Get out of hotel: Zimbos warn Mphoko

HARARE - Some Zimbabweans have given Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko seven days to vacate the plush Rainbow Towers Hotel in the capital where he has been burning taxpayers' funds with seemingly reckless abandon over the past two years, warning that if he doesn't heed their call, they would literally drag him out of the hotel.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday after his release from police custody, National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe president Sten Zvorwadza said Mphoko should take heed of the warning by fed-up citizens.

Zvorwadza, 47, who was arrested on Saturday while staging a demonstration against Mphoko’s continued stay at the top hotel, appeared in court yesterday before Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe, charged with threats to commit malicious damage to property.

The State alleged that he had closed the main entrance of the hotel and demanded that police officers leave the premises to pave way for a demonstration, arguing it was his constitutional right.

He was released on $200 bail and remanded to July 13 for trial.

Mphoko, who has been staying at the hotel since 2014, has got a government-issued house in the leafy Harare surburb of Grange which he does not want to move into, which cost the State a reported $3 million -- choosing instead to stay in the pricey Presidential Suite of Rainbow Towers.

Zvorwadza said Zimbabweans the were fed up with the vice president’s poor attitude, adding that Mphoko’s continued stay at the hotel was draining an already squeezed fiscus, as money used to foot his hotel bill could be channeled towards improving the dying health and education sectors.

“We will camp at the hotel until he leaves and if he continues staying there we will be forced to shut down operations at Rainbow Towers for supporting such corrupt activities. We do not want to disturb the activities there but they leave us no option.

"Failure to leave the hotel in seven days will result in people taking the matter into their own hands,” he thundered.

Zvorwadza said once the seven days had lapsed without Mphoko leaving the hotel, Zimbabweans would mobilise themselves to force him out.

Chipping in, the leader of pressure group Tajamuka, Promise Mkwananzi, told the Daily News that Mphoko’s "history of being a parasite" allegedy went as far back as the Second Chimurenga when stayed in a hotel in Mozambique, while other freedom fighters were fighting in the bush.

He said it was a terrible indictment on Mphoko that the VP's term would soon come to an end with him still staying at Rainbow Towers, and while three State houses were lying idle.

“He has become a real burden to society with his antics. Our campaign against his parasitic stay is escalating and when his seven days lapse, rest assured action will be taken,” he said.

Speaking in Bulawayo at the weekend, a defiant Mphoko said he would continue staying at the hotel as it was similar to living in a government house, since the State had shares in Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG).

According to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, the National Social Security Authority owns 36,21 percent in Rainbow Towers, while Hamilton and Hamilton Trustees has a 32,08 percent stake in it. Stanbic Nominees own 19,96 percent shares of RTG.

The remaining 11,74 percent shares are held by minority shareholders, with the government reportedly holding a miniscule four percent direct share in the hotel group. NSSA is funded by working Zimbabwean citizens, not the State.

Mphoko also scoffed at the cited $3 million house that he is spurning, saying it only cost “one million and something” -- further likening his predicament to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s stay at his State-owned Highlands home.

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It takes ordinary citizens in this country to help our so-called leaders to use their brains - what a pity!

Sagitarr - 28 June 2016

This mboko has really showed us that he does not care about the ordinary person. How can he say the house costs one million something as if that is a small figure. If people such as Joshua Nkomo, Joseph Msika and John Nkomo can stay in government houses, what is so special about this former ambassador? Mugabe's silence on this matter is a matter of great concern to us Zimbabweans. He does not care. Lets all demonstrate after the 7 days and send him packing this mboko

Dunga - 28 June 2016

State house in Bulawayo is his home.The mansion has never been used by President has all the presidential security,workers,n secret service guys guarding the empty mansion.Old Josh once indicated he wuld hzve liked to reside in it n summon ministers to Bulawayo for meetings.Mphoko shuld move to Bulawayo.This will attract visitors to Bulawayo,when he is acting president.There are a lot of advantages.

viola gwena - 28 June 2016

He has reached his pinnacle. He was born a VP. Born to take notes from Marujata Grace Mugabe and suck wherever can be sucked.

