Lumumba insults Mugabe

HARARE - Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba,  who is now leading fledgling political outfit, Viva Zimbabwe, yesterday insulted President Robert Mugabe using unprintable words.

Speaking at the launch of his party in Harare, Lumumba had no kind words for Mugabe, saying the older generation has been making disastrous decisions affecting youths.

“Youths ... are being used by various political parties, this is what we want to end, the red line of stealing our future, the red line of long queues at banks, look outside, the military police is guarding the police at bank queues, handiti hamusati mambonyatso tukwa, majaira kutukwa nemaprotestors …here is the red line Mr President … Mugabe f**k you,” Lumumba said.

“I have drawn the line, our kids are in trouble. I know it’s a red line and my name is Lumumba, Lumumba, Lumumba, three times, so that you don’t forget it. Come and get me, but listen, I am someone’s child, a war veteran’s child.

“You can touch me but I hope you live long because God forbid, something happens to you, they will be touched too.

“I am not making threats, if anything happens to you guys, they can do it but one thing you must never forget is, when they go, they leave their own kids and tichasara yava take-take ne generation iyoyo (we are going to deal with their kids).”

Lumumba said the 92-year-old does not care about the suffering of Zimbabweans, adding that Mugabe is the one who is breaking the law by failing to fulfil what he promised  in his 2013 election manifesto.

“The president is supposed to care about the daily life of people in his country but he does not have the courage.

“It’s more illegal in what the president is saying, to give you an example, when you come out and campaign at a political rally and say, ‘when I take over I am going to create two million jobs’, and you voted for that person.

“Then I came back as the president of the country, also saying I am going to create 2 million jobs and a$43 billion dollar economy in five years, we need to make sure that we direct our legal minds on how to deal with someone who breaks that law.”

Under the current Constitution, to qualify as a presidential candidate, a person must be a citizen of Zimbabwe by birth or descent, have attained the age of 40 years, and be ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe.

However, Lumumba said he is not going to contest for any public office in 2018, saying his duty is to mobilise people to vote for Viva Zimbabwe.

“I am in this organisation, I am the chairman of Viva Zimbabwe political party, but you need checks and balances in politics.

“You can’t say you are the president, you are the politburo member, central committee, uncle and you are one centre of power.

“What is one centre of power?

“The only way you are able to achieve separation of powers, you need someone to do checks and balances.

“I am good in politics, I was once there in government. What I am good at is politics...

“After we have votes as Viva Zimbabwe, we deliberate among ourselves and select the best individual for each certain position, our party, it’s like a football team,” he said.

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Lumumba you do not seem to be serious!! In one of your videon clips you declared that you were NOT going to leave ZANU PF and now you tell us this nonsense!!!! F%$#k you too naBob wako. At least Bob is consistently oppressing his people...!!!!

gamuchirayi - 1 July 2016

Vakambobvepiko vana Limumba ava.Havasi veku DRC ivava? Anyway mufana uyu anemamhepo.

chimuti - 1 July 2016

hameno ikoko.

blessing katehwe - 1 July 2016

The spirit of Patrice Lumumba has gotten hold of his offspring kkkkkkk , wakapenga mupfanha hahahaha ndiwe wega wena , Ngwena could not dare do what you have just done , the croc put its tail between the legs and shade tears kkkkkkkk

sir Lumumba - 1 July 2016

Guys - open your eyes kani. This is nothing but a ZANU PF plot to undermine the opposition parties ahead of elections. Lumumba is 100% ZANU PF cadre, now all of a sudden the youth and young voters of Zimbabwe think they have an outlet or a cause they can stand behind not knowing kuti this is all ZANU mind games and propaganda. Ko ask yourself, where is Simba Makoni and his Mavambo party? All he did was come and take some of MDC's votes and we don't hear about him anymore. Ask yourself too, who insults Mugabe like that and gets away with it??? Tsvangirai munhu mukuru akarowha kuti iswa ma stitches. Think.

Chimwenje - 1 July 2016

Please!!!, do not trust Lumumba. How come nhasi wachinja Lumumba??, Who do you want to fool. Izvo zviwindi wazviwanepi kutuka Mkuru kudai, wandishamisa...

ZINDOGA - 1 July 2016

Rumumba tibvirepo, you think being a war veteran's child makes you relevant? We don't even think about you. If you want to be relevant march to the state house toona kuti wakadziya for sure, But 1 thing you said which is true is that their children will be there and we will deal with them in the same manner. Vana Bona dzorai vabereki venyu muvaudze kuti muri kutisiira nhamo

Ziggy Zigawo - 1 July 2016

My advice to the YOUTH is to desist from being arrogant and the temptation of easy/quick money and focus on economic fundamentals. Socio-economic transformation relies on a society that has integrity, especially the youth, and tomorrows generation. leaders.

ADF - 1 July 2016

Fresh minds

Slim Cat - 1 July 2016

Yaah taurai zvenyu,,this guy is not genuine. Vamwe varikutaura zvekubatana iye arikuda kudevider.Mukaona kapart kano formwa ikozvino ndeke zanu.Vanhu varikuda change vanobatana nevamwe kubvisa bob.Just watch &see haasungwi Lumumba iyeyu.Zvichireva kuti i trap.

matsotsi - 2 July 2016

Even Mjuru. Vanhu vamhanya kumu suporter,,INI zvangu I am not sure nemukadzi iyeyu.Daily vaisa Tsvangirai pamberi pemubatanidzwa because vakaisa Mujuru munozonzwa pavakunzi tabatana nezanu.

matsotsi - 2 July 2016

this is a trap stay away mayouth , simba makoni didnt leave zanu he wants to be buried at the national shrine , where is authur mtambara ? ko itai dzamara a true changer .

vhisai vanhu pamvuri - 2 July 2016

well tried zanu pf.lumumba is your guy how can he say f**k you to bob and still live

the truth - 2 July 2016


THE TRUTH - 2 July 2016

ZANU PF plan and strategy, objective #1: Confuse and divide the masses by creating many opposition parties all claiming to want big changes and the removal of Mugabe from office! FACT, not fiction. Lumumba is one of them. Pay not the slightest bit of attention to his rants about Mugabe because this man is more plastic than a milk packet and full of nonsense as well. We all now know that any genuine opposition such as Itai Dzamara, people who refuse to buckle and bend to CIO, all get taken out. So let us not be fooled and try and remain very focused. Our freedom will come.

Mbewa - 2 July 2016


courage - 14 July 2016


courage - 14 July 2016

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