Daily News: Zero to hero

LEICESTER City Football Club’s unexpected victory in the exciting and just-ended 2016 English Premier League race has variously been described as the greatest sporting story of all time — almost beyond the realm of human imagination.

From starting the season as firm relegation favourites, whose attack was led by a former non-league striker in the name of the unheralded Jamie Vardy, the Foxes improbably prevailed over all the traditional big guns of the Premier League to stroll to the league championship.

As some of you may know, I am a die-hard Liverpool supporter. But even then, I became a Leicester fanatic for 90 minutes in that gripping Stamford Bridge encounter between Chelsea and Tottenham that took place just before the end of the season, and which sealed the team’s newly-found legend.

Indeed, had Spurs won that match — it ended in a thrilling 2-all draw — it could have imperilled Leicester’s fairy tale.

But I digress.

This piece is about Zimbabwe’s leading and most influential daily newspaper by a mile — the Daily News — Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe’s (ANZ’s) flagship title.

Our inimitable daily has just turned a magnificent five, following its seemingly impossible relaunch in March 2011: after nearly eight years of forced and unjust closure by President Robert Mugabe’s government in September 2003, for the crime of telling the Zimbabwean story like it is, without fear or favour — as the newspaper always does, in line with its famous motto.

In my humble opinion, our stunning comeback, like Leicester’s victory, has got to be Zimbabwe’s greatest media story of all time. And that’s not an exaggeration.

When we came back, against all odds, many people — both friend and foe — believed that a snow ball had a better chance of surviving in hell than we had.

But five years down the road, we are still here and thriving, to the utter pain of our detractors in particular and would-be competitors!

Today, the Daily News leads where others follow — be it with regards to our unmatchable editorial offering or our commercial success that has seen ANZ become probably the only major media house in the country that proudly makes it solely on its own merits: with neither the support of the government nor donors.

Still, this has not stopped our flailing competitors and demoralised detractors from ocassionally throwing futile brickbats at us, in a desperate endeavour to discredit us.

Indeed, have you noticed just how much time, ink and newsprint our wretched would-be competitors and their handlers expend dissecting what we write and don’t write about at the Daily News?

It really has become an unhealthy obsession for the poor sods, some of whom now engage in detailed daily discourse analysis of our stories. It’s pitiable actually.

Some of the attacks have been nothing short of comical, while others have been so egregiously malicious that they have backfired spectacularly on the would-be assassins.

For example, a rival newspaper that is notorious for carrying embarrassing fibs every day lied to its readers recently that the Daily News was supposedly so broke (lol) that it had been forced to relocate its central Harare offices to Msasa! (Meanwhile, we operate from the most modern newspaper offices in Zimbabwe, which are located at Eastgate Mall).

And only the other day, a colleague told me about fictitious, patently false newspaper “circulation figures” that are apparently peddled on social media on a regular basis by someone who is supposed to be an editor of one of the country’s little-regarded rags — clearly with the malicious intention of doing us down.

The good think about circulation figures, dear faithful readers of the Daily News, is that there is literally nowhere to hide, so to speak — as both newspaper readers and advertisers know who is doing well and who isn’t in the market!

And to those who are new to the game, and want to know who is who in the media zoo, please don’t rely on my word, or the miserable charlatan mentioned above — just get on the streets to see for yourself which daily newspaper Zimbabweans prefer and which ones are only semi-useful as toilet paper!

But what has made us this successful?

To borrow from a famous Delta marketing slogan of old, it is you our readers who make us great! And may this long continue.

Our winning strategy is premised on offering unique, exclusive and riveting content — which is what differentiates us from other media houses.

Indeed, and unlike our would-be competitors, we do not write our stories for ourselves, our friends, our families, supposed critics or to please politicians for that matter. We write only for our readers, and endeavouring always to mirror what is happening in our society.

This is why our few remaining detractors try so hard to discredit us — because we do not write what they like, including about them, their political parties and businesses.