Zvichapera - 28 June 2016

Draining the national resources is spreading like cancer amongst our leaders. They are corrupt to the core . Mugabe is treated in Singapore and a plane is chaterred for that twice a mo nth. The daughter gives birth in Singapore and a plane is chartered for that. Grace is treated in Singapore and a plane is chartered to do that. How many millions are that. Mboko is therefore part and parcel of the sysytem.

paradzayi - 28 June 2016

Its not a sign of weakness sir,to listern to citizens.Mandela did it when he cut his ministers perks by nearly half.Mugufuli is listerning nearly everyday.Citizens told him to cut dwn on foreign trips by government.he hardly flies out of Tanzania.Just getout of that hotel sir,n all will be forgoten.yu will get more respect.Not this.

viola gwena - 28 June 2016

Go to the airport and block Gukurahundi Mugabe from flying all over; bloody Shona cowards!!

Mthwakazi Liberation Front - 28 June 2016

@Mthwakazi Liberation Front, this is not about tribal hatred. Let's deal with real issues affecting Zimbabweans not tribal hatred. After all we are all Zimbabweans. You better stop talking from your tribalistic corner and join others in fighting for a better Zimbabwe.

Viona Ngwena - 28 June 2016

@Mthwakazi, you being the stupid and brave one what ever ethnic grouping you are can you lead and show us the way.

Ndugu - 28 June 2016

@Viona Ngwena What tribalistic hatred? I dont see any tribalistic hatred here. Just the plain simple truth. Zim needs the truth; not lies; false praises or pretences of false unity that is non existent in practice. Only the truth shall set you free. Go stop Mugabe from flying all over. Hounding Mphoko, the weaker of the three will not help them, What have they done about Mugabe, his frequent flights and Gushungo Holdings? What have they done about Mnangagwa since his forays and corruption in the DRC and Gukurahundi? These are the two most powerful thugs in Zim politics, not Mphoko. Just because he is a Mthwakazi who told the truth about intra-Shona Zezuru-Karanga tribalism, they are now after him? Hell no. Yes its true what he said - that just because a Zezuru is in power now, it doesnt necessarily follow that a Karanga should succeed him as President. Anyone should and can be President after the current Zezuru thug, as long he/she is the best candidate!!

Mthwakazi Liberation Front - 28 June 2016

Mr Mphoko is paranoid. The sweetness of things fade with time. Why can't he smell the coffee. When voice start to rise, it's time to introspect and also look around. The majority will always prevail. Majority say, cut down on expenses, please do. Time will come when things return to normalcy that you can access benefits. When the house is falling because of heavy debts and burdens, it time to move out. So Moovee!!! Listen to the voice of reason, it says Moooveee!!!!

kakale - 28 June 2016

@Mkwananzi, you are missing the plot, you can not compound a wrong by doing a wrong, If one feels they are a good person then they must do good. Moving out of Rainbow \towers would be a good thing, so is reformation by the others. We just want responsible leaders, regardless of who they are. yOU and I can clearly see what is happening here, don't be blind to reason. OUR BELOVED COUNTRY IS CRYING PEOPLE.

Den - 28 June 2016

This discussion is assuming tribal tones,it won't restrain the government's appetite for reckless spending and abuse of public funds.

Gen. Spinola - 28 June 2016

What is Mthwakazi pple,?is it a place or sme chief s name?im realy in the dark on this one.

viola gwena - 28 June 2016

Please muphoko what is wrong with you. At 73 you still act like a 7 year old asingade kuburuka paMary-go_round. Please get off and share with others. Where is your mother. You need major counselling, you narcissistic psychopath.

Melissa - 29 June 2016

There is some hypocrisy in this issue of Mpoko. In all honest how many fat cats are in Harare that failed to get the attention he is getting ? Read the most corrupt activitiess from way back in the 80's and I believe then the same people never realized the mess they dragged us to, now you are told you need not be tribal because it suits you. Thieves from Matabeleland attract so much noise while those from time memorial are just material under the carpet

george bango - 29 June 2016

This tribal thinking is dangerouse for the cause,to rootout corruption.There are demostrations against Undenge .is he Ndebele?Is President Mugabe ndebele.Is this now an intelligence operation?IThis smells like it.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

What ever tribe one is, the point remains the same. Mphoko phuma. You are wasting money we do not have. The rest must be delt with accordingly and without favour. Zim belongs to us all regardless of your region or language

