Lumumba forms political party

HARARE - Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba has launched his own party and has ruled out forging ties with existing parties, saying they have nothing to offer.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Lumumba said his party, that will be called Viva Zimbabwe, is aiming to garner support of youths, who constitute 60 percent of registered voters.

The 27-year-old politician, who had a public fallout with Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao, said the important thing is not about age but bringing fresh ideas that will extricate Zimbabwe from the economic abyss it has been placed into by Zanu PF.

“All the current parties have nothing to offer my generation.

“The whole country is talking about the future that is in the hands of political parties stuck in the past. I am the only game changer on the scene right now. My party belongs to young people,” Lumumba said.

But at 27, Lumumba might have jumped the gun considering that under the current Constitution, to qualify as an aspirant to be president, a person must be a citizen of Zimbabwe by birth or descent, have attained the age of 40 years, and be ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe.

However, Lumumba, who launches his party tomorrow, said “age is just a number” that cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

“If people say that I am too young, then why not go ahead and give Mugabe another term?

“Age is not the issue, neither is the personality. It is an old culture of politics to talk about who runs the country instead of what they want to do with it.

“Zimbabweans are not looking for a president, they are looking for vision and a plan, which is what Viva Zimbabwe brings, a vision of a Zimbabwe fit for all who live in it and a plan to give you back your country,” Lumumba said.

Once an ardent disciple of Zanu PF’s controversial policies, such as the Indigenisation Act, Lumumba has joined the treacherous opposition politics, hitherto dominated by veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

And at a time when Mugabe’s government is failing to pay its workers, and service an ever ballooning external debt, the losing candidate for Hatfield constituency said he has solutions to the myriad challenges besetting the country.

“Look at the queues at the banks, next its queues at the fuel pumps, then queues in the supermarkets; we cannot reward Zanu PF for this.

“People already know who not to vote for in 2018, what we are doing is giving them who to vote for instead, because the alternatives are non-contenders,” Lumumba said.

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In any political contest, Acie Lumumba will come last. Even Kissnot Mukwazhe is more popular than Lumumba. That young fellow is just wasting his time forming a political party. Anyway, that's democracy at play.

Labious Chokocha - 29 June 2016

If you want all your problems solved by word of mouth give them to a teenager! this is what this boy is doing. never mind him he will grow up one day.

jiros - 29 June 2016

Its all about strategy from crooks,chased out of zanu,form a party then merge wth mdc,yu in it.Mujuru is very close now to even be president of mdc.strategy.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

This Lumumba chap is the most stupid person i have ever known.He thinks forming a party is a stroll in the park.You lack maturity youngman.You are one person who cannot attract support even from the ECD pupils if at all they were allowed to vote.You have been kicked out shouting and screaming from the gravy train and in your warped mind you think you have what it takes to get support from the people.You are miles away from the likes of Mai Mujuru young fool.Go and hang.

Janana wa Bikaz - 29 June 2016

You have been eating and rejoicing with that u are fired you then start yr friend we are not your yr sex tape are zanupf and all the noise that u are making is have been part of them and you cant come back and try to say you are not part of them...its only that you were discarded had become useless to are the same as mujuru..both of you were fired fine and square..dont insult are crying for an oppotunity to be invited back man...we can see right thru you....your company benefited unprocedurally..and you were fired...simple are a fraud..u wont full us

apo - 29 June 2016

Enda unovata mningina. Hope dzechando zvadzinonakidzawo wani

chitos - 29 June 2016

there rise another sand castle on a boisterous political beach! the slightest tide will flatten it up & the wind will soon carry it away into the wilderness! lets just be patient with these zealots who say prayers, chant psalms & sing praises while inside the temple only to haul insults & curses on the first step outside the same temple. it simply mean that these zanu maggots can see the rot but they only wait to be chuked out for them to say it! after being chucked out they condemn zanu with the loudest voice thinking that the pple will sympathise,but alas! you will forever walk alone, ask that chipangano mugger.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 June 2016

Let him try his luck.siyai mwana atraye.Vana Mavhaire vatokwana mu mdc wani, iye ndiye adii.he is trying the same path of mujurus.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

the challenge is that some misguided loose cannons are failing to kip their favour with the gravy train and when the same boot they licked has kicked their front teeth, they pretend to reason & think pple are fools. lick it but dont fool us when it kicks you. that viva zim sound like feeble student org of a poorly organised src aspirant who will soon boycott the race to campus leadership before the campaigning even starts.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 June 2016

mwana wa1989 kugadzira party!!Akashedha grade seven here mupfana uyu!Ukangonzi nemukadzi nevaramu honey you are popular in the neighbourhood it doesnt mean ungatonga nyika!Kumwe kutaura kwerudo wangu.Wadii watanga project yezvihuta association of Zim, beginning as its inagural president!!kkkkk

Chakachaya - 29 June 2016

Soon he will be forgotten. Imhepo irikurawo zvayo

Ziso - 29 June 2016

We need fresh brains not stale minds who do not want to retire. Gogo Mujuru must go and babysit her brood. Give this young guy a chance. I endorse him .

