswa kusesera chivuno chavaMugabe

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 2 July 2016

Tagarepi uhinja..voetsack & shut your dirty mouth damn thief..mxm pamberi Na amai Mujuru.

Potohayi - 2 July 2016

pupurayi chenjera kurohwa ne vanhu. munhu wauri kusupporter uyu akatomakwa izvozvi. better kunyarara zvako. uchashaya kwekutizira

Sagitarr - 4 July 2016

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