Some in the world of politics also deliberately and expediently seek to confuse our robust and truthful approach to news with opposition politics and a supposed lack of patriotism.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Daily News is a national and patriotic newspaper which always tells it like it is: absolutely and unequivocally without fear or favour.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Zimbabweans appreciate this patriotic duty of ours, and support our work to the hilt — as evidenced by the tens of thousands of our readers and scores of advertisers who enthusiastically part with their hard-earned money every day to support us.

So, as we celebrate our five years back, I am very cognisant of the fact that this most noteworthy birthday is as much about us at ANZ as it is about our loyal readers and advertisers — whose unflinching support and encouragement has seen us go from strength to strength.

Very soon after the Daily News was relaunched in March 2011, its sister papers, the Daily News on Sunday and the Weekend Post followed.

And thereafter, a dozen other exciting products — including trade magazines and online offerings have come on stream — with many more on the way.

To all of you I say thank you, and here is to the next 100 years!

Comments (14)

Yes congrats editor.besides the political pressures yu have done very well.I rate yu tops of all editors,of the 3 editors,herald,newsday .Bt still try to be very nuetral in this race.yu have the whistle,blow it without favour.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

You are the biggest and most painful thorn in their flesh right now. Lying has always been their way and everyone now knows it. Keep up your good work but remain constantly vigilant simply because you and I both know what they do when they are seriously challenged and their ego's take a knock? Best of luck to you guys.

Mbewa - 29 June 2016

welldone daily! at least you need to put up your online stories early like other publications. i also need breaking news as things happen not to get the breaking news from those other blinkered propaganda newsrooms.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 June 2016

we are really proud as Zimbabweans to have a newspaper like the daily news that tells it as it is. will keep supporting you by continuously flighting advertisements through your daily paper. congratulations for attaining 5 years of excellent reporting.

ngara - 29 June 2016

The moment you compared yourself to Leicester City Football club I stopped reading... then I LOL'ed. You may feel like you are the only ones telling it like it is, but your newspaper is the place for some of the most alarmist and misleading articles. Carry on patting yourselves on the back. It's good for moral but looks weird. Finally in a race out of three (Herald, Newsday and yourselves) it doesn't matter where you come.. there are only three possible stops to fight for. Edit your articles better, relax on the alarmist articles and don't ALWAYS be the only one reporting on certain topics that the other media houses aren't talking about. We want your opinion but it needs to be more professional and honest. Too many "source who refused to be named" makes your articles sound more like some story told in a dingy bar in town.

Ensign Tongs - 29 June 2016

.@ensign. Very trueThe mnangagwa stories became very stale n annoying.day after day.that realy took points away.it became very personal,beyond reason.bt its good they dropped the story when they realised he is going nowhere away frm zanu.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

@Ensign Tongs. Good call there...used to work for this paper before the ban. Like the but methinks that they sometimes get a little to big for their britches. let someone else pat you on the back. Doing it yourself looks suspiciously like a weird act of masturbation.

truthsaid - 29 June 2016

@Truthsaid. He who pays the piper names the tune.how do yu know the false pleasure of masterb.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

I know the pleasures of masturbation becuase i sometimes indulge. There I said it ! What I dont do however is engage in the "pleasure" as you call it in the full glare of the media. A little to exhibitionistic for my tastes....

@Viola - 29 June 2016

Whoops!!! ... didnt mean to take your name on that last post...apologies. My right hand was a little busy :)

TruthSaid - 29 June 2016


SaManyika Chaiye - 29 June 2016

This is the kind of chest thumping that actually makes me realise this is not the best paper. You see it daily in your news article. ".....the only newspaper that has consistently reported.....". If that were true it would not be necessary to say it in every article. Then there is the copy and paste. Your reporters copy each other's stories. There is background/referencing, then there is copy and paste. Also misleading headlines. Improper interpretation of events. Lastly, stop reporting opinions as facts. There is place for editorial comment.

Mwana Wevhu - 29 June 2016

Ya.tdays boys!!yo.maiwee.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

@ Viola :Not just "todays' boys" but men across all the ages (and a large number of the womenfolk too! Its a little prudish if not outright machievelian to pretend that the "pleasure" is an invention from yesterday. Lets keep it real please.

TruthSaid - 30 June 2016

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