Slim Cat - 29 June 2016

In a failed state when business are closing down ,for easy money you form a political party or advocacy trust ,mostly when a do or die election is pending,unotorera mhuri.....

Preacher - 29 June 2016

In a failed state when business are closing down ,for easy money you form a political party or advocacy trust ,mostly when a do or die election is pending,unotorera mhuri.....

Preacher - 29 June 2016

Nhamo ye Zimbabwe, ndeyekuti tinoshaiwa vatungamiri mu Zanu youth party. Lumumba if he was doing this for the right reasons would have been a great leader for the youth. Because we do need the youth in Zanu to wake up and smell the roses and make a stand for not only their future but ours as well. This situation of finding voices once you are on the out is a very bad thing, he should have started talking whilst he was in the party and on the gravy train, because anotaura achakagarika is genuinely thinking of the people as opposed to munhu anomuka adzingwa and then they think its ok to start critising that which they knew was wrong whilst they were getting rich but decided to butter their bread anyways. Parties or institutions like Zanu don't just go away, they get changed from within, look at China, nanhasi its only one party in power but vakachinja from within by people that were youths when vanaMao first came into power. This is what the youths need to understand, they will be the ones that transform Zanu and ultimately Zanu. At this stage that is the state that Zim is in, a country with a lot of opposition but truelly only 1 political party and the best way to form change in these circumstances is to change the party itself from within. The fight is real people, lets just pick the right fight, Lumumba has chosen the wrong one.

B Moyo - 29 June 2016

Ko haazi mwana we pornography here uyu. Ngaa ende anovata...ndiani anoda kutungamirwa nemarara iwawo. Who does he think we are...the Kardashians?

Melissa - 29 June 2016

ko makambomuona kupi president anoti constitution haina basa, he still needs 13 more years to be considered. he should just stop this foolishness.

tibvirepo - 30 June 2016

Age is nothing but a number. How old was Solomon Mujuru aka Rex Nhongo when you were singing "Mukoma Nhongo bereka sub tiende chauya chauya". How old was general Tongogara when he died? How old was Perence Shiri when he was commanding Tete Province during the war? Just because you haven't done anything with all the years that you have lived doesn't mean every one is like you.

Gogodera - 30 June 2016

grandiose delusions. Ko ipwere apo nepapo anombo tayika

gumboreshumba - 30 June 2016

This stupid and booted Musvorologist must never dream of winning even as a ward councillor. Maidy nana Zhuwawo nhasi wadzingwa oda kuramba uchingodya chete. U are more good as a pornographer not as a politician. I wonder who will join the most laughable political joke party!!

Mboko PaSheraton - 30 June 2016

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk regai ndiseke zvangu ini mwana wemumanyika, ani wacho afoma party Acie here haayas, you must take Zimboz for a joke hanty kkkk

shepiro - 30 June 2016

Julias Malema jr. kkkkkkkkkk

SHEPILO - 30 June 2016

I agree with you Gogotera. I find it strange that people are jumping to criticise the young man for forming a political party. a lot of our so called leaders started politics when they were young. As Gogotera said, most revolutionaries like tongogara, nongo led regiments when they were still young. I would rather have a leader at 27 than one who can barely open his eyes, walk or stay awake in a meeting like the one we have now. when I was growing up in the late 70s there was a song which stated that ''the future belongs to the youth''. unfortunately than song was in vein as the country is being drained down by old madaras who think they were in the struggle for their own personal gains, living in hotels like, VP mpoko and being in power until they possibly dies like president Mugabe. those who were young men like myself when we attained independence in 1980 are now growing grey hair and the same people who took over leadership are still holding on to power. what a shame to our beautiful country that had a promise to all. I wonder what tongogara, mangena, chitepo, ziyaphapha moyo are thinking when they look up to see the country they died for being run this way. lord have mercy!

Zanu yeropa - 30 June 2016

I dont see it relevant for this young man to form a political party at the age of 27...he is just an overambitious young man who has nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe..Youths should not be fooled by this man..

CHIDO CHIKUNI - 30 June 2016

For me guys anyone forming a party after being chased away from ZANU PF is not genuine. These could be ZANU PF plans to disturb the youths that they vote for him thereby disturbing actual opposition parties.

Myoyos - 30 June 2016

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