Oka Ndlovu - 29 June 2016

mboko iMphoko

cde zire - 29 June 2016

thank you all. noone is an exception in this hoollaballoo. we had youths who camped in Africa Unity Square recently and were abducted by the police. it was against bob mugabe. we need a comfortable Zimbabwe not whatever tribalism yu are trying to play at mthakwazi. yu better be level headed.

zimbo - 29 June 2016

3 state houses lying idle and the state president allows his vp to live in a hotel this long? Who is to blame? Maybe the vp now will say to his boss "but you had a splash million dollar birthday bash, and, your grandson was delivered 8000 km away from home" And anywhere, who paid for that trip by the way,some donor or our est-while look-east friends?

Vikiqiniso - 29 June 2016

@Viola. Correct tete.You a mature politician.

gidza - 29 June 2016

Who ever is saying Mphoko is the main source of the country's problems is very confused and suffers from mental disability and needs psychiatric medication from Ingutsheni and there is a probability of lacks of the political and economic history of Zimbabwe. The problems of this country started immediately we attained independence premised on the irrelevance of the political philosophy of ZANU. Its a lie, a distorted and falsification that Mphoko has solely destroyed the industries, looted the diamonds, corrupted the civil force, murdered political activists, murdered people in Matabeleland during Gugurawundi era, fired Mujuru...Stop this circus tribalism and face the problems head on. Stop being misused and abused by these brainless politicians whose ambitions is to depend on your dysfunctional brains, be yourselves and make rationale decisions. We are sick and tired of having very narrow minded beings who up to now fail to see the truth.

The Observer - 29 June 2016

I dnt know if there is a y sane person who suggested that VP Mphoko is the source of all Zim problems.Observer yu very miopic.Even Undenge is not the sole reasn for this mess.Corruption must be tackled,no matter how small.Bible encourages pple to be faithfull on little things also,nt only big things.Corruption must go.All those implicated must answer, without taking cover in tribal rantlings.Super Mandiwanzira,Undenge,Chivhayo,Zesa, microscope .Charamba,Dube,kasukuwere,mujuru noone must have a cover.just answer questions simple.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

This mthwakazi guy is just a bitter person and unfortunately his bitterness is misdirected.The president has been criticised left right and centre,in fact every one in the ruling party whether shona,ndebele,kalanga,mavhitori you name them,for their actions or inactionhave had a faire share of the people"s .So to say people should not criticise Mboko"s actions for a mere reason that he is a ndebele is taking tribalism to crazy heights.myself i am a shona ,but i started hating zanu pf way back in 1984.

Janana wa Bikaz - 29 June 2016

And on this anti corruption crusade,I salute Johnathan Moyo who started it at zbc.He is the 1st minister since 1980 to shame corruption.He gave President the hint on how to deal wth corrupt party members.I dnt like his other side bt on this he has my respect.and it doesnt matter whr moyo comes from.he did a good thing.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

@Viola Viva Yonasi. Yob is young, intelligent, vigourous,and is happening all over the place! Also fastest motormouth in the land or on continent! Viva!

Viva - 29 June 2016

The unfortunate thing is yo Jonas is surrounded by corrupt friends in g40 and he knows it.He culd hav been an asset if he worked wth VP Mnangagwa.A darling of the he chooses to eat loot of thugs n look the other way.pretendences.This Undenge,a corrupt fellow is johnso s colegue .his friend indeed, maybe in need also.why dine wth prostitutes if yu a saint?It means the favour is returned during the knight.simple.

viola gwena - 29 June 2016

@Mtwakazi, the ones who saw it fit to remove Mpoko have done action about their thorns in the flesh. If you fel a thorn about Mugabe trips, you start the action and stop critisizing those who are fighting against ils in the nation howeever small you may think they are. Fight a gud cause and people will follow you my freind. A simple lesson for you than fighting along tribal lines. If anything you are the coward cause you have never confronted anyone in the the coruption leadership even in the smallesest way and your have nothing to show for your gutless guts.

frakuz - 29 June 2016

kkkkkk see the video on youtube kkkkkkk zimbabwe has its own pple kkkk

Dr.Chitate - 6 July 2016

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